Sight And Sound, Daily Racing Form, 1958-05-08


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SIGHT AND SOUND Bv Leo Mishkin NEW YORK May 7 iColor radio said one member of the singing quartet to Ralph Bellamy Color RADIO said the second COLOR ra ¬ dio said the third And then the fourth member chimed in Ysee Mr Bellamy They didnt believe me when I told them It was a little difficult to believe at that It was a twohour radio show on CBS Sunday de ¬ voted to the colors of the four seasons with appropriate mood music interviews with guest stars jokes from such as Mortimer Snerd and Eydie Gorme Judy Holliday and the above mentioned quartet the Ames Brothers Robert Preston was on hand to bandy theatrical gags with the host of the pro ¬ ceedings Ralph Bellamy himself David Rose conducted the orchestra And the whole thing turned out to be one of those big splashy music comedy variety and dramatic programs that radio used to do in the days of yore B A T Before the Ad ¬ vent of Television TelevisionA A A A ANot Not that it didnt include some strictly uptodate comments also Its nice to be on a radio show said Herb Shriner Back home we keep our radio on top of the TV set It gives us something to think about while were looking at television Or again there was the interview that Bel ¬ lamy the star of Sunrise at Campobello had with Robert Preston the star of The Music Man As is customary each was extravagantly complimentary with the others acting ability abilityA A A A AI I mean this sincerely Ralph said Mr Preston sincerely I think youre one of the great actors of our time Really and truly I do When I saw you in Detective Story playing the role of Detective Jim McLeod I thought you were the greatest But now when I see you in Man Against Crime Man Against Crime muttered Bel ¬ lamy Ei havent you seen something in the papers maybe about a play called Sunrise at Campobello CampobelloOh Oh yes I did at that said Preston But I thought it was an ad for a boys camp Well said Bellamy I must say I think youre a pretty fine actor yourself Bob Really and truly I caught you on the Late Late Show the other night in Beau Geste And I thought you looked at least 10 years younger youngerI I should haver said Preston That picture was made 20 years ago agoA A A A AIt It was Preston I think who suggested that Bellamy should be nominated for an Emmy Award for next season For the best performance by an actor in a Continuing Series That Has Been Reissued for the Fourth Time But this Color RadioRoundup was not all gags and not all confined to ex ¬ changes between Bellamy and the visiting guests Divided appropriately enough into four acts one to a season it also included some rich reverberating lines on what col ¬ ors are to be found in the spring the sum ¬ mer the fall and the winter the gold of a field waving wheat shimmering in the sunlight the glowing red of a polished apple the silent white of an expanse of snow the soft green of budding trees Andy Griffith recited a piece about going to the opera one time and what the plot of Car ¬ men was all about all done in creamy Southern hillbilly drawl Eydie Gorme told about a new album of records shes getting published including songs aimed for the Space Age Catch a Falling Star Shooting for the Moon and so on Morti ¬ mer Snerd invited Bellamy to visit him on his farm When asked Bellamy Well figure that out when you get there said Mortimer MortimerA A A A AAnd And at the end when all the visitors took their final bows and thanked the host for the opportunity of appearing with him it was Preston again who said that he wished Bellamy would let Mrs Preston know that Color Radio was something aimed for the imagination and the mind Otherwise said Preston my wife will be bothering me to buy her a Color Radio set

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