Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1958-05-07

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DAILY R A C I N G F O R M E X P E R T S S E L E C T I O N S SFigures Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 points 2 points for 2d1 point for 3d Todays Best in Black Type Trackman JK J Murphy SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS 1EP CONSENSUS Page Two Ziggity Ziggity Fat Jack FatMack Fat Jack 13 13Ziggity Fat Jack Logo ZiggityLogo Logo Page Two Bellamy Ziggity ZiggityPage 1 Ziggity LogoBellamy Bellamy Fat Jack Logo Logo Page Two J R Jones Your Health Blue Tune Waco Girl Waco Girl Waco Girl j jYour 1 Reclaim Mr De Luxe Waco Girl Your Health Reclaim Your Health Your Health Reclaim Your Health Reclaim Blue Tune Reclaim I Lime Rock j jChamp Champ B Mad Duchess Flight Request Lime Rock Flight Request 11 Champ B Flight Request Flight Request RequestChamp Champ B Flight Request Lime Rock If1 If1Champ Maroon Band Mighty Player Champ B Garrison MightyPlayer Champ B H Arab Royal Flyer VORHEES ARAB ARABNizami Vorhees Aiab Vorhees Arab Vorhees Miss Night Arab Vorhees Arab Nizami Lady Windtrace Miss Night Nizami Lady Vprhees Windtrace Windtrace Miss Night Nizami Lady i Windtrace Nizami Lady Blue Colonel Menodog Menodog Menodog ARDANWOOD Menodos Colonel Blue Colonel ARDANWOODSanders Road Menodog Foamy Blue i FoamyBlue Foamy Sanders Sanders Road Sanders Road Sanders Road Ardanwood Blue Colonel Mr Minx War Togs Storm Jet Laurel Queen Laurel Queen li Laurel Queen Prince Laurel Eric Queen Laurel Queen QueenStorm War Togs Prince Eric WarTogs 11 11Storm Prince WarToKS Eric Storm Jet Miss Shea WarTogs Storm Jet Parasall Daddys Doe f Klompen Wading Butcher Wading Butcher 13 Wading Butcher Satin Wading Butcher Daddys Doe Satin Parasall Satin Parasall 9 Satin Parasall Fair Journey Daddys Doe 8 Klompen Wading Butcher ButcherMiss Klompen Proud Uncle Daddys Doe Eeau George Beau George MISS ROWDY ROWDYBeau MissRowdy 23 23Beau MISS ROWDY Miss Rowdy Me Miss Rowdy Miss Rowdy Beau George Beau George I IDont Fail Last Beau Lookout George Last Dont Lookout last Lookout Dont Fail Me Dont Fail Me Dont Fall Me SHERBET Sherbet Sherbet SHERBET 2 2War Sherbet Sherbet Lonerone Longohe War Tuck War Tuck War Tuck War Tuck Roving Caesar Loncone Longone Roving Caesar War Tuck War Tuck CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Muddy Track Trackman J N Lyon TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS iWEEP CONSENSUS Pondering Eve EveLam Miss Temper Miss Temper s Temper Miss Temper Temperedy Miss Temper Speedy Bee Speedy Bee edy Bee Speedy Bee Beetneria Lam LamPonderine Ponderine Eve Lam LamMiss Miss Temper Exciting Eyes Vinta Moss tneria Pondering Eve Noble Warrior Dixie Doge ic Doge Noble Warrior II IItie Noble Warrior Noble Warrior ReRePo tie Warrior Dixie Doge 1 1tie 1 Dixie Doge Re Re Po PoDixie Black Widow Grains Reward Noble Warrior A tie Po Re Re Po Stymie Dier Dixie Doge Valley View French General Lizzie Ray rich General French General 13 Talon Sky Far Drait Valley View French General Talon Valley View 10 10ley Lizzy Vallev Ray View French General JLizzie Ray Valley View ley View Lizzie Ray Rough RoughRiz RizT Riz mp Sorter Riz l lChamp Uncle Pete Real RizChamp RizTChamp Sorter SorterUncle Champ Sorter Real Rough Riz Champ Sorter SorterSplitter Champ i itter Wondrous Hour RizCity City Belle Splitter Uncle Pete tter Real Rough TERRA FIRMA TERRA FERMA FERMARivington TERRA FIRMA FIRMALUtleFitz TERRA FIRMA FIRMARivington IRA FIRMA TERRA