Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1935-04-27

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t - . 1 RACING FORM SELECTIONS 1 ; ALAMO DOWNS Weather clear; track fast ! The horses which seem best in todays races are: Trackmans Selections. 1 Cheka, Instead, Lepidus. 2 Sarazen II., Pridie, Our Pride. 5- Closing Event, Moring, Billy ONeal. 4 Benefit, Bonnie Cap, Little Marcelle. 6 Earth Shaker, Lamp Black, Sassenach. 6 Luna Bright, Kings Minstrel, Borsodi. 7 Salona, Wirt G. Bowman, Texas Maid. 8 WAR PLANE, Come On, Ned O. J. Hahn. Chicago Handicaps. 1 Cheka, Lepidus, Edna Shipp. 2 SARAZEN II., Pridie, Mortime. 5 Ragtown Belle, Broadmoor, Moring. 4 Bonnie Cap, Benefit, Little Marcelle. C Lamp Black, Earth Shaker, Sassenach. 6 Mynah, Foolhardy, Barcardi Sweep. 7 Wirt G. Bowman, Blessefield, Gallop Along. 8 War Plane, Ned O., Come On. Selections. 1 Cheka, Instead, Buntington. 2 Sarazen IL, Our Pride, Tollie Young. 3 Thipdar, Closing Event, Moring. 4 Tocaya, Bonnie Cap, Benefit 5 Lamp Black, Sassenach, Brilliant Duke. 6 Foolhardy, Luna Bright, Kings Minstrel. 7 Wirt G. Bowman, Gallop Along, Texas World. 8 WAR PLANE, Ned O., Double Dare. Dick Welles Selections. 1 Cheka, Lepidus, Edna Shipp. 2 Pridie, Tollie Young, Sarazen II. 3 Ragtown Belle, George K., Closing Event. 4 Benefit Bonnie Cap, Brooksie. 5 LAMP BLACK, Coil, Betty Wee. 6 Borsodi, Kings Minstrel, Texas Pal. 7 Wirt G. Bowman, Salona, Texas Maid. 8 Double Dare, Come On, Captain Danger. AGUA CALIENTE Weather clear; track fast. The. horses which seem best in todays races are: Trackmans Selections. 1 Enthusiastic Edward, Wrackdale, Wood en Soldier. 2 Moresure, Old Mark, Rock Prince. 3 Choice Caller, Genghis Khan, Cash Play. 4 FLASHY GEORGE, Tynemouth, Pima Girl. 5 Blimey, Dormido, Bourbon Whiskey: 6 Hyman, Leano, Ealy. 7 Boy Crazy, Crabtree, Star Royal. 8 Lucille K., Ima Dreamer, Frisco Bells. C. Lindeman. Chicago Handicaps. 1 Enthusiastic Edward, Wrackdale, Tabour. 2 Foreign Club, jRock Prince, Old Mark. 3 SHORT PRICE, Genghis Khan, Choice Caller. 4 Tynemouth, Flashy George, Mickle Speed. 5 Dormido, J31imey, Kaposia. 6 Time Enough, Early, Leanb. 7 Dunes, Mazol, Harshaw. 8 Donald, Lucille K., Ima Dreamer. A Selections. 1 Fleeting Fire; -Enthusiastic Edward, Triassic. 2 Foreigri Club," Myannie, Dazzler Queen. 3 Cash iPlay, Genghis Khan, Short Price. 4 Mickle Speed, Tynemouth, Wise Ace. and Sirloin, Rich Cuban; Kaposia. - ; 6 Hyman, Romany Baw, Breakaway. 7 Crabtree, Boy Crazy, Mazol. 8 IMA DREAMER, Adder, Plum Shot Dick Welles Selections. 1 Enthusiastic Edward, Tabour, Wrackdale. 2 Old Mark, Foreign Club, Wo Be. 3 No No, Short Price, Lord Algy. 4 Tynemouth, Wise Ace, Pima Girl. 5 Dormido, Blimey, Kaposia. 6 BAD BOY, Early, Bunch Boy. 7 Crabtree, Boy Crazy, Carol Hills. 8 Ima Dreamer, Lucille K., Adder. TANFORAN Weather clear; track fast The horses which seem best in todays races are:. Trackmans Selections. 1 Chazzan, King Caress, Can Ele. 2 Every Effort, Kootenay Belle, Shasta .Banner. 3 Mopeco, Platinum Blonde, Gabbo. 4 Gene D., Shining Jewel, Lady Bowman. 5 CARISBROOKE, Sea Cliff, Risky Miss. 6 Toro Flight, Light Brook, Bon Amour. 7 Coldwater, Mumsie, Black Forest. 8 Terrain, High Man, Nerissa. 9 High Sun, Galliheta, Kislav. J. J. Murphy. Chicago Handicaps. 1 Chazzan, Hidden Gold, Can Ele. 2 Every Effort, Kootenay Belle, Modern Maid. 3 Let Her Play, Mopeco, Old Tuck. 4 Gateway, Gene D., Regardless. 5 CARISBROOKE, Risky Miss, R. D. Powers. G Toro Flight, Bon Amour, Time Flight. 7 Coldwater, Black Forest Distribute. 8 Terrain, Bonagai, High Man. 9 High Sun, Ono, Schooner. Selections. 1 Chazzan, King Caress, Can Ele. 2 Shasta Banner, Modern Maid, Every Effort. 3 Mopeco, Old Tuck, Platinum Blonde. - 4 Lady Bowman, Gene D., Shining Jewel. 5 Risky Miss, Carisbrooke, R. D. Powers. G-tTORO FLIGHT, Light Brook, R. D. Powers. 7 Mumsie, Black Forest, Distribute. 8 Terrain, Listo, Lady Louella. 9" Schooner, Gallineta, Ono. I Dick Welles Selections. 1 Chazzan, Can Ele, Dodie. 2 Kootenay Belle, Every Effort, Shasta Banner. 3 Mopeco, Old Tuck, Gabbo. 4 Gene D., Campillo, Gateway. 5 Risky Miss, Carisbrooke, High Tension. 6 TORO FLIGHT, Easter Tommy, "Dandy Dancer. - 7 Woulcl Dare, Distribute, Black Forest. 8 Terrain, High Man, Lady Louella. 9 Spud,- Ono, Kislav.

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