Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1956-05-05

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS SELECTIONSFigures Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points 2 Points for 2d 1 Point for 3d Todays Best in Black Type Trackman J J Murphy SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN CLOCKER ANALYST HERMIS CONSENSUS Miz Zareta Hippobon Hippobon Mighty Tired Paraph Hippobon Admiral Nelson Mighty Tired Paraph Miz Zareta Hippobon Miz Zareta Flying Redbird Flying Redbird Miss Eyefull Many Faults Miz Zareta Paraph Vyr Mambo Mambo Vyr Vyr Vyr VyrMambo VyrStock MamboVyr VyrKirkKriss VyrMambo Stock Exchange ExchangeMambo Vyr Vyr KirkKriss Mambo Mambo MamboStock Mambo Buster Jim VyrSligh Sligh Tutsy Stock Exchange Ring Fleet Stock Exchange Astounding FIXED CHARGE CHARGEAstounding Hokey Pokey FIXED CHARGE CHARGELate Astounding Astounding Pat Carter Astounding Astounding Late Return Tiger Trip Fixed Charge Dandy Wag Pat Carter Pat Carter Tiger Trip Pat Carter Pat Carter Diamond Joe Nymphs Pride Diamond Joe Whirlahead DIAMOND JOE JOENymphs Diamond Joe Nymphs Pride Diamond Joe Nymphs Pride Uncle Sugar Nymphs Pride Nymphs Pride March Brat March Brat Uncle Sugar Judge Browdee March Brat Whirlahead SligoSpl Olympia Blend Ky Rainbow Happy Lad Happy Lad Happy Lad Olympia Blend Sligo Sol Happy Lad Mels Glory SligoSol Sligo Sol Happy Lad Happy Lad Returned Ring Sligo Sol Ky Rainbow Olympia Blend Outsmart Warless River Gate GateOutsmart Next Page Next Page Next Page Deb Chaser Deb Chaser Outsmart Intelligent River Gate Outsmart Intelligent Intelligent OutsmartColiseo Coliseo Coliseo Outsmart River Gate SIR TRIBAL Silver State Sir Tribal Rock Pilot Sir Tribal SIR TRIBAL TRIBALRock Rock Pilot Sir Tribal Rock Pilot Sir Tribal Validon Rock Pilot Silver State Fogonazo Silver State Silver State RockPilot Silver State Arete Robert EW EWArete STONEY CREEK CREEKCortina Cortina Stoney Creek Stoney Creek AreteCortina Cortina Arete Cortina Arete CortinaArete Feuding Arete AreteCortina CortinaFeuding Feuding AreteFeuding Feuding Arete AreteFeuding Feuding Arete Cortina Rebounder Sky Princess Degree Solid Rock RockSky Solid Rock Solid Rock Varwin Blue Award Blue Award Sky Princess Blue Award Sky Princess Sky Princess Gus Fan Varwin Party King Varwin Blue Award Fiddlm Mac Blue Licks Care Taker Aunt Annie Aunt Annie Aunt Annie I Pavold Laurys Glory Aunt Annie Blue Licks Pavold Blue Licks Aunt Annie Big Bargain Fleet Argo Census Flying Record Care Taker Trackman J N Lyon JAMAICA Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS CONSENSUS This Side This Side This Side This Side This Side SideStipend This Side I Quick T Quick T Watch It Grow Quick T Stipend StipendQuick Quick T 1 Stipend Valcarie Quick T Stipend Quick T Stipend Rough Conauest Obstacle Bombast Obstacle Obstacle Obstacle Obstacle Bold Imp Obstacle Black Coffee Black Coffee Bombast Joymaker Bombast Bold Imp Bombast Bombast Rough Conauest General Arthur Bureaucracy Merry Self Timely Bull Timely Bull Timely Bull Merry Self Timely Bull Timely Bull Dodger Merry Self Merry Self Dodger General Arthur General Arthur General Arthur Bureaucracy General Arthur St Amour n PlaceKick Mr Am Mr Am Mr Am Mr Am Glen Alden Glen Alden Lucious Beebe Massai Massai Glen Alden Massai St Amour n Massai Glen Alden Glen Alden Massai GAGETTA Token Tune GAGETTA Gagetta Gagetta Gagetta Magneto GAGETTAMagneto Stolen Hour Countess GAGETTACountess Tina Countess Tin a Token Tune Token Tune Countess Tina Magneto Token Tune Magneto Stolen Hour = Countess Time Switch On WAR COMMAND COMMANDAdmiral War Command Switch On War Command WarCommand War Command Admiral Vee Admiral Vee War Command Switch On Switch On Admiral Vee Switch On Switch On Admiral Vee Admiral Vee Admiral Vee Nashua Nashua Nashua NASHUA Nashua NASHUA NashuaJoe NASHUAJoe NASHUAJoe Le Beau Prince Joe Jones Joe Jones JonesLe Joe Jones Joe Jones Joe Jones Find Find Le Beau Prince Find Find Find Marks Puzzle Coolhawahee Royal Review Marks