FIRMA 35 35leFitz Rivington LUtleFitz Rivington leFitz Rivington 7 7f Picks Rivington RivingtonPicks Choice Half Carat Rivington Little Fitz f Carat Little Fitz Reel Trouble Kay Phalanx Zippy Gal Zippy Gal ov Gal Zippy Gal Phalanx Reel Trouble Gerts Image Reel Trouble ts Image Reel Trouble Kay I Gerts Image Lady Grace Reel Trouble Gerts Image 1 Trouble Kay Phalanx Brush Cut McGibben Street Heart Flush Heart Flush ft Flush Heart Flush 1 1j Errards Damozel Errards Damozel Speedy Jane McGibben Street j County McGibben Street Heart Flush Brush Cut Brush Cut Erie County ards Damozel Brush Cut Quick Donde Copper Doll Copper Doll Quick Donde per Doll Copper Doll 18 18lora Copper Doll Medora Lass Medora Lass Ccn Gal lora Lass Quick Donde 1 1ckDonde Rare Edition Big Fitz Quick Donde Copper Doll ckDonde Medora Lass i Battle Talk Bee Lee Tee Battle Talk Seapoise tie Talk Battle Talk 1 Dilly Whilly WhillyBee Battle Talk Seapoise Battle Talk poise Seapoise Bee Lee Tee Alan David Heix of Pines Bee Lee Tee Lee Tee Bee Lee Tee Trackman D S Fail JAMAICA Selections Made for Sloppy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST VEEP CONSENSUS Joe R JoeR Foxie Chance Joe R Laheim LaheimLaheim im JoeR 17 I Laheim JoeRLaheim Laheim JoMaBe Laheim Joe R RAtom Laheim 1 ° 1 JoMaBe LaheimCable Cable Jack Laheim Atom Rocket Foxie i Chance Foxie Chance Moon Cloud Dancing Deacon DeaconTeri Dancing Deacon DANCING DEACN Moon i Cloud Dancing Deacon 21 21ing Dancing Deacon Teri Ellen EllenDun TeriEllen Moon Cloud Dancing ing Deacon Moon Cloud 1 1Ellen Dave and Mike Dun Bri Moon Cloud Teri Ellen Teri Ellen Teri Ellen i Nibonny Lovely Irene Lovely Irene Once a Year Lpvely y Irene IreneNibonny Lovely Irene 17 17iriy Once a Year Nibonny Once a Year Lovely Irene Nibonny NibonnyOnce iriy Once a Year 10 10a Gees Susan Gees Susan Nibonny Coronation Set Once a Year Nibonny One to Go GoSea One to Go Imperial Cadet Sea Bane Sea Bang Jang one to Go 1 1o Sea Bang Imperial Cadet Whisk Tru One to Go One to o Go Sea Bang r rkTru Imperial Cadet Gilded Lily Gilded Lily Gang News WhiskTru kTru Imperial Cadet Simon the Bold Baffie The Horse Fair The Horse Fair Simpn n the Bold BoldInkyank Simon the Bold 13 Paint Brush Pairft Brush Paint Brush Paint Brush InkyankBaffie Inkyank ink The Horse Fair 10 10e Baffie Simon the Bold Simon theBold Simon the Bold Baffie e Paint Brush 8 Royal Anthem ROYAL ANTHEM ANTHEMAccomplish ROYAL ANTHEM ANTHEMAccomplish Royal Anthem v vAccomplish Royal 1 Anthem ROYAL ANTHM 29 29mulish i Accomplish Accomplish Accomplish AccomplishManahplay Accomplish Accomplish AccomplishNimmer mulish Accomplish 10 10tier Manahplay Nimmer Nimmer Manahplay Nimmer tier Nimmer 3 BEST OF SHOW Charminer HUdy Charming Hildy Gocd as Gold Charmmsc mmsc Hildy Charming Hildy 19 Charming Hildy Good as Gold Belchise Charming Hildy Gocd as Gold Good as Gold 1 1Cancer Shy Dancer Best of Show Gocd as Gold Best of Show Shy Cancer Best of Show Little Walter Little Walter Little Walter Little Walter GINGERS SERSBEAU BEAU BEAUTrock Little Walter Big Circle Trock Amber Tide Anther Tide Trock L Gingers Beau BeauCircle Trock Gineers Beau Bi r Circle Trock Bi Circle Circle Trock Trackman E P Heagerty PIMLICO RACE COURSE Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Little Beaver Asking OlayAsking Olay Asking AskingMr OlayLandseair Olay Asking AskingOlay I Asking AskingLandseair Landseair AskingLandseair Asking Mr Treasurer Landseair Olay OlayLandseair LandseairMr Rapid AskingRapid Jim Mr Treasurer Landseair Landseair