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For Years a "Menace" to the "Bookies" Ask Any "Old Timer" Hell Tell You BIT HONESTY IS THE BEST - W POLICY My releases are always advertised WIN OR LOSE! Thats why thousands of clients stick with me year in and year out YOU CANT WIN THEM ALL, BUT MY AVERAGE ALWAYS SHOWS A HUGE PROFIT. JUST LOOK EM OVER! ! My Record for Past 6 Days Wednesdays Parlay: Wednesdays Pimlico Parlay: DEEDIE, .50, WON BRAN. ROSE, .80, ,60, 2ND Tuesdays Parlay: SUNVIR, $ 9.20, WON FLAMING MAMIE, $ 8.30, WON Mondays Parlay: WORTHINGTON, 4.30, WON THURSDAY, $ 5.20, WON Saturdays Parlay: RACCOON, 7.40, WON TAMBOUR, $ 6.70, WON Fridays Parlay: GRACE R., .20, WON VILLAGE VAMP, .60, WON Thursdays Parlay: LADY DEAN, 1. 08, WON TOMMY TICKLE, 0.08, 2ND DONT SIT BY AND LET THESE WINNERS GET AWAY FROM YOU DAY IN AND DAY OUT. REMEMBER THAT OLD ADAGE: "NOTHING VENTURED NOTHING GAINED." LET ME PROVE MYSELF TODAY Ill prove conclusively the wisdom of Investing DOLLARS TO MAKE HUNDREDS sounds like the hunk, doesnt it? Well, force my hand and MAKE ME PROVE IT ONE TRIAL WELL POSITIVELY CONVINCE YOU THAT YOU CANT GO WRONG ! ! DONT HESITATE! SUBSCRIBE NOWI TERMS DAILY TERMS CHICAGO CLIENTS, Call in Person or UT- Rhone Franklin 0596 PK for messenger service no charge. Out-of-town clients, wire via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Service sent by fast telegram. JACK FIELD I 35 South Dearborn, Room" 708, Chicago, 111. SUPREME FLASH TURF WEEKLY For Saie at All Newsstands 35 Cents a Copy Todays Free Code: PIMLICO March-13-1-20-5. TODAYSTRACKMENS CODE PARLAY: PIMLICO BattIe-31-26. LATONIA Helmet-41-1. SUPREME PUBLISHING CO. 799 Broadway Suite 407 New York City THE CHICAGO WEEKLY TURF BULLETIN AND SPORTS RECORD Price. 35s On 8Ie Everywhere Pn S5o TODAYS THURSDAYS FREE CODE: LATONIA December-Aurora-Atlanta-Atlanta. Christians Code Card ESTABLISHED IN 1910 STILL IN THE SAME PREMISES WITH WHOM EVERY PROMISE IS PERFORMED I have signed new contracts with the shrewdest "TURFMEN" campaigning at Pimlico and Latonia. Starting today I will release In code form a two-horse OWNERS AND TRAINERS PARLAY. PAYS FOR OWNERS AND TRAINERS CODE CARD SIX DAYS SERVICE STARTS TODAY NO WAITING FOR SERVICE NO SPECIALS NO BET FOR ME NO EXPENSIVE WIRES NO PHONE CALLS YESTERDAYS OWNERS AND TRAINERS PARLAY: BURNING FEET 3.40, WON LORD DEAN $ 8.08, WON Codes advertised every day easily deciphered, very simple. I pay thousands of dollars to secure this remarkable information. This is one office where everybody receives the most for his money, plus an honest deal. Todays Owners and Trainers Parlay: PIMLICO LIght-21-7-19. LATONIA Dark-14-2-3. . Todays Christian Code Parlay: PIMLICO Hotel-5-1-20-4. PIMLICO PIane-25-34-18-26. Western clients: Go to your nearest Western Union or Postal Telegraph office and remit for six Owners and Trainers Code Cards. If you wish, I will wire todays Owners and Trainers Parlay by prepaid telegram. Balance of service will follow by "air mail. Address . EDWARD V. CHRISTIAN 949 BROADWAY, NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. OFFICE OPEN DADLY FROM 8 A. M. TO 7 P. M. NEW WEEKLY OUT 35 CENTS FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS LOOK! Yesterdays Free Code: Burning Feet 3.40, Won Jim Smart also gave this one as his SPECIAL LONG SHOT on page 3 of the