Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1956-05-05

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Alphabetical Index to Entries ATouteForce IstLD Able Ladd2d Spt Acclivity 6th LD Ace Quality 2d CD Ace Show 6th Lrl Achilles8th Lrl Adams Off Ox 7th Spt Admiral Nelson 1st Spt Admiral Vee 6th Jam After Seven 2d Lrl Agreed8th CD Alford7th Lrl All in One 10th CD AILSpeed 1st CD All the Tricks 2d Lrl Andy Johnson 3d Lrl Anns Love 8th GS Another Moon 8th LD Appease Not 8th Lrl Arete 8th Spt Ariels First 1st LD ArkKyTex 2dSpt Armed Bandit 3d LD Assignment 5th LD Astounding 3d Spt Atascosa 2d Spt Attention Sir 10th CD Auburn Tiger 4th Spt Aunt Annie 10th Spt Aunt Jo Jo 4th LD Auriesville 5th Jam JamB JamBad B Bad Pat 8th Lrl Baileys Pdide 10th CD Barataria 8th Jam Battle Oath 9th LD Beau Carvel 1st Spt Beauridge 7th GS Ben A Jones 7th CD Bernburgoo 4th CD Besomer 7th CD Bet Happy 2d Spt Betsy T 3d CD Better Be Gay 3d Jam Betterwillow 8th Jam Bicarb 6th Jam Big Bargain 10tli Spt Big Force 6th LD Bill W2d GS Black Billings 8th CD Black Bjjnk 3d Jam Black Bounty 4thGS Black Boy 9th CD Black Coffee 2d Jam Black Emperor 7th CD Black Psychic 6th LD Black Sajnt 2d Jam Blue Award 9th Spt Blue Banner 4th Lrl Blue Boy 8th LD Blue Licks 10th Spt Blue Rhapsody 2d Lrl Blue Ray 5th Lrl Bofranc 2d LD Boiler Plate 8th LD Bold Imp 2d Jam Bold Lass 5th CD Bolsa5th CD Bombast 2d Jam Bon Soir 4th CD Bonded Treat 5th CD Bonsand 8th CD Border Son 2d Jam Bounce Back 8th CD Bounced 4th LD Broadcaster 5th GS Broken Shedrow 9th CD Brooman 1st GS Broommaker 1st LD Brudou 3d Lrl Bugles Dream 10th CD Bureaucracy 3d Jam Burnt Child 7th LD Buster Jim 2d Spt SptC SptCant C Cant OMar 9th LD Cardinal Sin 1st CD Care Taker 10th Spt Career Boy 7th CD Carlo C9th CD Cassia 5th LD Castles Best 9th CD Catchpenny 5th Jam Cavort 7th Jam Certified List 2d Lrl Charlie Ford 8th Lrl Chombro 10th CD Chuck Thompson 8th GS Coliseo 6th Spt Colonel Sam E 1st CD Come on Red 7th CD Commodore Curt 1st CD Commodore M 8th GS Census 10th Spt Coolhawahee 8th Jam Cortina 8th Spt Count Chic 7th CD Count Swedak 4th CD Countermand 7th CD Countess Tina 5th Jam County Kildare 4th CD Crack Begole 10th Spt Cry Havoc 3d Jam Cuff Link1st LD Culpeper 1st CD Cynthia Sue 2d CD CDD CDDandy D Dandy Wag 3d Spt Dark Patrol 1st Lrl Darling Daddy 4th GS Deb Chaser 6th Spt Decathlon 7th GS Deck 5th CD Deedee 0 6th Lrl Degree 9th Spt Delmar 5th CD Delta6th CD Devastation 7th Jam Diamond Joe 4th Spt Dicky L 3d Lrl Dixie Doge 1st CD Dixie Dudley 1st CD Dodger 3d Jam Doris Hart 5th CD Dotty Redbird 10th Spt Double Bid 7th LD Dover Dam 8th Lrl Dover Doll 8th Jam Dr Eugene J 5th Lrl Dun Dandy 2d GS GSE GSEastgale E Eastgale 