How To Read Daily Racing Form Official Charts, Daily Racing Form, 1958-05-08

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HOW TO READ Form OFFICIAL CHARTS WHAT IS A CHART CHARTA A chart is a description of a race It offers a complete accurate easytounderstand word picture of the running from the time the horses line up at the gate to the moment the result and prices are official DAILY RACING FORM charts furnish an authoritative record of how EVERY horse in EVERY race at EVERY recognized track in America performed They are the most comprehensive detailed account in summary form ever devised for the result of any sporting event The explanation below illustrates the clarity and complete coverage of DAILY RACING FORM charts CHART AS IT WOULD APPEAR IN DAILY RACING FORM + CONDITIONS OF RACE VALUE VALUEAll FIRST RACE 6 FURLONGS out of chute Snpwcap Feb 2 1954 1094 116 Purse 3500 37 A C 7 I 4yearolds and upward Maidens Claiming 4yearolds 120 Ibs older 123 Ibs All the information pertaining to the race Index number 4 O 72 Claiming price 58000 If entered for less 3 Ibs allowed for each 500 down to 6000 date and track where race was run distance track record Feb 756 SA Net value to winner 1925 second 700 third 525 fourth 350 Mutuel Pool 110000 and date on which it was established purse and type of race Complete conditions under which horses were Index Horses EqtAWtPPSt StrFin Jockeys Clg Pr Owners Odds to 1 entered division of purse money and amount of money 33840 ELBA wsb 4 120 10 5 4h 32 2 VoJStoutt 8000 WWCrenshaw wagered on race 314202 WHERRIE wsb 4114 1 7 75 73 3h 2 RPerniane 7000 CS Jones Jones8i 30986 El ZACAWON w4112 311 8i 82 5 3J L Craigs 7500 M Parker 313453 FONEME vrt 5117 5 2 12 11 ih 41 NWall 7000 J Peters 309862 ARLENEG w7107 4 1 2 24 4 5 FGrossS 7000 F Grossman 32564 OMASARI wb 5 120 12 12 12 12 81 63 A Kirk 7500 LL Williams 36765 ROMANY RED wb5115 910 11 11 103 72J J BrounoS 7500 Red B Farm 32657 FALL FLIGHT IS w 10 107 6 8 10210 63 8 H Cramer 7000 LSims 34678 WISE SUN Effl wsb 4 110 11 9 92 9h gnk 8 J E Bergs 7000 Local L Stable Stable6h 33621 NAP MAN W5117 7 6 6h 6 7l 103 LTrenta 7500 WWCrenshaw 33656 LINE TIME wb4115 8 4 5q 5 W 11 AVesey 8000 L Green Jr f560 HORSE LEADING TIMED BY QUARTERS 34566 MARK YOU ME w4114 2 3 3 4M2 12 B Winter 7000 P Baylor f560 f560BOS BOS Deadheat B Disqualified and placed fourth f Mutuel field aCoupled Elba and Nap Man 1Five 2 3A 3A323s pounds apprentice allowance waived waivedTime 323s 45Vs 110 Time 22 45 110 Track fast fastOfficial Official Program Numbers 2 Mutuels Pa5d Odds to 1 k i i n r 1ELBA aEntry 800 420 310 300 110 55 Mutuel Prices 4wHERRiE 2420 1170 1110 435 1 7FONE ME fField 430 115 115Winner OFFICIAL PROGRAM NUMBERS AND Winner B g by Arbiel Alicia Tee by Sempronius trained by M T Evans bred by W L Wall PLACING OF HORSES HORSESMutuel IN GATE430 OFF AT 430 PACIFIC STANDARD TIME Mutuel payoff prices and equivalent odds tol Start good Won driving second and third the same ELBA raced wide from the start while among the leaders responded to energetic handling jn the final drive and was up to nose out WHERRIE in the final stride The latter was reserved off the earjyrpace moved up on the outside when called upon and took the lead a few strides from the finish but weakened suddenly ZACAWON lacked early speed moved up between horses in the final drive and closing fast when clear swerved in front oLFONE ME and was disqualified for the foul anc DESCRIPTION OF THE placed fourth FONE ME made the pace in hand was impeded when ZACAWON came over and then held on RUNNING RUNNINGA gamely ARLENE G forced the pace for a half mile then weakened suddenly OMASARI closed a gap LINE A TIME and MARK YOU ME quit detailed description of every occurrence during the Scratched 34220 Infinity Sheik 115 328543 CargoManor 120 running of the race as seen by DAILY RACING FORM Overweight Wherrie 1 pound chart makers Elba claimecTby J N Croft f ELBAS DEPICTED BY CHART 01112 = OUJ 33840 ELBA wsb 120 10 1 ° J Stout 8000 WWCrenshaw a300 SYMBOLS USED IN CHARTS CHARTSbefore before horses name and odds denotes horse was disqualified DH deadheat COLOR AND SEX OF HORSES Colors b bay blk black br brown ch chestnut gr gray ro roan Lt indicates light dk dark darkSex Sex c colt entire male under age of 5 years f filly female under age of 5 years h horse entire male 5 years old or older m mare female 5 years old or older g gelding unsexed male of any age rig ridgling male of any age with one or both glands of reproduction hidden or absent absentEquipment Equipment w whip s spurs b blinkers blinkersThe The superior figures 2 3 5 7 or 10 shown after jockeys name in chart of race indicate number of pounds weight allowance claimed for contract or apprentice rider

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