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/ /S CandSZl THE BELL RANG AGAIN [J WS §11 Lounger, Vf Telephone specials =3 .00, Won A Ut llaf r jL I Be" ls RinSng! Answer It. jMLf f A *a3r. Read this advertisement care- , r a a /D rL» Vtrk jBL-V/*33*** * /* a Wl *sss====*vV-JBF M Cleveland players, wire 5 for ttk V-L. nr% /• £~ F «.jT x •"* J- JBr 6 days service. Not sold on news- Wk_ ■ — r*/x/LCL WAC/L/ *J stands. To the readers of our advertisements in this paper during the past week, we wish to apologize for not being able to obtain The Bell on newsstands in the following cities: Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis, Louisville, Cincinnati, Dayton, Youngstown, Omaha, and other cities that the Chicago edition of Daily Racing Form covers. Our great drawback for not being able to supply this service to the above cities was due to the fact that we did not have a Chicago office In readiness to supply service to these cities. We have now made satisfactory arrangements with a well-known and reliable wholesale newsdealer to act as manager of our Chicago office and also supply all western cities. The following newsdealers will act as authorized Bell agents exclusively: Beware of Impostors CHICAGO AGENTS— ST. LOUIS AGENT— Arcade News Store 84 West Madison St Wm. Laser 7 North 17th St. Turf Shop 73 West Van Buren St. All dealers supplied by Laser BELL OFFICE Suite 1102, 10 N. Clark St. 702 Market, 410 Washington, 328 N. Grand, 4833 Delmar, 1403 N. Grand, 1010 Hodimont Principal out-door newsstands. OMAHA AGENT DETROIT AGENTS, three Stands Only Meyer Coren 1411 Farnam St. Bagley Newsstand Woodward and Monroe Ave., on Campus DAYTON OHIO AGENT Triangle Newsstand Michigan and Griswold, on the Point „ _ . .„„ T „ Family Newsstand Cadillac Square and Monroe, in Tont of Theater -,i-5bmf55K22H:Ci;,"ViV** Y V, Jelterson LOUISVILLE, KY., AGENT, only one representative— YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO, AGENT— J. ...... ...... 15 North WtaMm... Phelps Eilers News Store 113 West Jefferson CINCINNATI AGENTS— AKRON, OHIO, AGENT Cbnier Main and Market Sts. Ray Pierce Corner Fifth and Vine Sts. J***2 5S5SWJi-i m Fountain News Store Opposite the Gibson Hotel TOLEDO, OHIO, AGENT Principal newsstand corners. St Clair Newsstand ..Opposite Post Office The above newsdealers will start selling The Bell Letter Sunday morning for Monday. Notice is hereby given that there will be only a limited number of Bell Letters sent to each of the above dealers. Order your copy and pay for same in advance so that you can join the ranks of thousands of successful Bell players in all parts of the country. It is our policy at all times to restrict the amount of releases to each city, so that our purchasers will have the benefit of larger odds on our WINNERS. Weekly Subscribers, Attention ! Chicago Players ! . . . . Call at office, which and have talk ■» our Chicago opens today, a vs.. ~r «*«:i tic *nr «:„ a~„* - - - and 0«j j receive by w.re today man|er teke advKantage 2J£2ZZl!3LZ wjtn Qur |oca| and 0f our FREE 00 our FREE 00 HORSEMAN S SPECIAL as advertised on the inside HORSEMANS be SPECIAL, to given out today only, to weekly of this paper today. subscribers. 1 HL BEI J I 10 NORTH CLARK STREET CHIC AGOe ILJLs* ffffffffffffff ffffffffffffff HARVEY AMES, Inc. EAKLE UlILDIKG, BROADWAY AT J2ND SU, HEW YORK, N. Y. WONliGAIN Another "Harvey Transaction" won again yesterday, at odds of better than Zy-l. Day after day the superiority of this service is proven, and the record of this office is maintained. As stated before, we do not specialize in 20-1 shots and those seeking them are advised to go elsewhere. We do, however, give our followers the best turf information obtainable, regardless of expense. "HARVEY TRANSACTION" TODAY Subscription, 00, in advance, by telegraph or in person. Our terms may appear excessive to some, but will be appreciated by those who demand the best. Todays horse comes from what we consider an unquestionable source. Telephones: CIRCLE 2591, 2592, 2593, 5749, 1434, 1435 EXELDA WILL STOP YOUR LOSES Get your borne* the EXBLDA WAY. The Kxelda System in a unique method of handicapping. Thi* ■tstem gets the horses. Thej win at all kind* of uric*"*. Get in on this and turn the pcn-enta«;e jour way. Simple and easily understood It shows when long