Close Finishes Rule: At Havana, Where Nose and Head Are Winning Margins, Daily Racing Form, 1924-12-30


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CLOSE FINISHES RULE At Havana, Where Nose and Head Are Winning Margins. j . j Due to Skillful Handicapping1 and Even Calibre of Contestants Racing Uniform. HAVANA, Cuba. Dec. 29. The 100 or mora days of winter racing at Oriental Park, under the auspices of the Cuba-America Jockey Club, has reached the fourth week, the consensus being that the sport itself is the best in the history of racing on the island. , No less than 700 horses are available for the racing, but a majority of this number havo not been under colors, yet the racing has been uniformly up to the standard, diia to skillful handicapping and even calibre oe! the contestants rather than to the class of. the performers. The fields have been well balanced and the racing formful. This began on the opening day, November 29. when the-track was heavy, remaining so until December-2, when it improved, after which it wa3 good, becoming fast December 9 and continuing so until within a few days ago, when more rain was encountered. An amazing feature has been the close finishes in any number of races, such as between Old Broadway and Wanderlust by a head; Daughter Dear and The Almoner, neck ; Attorney and Whippet, head ; Danger Cross and Black Dinah, nose ; The Almoner and Duelma. neck; Bill Head and Joe Joe, nose: Toombeola and Louise Wagner, nose; Green Briar and Czardom, head ; Witch. Flower and Forewarn, nose; Bucado and Jewell V. D., nose ; Attorney and Grandest, head ; Rocky and Mala, head ; Precious One and The Abbot, head; Old Broadway and Topango, head; Henry J. and Gail Ford, neck ; Havana Electric and Colossus, nose ; Pat Hampson and Christie Holters. neck;. Conscript and Collie Tokalon, neck ; Topango, Ege and The Dictator, noses apart; Spring Vale and Solomons Kilts, nose; High Skip and Cottager, head; Eternity and Pirate Mc-Gee, nose; Delia Robia and Bobs Hope, nose ; Colossus and Star Court, nose ; Nimrod and Little Smoke, neck; Cromwell and Lige. neck ; Goldmark and Marble, neck ; Rough and Ready and Parvenu, nose; Conscript and Witch Flower, neck ; Clinging Vine . and Black Mask, head ; Star Court and Colossus, . neck ; End Man and John A. Scott Jr., nose ; Duelma and Gail Ford, neek ; Leslie and Gon-withim, nose; Belle Fay and Lord Vargrave. head; High Skip and Bobs Hope, neck; Variation and Jewell V. D., head; Bounco and Marble, nose ; Tubby A. and Copyright, head ; Perhaps and Mill Boy, nose, and many others. . SEVERAL TJtOMISING RIDERS. While there are no riders of exceptional note at Oriental Park, several are promising." among them being the apprentices C. Allen., It. Albiker. S. Holecko, J. Judy, N. Lynch. L. Neal, K. Noe, P. Powers, S. Kehrt, H. Elston, E. Carpenter and A. Peternel. Among the outstanding jockeys are W. Smith, F. Hastings, T. Burns. D. Prible. O. Pernia, A. Yerrat, C. OMahoney, II.. Callahan and W. McCabe. The complete list of riders at Havana includes : Jockeys A. Abel, A. Alonzo, S. Banks, R. Ball, T. Burns, J. Byrne, II. Callahan, C. Clower, J. Connors. G. W. Corey, J. Domi- nick, C. Eames, E. Engslcr, C. Grace, P. ! Groos, M. Harrison, W. Haljan, A. Hullcoat. . F. Horn, F. Hastings. P. Hums, C. Labelle, " C. OMahoney, E. T. Moore, R. McAlaney, A. McLaughlin, W. McCabe, E. J. OBrien, D. Prible, O. Pernia. E. Petzoldt, J. Petrecca, A. . Pickens. J. Taz, F. Seremba, A. Trombley, T. Thrailkill, C. Underwood, J. F. Ury, H. Uller, G. Williams, R. White and A. Yerrat. . Apprentices R. Albiker, C. Allen. E. Ben-ham, E. Carpenter, J. Carroll, J. Cedar, W. Charles, C. Collins, J. Eaton, IT. Elston, S. Giaelloni, L. Geving, P. Grosser, S. Herbert, S. Holicko, H. Hutton, J. Judy, S. : Kehrt, C. Casserola, N. Lynch, A. McDonald. L. Neal, K. Noe, P. Powers, A. Peternel, H. Richards, L. Shea, L. Sesse, J. Starkey, P. Taulette, G. Thompson, A. Vuillemont and G. Walker. Havana racing presents attractions to finished riders. There is a demand for their presence. Inducements embrace 5 for a winning mount and 0 for a losing mount. Jockeys find the Cuban climate conducive to their well being. It is easy to reduce here. The risk of taking cold is minimized. WIXXIXG OWNEltS. The third week of racing brought firsts to an array of owners. Padgett and Dougherty maintain the lead of winning owners, capturing in purses in the last six days a total of ,900. J. O. Keene is second with ,25. Park Stable is tnird with ,225. Tho stables of M. Overby, Pat Stanton and H. J. Kennedy each won ,000. The following are in the 00 class : Mrs. J. L. Wade, lv Rice, Mrs. M. C. Keefe and E. E; Major. W. IT. Chambers won a purse of . Other purse winners, amounting to 50, include: Continued on twelfth page. CLOSE FINISHES RULE Continued from first page. T. W. Nicol and Co., A. J. Bedell, W. B. Fin-negan, A. "Nicolai, J. Parsons, Z. E. McGregor, II. and II. Stable, J. M. Palmer,-E. Loh and Mrs. W. A. Crawford. . Winners of 50 purses include: C. B. Marlman, H. A. Cotton, S. McNeill, Elandcr Bros., Harned Brcs., W. Bray, J. Hayes, J. L. Creelman, W. Shewbridge, M. Saunders, Georgia Stable, Caimito Stable. J. L. Smith, C. E. Davison, Curb Stable. W. McPherson, M. J. Lacy, T. McBride and Mrs. R. J. Howell. Nearly always the unexpected occurs on a race course. About the time Dr. Ashe, veterinarian, was ready to light the fire in the furnace to cremate Capt. Clover, who fell, fracturing his skull, paralysis resulting, the racer displayed signs of at least recovering, so the ceremony of destroying him was abandoned. To the surprise of Dr. Ashe, Capt. Clover rallied. The horse will recover. It is possible he may again b2 sent to the races. Last Sunday morning while the Cuban-bred Guajiro, with N. Lynch up, was being worked, he fell, breaking a leg. It was necessary to destroy him, he being the first racer to lose his life at this meeting. Jockey Lynch had a close call. At first it was believed he had broken his collar bone. He was painfully bruised. J. A. Parsons, trainer of Guajiro, at almost the same moment the horse was injured, had the misfortune to meet with -an accident. 31c was cranking a stubborn motor car, his intention being to take to the doctors office his apprentice rider, C. Cas-scrolla, who is still unable to ride because of injuries sustained in a fall in a race at Youngstown. Ohio. Wncn the auto engine backfired, Parsons wrist and arm were sprained. Jockey Casserolla look him to tho doctor. Parsons had Rough and Ready entered to start in the sixth race. Considering it was an unlucky day he had the stewards excuse the horse.

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