Market for Yearlings is Healthy: No Effort This Year to "Boost" Averages with Fictitious Values-the Figures, Daily Racing Form, 1907-07-06


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MARKET FOR YEARLINGS IS HEALTHY. No Effort this Year to "Boost" Averages with Fictitious Values The Figures. The summer sales of the thoroughbred yearlings under the auspices of the Fasig-Tipton Company at Sliccpsbead ISay ended yesterday -with the auction of the consignment from the Haucocas Stud in New Jersey. During thirteen .days 5115 head passed under the hammer for an aggregate of 20,700, an average of 1907.sh25.01. During the same period last year 513 liead were sold for an aggregate of 07,-78.", an average of G0.99. These figures show a decrease of 25.9S per head in the average. Thus it would appear that those writers who predicted a shrinkage of values are sustained, hut they are not. This decrease in average is shown only III the sale of .T. B. Haggins yearlings. Last year Mr. Ilaggln sent 17! head through the ring and the prices for which they were knocked down aggregated 87,825, an average of ,040.30. This year i 1 he auctioned 22S head for an aggregate of 2S,G00, an average of 01.01. Last year breeders other than J. IS. Ilaggin sold 301 head for a total of 10,000, an average of 1907.sh0i.2S. This year the sale, exclusive of the Ilaggin consignment, was 285 head for 02,100, an average of 1907.sh71. Last year one of the Ilaggin consignments was knocked down for 5,000, two for 1,000 each and four others for over ,000 each, and it was later shown by leases recorded and partnerships registered with the Jockey Club that Mr. Ilaggin retained an interest in some of these. This year the highest price for one of the ilaggin youngsters was,100 for the Star Ruby Craciosity colt. The Watercress Linda Vista colt brought ,0U0, and no others reached that ligure. The highest price of the season was the,500 paid by L. A. Cella for the Star Shoot Marina colt in Catesby Woodfords consignment and the only other to bring as much as ,000 was the Star Shoot Kentucky Belle II. colt in Colonel E. F. Clays consignment, which went to II. B. Duryea for,000. An analysis of the sale can but bring the conclusion that the market is really more healthy than last year because there was no apparent effort to boost" averages with fictitious values. The following table shows the number of head sold, the aggregate amount and average obtained by each breeder: Ylings Breeder anil State. Sold. Total Ave. J. B. Haggin, Kentucky 228 28,000 01,01 W. II. Sands, New York "2 425 212,50 J. N. Camden. Jr., Kentucky.. 11 5,175 170.10 Catesby WooiKurd, Kentucky. 10 20.S75 1,SS7.18 Wooiiroril .V: Taylor, Kentucky 3 2,050 083.33 Woodford and Simpson, Kentucky 1 150 150.00 D. C. Taylor. Kentucky 3 550 1S:S.:::5 K. F. Clay, Kentucky 10 21,050 1,559.37 Mrs. T. .1. Carson. Kentucky.. 12 8,-525 710.12 S. C. Lyne. Kentucky 5 1,000 200.00 G. D. Wilson, Kentucky 0 15,100 2,500.00 It. L. Baker. Kentucky 150 225.00 Baker and Wilson, Kentucky... 0 5,000 !::::.:::: K. J. Hancock and Son, Virginia IS 13,000 722.22 J. S. Stark. Virginia 1 100 100.00 Balgowan Stud. Kentucky 5 0,700 l,::t0.00 K. . Cowdin. Kentucky 0 2,500 410.00 Williams ,t Radford, Kentucky 12 5,025 -11S.75 W. A. Radford. Kentucky 5 1,025 205.00 O. II. Chcnattlt, Kentucky 10 5,:S75 335.91 S. S. Brown Estate. Kentucky S 2.S75 ,".5:.:!5 II. T. Oxnard, Virginia 22 1S.275 S30.0S Kills and Alkins. Kentucky 1 100 100.00 J. II. White. Kentucky, 1 1O0 100.00 White and Forbes. Kentucky 1 1,::00 1,;;00.00 John S. Kelley. Kentucky 1 100 100.00 F. C. t O. M. Bishop. NewYork 7 ::,025 432.14 Charles W. .Moore. Kentucky.. 7 1.S25 200.07 O. 1. Randolph. Kentucky 1 2,000 2,000.00 L. O. Appleby. New York 2 500 250.00 John II. Morris, Kentucky.... 3 725 210.17 Lakeland and Powers, New York 1 ::,500 3,500.00 Morris and Carpenter. Kentucky. ! 2,775 lo;!.75 Charles Bright. Kentucky 2 ::2." ::25.H John Welch. Kentucky 2 :!00 150.00 George C. Graddy. Kentucky.. 4 1.200 300.00 C. B. Hawkins, Kentucky 2 1,100 550.00 Mrs. K. P. Shlpp, Kentucky... 1 :;00 300.00 J. I. Neet. Kentucky 1 25 25.00 Iliiule and Baker. Kentucky 0 2, ".75 392.-50 A. C. Fonda. Kentucky 1 100 100.00 J. L. and S. Holton, Kentucky.. 1 100 100.00 Fonda k Waltring. Kentucky.. 1 1,000 1,000.00 W. T. Waltring, Kentucky 1 250 250.00 Sidney Bedford, Kentucky 4 2,350 5S7.50 J. S. Sloll. Kentucky 10 4,525 452.50 Leouatus Stud Farm, Kentucky 12 7,150 505.83 Raucocas Stud, New Jersey.... 33 5,100 151.51 Grand totals 513 20,700 Grand average 1907.sh25.01 It will be seen by the above that Kentucky, Virginia, New York and New Jersey were the only states represented in the sale witli this result: State. Sold. Total. Average. Kentucky 127 70,775 1907.sh18.00 Virginia 41 31.375 705.21 New York 12 7.150 021.00 New Jersey 33 5,100 151.51 Totals 513 20,700 1907.sh25.01

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