Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-05-04

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS SELECTIONSFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman P G McCann SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Chance Tea Pops Rival Pops Rival Pops Rival Pops Rival Rejectable POPS Rival 24 1 Cloudy Weather Cloudy Weather Cloudy Weather Cloudy Weather Pops Rival Cloudy Weather 10 Cloudy Weather Due Sport Due Sport Just Beans Rejectable Cloudy Weather Rejectable 6 315 PM Crumpet Weisenheimer Weisenheimer Weisenheimer WeisenheimerCrumpet Gayle F Gayle F Weisenheimer 16 Gayle F Discussion Crumpet CrumpetDiscussion Crumpet Liberty B Crumpet Gayle F 13 Weisenheimer Liberty B Gayle F Discussion SweetjOlga Discussion Crumpet 11 345 PM KABO LEA CHANCEVIVE Kabo Lea ChanceviveKabo Chancevive Chancevive CHANCEVIVE CHANCEVIVE 28 Chancevive KaboLea Chancevive Kabo Lea LeaSir Kabo Lea Kabo Lea Kaboln 20 Sunny Ceres Anna Ballot Sir Date Sir Date Sir Date Sir Date SirDat 4 PM Praetorian PraetorianShirley Shirley G GQueen Shirley G Shirley G GQueen Shirley G GQueen Shirley G GPraetorian Shirley G 27 415 Shirley G Queen Toke Queen Toke Queen Toke TokePraetorian Queen Toke Praetorian QueenToke 10 Queen Tpjce Juliet C Hazel Lee Praetorian Juliet C PraetorianQueenToke QueenToke JPraetorian 8 445 PM CommencementDrumont Commencement Drumont DrumontThree COMMENCEMENT Commencement Hada Moon MoonCommencement Commencement Commencement 24 Drumont DrumontThree Three Bangs BangsHada Three Bangs TJrumont CommencementDrumont Commencement Three CommencementThree Bangs BangsDrumont Drumont 11 Three Bangs Hada Moon MoonLittle Hada Moon JHada Moon Drumont Drumont Hada Moon 8 515 PM Milk Flip FlipAlaflag Little Bolo BoloMilk Alaflag Alaflag ALAFLAG ALAFLAGMilk Milk Flip FlipAlaflag Alaflag 22 Alaflag Milk Flip Hi Gold GoldJLittleBolq Little Bolo BoloJMilkFlip Milk Flip Alaflag Milk Flip 15 JHe AlaflagJHe Man Alaflag JLittleBolq JMilkFlip JHiGold JLdttle Bolo Little Bolo 9 545 PM Hogan HoganCone Cone j 9 Captain Fury FuryTartarus Cone jo Captain Fury FuryMatchless Cone jo joHogan Conejo 17 Cone jo Captain Fury TartarusHogan Tartarus Captain Fury Matchless Hogan Captain Fury 16 jCaptain Fury Grace K Hogan Hogan Hpgan Captain Fury Hogan 10 615 PM Black Time TimeRoseRed Azimuth Jack Vennie ROSERED ROSEREDAzimuth Jack Vennie VennieBlack Black Time TimeAzimuth Black Time 16 RoseRed RoseRedJack Jack Vennie Black Time Azimuth Black Time TimeAzimuth Azimuth Jack Vennie 14 Jack Vennie Black Time Lactose Black Time Azimuth Jack Vennie Azimuth 10 Trackman D S Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Batter Batter BatterSilent Batter Batter Batter Batter Batter 30 200 PM Silent Host HostLumber Silent Host Silent Host HostMeadow Silent Host HostMeadow BatterSilent Silent Host HostMagnetism Silent Host Silent Host 12 Lumber Queen Bit p Brown Meadow Dew Meadow Dew Magnetism Meadow Dew JvreadowDew 3 Crest o War Winning Chance