7th GS Edgar J M 8th Jam Epic King 3d CD Equal Strife 8th Spt Eternal Sweep 5th LD Euclid 1st Lrl LrlF LrlF F F 0 Be2d LD Fabius 7th CD Fabricator 7th GS Fair Ireland 6th Lrl Faithful Ring 3d LD Fawarless 1st CD Federal Judge 5th Lrl Feuding 8th Spt Fiddlin Mack 10th Spt Find 7th Jam First Aid7th Lrl First Mon 1st CD Fisherfolk 5th GS Fisherman 7th Jam Fixed Charge 3d Spt Flag Fox 9th CD Fleet Adgo 10th Spt Fleet Flight 5th Jam Flight Captain 8th Lrl Flight History 7th GS Flighty Lad4th LD Flossy Daisy 10th Spt Fly 1st Jam Flyboy 3d LD Flying Chief6th GS Flying Record 10th Spt Flying Redbird 1st Spt Fogonazo 7th Spt Four Jacks 3d Lrl Fourth Fashion 4lh LD Foxie King10th CD Frances Allen 5th CD Free Agent 10th CD Free Moment 2d Lrl French Bull 3d Jam Fun Lover 7th GS Fusion Dome 8th Lrl LrlG LrlGagetta G Gagetta 5th Jam Gala Cravat 1st GS Game Chance 6th Lrl Ganns Jewel 2d GS Gay Pole 1st Jam Gay Ribbons 9th CD General Arthur 3d Jam Gentle Step 2d CD Giant Cracker 6th Jam Glen 5th CD Glen Alden 4th Jam Go Fox Go 2d CD Go Lightly7th Lrl Gold Gin 9th LD Golden Admiral 6th GS Golden King 9th CD Golden Vale 1st Lrl Goldnose 3d CD Good Guy 2d Lrf Gorgeous Miss 10th CD Gov Browning 8th CD Goymente 1st LD Gratuity 9th LD Gus Fan 9th Spt Gweny G 4th Lrl LrlHail Lrlu u Hail Fellow 3d Spt Halcyon Chance 5th LD Half as Much6th CD Half Shell 8th GS Half Spring 1st CD Halt Denny 9th LD Hampace 1st Lrl Hand Reward 7th Lrl Happy Lad 5th Spt Hartsville 6th Jam Head Man 7th CD Hedys Best 1st GS Helianthus 8th GS Hello Pop7th GS Heltop 8th Jam Herald Wind3d Lrl Herbs Miss 5th CD Heres Colina 10th CD Heros Reward 8th Lrl Hesmaboy 5th Lrl High King 7th CD Hippobon 1st Spt HiRock9th LD Hobad 3d Spt Hobo King 2d Jam Hokey Pokey 3d Spt Homeplace 4th CD Hoptoitboy 5th Lrl Hunt Plate 10th CD CDI CDI I I Appeal 6th GS I Dare You 10th CD lfabody7th Lrl Lrlllta7 llta7 h P C Impasse 7th Jam Implement 1st CD In Rome As 7th GS Intelligent 6th Spt Invalidate 7th CD Iranian 3d GS Itobe 7th GS Jean Baptiste 7th CD Jean Blair 6th LD Jes Plain Jane 2d LD Jiggle6th Lrl Jimmy the One 7th Spt Joe Jones 7th Jam Johnson T 2d Jam Jolis Choice 9th Spt Joymaker 2d Jam Judge Browder 4th Spl Jumbo Lies 9th Spt Junior Chic 2d GS Just Fair 8th Lrl Just Freedom 9th CD CDK CDKaster K Kaster 8th GS Kensington Ted 3d LD Kernel Stu 2d CD Kevin Boy 5th Lrl King For All2d LD King o Swords 7th CD Kintla 5th CD Kirk Kriss 2d Spt Koko Dozo 6th GS Ky Rainbow 5th Spl SplL SplLand L Land o Liberty 5th GS Late Papers 1st Spt Late Return 3d Spt Laurys Glory 10th Spt Le Beau Prince 7th Jam Leas Son 3d LD Lebanon Lad 7th Spt Lefty James 3d CD Like Hover9th Spt Lil Shrimpie 6th Lrl Little Lucky 9th LD Living