weekly book. Note: Under no consideration fail to get the probable 15-1 Shot SPECIAL FREE CODE PIMLICO Lima-Riot-Ring-Ring-Riot. PLAY WIN AND SHOW. This trick will be right there all the way, so dont fail to get NEW ISSUE of the WEEKLY MASTER CL0CKER 35 CENTS, FOR SALE NOW AT NEWSSTANDS CLOCKERS REVIEW For Sale on All Newsstands, 35 Cents a Copy Todays Free Code: PIMLICO Green-32-29. Todays Brady Special: LATONIA Feed-26-19. CLOCKERS REVD3W PUB. CO. 1674 Broadway Suite 914 New York City Subscribe for Daily Racing Form Paramount Turf Bureau Registered and Filed in the County Clerks Office of the City of New York Established in 1920 NO PHONE CALLS! NO BET FOR ME! NO TELEGRAMS! NO ADDED EXPENSE! PADDOCK PARLAYS PARAMOUNT CODE PARLAYS PAYS FOR SIX DAYS S3 PAYS FOR SIX DAYS S3 YESTERDAYS PADDOCK PARLAY: YESTERDAYS PARAMOUNT CODE PARLAY: WHPER CRKER, .62, .60, 3rd GENERAL A., 6.60, Won SPECTACULAR, 8th Latonia BURNING FEET, 3.40, Won These Paddock Parlays will be the means to your The above parlay was released to all clients, success in your turf speculation. Subscribe today. Service every day in the week. No missing days. Fast service. No delay. Today Big Limit Win Parlay Today Today 50 to 3 Limit Win Parlay Do Not Miss Todays Two Winners TODAYS PADDOCK PARLAY: TODAYS PARAMOUNT CODE PARLAY: PIMLICO Iron-18-12-19-6. LATONIA Plater-9-4-1-21. PIMLICO Metal-18-12-19-6. LATONIA BIinkers-23-20-4-7. SPECIAL OFFER: "Wire and "receive both PADDOCK and PARAMOUNT CODE PARLAYS. This offer good only until Saturday. Take advantage. Subscribe today. Western subscribers wire your subscription by Western Union or Postal Telegraph for either one or both parlay services. As soon as your money is received todays advertised parlay is wired you by prepaid telegram, and your code card is mailed you via- air mail. CARD IS GOOD FOR SIX DAYS SERVICE. Be sure to include your correct address to avoid delay. Make all remittances payable to PARAMOUNT TURF BUREAU 175 FIFTH AVENUE ENTIRE 4TH FLOOR NEW YORK CITY " OUR OFFICES OPEN EVERY DAY, 9 A. M. TO ! P. M. m Harvey Ames, Inc. 1674 Broadway, Corner 52nd St., New York, N. Y. WON AT ODDS OF 3 TO 1 The last "Harvey Transaction" and, of course, the only horse advised, won .easily. . ANOTHER WINNER TODA tniriT SUBSCRIPTION, S100 IN ADVANCE, BY TELEGRAPH OR IN PERSON -. ; . mi jgnH P. S, We are in no way connected with anyone in this line of business. We have zio agents or representatives anywhere. Deal directly with this office and avoid being .victimized. ! TELEPHONE NUMBERS: Columbus 5-2428, 5-2422, 5-2415, 5-6760, 5-0995 $ llfliMMflllflA THE MAN WHO ROUTED THE 5 MYSTEKlOUm CHICAGO BOOKIES $ ; In lr W m ACCLAIMED BY EVERY NEWSPAPER IN THE IT m COUNTRY FOR MY SUCCESS I M m hXt. SULLIVAN wow ready again and bookies dont like it j WATCH MY LJI W DidYmfGet Yours Yesterday? I" ckN IF NOT, WHY NOT. We begged everyone on this J j. JU. "vkS AD yesterday, not to miss our Latonia Parlay that - jBfcL. -AsT? "SULLIVAN" "staked" his REPUTATION it would Z -"HMEFW nTfv? Here It Is Yesterdays LATONIA Parlay: BOBBIE POWERS, ?7.80, WON IWwGABoaneouT AFTWowgq-mr pauat3 wo Tuesdays Parlay: War Glory, .10, Won Flaming Mamie, .30, Won Mondays Parlay: Move Faster, Won Margaret Mc, Iost Remember, parlays pay BIG MONEY. One GOOD DAY makes up for 20 bad ones, and we average about three LIMIT WIN PARLAYS OUT