Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1948-06-03

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS SELECTIONSTrackman Trackman D S Fair Lincoln Fields at Washington Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Pene PeneSweet Pene PeneSweet Pene Sunnip Pene JPene Sweet Comet Sweet Irene Sunnio Speed Play Sweet Comet Sunnio Sunnio Sweet Comet Skip Level Pene Soeed Play Sweet Comet Can Seen Baby Blue Play Eda PLAY EDA EDABaby Sala Lou Play Eda St Louisan Play Eda SalaLou Baby Blue BabyBlue BabyBlue Baby Blue Sala Lou Can Step St Louisan Play Eda Sala Lou Yoncalla Yoncalla YONCALLA Yoncalla Yoncalla YONCALLA Dr Qle Nelson YoncallaDr Dr Ole Nelson NelsonToo YONCALLADr Dr Ole Nelson Macks First Peerless YONCALLADr Dr Ole Nelson Macks First Too Sunny Great Issue Peerless Macks First Macks First SlyTteress Sly Tieress Idle Prattle Karakorum 1 Idle Prattle Idle Prattle Idle Prattle Idle Prattle Sly Tieress Some Bid BidDay SlyTieress Slv Tigress Some Bid Day Karakorum Day Day Karakorum TORELLOGood TORELLO TORELLOBold TORELLO Santa Fe Good Copy TORELLO Torello Good CODY Bold Kin Torello Santa Fe BoldKini TORELLOBoldKini Santa Fe BoldKine Santa Fe Good Copy Bold Kinsc Santa Fe Good Copy Brownian Brownian Roscoe Goose Brownian Roscoe Goose Brownian Roscoe Goose Roscoe Goose Brownian Brief Steh Brief Sieh Roscoe Goose Mrs Valenti Heres Me Mrs Valenti Roscoe Goose Brownian Brief Sieh Prankish Kins Quilt Quilt Quilt Quilt Quilt Sir Date QuiltFrankish Frankish Kinsr QuiltFrankish Frankish Kinsr QuiltChoppy Choppy Sea QuiltErankish Erankish King QuiltFrankish Frankish Kind Red Taoe ChopDySea Sir Date Sir Date Sir Date Sir Date Petes Kid Mr Danny Mr Danny Mrr Danny DannySuede 1 Mr Danny Mr Danny DannyPetesKid Royal Stew Sugar Man Petes Kid Suede PetesKid PetesKid PetesKid Trust Fund SuedeTrustFuhd TrustFuhd Suear Man PetesKidSugarMan SugarMan TrackmanH J McGuire Detroit Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Shins Pass Just Daylight Valdina Valona Mills TJuty Stippler Stippler J I Mills Duty Ships Pass Stippler Stippler Paloma Linda Mills Duty Joe War Mills Duty Sweeping Manna Just Daylight Head Sea Ships Pass Valiant Jim Miss Neddie Miss Neddie Miss Neddie Miss Neddie Miss Neddie Fionne Valiant Jim Valiant Jim Hasty Million Valiant Jim Valiant Jim j Ballacolas Ballacolas Yormont Valiant Jim Yormont Ballacolas Big Hurricane Miboys Sugar Big Hurricane Oleander Miboys Sugar Big Hurricane Betroum Big Hurricane Miboys Sugar Big Hurricane Big Hurricane Miboys Sugar Miboys Sugar Betroum Our Freedom Actnice Bet oum Oleander Sahdy James Future Hero Future Hero Future Herp Agents Girl FutureHero Tiger Exroress Air Commander Que Tal El Osuna Robert F Agents GirL Agents Girl El Osuna Robert F Que Tal Future Hero Sandy James Propelled PropelledI Fredoriyer Pass Boquhan Fredonyer Pass Fredonyer Pass Fredonyer Pass I Fredbnyer Pass Play Wise Fredonyer Pass Midget Store Midget Store Boquhan Boquhan Midget Store Midget Store Boquhan Boquhan Midget Store SNAPPY VERSE VERSEI Tit Tat Toe TIT TAT TOE TIT TAT TOE TOEReward REWARD ALL ALLTit TIT TAT TOE TOEReward I Nephewron Snappy Verse Reward All Reward All Tit Tat Toe Reward All Tit Tat Toe Reward All Snappy Verse Wilt Thou Snappy Verse Snappy Verse Five A M FIVE A M MSnow Snow Kiss Snow Kiss Five A M Five A M Snow Kiss Snow Kiss Five A Mv Saratoga Star Snow Kiss Snow Kiss Sues Special Welsh Man Saratoga Star Five A M Sues Special Saratoga Star Eleanor Van Special Pet Miss Brand Hummer Miss Brand Special Pet 1 Myf ixori ixoriKentucky Hair Stylist Special Pet Special Pet Special Pet Miss Brand Kentucky Day Hummer Hummer Hair Stylist Eleanor Van Hummer Trackman C J Connors Belmont Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS i Sure Glide Bee Pee Bee Pee Bee Pee Bee Pee Bee 5 ee d Bayside Pre War Time Sure Glide Sure Glide Promotion Sure Glide Bullfield Sure Glide Promotion Pre War Time Sure Glide Pre War Time Check Up UpValor Alonary Ariel Pilot PilotAlonary ARIEL PILOT PILOTAlonary Ariel Pilot Ariel Pilot Valor ValorAlonary Check UP Alonary AlonaryRaking Alonary Alonary Alonary Alonary Ariel Pilot Raking Raking Check Up Check UP Freezout Anecdote Freezout Freezout FREEZOUT Freezbut Next Next Next Jupiter Light FREEZOUTNext Next FreezbutNext Next Best Effort Freezout Anecdote Anecdote NextBest Best Effort NextAnecdote Anecdote QuixoticEasy Quixotic Front Row Easy Out