shots hare a pood chance to win Throw* out the dead ones. Shows first, second and third choices GET" A SYSTEM KAKI.Y FOK THIS m MMi.it. PRICE, 0 COMPLETE Information Free A. J. WHIPPLE 13X6 E. Jefferson Are. Detroit. Mich. The Monthly Form Book NOW ON SALE Published weekly 35 cents per copy For sale at all newsstands NEW GUIDE OUT "HARLANDS" STAR PADDOCK FREE CODE: PIMLICO. Ace -5 -22 This is considered a real smart trick. They are cutting this one loose for the douph today. To decipher, sec pace iLt Ijlterty Turf Guide. Jewel l»est special goes today at Kentucky. The wise acres, and the folk* in the know have planted theirs extra strong here today. The facts concerning this proposition, indicate that this event should prove a cinch. Terms for this proposition $."i in advance. See page hi of Liberty Turf .unit- for particulars. LIBERTY PUBLISHING CO. 799 Broadway New York City DAISY AND LUCY TODAYS FREE CODE: PIMLICO— Riok-Lace-Hat-Silk-Mules. MO CONNECTION WITH ANY ONE IN THIS LINE. WE HA YE MANY IMITATORS J. J. EVERETT and CO. 0 pay» for 6 days service — Strictly two horses daily. Our Guarantee and Pledge to All Subscribers: YOU RECEIVE SIX CONSECUTIVE DAYS SERVICE FOR TEN DOLLARS— STRICTLY TWO HOUSES DAILY. You positively receive the advertised two horses six days a week inot one or two days a week. We send telegrams to everybody at 9 a. m. daily eastern daylight saving time, which means 7 a. m. western standard time. We release no other horses except the two which are advertised each day. We do not discontinue your service. We do not hold up your service. We do not increase our rates. 0 for six days service — strictly two horses daily — for everybody and for all times. Our operations are confined mainly to the western race tracks, Lexington, Aurora and Columbus. We do not handle any information on the eastern tracks. YESTERDAYS TWO-HORSE PARLAY: PALYCARP, LOST; HYPERION, RAN THIRD Thursdays strictly two horses Rushee. .80, Won; Seths Romance. Lost Wednesdays strictly two horses Louis Rubenstein, 1.00, Won; Adventuress. .00. Won Tuesdays strictly two horses Pathan, .80, Won; Billy McCarney. 7.80. Won Mondays strictly two horses Atronne, .20, Won ; Sea Green. .00, Won The most sensational turf information — we state nothing but the truth in all our ade. t.sements. IV Saturdays Parlay Probably 0 to "91 Advertised Parlay Wired Everybody Early — No Waiting. TWO PROBABLE LIMIT WINNERS AT AURORA today. Do not miss them. Advertised two horse parlay | ositively wired everybody immediately on receipt of ten dollars. 0 PAYS FOR 6 CONSECUTIVE DAYS SERVICE— STRICTLY TWO HORSES EACH DAY-GUARANTEED SERVICE EVERY DAY. We state the truth and nothing but the truth in our advertisements. We fulfill and live up to esch and every statement made herein. If you have ever had unsatisfactory dealings with people in this line, do not pass judgment on us until you become one of our subscribers. We know that you will be more than satisfied. Wire ten dollars, either by Western Union or by Postal Telegraph, for six consecutive days service — two horses each day. You receive our telegram the same day we receive your money. Our office open from 8 a. in. to 5 p. in. each day. J. J. EVERETT and COMPANY ROOMS 700-701-702-703, 163 WEST 42ND STREET NEW YORK CITY BILLY KELLYS Code Book No. 296 KELLYS CODE FOR SATURDAY: PIMLICO: Fun-17-19-24-16-4-6-1-18 COLUMBUS: Fun-24-15 -23 24-9-6-13-23 LOUISVILLE: Joe -23-24 -8 JAMAICA: Rey-4-17 12-2-18-22 AURORA: Kid-13-6-22-3-G-22-3-12-8-6-26-13 -23 AKRON: Kid-4 -6-22-17-4-24 17 A new book with new code published every Thursday, lrice. one dollar. Sold by your dealer or direct from WM. BURKE KELLY 21 EAST 3RD STREET CINCINNATI. OHIO Advertise in Daily Racing Form. THK WUIII SYSTEM OF MAYUM HOR.SK RACKS Why not he a winner. Send me your name and address, with two cent stamp, and I will start ou to travel the road I have traeled for the past twenty years. Do not hesitate: for YOl m he a WINNER, too. THF. WINNER SYSTEM TO. 525 MISSOURI AVENUE CINCINNATI, OHIO AMERICAN Thoroughbred Ratings PICK LONGSHOTS Issued every week. ."•«» cents per issue; 8 issues, . iood plays for Saturday: Aur: F26. Ky: P33. Pirn: N35. Jam: B.B.22 Ise code in issue No M. Eiltimore Bmldinj Chicago DAILY RACING GUIDE HAS THE WINNERS

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