OF 6, and IF this isnt worth S3 A DAY to you, then DONT READ THIS AD. We dont sell Code Cards. "CHEAP" INFORMATION WILL BREAK YOU. W YOU CAN WIN 00 TODAY WITH BET ON MY PARLAY -B I wish I could make "public" what I KNOW of todays two-horse parlay. BUT I advise YOU, "MR. PLAYER," IF you miss this PARLAY today, YOU NEVER WILL FORGIVE YOURSELF. W TERMS, A DAY "TWO HORSE PARLAY" No More No Less CHICAGO READERS: Call at the office. IF YOU CANT COME, PHONE RANDOLPH 9195-9196 and wt will send you todays parlay in sealed envelope with messenger boy. No charge for messenger service. Out-of-town readers, telegraph your subscription. You get my parlay by fast wire as soon as I receive your subscription. NOW, LETS GO. "Mysterious" MR. SULLIVAN. 127 N. Dearborn St.. Room 1327, Chicago. HI. A. J. McKEEVER THE PIONEER OF AMERICAN TURF In order to permit the smallest player to secure my parlays, I will release mj strictly two horses every day in CODE FORM. PAYS FOR SIX PARLAY CARDS YOU START ANY DAY FAST SERVICE NO WAITING REMIT AND RECEIVE TODAYS PARLAY BY PREPAID WIRE, and also six parlay code cards, good for six days. Remember that you receive six separate cards, each one good for a day. You dont have to wait for the end of the week or the middle of the week. YOU START THE VERY SAME DAY YOUR MONEY IS RECEIVED. YESTERDAYS PARLAY: GENERAL A., 6.60, WON BURNING FEET, 3.30, WON Tuesdays Parlay: Mondays Parlay: ; FLAMING MAMIE, .30, WON WORTHINGTON, 4.30, WON SUNVIR, .20, WON MICROPHONE, 2.60, WON Strictly Two Horses a Day No Telegrams No Unnecessary Telephone Calls-No Extra Expense WTTWO BIG WINNERS GO TODAY -"Kff DO NOT MISS TODAYS BIG WIN PARLAY AT PIMLICO . Todays Parlay: PIMLICO BIue-97-14-5. PIMLICO Green-12-8-4. Honest Turf Information No Guess Work No Humbug No Bunk Strictly 100 Cent for the Player Bona Fide Information Wire via Western Union or Postal Telegraph and receive todays Pimlico parlay by prepaid telegram. Also receive five code cards, good for five days five parlays. No waiting. No delay. Step into your nearest Western Union or Postal Telegraph office and wire ?4. Be sure to include your correct address. New York office open 9 a. m. to 7 p. m. A. J. McKEEVER 1440 BROADWAY Room 1958 New York, N. Y. 26 YEARS OF ACTUAL TURF EXPERIENCE "Darky" BOB WILLIAMS AGAIN MY DADLY DOUBLE WON YESTERDAYS "DAILY DOUBLE:" BURNING FEET, 3.40, WON LORD DEAN, $ 8.08, WON TUESDAYS "DAILY DOUBLE": SOEUR BLANCHE, 1.04, WON FLAMING MAMIE, $ 8.30, WON TODAYS "DAILY DOUBLE" CODE: SIT LATONIA January-3-1 1-26-23 "S i PIMLICO July,7-4-19-21 W TWO 2 WINNERS AND ANOTHER ""W W CLEANUP -W 3- MAKE 00 FOR TODAY BE SURE YOU ARE DOWN ON THIS PARLAY TO WIN ONLY SC Get Me "Entlf Sed" If You Want Winners Terms for "DAILY DOUBLE," 50 cents, at your newsstand, or 2 for six "6 days service, which will be sent to reach you the first mail in the morning. You may have this information wired you daily if you desire. Out-of-town clients, wire your subscription via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Make all remittances payable to BOB WILLIAMS 123 W. MADISON ST. SUITE. 600 CHICAGO, ILL. lOMPASS Vfiat Wonderful Vurf Weekly INVADING THE WEST WATCH FOR OUR NEXT SENSATIONAL ANNOUNCEMENT . r APPEARING IN TOMORROWS AD RESERVE YOUR COPY - f AT ANY NEWSSTAND ONLY 35c y. . . g

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