Puzzle COOLHAWAHEE COOLHAWAHEEMarks Marks Puzzle Dover Doll Marks Puzzle Marks Puzzle Coolhawahee Marks Puzzle Coolhawahee Old Prospector Edgar J M Coolhawahee Old Prospector Barataria Royal Review Trackman A E Brown GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN CLOCKER ANALYST HERMIS CONSENSUS Lynmar Gala Cravat CravatLynmar Gala Cravat Lynmar Lynmar Lynmar I Gala Cravat Cravatt Lynmar Brooman Gala Cravat Gala Cravat Gala Cravat LynmarNigreeny t Brooman Nigreeny Lynmar Brooman Brooman Brooman BillW Junior Chic BillW Bill W WMythical BILL W KILL W WJunior Junior Chic BillW Living High Mythical Land LivingHigh Junior Chic Living High Mythical Land Mythical Land Living High Mythical Land LivingHigh Nitime Iranian Nitime Nitime Nitime Nitime Wedded Wife Supper Money Wise Oman Iranian Iranian Iranian Supper Money Sam Gee Bee WeddedWife Wise Oman With Flash Wise Omen Shamrock Tombouctou Royal Morse Our Emblem Our Emblem Our Emblem i Our ShamrockOur Emblem Royal Morse Black Bounty TripleBells Black Buntv RoyalMorse I Tombouctou Shamrock Our Emblem Black Bounty Triple Bells Shamrock Land o Liberty Land o Liberty TETRA SUN SUNMistitled TETRA SUN Tetra Sun Tetra Sun I Tetra Sun Tetra Sun Mistitled Twayblade Man o Day Land o Liberty Twayblade Twayblade Twayblade Man o Day Twayblade Twayblade I Appeal Skipper Bill Golden Admiral Skipper Bill Skipper Bill Skipper Bill Skipper Bill Royal Battle Royal Battle Royal Battle I Appeal I Appeal Royal Battle I Appeal SkipperBill Golden Admiral Royal Battle Royal Battle Decathlon EASTGATE Decathlon Decathlon Decathlon Decathlon EASTGATEDecathlon DecathlonItobe DecathlonEastgate Eastgate Decathlon Itobe Eastgate Eastgate DecathlonEastgate Eastgate DecathlonEastgate EastgateRadio ItobeFlight EastgateItobe EastgateItobe Radio Rome Itobe Flight History Itobe Itobe Itobe EastgateItobe MIELLEUX MIELLEUXI Scotsmans Bond Mielleux Commodore M MMielleux Mielleux Mielleux I Our Gob Commodore M Scotsmans Bond Mielleux MielleuxChuck Commodore M Commodore M Anns Love Half Shell Chuck Thompson Chuck Thompson Helianthus Scotsmans Bond Trackman E P Heagerty LAUREL RACE COURSE Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST CONSENSUS Phantom Gold Dark Patrol No Lien Euclid Dark Patrol Dark Patrol I Dark Patrol Phantom Gold Dark Patrol Park Patrol No Lien Phantom Gold No Lien Oneinamillion Phantom Gold Phantom Gold Phantom Gold No Lien ZadieBoy Zadie Boy Mr Weeper ZadieBoy Pollys Bo ZadieBoy Pollys Bo Maid o Athens Zadie Boy Maid o Athens Maid o Athens Pollys Bo Maid o Athens Pollys Bo Maid o Athens Mr Weeper Zadie Boy Maid o Athens Four Jacks Four Jacks Bickey L Four Jacks Four Jacks Four Jacks Madams Hunter Brudou Four Jacks Bicky L Bicky L Bickey L Bicky L Bicky L Madams Hunter Andy Johnson War Sally Madams Hunter BLUE BANNER BANNERRos Ros Clag Ros Clag Blue Banner Blue Banner Blue Banner Ros Clag Small Coffee Bold Banner Ros Clag Ros Clag Ros Clag Small Coffee Lorilia Small Coffee Small Coffee Small Coffee Small Coffee Dr Eugene J Dr Eugene J ProBrandy Dr Eugene J Dr Eugene J Dr Eugene J I Mr Kitchen Kevin Boy Dr Eugene J Blue Ray Blue Ray ProBrandy Kevin Boy ProBrandy Kevin Boy ProBrandy ProBrandy Blue Ray PageOne PageOne Ace Show PageOne PageOne PageOne Ace Show Game Chance Page One Ace Show Ace Show Ace Show Game Chance Ace Show Game Chance Game Chance Turf Pic Game Chance Subahdar OPEN SESAME SESAMEFirst SUBAHDAR SUBAHDAR SUBAHDAR SUBAHDAR Open Sesame First Aid Open SUBAHDAROpen Sesame Open SUBAHDAROpen Sesame Open SUBAHDAROpen Sesame Open SUBAHDAROpen Sesame Go Lightly Subahdar Ifabody Ifabody Ifabody Ifabody Fusion Bomb Just Fair Appease Not Fusion Bomb Fusion Bomb Fusion Bomb Palmer Method Turkish Gold Bad Pat Palmer Method Bad Pat Appease Not Just Fair Appease Not Speedy Irv Appease Not Appease Not Just Fair

Persistent Link: https://drf.uky.edu/catalog/1950s/drf1956050501/drf1956050501_13_1
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Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800