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HarVey Ames, Irtcj /TiflPJlTrC/ 1674 BROADWAY, CORNER 52ND ST. NEW YORK CITY | L | L|/|l jl |V|I f SO WON-ODDS6 1-2T0 1 ,,IE„IU„,S. M DAII.T Saturdays "Harvey Transaction," and the only horse advised, won easily at odds of i _. . ,. , . ,, . . • * • . T r, a ad? .?• a~„: „ connections *; „ „™„ ♦v,„„i, „.,♦». witn What did I tell you in Saturday s Again my came through | | two juicy winners. Here they are : HEAD EM A D WEEP! J In Saturdays advertisement we stated that those who subscribed would be amply I = repaid. Proving again that we deal in results, not conversation. I B" "3 f~* ■•* *| A f£ fk T j Badger Face, 4.98, Won Harvey Transaction Monday High Score, 0.52, Won W ** You cant get this kind of information by depending on inferior services. The ] c* i • i- »-, //A j i-xi ■■ . . . . i ° onlv y p ulace * you can b get this inside info is from me. | Subscription, 00, in advance, by telegraph or in person. * — — — —-— — — — — — — -— — — . , The above terms may appear excessive to some, but will be appreciated by those who j OU-1 IVlUiMUAY O r AKLAY DU-i i want the best information obtainable. We do not specialize in 20 to 1 shots, but we do J __ ________ __ ! produce winners. 3 * is a whizz-bang. Both of these horses are as good as in, unless the smartest con- | i nections in the country are much mistaken. And, boy, what a shock your bookie j; Tdephone Numbers: CoIumbuS 2415,2422, 2428, 5455, 0995., 6760 is going to get when the mutuol prices on these hounds come rolling in over the ! 5 wires! Wouldnt you like to sock your bookie for a limit parlay? What a kick! I j And Im the boy that can give you the chance to do just that today. — — ■—■■, ■————————■■■-—■———-——■——---————--———--———■——»-■-——--"■-■— _ Wire me right away or come into my office and talk it over. Then visit your « bookie, place your money and start spending the proceeds. Thats all there is to it. ! ! tOmJiSS ?£2ft j ......... . . _ 4 p. m. - ~ --*, .,.*„„. , - v „ - _r %J?E.M.Ia M. Aflvi JkUlIll V %a3and«» # I 123 west madison street, wwi 1120 Chicago, ill. i v,~ ~~ -~~— »-~-o-~— ~-~-~~ v DAILY—STRICTLY TWO HORSES DAILY WE RELEASE STRICTLY TWO HORSES EACH DAY TO ALL OUR CLIENTS. THESE jg*8k FORfER JOCICEY TWO UORSES ARE ADVERTISED IN THIS PUBLICATION. WIN OR LOE. HONEST. Iplf BBSfey jBgi WBHM fS3| TJfgiandifo, SB M BR 33 jtl Stampdale, !26Won *W sensahohai. money~rxs er, STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY DAILY Fridavs Striotly Two Horses: Wednesdays Strictly Two Horses: TERMS, FIELD MARSHAL 817.54, WOX PRISONER 0.12, WON SHASTA MONK $ 9.72, WON TOM BYRNE $ 9.96, AVON YESTERDAYS STIRLING RELEASE : Thursdays Strictly Two Horses: Tuesdays Strictly Two Horses: The above horses were released to our subscribers and filed in advance. We release strictly afws C T?J R* S *? S H 4" B H* £PW fci # H F- g B andl vJ%S 41T If vou want to sulscribe to a legitimate concern, where you receive nONEST TURF INFOR- « 1-f !3 K B if A Jl * JS«B O.S vLU t* 9 J iL U M W %Jr A V 5 Ija ■ " " — — «*■—• — i *■ — i — ««»« m r- «— i w- m •- "**»■ ■ -*»■-.-. MATION. SLI.SCRIUE TO JOHN McAULlFFE and COMPANY. A FAIR AND SQUARE DEAL y *— * TO EVERYBODY. .,/».,,»,., r-»- ■ • -if* ■ ......... The stable is down exceptionally STRONG for Monday. The outcome of this event ~KiVlOIS!DAY Big Limit Parlay SYiONDAY-SBT": should never be in doubt. This horse is out to WIN, and WIN ONLY. For this horse is 1" being handled by one of the CLEVEREST MEN on the turf. We have been very successful Advert.aed • 1 .