Askinsr Landseair Sky Master Suave Hand Rail Hand Rail Living High Hand Rail Suave Shugal Living High Sky Master Suave Suave Hand Rail Beauty Miss Suave 1 Living High Shugal Living High WAIT FOR IT ITSun Wait for It Wait for It Wait for It Wait for It Wait for It Sun Bolt BoltT5 Rest Stop Rest Stop Rest Stop Raw Morning Rest Stop T5 T5ix ix TVyf TVyfM M v Srr Raw Morning Sun Bolt Frank Again Rest Stop Raw Morninp Pegla Pegla Ods Bodkins Pegla Pegla Pegla Cosmic Bess PeglaRugby Rugby Road Pegla Hot Coffee Hot Coffee Hot Coffee Hot Coffee Hot Coffee Hot Coffee Cosmic Bess Ods Bodkins Ods Bodkins Peeping Tom Peeping Tom ICH BIN BINPeeping Peeping Tom Peeping Tom Peeping Tom Ich Bin Dice Man Peeping Tom Bonus Dice Man Ich Bin I Dice Man Old Timer Dice Man Ich Bin Deucie Dice Man Lord Henry Big Finale Roommate Roommate Lord Henry Lord Henri j Sugar Imp ImpJumping Halfway Halfway Jumping Brook Staffordshire Roommate Jumping Brook Staffordshire Jumping Brook Halfway Big Finale Big Finale Mayan Princess MAYAN PRINCSS PRINCSSChal Mayan Princess Mayan Princess MAYAN PRINCSS MAYAN PCESS 29 Night Letter Chal Bang Night Letter Night Letter Chal Ban Night Letter LetterSummia Royal Ripple Sharing Sharing Royal Ripple Summia Chal Bang i iDancing Dancing Roman His Proof Dancing Roman DANCING ROMAN Dancing Roman Dancing Roman 24 1 i Morgan Boy BoyDukeoWarwick Dancing Roman Morgan Boy Morgan Boy DukeoWarwick Morgan Boy DukeoWarwick DukeoWarwick Reflected This Day Weening Princess His Proof Trackman W C Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Sloppy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST CONSENSUS Aglow Dugan Dugan Wintus Wintus Dugan Piney Woods DuganOne One Bey BeyGoldendeavour Piney Woods Dugan Dugah Wintus 1 Wintus Goldendeavour One Boy One Boy One Bey One Boy Weep and Wail Disarmed Disarmed Disarmed Disarmed Disarmed I DisarmedFumigator Moraine Fumigator FumigatorArrowette Arrowette Weep arid Wail French Ace Weep and Wail Nivrag Arrowette French Ace French Ace Arrowette French Ace Spooky Cadet Big Mom BIG MOM MOMSpooky BIG MOM MOMSpooky Big Mom Big Mom Slim Penny Spooky Cadet Spooky Cadet Spooky Cadet Spooky Cadet Spooky Cadet Open View Open View Open View Open View Open View Open View Chief Cat JIMMIES BUSY BUSYEternal Jimmies Busy Jimmies Busy Jimmies Busy JIMMIES BUSY BUSYEternal Jimmies Busy Eternal Path Eternal Path Eternal Path Eternal Path Eternal Path Gamesman Heads Off Gamesman Gamesman Gamesman Chief Cat Fif inella Miss Fif inella Miss VirMarie Vif Marie Fif inella Miss Fif inella Miss i Temoest Tossed VirMarie Fif inella Miss Fif inella Miss VirMarie VirMarie Wedlock Tempest Tossed Wedlock Wedlock Tempest Tossed Tempest Tossed Paulas Tex Milieux Mielleux Mielleux Milieux Milieux I Man Up Stairs StairsLook Romandale Paulas Tex Royal Briar Royal Briar Paulas Tex Look Forward Royal Briar Royal Briar Romandale Paulas Tex Royal Briar High Crest Admiralship Remus RemusEmerald Remus PALISADE II IIRemus Remus Destiny Unknown Destiny Unknown Emerald Prince High Crest Remus Hieh Crest Refugee Emerald Prince High Crest Palisade n High Crest Palisade II MR TREASURER Ricodee Ricodee Heirloom Ricodee Ricodee i Archie My Boy Ranchero n Heirloom Mr Treasurer Ruby Could Mr RicodeeMr Treasurer TreasurerHeirloom Heirloom Pistolero n Pistolero nv Ricodee Ranchero n Heirloom

Persistent Link: https://drf.uky.edu/catalog/1950s/drf1958050701/drf1958050701_11_1
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Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800