Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1941-06-07

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Daily Racing Form Experts Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST BET TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST BET IS IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman L G Plaut LINCOLN FIELDS Selections made for Fast Track TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST SWEEP CONSENSUS Miss Beeville Chcrriko Miss Beeville Hovei Air Hostess Air Hostess Hover Miss Beeville 17 Air Hostess Modulator Ebon Flag Miss Beeville Miss Beeville Modulator Miss HoverMiss Beeville BeevilleAir Air Hostess 14 Rusty Gold Air Hostess Rusty Gold Modulator Hover Miss Beeville Air Hostess Hover 11 Dogrose Soldiers Call Morning Man Soldiers Call CallCantata Dogrose Morning Mail MailCourtland Soldiers Call Soldiers Call 19 Veiled Prophet Cantata Soldiers Call Cantata CantataClayville Soldiers Call Courtland Veiled Prophet Morning Mail 11 Cantata Veiled Prophet Cantata Clayville Morning Mail CourtlandCantata Cantata Courtland Cantata 7 RITA JAY Rita Jay Rita Jay Rita Jay Tiger Teddy Hills Palm Rita Jay Rita Jay 28 Tiger Teddy Conville Conville Buddie Treacy Conville Conville Conville Tiger Teddy 11 Daddy Tiger Teddy Tiger Teddy Tiger Teddy Rita Jay Tiger Teddy Hills Palm Conville 10 Phara OMar Phara OMar Phara O Mar Phara OMar Phara OMar Helen Agnes AgnesInscogert PHARA OMAR Phara OMar 32 Inscogert Helen Agnes Valdina Galla Helen Agnes Swoosh Inscogert Helen Agnes Helen Agnes 12 Teco Tack Valdina Galla Swoosh Meda Helen Agnes InscogertSwoosh Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh 5 Bitter Ender EnderBrutus Brutus BrutusChallene Liberio Liberio LiberioChallene LIBERIO Brutus Liberio Liberio 22 Brutus BrutusChallene Challene ChalleneSearcy Gary L Challene ChalleneSearcy Bitter Ender BrutusTurkeyHash TurkeyHash LiberioChallene Challene Brutus 12 Challene Searcy Challene Searcy Kentown TurkeyHashGaryL GaryL Searcy ChalleneSearcy Challene 8 Potranco PotrancoExarch Potranco Potranco Potranco Joe Schenck SchenckPotranco Valdina Groom Joe Schenck SchenckPotranco Potranco 24 Exarch ExarchTechnician Joe Schenck Technician Joe Schenck Potranco Joe Schenck Potranco Joe Schenck 16 PotrancoTechnician Technician Technician Kings Blue Technician Technician Kings Blue PotrancoTechnician Technician Technician Alspur AlspurSpanish BACHELORS BR TIME FLIGHT Bachelors Bower Spanish Party Alspur Bachelors Bower Bachelors Bower 19 Spanish Party Time Flight Alspur Royal Teddy TimeFlight PartyTimeFlight AlspurBachelors Bachelors Bower Time Flight Alspur 16 Brown Comet Alspur Duck Stana Alspur Alspur TimeFlightAlspur Pan jab Alspur Spanish Party 7 Some Count Some Count Some Count SOME COUNT Some Count BRILLINT LIGHT Some Count SOME COUNT 33 Mon Doit Cayenne t Cayenne Mon Doit Mon Doit Gay Hour Colonel Joe Mon DoitS Colonel Joe Mon Doit Gay Hour Gay Hour Gay Hour Some Count Mon Doit Brilliant Light 7 Trackman D S Fair DETROIT Selections made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST SWEEP CONSENSUS Entangling Embrace Dust Cap Dust CapJota Cap Jo Betty Embrace Dust Cap Dust Cap 17 Dust Cap Jo Betty Ruckelle Jota JotaHi Embrace Jota EmbraceJota Hi Winnie Embrace 13 Ruckelle Hi Winnie Hi Winnie Hi Winnie Jota JotaRuckelle Ruckelle Embrace Jo Betty 7 Batter Ebony Fly Ozark Batter Batter Batter Ozark Batter 23 Big Bubble Big Bubble Ebony Fly Big Bubble BatterWicked Wicked Time Bobs Squad Batter Ozark 12 Ozark Batter Big Bubble Wicked Time Ozark Chestnut Bur Big Bubble Big Bubble 8 Rejectable Rejectable Bamboo Broom BroomSynergist DEAR YANKEE C C CURTISS C C Curtiss Bamboo Broom C C Curtiss 21 Bamboo