ChanceLimitation Winning Chance Limitation Bitter Ender EnderWinning Winning Chance Winning Chance 18 230 P M Lady Duane Limitation Crest o War Lady Duane Winning Chance Crest o War Crest o War 9 Kirwin Ladsr Duane JLimitation Winning Chance ChanceJean Lady Duane Bitter Ender JLimitation 8 Wise Banny Jean LaBelle LaBelleGold Jean LaBelle Jean LaBelle Jean LaBelle LaBelleWise Jean LaBelle Jean LaBelle 25 300 P M Ste Frances Gold State Wise Banny Gold State StateWise Wise Banny BannyMiss Wise Banny Wise Banny 12 12Gpld Key Latch Key Latch Miss Julie Y Wise Banny Miss Julie Y Key Latch Gpld 8tate4 330 P M SHINY PENNY PENNYVacuum SHINY PENNY PENNYVacuum SHINY PENNY SHINY PENNY Shiny Penny PennyVacuum SHINY PENNY PENNYVacuum SHINY PENNY 40 Vacuum Cleaner CleanerBurning Vacuum Cleaner CleanerRubicqn Rubicon Vacuum Cleaner CleanerBurning Vacuum Cleaner CleanerBurningSands Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner 11 Burning Sands Rubicqn Vacuum Cleaner Burning Sands BurningSands BurningJSands Burning Sands 4 Little Kiss KissYar Marksman Marksman Marksman Yar Yar Marksman 20 400 P M MarksmanYar YarMarksman Yar Yar YarThree Yar YarThree Three Percent PercentLittle Marksman YarMarksman Marksman Yar 16 JVfarksman Three Percent Three Percent Little Kiss Three Percent PercentALAGNES Little Kiss Little Kiss 7 AkrontownAlagnes Akrontown Alagnes Alagnes Alagnes AlagnesActive ALAGNES Active Alagnes 26 430 PM ALAGNESActive AlagnesActive Alagnes Active Akrontown ActiveAkrontown Active Active ActiveTermite ActiveAlagnes Alagnes Active 13 Active Dina Flag Active Akrontown Termite Akrontown Akrontown 9 AkrontownAlau 500 PM Pennsburg Al au Feu Beckhampton Alau Feu Al au Feu Al au Feu AlauFeu 20 Yank Bomber Fisherville Fisherville Fisherville Fisherville Which Man ManBeckhamp Fisherville 9 Fisherville Which Man Which Man Yank Bomber HisHighness Beckhamp ton Beckhampton 6 530 PM Minnie Ha Cha My Reward Kennebis Kennebis Kennebis Kennebis Kennebis 24 Kennebis Kennebis My Reward My Reward Minnie Ha Cha Minnie Ha Cha Minnie Ha Cha 12 Sonny O B Minnie Ha Cha Minnie Ha Cha Minnie Ha Cha Sonny O B My Reward My Reward 10 Trackman M W Casale JAMAICA Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST CONSENSUS Hidden Ace Amble Tint Amble Tint Amble Tint Amble Tint Amble Tint Amble Tint 27 100 PM Amble Tint Hidden Ace Chorsie Bushel Basket Bushel Basket Chorsie Hidden Ace 9 Bushel Basket Bushel Basket Bushel Basket Hidden Ace Chorsie Hidden Ace Bushel Basket 7 Thin Air THIN AIR AIREpee Thin Air Thin Air AirEpee Buzalong Thin Air AirEpee Thin Air 28 I 130 PM Buzalong EpeeBuzalong Epee Radio Morale Epee Epee Epee Buzalong 10 EpeeBuzalong Radio Morale Buzalong Sun Flame Buzalong Thin Air EpeeBuzalong Buzalong Epee 8 Cortege Cortege BYGONE STAR Cortege Cortege Cortege Cortege 25 200 PM Family Doc Bygone Star Ladys Count Bygone Star Family Doc Bygone Star Bygone Star 15 15Family Bygone Star Belplay Keene Advice Family Doc Bvgone Star Belplav