■ parlay 1 wired .,,1 all on chents immed.ate.y. i,„,„„,ii., „ No *-„ „„;in„ waiting. jn n«merous ev/nts and 1 KNOW exactly what this one can accomplish. This horse is just POSITIVE. ILMMEDIATE SERVICE EVERY DAY. ADVERTISED SERVICE SIX DAYS going to WIN, simply going away, with plenty in reserve. A WKEK. Ollt CONNECTIONS ARE BCPKBME! BONA FIDE, LEGITIMATE TCRF IN- THIS IS HOW CERTAIN I AM OF THIS PROPOSITION MONDAY. As far as the FORMATION. SLTJSCRIRE TO THIS OFFICE. YOU MUST WIN. SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! price is concerned, this horse should pay at least OFFICE OPEN ALL DAY SUNDAY, MAY 27th SEStToJJ ilfl "oat re5iemdrr. lhls t. »n c,e„ts „*. All cherts wiring their money Sunday will receive the advertised parlay Sunday. scribing to this service. There are no delays or waiting. By special request of our clients Those wiring their money Monday will receive the advertised parlay Monday. Not this office will be open Sunday, one minutes delay in rendering service to out of town subscribers. We have a special department to handle out-of-town subscriptions exclusively to Insure UrtM bU!Un— 1U A. IVl. I J O r ■ IVI. immediate service. Under no consideration should you miss our information. It makes no _H|B_B_BlaBBHBHH HIl difference how small or bow big a bettor you may be, you cannot afford to miss our two-horse parlays. Service will, and is always, rendered immediately upon receipt of your subscription SUBSCRIBE TO A LEGITIMATE CONCERN. nONEST TURF INFORMATION. AN whether it be in person or telegraph. To all those who cannot call or telegraph, we have HONEST. FAIR AND SQUARE DEAL IS ASSURED TO ALL OUR CLIENTS. EVERYBODY arranged a SPECIAL MESSENGER SER ICE, whereby this information will be delivered IS TREAT F.D ALIKE. NO PARTIALITY— NO DISCRIMINATION. BONA FIDE. LEGITIMATE lo ou in Person. TURF INFORMATION— NO GUESSWORK OR HANDICAPPING. Remit $." via Western Union or Tostal Telegraph and receive the advertised two horses LJ I tLurHUNt CDUOMC LKYAN BPVMIT I 1 I OZO-l f ~l f. ir.TT OZi "Ri within an hour. • _ . . . -_ - _ In order to get «_»__ information _*« you must ii...v., be in the know. JOHN .-...». McAULlFFE and CO., 200 __ Broadway, New York City Stirling Information "" carries the same distinction in TURF INFORMATION as STERLING is to currency. This — _ — STANDARD has always been maintained by me, and will always be adhered to strictly to f. A fT 1W i1 II ¥ A If A 1 the letter" H t* hB fi Sand % im E a ll gJ «■ lr rr~rZ, T Here is the type of information you can expect when you subscribe to this service: *~ tlnVflV IMIjjIji/tI l/4ll UNDERTOW 6.62, Won fi*V*and VA 1WU1 and1AZ 1A . MAIDENS CHOICE 0.78, Won FARGO 1.96, Won "My amo Speaks Volumes" PORTIA S?2 65 Won DIGNUS 0 60 Won rUK I IM Z.OO, VVOn UIUIVUO * I U.O J, VVOn "TlRF INFOKMATION OF THE BETTER KIND" DAILY TWO HORSES DAILY Make all remittances direct to 26 We5t 27th street Cit lllrk Jockey D. Stirling Raeh and every person subscribing must receive a winning ._ .. . __ ... . -_,, ~ , .. »# , .. day for their U or subscription will be continued. Horse re- Suite 38 160 West 45th Street New York City leased must not be favorite, otherwise it will be counted as losing .ay. This is one place where jou receive your service via — — — —— — ~ ■ — ~ »■ fast ru: li messages, cither via Western Union or Postal Telegraph, one hour after money arrives. e. «r- . «v "9E*,*and. *QRF V SATURDAYS TWO HORSES: C "" "L i Lj 3i -Hj *t , /ni T »oO-IO KlfK v. RECOGNIZED AND RESPECTED TURF KING r- §T fl VUL I .1Z, WUN Tft, Tl FIK LIMITED PERIOD ONLV— DAILY !