Broom Bamboo Broom SynergistRejectable Synergist C C Curtiss Bamboo Broom Bamboo Broom C C Curtiss Bamboo Broom 19 C C Curtiss C C Curtiss Rejectable Bamboo Broom Dear Yankee Dear Yankee Rejectable Rejectable 12 Uncle Jock ROYAL MARTHA ROYAL MARTHA MARTHATomluta Royal Martha Royal Martha Royal Martha ROYAL MARTHA ROYAL MARTHA 38 Royal Martha Uncle Jock Tomluta TomlutaUncle Uncle Jock Uncle Jock Sam Houston Sweep Swinger Uncle Jock 14 Sweep Swinger Tomluta Uncle Jock Patriot Patriot Uncle Jock Uncle Jock Sweep Swinger 4 Burgoo Miss Burgoo Miss MissClarksville Clarksville Burgoo Miss Burgoo Miss Aerial Bomb Burgoo Miss Burgoo Miss 27 Clarksville ClarksvilleAerial Clarksville Burgoo Miss Aerial Bomb Aerial Bomb Clarksville Clarksville Clarksville 15 Aerial Bomb Aerial Bomb Aerial Bomb Clarksville Clarksville True Star Aerial Bomb Aerial Bomb 13 DOLLAR BAY High Fidelity Scandalous High Fidelity High Fidelity High Fidelity Dollar Bay High Fidelity 21 Bar Fly Dollar Bay Dream Boat Bar Fly Bar Fly Cooling Spring Bar Fly Dollar Bay 14 Dream Boat Bar Fly Hazel F Sun Pharos Cooling Spring Meggy High Fidelity Bar Fly 9 St Dismas Brown Ben Brown Ben Golden Lea Professor Paul GOLDEN LEA Brown Ben Brown Ben 19 Prospect Boy St Dismas Satin Rolls Brown Ben Golden Lea Brown Ben Patras Golden Lea 14 Professor Paul Satin Rolls Professor Paul Prospect Boy St Dismas Satin Rolls Satin Rolls St Dismas 8 Kievex Kievex Kievex Midas Midas Kievex Midas Kievex 24 Gay Days Phantom Fox Midas Snap Clock Snap Clock Snap Clock Kievex Midas 17 Snap Clock Snap Clock Our Laddie Kievex Kievex Gay Days Snap Clock Snap Clock 9 Trackman C J Connors BELMONT PARK Selections made for Fast Track DICK WELLES Little Cottage II Little Cottage IL Naruna Big Rebel Yemasee Chuckatuck Blenweed Big Stakes StakesBlenweed Big Stakes Blenweed Kingfisher BlenweedTorchlight Torchlight Smiles SMILES Escarpment Escarpment Even Tan At Which Cassis CassisSome Eternal Bull Some Chance Some Chance Eternal Bull Early n Smart Harvard Square Parasang Dr Whinny Dr Whinny Sheriff Culkin Roman WHIRLAWAY Whirlaway Robert Morris Robert Morris Itabo Itabo Bay Carse CarseSungino Mythical King Sungino SunginoMaemante Gallahadion KingGallahadion Maemante GallahadionSungino Sungino Bright Rebel Wedding Morn Blazing Heat Bright Rebel GcnL Brown Bomb Trackman P G McCann DELAWARE PARK Selections made for Heavy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST CONSENSUS Star Charter Mane Olympia Marie Olympia Docket Dogo Marie Olympia Marie Olympia OlympiaStevada Marie Olympia 23 I Marie Olympia OlympiaRoad Road Scraper Golden Mowlee Star Charter Docket Docket Stevada Docket 10 Road Scraper Ultima Thule Star Charter Marie Olympia Golden Mowlee Golden Mowlee Docket StevadaDocket Star Charter 8 i Shansi Knitetta Knitettax La Scala ScalaShansi Clingendaal ClingendaalKnitetta James Pal LA SCALA La Scala 15 1 Savitar Clingendaal La Scala Shansi Knitetta Clingendaal Knitetta Knitetta 14 ShansiClingendaal KnitettaSavitar Hazel Lee La Scala Shansi Clingendaal Savitar Hazel Lee Hazel Lee Clingendaal 10 Equalize Disclare DisclareUpsetting WingMalvois Grey Wing Caduceus Caduceus Malvois Caduceus Caduceus 17 I CanJones Upsetting UpsettingCaduceus MalvoisUpsetting Malvois Grey Wing Malvois CaduceusMalvois MalvoisCanJones EqualizeDisclare MalvoisEqualize Equalize Grey Wing Equalize 9 Caduceus Caduceus Upsetting Equalize CanJones Disclare Equalize Malvois 9 i 1 Coochs Bridge Sir Counsellor SIR COUNSELLOR Alohort SIR COUNSELLOR POLLY PRIM Chuckle Sir Counsellor 22 Alohort AlohortSir Coochs Bridge Coochs Bridge Chuckle Alohort Chuckle ChuckleSir Sir Counsellor CounsellorPetes Chuckle 11 Sir Counsellor Chuckle Polly Prim