Family Doc 5 I 230 PM Damask Rose Damask Rose Damask Rose DAMASK ROSE Damask Rose Damask Rose Damask Rose 32 Dauntless Gal Ruledays Speed UP Second Front Ruledays Ruledays Ruledays 7 7Dauntless i Second Front Dauntless Gal Dauntless Gal Ruledays Dauntless Gal RuledaysDauntless Dauntless Gal Dauntless Gal 6 Unchallenged Unchallenged Unchallenged Unchallenged UNCHALLENGED UNCHALLENGED UNCHALLENGED 34 300 PM i Breezing Home Breezing Home Breezing Home JackSL UNCHALLENGEDJack Jack S L LDevils Joe Burger Breezing Home 7 7JackSL Devils Luck Joe Burger Joe Burger Beau of Mine Devils Luck Breezing Home JackSL 4 330 PM SEDGEMOOR Perfect Rhyme Sedgemoor Sedgemoor Sedgemoor Sedgemoor Sedgemoor 29 I Perfect Rhyme Sedgemoor Sickle T Perfect Rhyme Perfect Rhyme Perfect Rhyme Perfect Rhyme 14 Sickle T Singing Torch Perfect Rhyme Sickle T Sickle T Sickle T Sickle T 6 400 PM Exemplify ExemplifyFiveoEight Exemplify FiveoEightExemplify FiveoEight Exemplify Exemplify ExemplifyAt Exemplify Exemplify 27 FiveoEight FiveoEightStepsome At Play Exemplify ExemplifyStepsome Son Islam At Play PlayMiss Son Islam At Play 5 Stepsome Stepsome Stepsome At Play Miss Discovery Stepsome Stepsome 4 Trackman C J Connors PIMLiCO Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 1100 AM Roupemont Rpugemont Rougemont Rougemont Rougemont Rougemont ROUGEMONT 30 1 Never Surprised Air Marshal Air Marshal Air Marshal Flying Falcon Air Marshal Air Marshal 8 Bagpipe Never Surprised Danp Deever Bagpipe Never Surprised Never Surprised Never Surprised 5 1130 AM Rapatelle Bud West Fred Havecker Bud West Fred Havecker Bud West Bud West 20 l Bud West Fred Havecker Bud West Fred Havecker HaveckerJames Rapatelle Fred Havecker Fred Havecker 16 Patch Party James Acre James Acre James Acre Bud West James Acre James Acre 4 1200 M Fogoso Red Chip Red Chio Red Chio Fogoso Red Chip Red Chip 24 24Fogoso Red Chin Great Step Phantom Player Fogoso Red Chio Great Step StepFpgqso Fogoso 13 His Shadow Bola Mowlee Well Allright Great Step Well Allright Fpgqso Great Step 5J 1230 PM Russia Flying Reigh Sals Sister Flying Reigh Flying Relh Flying Reigh Flying Reigh 24 24Sals Flying Reigh Sals Sister Flying Reigh Impregnable Russia Dreaming Time Sals Sister 9 i Biscavne Blue Jack Horner Imnregnable Biscavne Blue Sals Sister Sals Sister Russia 7 100 PM Link LinkWhose New Moon New Moon NEW MOON MOONWhose New Moon MoonLink New Moon New Moon 28 28Link WhoseNew Whose Rokeby Jake Whose Whose Link Gallant Witch Link 9 LinkWhose New Moon Link Rokeby Jake WhoseLink Link Whose Rokebv Jake JWhpse 7 130 PM StrategicLink Strategic New Moon Strategic New Moon StrategicLink Strategic NEW MOON MOONStrategic Strategic 20 Link LinkEye Eye for Eye Baby Darling Strategic Link LinkEve Strategic StrategicLink New Moon 17 Eye for Eye Strategic Wine Punch Eve for Eve Eve for Eve Link Link 5 200 PM INDIAN SUN SUNDeviltry Sentinel SENTINELAlhalon SENTINEL Alhalon INDIAN SUN SUNSentinel Alhalon Sentinel 17 f