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Subscribe for Daily Racing Form WEEKLY RACING GUIDES Two Daily Code Services The Turk World-Famons Long Shot Specialist and Watson "Buck" Watson, well known and successful handles pper. The two are releasing two specials each, every day. FREE to Weekly Racing Gnlde readers. The Turks Releases for Friday : BOWIE — Two -star-spurs. Likes the track. 8even-tra.iner-c.lub. Right on edge. Watsons Releases for Friday: BOWIE — Eight- club -impede. The class of the race. Ten -docker- colors. Has her speed. FOR CODE, BUT ISSUE OF MARCH 2« Weekly Racing Guide Worlds Greatest Racing Weekly ti Cents at All Newsstands Try Daily Racing Guides Free Phone Specials. Call Wabash 5187 or 5188. HARVEY AMES, Inc. EARLE SLUG. BROADWAY AT iti ST. NEW YORK CITY | WON ! ! | 7 The last "Harvey Transaction" and, of course, the only horse advised, won easily at good odds and, needless to say, was not the favorite. ANOTHER "Harvey Transaction " Today Subscription, 00, in advance, by telegraph or in person. Todays "Harvey Transaction" comes from what we consider an unquestionable source. This office continues to occupy its high position in the field of turf information because we give our followers the best, regardless of expense. Early subscription is strongly advised. Telephones: CIRCLE591, 2592, 2593, 5749, 1434, 1435 JOCKE Y WM. KELLY 85 DAILY ONE H0E8E A DAY 5 FOR SIX WINNERS Strictly one horae a day. Everybody receives the same horse. The horse I advertise ia the horse everybody receives. Telegrams sent everyliody early. No waiting. YESTERDAY S ONE HORSE: PETER J .40, Win; .60, 2nd WEDNESDAY S ONE IIOKSB: BRIDE O THE WIND 2.40, Won TODAY FRIDAY— EXPECT 15 TO 1— TODAY FRIDAY POSITIVELY WIRED ALT. WESTERN CLIENTS— NO WAITING Do not mimi todays winner. Should pay 10 to 1 or better. Subscribe today. Do not wait. Irompt nerrioe to everybody. Subscribe today and convince yourself of the honesty and truthfulness of the advertisement of JOCKEY WM. KELLY. Ont of town clients, remit money via Western Union or Postal Telegraph and receive my wirs immediately. No waiting. Office open 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. Terms — 1927.sh daily or 5 for aix winnera. Strictly on* horae each day. Positively wired all western clients. No exceptions. WM. KELLY, 1176 Broadway, lioom 701. New York City. Whipaaw, 54.80. Realisation 3. won. in IMC All live newsstands, 35c; mailed 3 weeks. . Special 25 Jefferson Park. THE TURF REPORTER, 22 W. Unincy St., Chicago. III. Originator and oldest pub Ueatisa ia existence Established 1904. CL0CKER N. ROGERS TODAYS FREE CODES: BOWIE — Brazil- lead -water. JEFFERSON— France - Rubber - Salt. JACK WILSON 220 FIFTH AVENUE, SUITE 1603 HEW YORK CITY 5 DAILY — 1100 WEEKLY LOOK. JACK WILSON AT THE RAIL. THEYRE OFF AT BOWIE. Im now at Howie and will supervise and engineer all transactions. No release will be made without my official O.K. to my New York office. All is in readiness for a banner meet. I have spent thousands of dollars for real bona fide turf information, which will be released in the next ten days, and thats one of the reasons why I do the largest business of my kind in the United States, now handling 13.000 clients and growing bigger every day. ASK A FELLOW PLAYER WHO IS THE BEST TIRE INFORMANT. HE. WITHOUT DOUBT, WILL SAY JACK WILSON. WHO RELEASED THE MOST WINNERS TO CLIENTS. JACK WILSON ! ! Again, for the benefit of small players, I am giving a special offer so they can test the value of my real bona fide turf information. EXTRAORDINARY SPECIAL OFFER APRIL 1-10 I I 0 PAYS FOR TEN WINNING DAYS— 0 1 And. to make my offer still stronger, I will release TODAY FREE TO ALL NEW AND OLD SUBSCRIBERS I 00 COMMISSION HOUSE FREE 1 Subscribe immediately and get in on smart information. A parlay on my release today $ SHOULD PAY THE LIMIT 9 At expiration of service you must have a net profit of wr ,000 ~oe YESTERDAYS RELEASE TO ALL CLIENTS: HHATS UP 7.20, Won-g ~~~ YESTERDAYS COMMISSION HORSE: M-DELHI BOY .40, Won-g "For the benefit of new subscribers I give below my record for the past, each and every horse released to all clients hours in advance of post time: SINGING CRICKET I 8.40, Won VALLEY LIGHT I2S.40, Won LENNY f 8.20, Won GENIAL HOST 9 9.40. Won FORT WORTH 2.00, Won BELPRE 1.40, Won YVONDA 100, Won RED LEATHER 012.S0, Won VALLEY LIGHT $ 8.80, Won SENATOR NORRIS 0.00, Won DO NOT MISS TODAYS RELEASE! Any day you miss at Bowie you lose money and plenty of money. Hence subscribe and cash. Stop losing your money. Follow a winner. SUBSCRIBE! Dont hesitate! Take advantage of it. The information released by me is absolutely bona fide and comes from the smartest and shrewdest men in the racing business. Information wi.l be wired the day before the race or the morning of the race. This will prove to you I get information, days in advance, and dont have to wait for inferior scratches to come out in order to wire my clients, •a my imitators, and not competitors, do. If interested in my special extraordinary offer, wire your subscription of 0 by W. V. or Postal Telegraph. Immediate service. No waiting. Beware of imitators, deal with an established firm. Absolutely no connections with any person or service using these columns. 