Coochs Bridge Chuckle Petes Bet Petes Bet Coochs Bridge 10 Wood Chopper Wood Chopper Sack SackSoldierette Wood Chopper Wood Chopper Wood Chopper Wood Chopper WOOD CHOPPER 30 Happy Lark Becomly SoldieretteBecomly Soldierette Happy Lark Happy Lark Happy Lark Happy Lark Happy Lark 11 Sack Happy Lark Becomly Sack Sack Becomly Sack Sack 9 Masked General MASKED GENRL Cherry Jam Masked General Westnesia Red Dock Masked General Masked General 21 I Red Dock Westnesia Westnesia Westnesia Red Dock Honey Cloud Westnesia Westnesia 13 Son Altesse Honey Cloud Red Dock Red Dock Masked General Son Altesse Red Dock Red Dock 12 AUTUMNQUEST Autumnquest Autumnquest JACSTEAL Milk Punch Al au Feu FeuEscolar Al au Feu Autumnquest 17 I Nightland Milk Punch Nightland Creepy Mouse Jacsteal Escolar Jacsteal Al au Feu 12 Milk Punch Creepy Mouse Milk Punch Al au Feu Al au Feu EscolarNightland Nightland Milk Punch Jacsteal 11 Yantis Yantisi Room Service Yantis Uvalde Tramp ShipYantis Ship Money Muddle Yantis Yantis 20 i Room Service Tramp Ship Uvalde Tramp Ship YantisUvalde Yantis Yantis Uvalde Tramp Ship 12 Tramp Ship Money Muddle Tramp Ship Yantis Uvalde Room Service Tramp Ship Uvalde 10 Trackman R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST JWEEP CONSENSUS I Top Staff Cave Hill Septime Top Staff StaffSeptime Septime Officiate 1 Septime Septime 18 Cave Hill HillPrince OfficiateCave Dizzy B Levena Septime Cave Hill Cave Hill Cave Hill Cave Hill 13 Prince Splendor Prince Splendor Dizzy B Dizzy SeptimeDizzy B Dizzy B Septime Prince Splendor Top Staff 10 Orinoco Maecaro Sun Kincsen Maecaro Maecaro Nilon Maecaro MaecaroNilon Maecaro 23 23Nilon Sun Maecaro Sun Fighter Sun Fighter Nilon NilonSun Sun Fighter Erech Sun Fighter Nilon 8 8Sun Kincsen Sun Kincsen Maecaro Sun Kincsen Nilon Marching Feet Orinoco Sun Kincsen 8 Red Mantilla GALWAY Red Mantilla Red Mantilla Red Mantilla Red Mantilla Red Mantilla RED MANTILLA 31 I Milk and Honey Milk and Honey Milk and Honey Milk and Honey Milk and Honey Milk and Honey Milk and Honey Milk and Honey 14 Galway Red Mantilla Galway Galway Galway Galway Galway Galway 13 CAPE COD Donna Leona DONNA LEONA Donna Leona Cape Cod Donna Leona CAPE COD Cape Cod 26 Sundodger Cape Cod Speed to Spare Cape Cod Donna Leona Cape Cod Speed to Spare Donna Leona 25 Ramases Time OWar Cape Cod Ramases Sundodger Time OWar Donna Leona Speed to Spare 4 Cosse Catomar Speedy BoogerCuckoo Booger Oso Speedy Booger BoogerCuckoo Oso Oso Oso 15 15Speedy 1 1 Hasty Cuckoo Wire Speedy Booger Cuckoo CuckooCosse OsoCatomar Catomar CatomarCuckoo Cuckoo CuckooRepeller OsoSpeedy Speedy BoogerHasty Booger OsoCuckoo Cuckoo CuckooCosse Speedy Booger 14 14Cuckoo Repeller Cosse Cuckoo Repeller Hasty Wire Cosse Cuckoo 9 Counterglow Deimos Counterglow COUNTERGLOWMaster COUNTERGLOW Master Key COUNTERGLOW Counterglow Counterglow 30 j Boy Angler Boy Angler Master Key Master Key KeyBoy Boy Angler Boy Angler Deimos Master Key 12 Master Key Counterglow Bow Low Boy Angler Balloter Master Key Master Key Boy Angler 9 Bold and Bad Advocator Ringie RingieBold Ringie RingieBold RINGIE RINGIEAdvocator Ringie Ringie Ringie 30 30Bold Ringie Bold and Bad Bold and Bad BadLiberty Bold and Bad BadRough Advocator AdvocatorSundodger Advocator Bold RingieBold and Bad BadRough Bold and Bad 14 14Advocator Master Key Ringie Liberty Franc Rough Pass Sundodger Bold and Bad Rough Pass Advocator 9 Mon Reve Panalong Howard Sun Victor VictorHoward Howard Panalong Howard Howard 21 k Howard Ho HoRhiniz Sun Victor Howard Panalong Howard HowardHo Ho Panalong 14 Ho HowardPanalong Rhiniz Ho Panalong Sun Victor Wrought Iron HoPanalong Panalong Sun Victor 8

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