High 2d GS Lonchelle 2d GS Lonely Winter 9th Spt Lord Essex 4th Jam Lord o War 1st Lrl Lorilia 4th Lrl Lucie Manette 5th Jam Lucius Beebe 4th Jam Lucky Bit 2d LD Lucky Tip 1st CD Lucky William 7th LD Lush Lie 5th Spt Lynmar 1st GS Lyric Note 3d Jam JamM JamMadams M Madams Hunter 3d Lrl Magneto 5th Jam Maid o Athens 2d Lrl Mambo 2d Spt Man o Day 5th GS Many Faults 1st Spt March Brat 4th Spt March Rose 2d GS Maritza 4th Lrl Marks Puzzle 8th Jam Marys Bubble 8thGS Massai 4th Jam Mayor Will C 3d GS Mels Glory 5th Spt Merry Mount 9th LD Merry Self 3d dam Merry Song 5th CD Midafternoon 7th Jam Mielleux 8th GS Mighty Tired 1st Spt Miss Ada 4th Spt Miss Duxbury tth LD Miss Eyefull 1st Spt Miss Joanne 8th GS Mistitled 5th GS Miz Zareta 1st Spt Momus 7th Lrl Mon Torch 8lh Lrl Mono Lady 5th Jam Monsieur Tiger 2d CD Montevideo 9th CD Mr Alstde 8th CD Mr Am 4th Jam Mr C G2d Lrl Mr Favor 7th Spt Mr First 8th GS Mn Herb A 6th LD Mr Jocko 5th Lrl Mr Kitchen 5th Lrl Mr Patrick 7th GS Mr Weeper 2d Lrl My Friend 9th LD My Last Try 3d Jam My Shoemaker 3d LD Mythical Land 2d GS GSN GSNans N Nans Mink 7th GS Nashua 7th Jam Nasome 4th CD Near You 10th CD Needles 7th CD Nemesia 9th CD Nervous Nell 4th LD Next Page 6th Spt Nigreeny 1st GS Nitime 3d GS Nival 6th Spt No Lien 1st Lrl No Regrets 7th CD Noble Partner 1st LD Nowaday Girl 10th CD Nu Cole 10th Spt Nymphs Pride 4th Spt SptO SptOalo10th O Oalo10th Spt Obstacle 2d Jam Ocean Currant 4th CD Ocean Lane 7th Lrl Oclirock 7th LD Off o Clear 4th CD Oil Gene 2d LD Old Prospector 8th Jam Old Shep4th LD Olympia Blend 5th Spt Olympia Wiz 7th Lrl One Grand 8th CD Oneinamillion 1st Lrl Open and Shut 8th LD Open Sesame 7th Lrl Opera Light 7th LD Orama Dear 4th CD Oubaas 8th Lrl Our Emblem 4lh GS Our Gob 8th GS Our Only One 4th Lrl Outfielder 4th CD Outsmart 6th Spt SptP SptPacemaker P Pacemaker 5th Spt PageOne 6th Lrl Palmer Method 8th Lrl Paper Tiger 6th Jam Paraph 1st Spt Paris All 5th Spt Paris Rabble 1st Jam Party King 9th Spt Pat Carter 3d Spt Pavold 10th Spt Peace Admiral 8th Spt Peach Bud 1st LD Peter Prophet 1st CD Phantom Gold 1st Lrl Phantom Luck 3d LD Philips Pal 8th Spt Picatag 4th CD Pine Theme 3d CD Pintor Lea 7lh CD Pipe of Peace 7th LD Place Kick 4th Jam Play Ron 9lh Spt Podoloff 10th CD Pogey 2d CD Pollys Bo2d Lrl Polychresl 2d Spt Powhiri 5th GS Preen 4th CD Prince Dingo 1st CD Prince Eric 3d CD ProBrandy 5th Lrl Promised Land 3d Jam Psychotherapy 1st GS PurTdonor 3d Lrl Queen Hopeful 6th CD Questionable 1st CD Quick T 1st Jam JamR JamRadio R Radio Rome 7th GS Real Sir 8th CD Real Strategy 3d Jam Reaping Right 7th CD Rebel Rose 4th LD Reboundcr 9th Spt ReceiptSth LD Red Wagon 2d Jam Reservoir 1st CD Returned Ring 