DeviltryAlhalon Deviltry Indian Gift Alhalon AlhalonConnachta Connachta ConnachtaSentinel Sentinel SentinelAlhalon Sentinel Indian Sun 15 Alhalon Indian Sun Connachta Sentinel Alhalon George Lamaze Alhalon 14 230 PM Good Neighbor GOOD NEIGHBOR Brighten UD Brighten UD Good Neighbor NeighborDulie Brighten UD Good Neighbor 20 Brighten UD Dulie Good Neighbor Dulie NeighborMightily Mightily DulieMightily Mightily Brighten UP 17 Baby Boy Mightily Mightily Good Neighbor Mightily Baby Boy Mightily 7 Trackman R N Charlton NARRAGANSETT PARK Selections Made for Slow Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Red Meadow Boredom Red Meadow Red Meadow MeadowMaeline Sir Gibson Maeline Red CONSENSUSRed Meadow Q8 Q8Maeline 130 PM MaelineRed Maeline Maeline Sir Gibson Maeline Boredom Red Meadow MeadowDate Maeline 12 Tattnall Star Date Ace Maeline MaelineMaupeace Maupeace Red Meadow Date Ace Boredom 7 Sizzling Pan Zacharias Breeze Zacharias Zacharias Sun Girl GirlZacharias Zacharias 19 19Sun 200 PM Mandate MandateZacharias Sun Girl GirlJSizzlingPan Sizzling Pan PanZacharias Mandate MandateSun Sun Girl ZachariasMandate Zacharias Sun Girl 10 Zacharias JSizzlingPan Zacharias Sun Girl Shansi Mandate Sizzling Pan 8 8IDA Ida Rogers Ida Rogers Ida Rogers Ida Rogers Jack Rubens Ida Rogers IDA ROGERS 27 PM I 230 Kurdistan KurdistanHattie Hattie Belle Jack Rubens Hattie Belle Ida Rogers Hattie Belle Hattie Belle 9 9Jack Hattie Belle Haste On Hattie Belle Kurdistan Hattie Belle Michigan Sun Jack Rubens 7 Ilefetchit Tintitter Sharp Reward RewardLight Tintitter Ilefetchit Ilefetchit Ilefetchit 18 J 300 PM HyGay HyGayLightjChaser Ilefetchit Light Chaser ChaserSouthern Sharp TintitterSharp Reward Tintitter Tintitter Tintitter 14 14Sharp LightjChaser Sharp Reward Southern Yam Ilefetchit Sharp Reward Sharp Reward Sharp Reward 10 330 PM BIT OGREEN Ranchos Boy BIT OGREEN OGREENRanchos Lawyersville LawyersvilleBills Bit OGreen Bills Sister Bit OGreen 21 Lawyersville Bit OGreen Ranchos Boy Bills Sister Bit OGreen Bills Sister 11 Bills Sister Old Whitey BilTs Sister JRanchos Boy BoyWake RanchosBoy Rancho s Boy JRanchps Boy 10 400 PM Allegro Allegro Wake Robin RobinDaisy Wake Robin RobinAllegro BALMY SPRING Balmy Spring Wake Robin 17 Wake Robin Wake Robin Daisy Allegro Allegro Wake Robin Balmy Spring 16 Balmy Spring Balmy Spring DaisyBalmy Balmy Spring SpringYannie Balmy AllegroBalmy Spring Wake Robin Allegro Allegro 15 430 PM PanErnest PariErnest Yannie Sid Burgoo Trail PanErnest PanErnest PariErnest 24 Ships Bells Ships Bells PariErnest PariErnest Yannie Sid Ships Bells Yannie Sid 9 Recoatna Burgoo Trail Waugh Pop Yannie Sid Supreme Ideal Yannie Sid Ships Bells 6 500 PM Chop Sticks MILKYMOON Chop Sticks MILL TOWER Milkymoon MILKYMOON Milkymoon 25 Milkymoon Macks Arrow Milkymoon Milkymoon Spanish Way Macks Arrow ChopSticks 10 Sea Foam Chance Run Country Lass Spanish Way Macks Arrow Zostera Mill Tower 7

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