Overwhelm Front Row Front Row Easy Out Checkmate Flying Time Front Row La Rimda Easy Out Checkmate La Rimda Quixotic Flying Time Checkmate Quixotic War Battle War Battle Fleettown Fleettown The Heir Fleettown i Fleettown The Heir The Heir The Heir Fleettown War Battle Adaptable Fleettown War Battle War Battle War Battle The Heir RISOLATER RISOLATERi Miss Kimo KimoConniver Miss Kimo KimoC9nniver Conniver Miss Kimo KimoConniver Miss Kimo KimoConniver i Conniver Conniver C9nniver Red Stamp Conniver Conniver ConniverImprudence C9nniverRisolater ConniverRisolater ConniverRisolater Miss Kimo Imprudence Risolater Miss Kimo Risolater Risolater Buzfuz Buzfuz BuzfuzOwners OWNERS CHOICE Buzfuz Owners Choice ChoiceBuzfuz Buzfuz Owners Choice Buzfuz Owners Choice Buzfuz BuzfuzOwners Owners Choice ChoiceCasa Owners Choice Up Beat Casa Camara Degage BuzfuzDegage Degage Up Beat Advance ADVANCEv Whirling Fox Advance AdvanceAdvance Advance ADVANCE Advance FoxGolden Whirling Fox Whirling Fox ADVANCEWhirling Whirling Fox Brown Fox Golden Light Golden Light Golden Light Golden Light Golden Light Trackman E P Heagerry Delaware Tark Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Serena Euterpe Cherry Soda SodaBowmansdale Bowmansdale Euterpe Euterpe Euterpe Pictura Bowmansdale Euterpe Pictura EuterpeBowmansdale Bowmansdale BowmansdaleEuterpe Cherry Soda Big Elm Euterpe Swing Along Invictus Cherry Soda Young Turk Young Turk Impact Some Fool Young Turk Young Turk Impact Cousin Ruth Some Fool Impact Cousin Ruth Impact Cousin Ruth Impact Young Turk Bo Mowlee Impact Some Fool Mary Ann Mary Ann Mary Ann Cant Fail Late Ship Mary Ann Cant Fail Cant Fail Late Ship MaryAnn Mary Ann Cant Fail Laurelita Late Ship Cant Fail Lock Control Cant Fail Late Ship Cuban Bill Oresandy Cuban Bill BillOresandy Cuban Bill ORESANDY Cuban Bill BillOresandy Oresandy Cuban Bill OresandyEquipass Oresandy Near Miss ORESANDYCuban Cuban BUT Oresandy Rough Swallow Near Miss Equipass Persian Kitten Near Miss OresandyNear Near Miss Coincidence COINCIDENCEOcean COINCIDENCE Ocean Front Coincidence Coincidence Coincidence Ocean Front Ocean Front Golden Bull Ocean Front Ocean Front Ocean Front Pellicle Pellicle Pellicle Bahranieter Better Value Pellicle Lanlast Flood Town TownLanlast FLOOD TOWN TOWNLanlast FLOOD TOWN TOWNPrince 1 Flood Town FLOOD TOWN TOWNLanlast Flood Town Lanlast LanlastWestminster Lanlast Prince Aethel Lanlast Lanlast Westminster Westminster Denagee Lanlast Denagee Prince Aethel Love Story I Believe Radio Gunner Rough Cloud Rough Cloud Rough Cloud Radio Gunner Glory Be Rough Cloud Buddy V Radio Gunner Radio Gunner R6uRhCloud Rough Cloud I Believe Radio Gunner Love Story I Believe BRIARCLIFFBowery BRIARCLIFF Bowery Hall x Sightseer Bowery Hall Briarcliff Briarclif f Bowery Hall Briarcliff Briarcliff Briarcliff Bowery Hall Bowery Hall Miss Cupe Miss Cupe Aero Jack Aero Jack Sightseer Sightseer Trackman A E Brown Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Fast Track 1ACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS TedMosquero TedMosauero TedMosquero Justinian n nChanticleer Gray Dame Chanticleer Justiniann TedMosqueroJustiniann Chanticleer Justinian H Justinian n Khaygram JustiniannKhaygram ChanticleerTedMosauero TedMosauero War Page Shoot To Boot Diego Red ShoottoBoot Diego Red Diego Red Shoot to Boot DieRpRed Saralee C Dolomite Dolomite Signal Knob Crimson Flash ScotchBim ScotchBim ScotchBim Miss Amelia O CrimsonJElash Crimson Flash Crimson Flash Scotch Bim Yarmouth Flare Yarmouth Flare Yarmouth Flare IRON WAY WAYPlavanna Iron Way Playanna Playannsr Plavanna Playanna Fighting Louie Fighting Louie Fighting Louie FiRhtinR Ixmie Iron Way Iron Way Gothic FB Eye Plucky Boy Plucky Boy Plucky Boy Plucky Boy Gothic Gothic Khabula Gothic F B Eye FB Eye Shiny Penny SHINY PENNY PENNYLandLiRhfr SHINY PENNY PENNYGallant Shiny Penny LandLioht LandLiRhfr Gallant Foot Gallant Foot General Don Atomic Wave LandnSea Atomic Wave Yellow Hornet Bonnie Golos GolosMarsam Yellow Hornet HornetFranabe Chance Morn Diatribe MarsamDiatribe Marsam Franabe Gpldbart Another Bel Diatribe Bacolet Bonnie Golos Artena Penetrator After Eight AWAY After Eight Artena Mountain Time Unknown Reward Valoivia Away Pehetrator

Persistent Link: https://drf.uky.edu/catalog/1940s/drf1948060301/drf1948060301_7_1
Local Identifier: drf1948060301_7_1
Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800