5th Spt Right Winger 3d Jam Ring Fleet 2d Spt Rivas Son 10th CD River Gate 6th Spt Robert E W 8th Spt Robert Gabe 2d Lrl Rock Pilot 7th Spt Rockbrown 5th LD Roman Heart 6th CD Roman King 2d Lrl Roman Rocket 8th GS Romanita 5th CD RomanLu 5th CD Ros Clag4th Lrl Roseborough 8th Lrl Rosemere Lass 1st GS Rough Conquest 2d Jam Royal Battle 6th GS Royal Morse 4th GS Royal Punch 1st LD Royal Review 8th Jam Royal Spy 3d Jam Rozs Pride 10th CD Rushing Tide 3d Spt Russet2d LD LDSalt Salt Air 3d Spt Sam Cee Bee 3d GS Sambouk 2d Spt Satans Mate 5th GS Scotsmans Bond 8th GS Scout Mission 1st GS Scrabble 10th CD Screemjrt Jack 2d Spt Senor Grindoya 5th LD Seven Chances 8th GS Shaitani 3d CD Shamrock 4th GS Shush Baby 2d CD Side Wheel 1st CD Silver State 7th Spt Sing Boy 2d CD Singer 7th GS Singing Gem 10th CD Singing Girl 5th LD Sir Chatter 8th CD Sir Goya 9th Spt Sir Tribal 7th Spl Skeptical Kid 7th GS Skipper Bill6th GS Sky Princess 9th Spl Sligh Tutsy 2d Spt Sligo Sol 5th Spt Small Coffee 4th Lrl Solid Rock 9th Spt Some Front 1st CD Speedy Irv 8th Lrl Spicey Story 4th CD Springlike 1st Jam Spunk 1st CD St Amour 1 1 4th Jam StReno 9th Spt Steady Jet 9th CD Stephen M 5th LD Stipend 1st Jam Stock Exchange 2d Spl Slolen Hour 5th Jam Stoney Cdeek 8th Spl Subahdar 7lh Lrl Sunny Capri 10th Spt SunnyLuck 4th CD Super Bug 4th GS Super Toy 2d LD Superscript 2d CD Supper Honey 3d GS Suydan 4th CD Swamp Theatre 5th LD Sweet Sally 6th CD SwitchOn 6th Jam JamT JamTacaro T Tacaro 8th CD Tarry Not 8th Lrl Taza2d CD Tee Frank 5th Lrl Terrang 7lh CD Tetra Sun 5th GS This Side 1st Jam Tiger Dancer 5th Spl Tiger Trip 3d Spt Tile King 3d CD Timely Bull 3d Jam Tip H1stLrl Token Tune 5th Jam Tombouctou 4th GS Tones Boy 3d Jam Tohi Choy 2d Spt Tcnsina 6th CD Top News 8th LD Topeka 4th Jam Toy Knightess 3d Lrl Treaty Stone 1st GS Triple Bells 4th GS Turf Pic 6th Lrl Turkeyneckoaks 6th LD Turkish Gold 8th Lrl Twayblade 5th GS Twerp 9th CD Twinkle Star 10th CD CDU CDUnaWhilly U UnaWhilly 3d Spt Uncharted 8th LD Uncle Gus 2d Jam Uncle Pete 5th LD Uncle Sugad 4th Spt SptV SptVal V Val Jim2d GS Valcarie 1st Jam Validon 7th Spt Varwin 9th Spt Vigor IstLD Village Snow 1st GS Vyr2d Spt SptW SptWar W War Command 6th Jam War News 5th Jam War OBart 9th Spl WarSallySdLrl War Whirl 2d CD Waravid 2d Spt Warless 6th Spt Warning Bell 4th CD Watch It Grow 1st Jam Wedded Wife 3d GS Wedding Ring 5th GS Wendy K 5th CD What Then 2d Lrl Whirlahead4th Spt Whirling Blues6th CD Whirls Bell 10th CD Williamsport 1st Lrl Willow Jade IstLD Wise Oman 3d GS Wise Swiv 3d Spt With Flash3d GS Worth a Bit1st Lrl Yock Tom 7th LD Yonshu 1st CD CDZadie Zadie Boy2d Lrl

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