► S» HEDEMORA $ 9.80, WON Hj HONESTY! SAFETY! PROTECTION! MONEY! "p** A gain, Nothing Released Satu relay -gg;;; t- •/■„ . m „ . _ . •— WOMP"QTV- I will tell vou from the bottom of my heart, everything was not O. K. FIELD 5lAl,AVy?..H.°T7:.5L WON FEBTtYSSS? .?. 5553i WON lZ VeLTa115 "" and "" " "" S° SAN Jl AN„ .... 0., G, M OJS TOM R RNE ...... • • • •$ !»•«»» AVON CandFFTY- When I think it is safe, I wire to my clients, who have absolute faith in me. Thursday a Two Horses: Tuesdays Two Horses: OMrtl I. ,„. ■ _«_„- PRIVATEUY S11.N0, WON DRONE $ 7.46, WON m»atc/*TIaS! / l-T GANGSTER 1.50, WON DAN RIRMIAM ?11.6G, WON PROTECMON: I am trying to save your u hard-earned money. . MOWFY I CU make lots of money by releasing anything to you folks and then look »-- r%/ kl/-N-r- umm« ..«»..»„« w*.~ «*«.. «»y SaiT" DO NOT MISS MONDAYS BIG PARLAY "S i/iv/net. for Bew money trom you next day but notjce your old friend Andy, stick, M «rmra ., , , , ., boys, and be convinced. ,,,,.,„ ■„ u -___ -TyR3 "* J-VUX1 J-J.Mii iiui hs NOTICE — A spicial deal is being prepared for Tuesday. Dont miss that day. I positively have no connections with any other firm in this line of business. Monday O. K. Is In Rain OT Shine SlIISCRIDE! SUBSCRIBE! BUBSCEXBBI - Out-of-town subscribers, go to your Western Union or Postal Telegraph office Poor Richard SavS" and rush your subscription. You have my word of honor to receive my service by ruvi iiio iaui ?oya telegram one hour after your money is received. Wire for a winning day. Office "It is only the practice of fools who havent the wit to be honest." open all day. Address all communications to .. , ■ , JACK CALLAHAN, 26 West 27th Street, New York City r* Why I Have and Keep Friends -gg Promises may got some phoney turfmen friends, but their bunk turns them «"» mmm—m*m——mmt ________ llltO alcil CllCmiCS. iMoirr iMrrvnaViTirvM mmmrvmmmMM.--. -ir»-yar:.twra» Also a very good idea that honesty always pays. That is why I am before the public INSIDE INFORmAIION tSSiiCPamVSf3S all these years. I dont change my name. is all tin: Burnt I CDCE " The Secret of g bb mon day— goes sure m Write today for a copy of "How to Pi.k tlic 1 l| | D Rptip1 ihp RfAQ" ts AD tf?cther. ladies and gentlemen. I have been waiting and so have you. Looks like Horse That Carries the Cash- — it is FBEX. Ii J H llbk LJLtSU.iJ IIIC IicHjCo |4 anoth r wallop for friend bookie, i:erybody who is able to read this ad wire now, and tells you all about the came and explains tka super- !E IC-pssa kllUH of real insi.Ie infoiination If get your wire before noon.- All set. Lets go. ior method of handic appinff, which will *kO* you f by •! retired tiuf Bpecvlator. No charge. I r_i*r* S90-S2 ParlaV * gUl" how to piek winners with snrprisinj; regularity. | Sin.ply mail this ad and lc po«tas« to ,rtJB5 V Jj . . «"% .Z.,, . W,iU wrtSSi I ANDY, 6 Vanck St., Suite 1004, New York, N. %» Y. im RL.sHixc co. ; J- KJgMlllgA DAILY RACING GiDE Subscribe to Monthly Form FtJL7ow~D HAS THE WINNERS Bock and insure its receipt. I ~~~~~~~~~~— — ~ „

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