1 have no competitors, but have imitators. TELEPHONE: ASHLAND 9880-9881. AETNA TURF AGENCY 147 WEST 42ND STREET, 7TH FLOOR NEW YORK CITY TERMS: 35 DAILY, 0 WEEKLY— STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY This concern is a legitimate turf agency, registered and listed under the lawa of the State of New York. We release ONE HOUSE A DAY NEVER MORE to every person. We wish to state emphatically that each and every person receives this same horse. We do not promise yon the impossible, such as 20 to 1 shots each day, or 15 to 1 shots. If yon expect such horses. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE to the Aetna Turf Agency. sW DO NOT BE MISLED— SUBSCRIBE TO AN HONEST ORGANIZATION "«■ YESTERDAY WE WIRED ALL OUR SUBSCRIBERS: Hats Up, 7.20, Won We release every day to everybody not every three or four days, and we do not release any favorites or odds-on choices. An honest fact — beware of cheap and worthless tips. The cheai est information is the most expensive. PROTECT YOUR GOOD MONEY— DONT THROW IT AWAY We wire yon one horse a day. This horse is telegraphed everybody as soon as we receive their money order. Prompt service assured to everybody. After you receive a winner we do not ask you for additional money for specials, extras, etc. We only release one horse a day. The horse we release ia the one we advertise. Today at Bowie— Expect 10-1 OPENING DAY AT BOWIE! EXPECT 10 TO 1! Do not miss this big opening day release today at Bowie. THIS HORSE SHOULD WIN EASILY AT ODDS OF 10 TO 1. DO NOT MISS THIS WINNER, This horse telegraphed everybody as soon as we receive their money order. PROMPT SERVICE TO EVERYBODY. SUBSCRIBE TODAY. GET THIS WINNER. Our motto and slogan: -The racing public be served." •TOlE CONNECTIONS ARE AT BOWIE. DIRECT INFORMATION-*! WIRE YOUR and receive the advertised horse by fast telegraph service. Telegrams sent everybody promptly. No delay whatsoever. BEWARE OF INFERIOR TURF INFORMATION. YOU ARE ASSURED OF RECEIVING service | the same day you subscribe. Continuous service to all weekly subscribers. If you want to do business with an honest and legitimate organization, subscribe to the Aetna Turf Agency. You will be more than satisfied. All those desiring our one horse a day remit for one day or 0 for six days. We have no other propositions. We entertain no propositions. Remit via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Our offices in New York sre open 12 hours a day — 7 days a week. JOHN GOULD WITH WHOM PROMISE IS PERFORMED ROOM 4, 3030 BROADWAY. NEW YORK CITY Phone: LEXINGTON 0936 THE OLD RELIABLE AND ONLY MAINSTAY Preparations Completed! A Huge Success Assured! Bowies Opening Welcomed! MY CONNECTIONS THERE SHOULD PRODUCE ASTOUNDING RESULTS! YESTERDAYS ONE AND ONLY HORSE: PETER J .40, Win; .60, 2nd Led all the way and nosed out at the finish by one of the impossible ones. However, my telegram read "heavy wager three ways" and, as a result, we are ahead anyway. There is no turf informant available who can boast of the consistency John Gould can. who can say he releases daily, six days a week and who produces the winners he does. The outcome of my release is published whether it win* or loses, another point in my favor. String along with a man whose reputation for honesty, fair and square dealing and capability of giving winners puts him on a pedestal far above the average amateur. Celebrate Bowies Opening With Gould! Two Probable Winners For All Subscribers Today! Start the spring season profitably Get in with Gould and enjoy prosperity! Leave fly -by -nights alone! Deal with a man who has l*eeu before you daily for 14 months. Yes. sir. men. in order that I may prove the actual worth of my connections, I have two big probable winners for you todsy. Start this campaign the right way. Enlist with a major. These two horses have been training privately on "the old Penning track" and have been under shrewd observation and Mirvell-lance. Their work is nothing short of marvelous. A double header for you all. Take advantage! Celebrate with Gould and make it a profitable celebration! Come on. all you skeptics, give me and my connections a chance to prove our worth! Subscribe to an informant who gives out information that is Information! Dont Wait! Act! Lets Go! 5 For Six Big Winners! SMALL PLAYER AND BIO PLAYER. SUBSCRIBE! Rush Slo for six winners. Remember. Gould does not release favorites! Dont pass by this big opportunity. Get in while the going is good! Come on. boys, were off to set a record! If you think I did good last year at Maryland, watch my smoke this year! BILLY KELLYS Hew Code Book No. 291. KELLYS CODES FOR FRIDAY: BOWIE— Sud-18-15-7-11-13. JEFFERSON— Say-7-18-16-17-25-11-26. TIJUANA— Cob 10 18-12 24 21. A new book with new code published every Thursday. Price, one dollar. Sold by your deslcr or direct from WM. BURKE KELLY 1 21 EAST 3RD STREET CINCINNATI. OHIO OPENING DAY! If you have delayed anil consequently neglected getting in touch with BURKE AT BOWIE dont fail to do so at once. There is no advance outlay, whb-h you surely must agree Indicates confidence and removes hokum. We must win together! Terms aie the winnings of a straight !0 bet, remitted by wire promptly after you collect and is extended to any well-meaning i|«ortMnan. Let me personally represent you at the track. Have already arranged for a good api earing prospect vthich I will use the first |«rt of the coming week. It involves a luuner whi h lias conie up a full hundred per cent through the off season and should pay a very good price. Dont miss it! No propositions, phase. J. J. BURKE. 717 St. Paul St., Baltimore, Hd. Advertise in Daily Racing Form

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