Juvenile Winners of 1910: Cesarions Progeny Most Numerous, but the Get of Hastings with Greatest Amount, Daily Racing Form, 1910-07-02


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JUVENILE WINNERS OF 1910. Cesarions Progeny Most Numerous, but the Get of Hastings Wins Greatest Amount of Money. The end of the first six months of 1910 racing finds I. 11. Wheatoofts stallion Cesariou in reten-ti.ui of the lead which he has enjoyed since the very beginning of the year for the distinction of furnishing the greatest Mather of juvenile winners on the Annrican turf. The winners that represent Ccsarii.n number fourteen and are mostly of what is described as the useful sort of racers. The get of other stallions that have furnished fewer winners bads Cesarions progeny in the important item of amitints earned. To August BelawPa Hastings and Rock Sand fall the honor of being the leaders in respect to aggregate winnings, Rash. I.ochiel. Horizon, Babbler, Heretic and Carbineer, the successful juvenile representatives of Hastings, have won the handsome aggregate of ITB.TBfl Hock Reads representatives have won 7,210. Babbler is the chief jinenlle winner of the rear, having already won 1,500. as against 0..U5 to the credit of Round the World, a daughter of Lackford that is his closest rival for this honor. Cesarions chief rival for the numerical lead is Ornament. The winning representatives of these twa stallions are as follows: Cesariou — Mi.ncfeif. Vamos, Capsize. James Me, Soon. My Kitty. GoMea Kgg. Incision. Anna Cass.-, Meaty -14. Fox. Pickaninny. Uaeppa, Sidnev K., Mona Lisa Ornament — Maxine Hale. Kentucky Kose. Jack IV ana. Ma Pondergrast. Bodega. Count le Ova, Oranio, Scarlet Pimpernel, Waehula, Kastern Star — • Hi. Next in order follows The Commoner, represented by the following seven winners: Tallahassee. Kdna Collins. Agaea May, Clay. Supple. Betty Sue, Per-melia . Other juvenile winners of the year, grouped under Iheir respective sires, are shown in the compilation subjoined : Six winners each. Hastings Hash. I.ochiel, Horizon, Babbler, Heretic. Carbineer. Sempionins -Ar.igonese. Seniprolus, The Kascal. Hanger Marl;. Sebago. Mclvor. Five winners each. Adam— Zeus, old Rapaw. Beth. Bashti. Henxlia. Allan a-Dalo -Kllanette. Premier, Attentive. Alice A. Dale. Tender Heart. Solitaire If lahll. Kitta. Media. Klnar. Antenor. Star Shoot — The Royal Prince, Starina. Mice, ■aval Meteor. Discontent. Four winners each. Broomstick — Housemaid. Mali, Feather Duster, Meridian. Fatherless Stepfather, Nanghtv I.ad. M. Depres. ratherlide. Carry Herrmann — Blue Mouse. Warbler, County Tax. Governor Gray. Martinet Darling. Deeeaey, Delena, Deceivable. Peep oDay Helen Barbae, Beatrice Simle, Southern Light. Mary Day. Purvear I . — Konnak. Aldrian. Kinda. I.dda. R..ck Bead — Madcap, Footprint, GoMea Sand, Trap Bock. Stalwart Lady Stalwart, Kasy Life. Startler. Berrearer. Voter — Vallonia. Nightfall. Stinger. Sam Lewis. WuoUthorpe — Fruitful, White Wool, Indian tiirl. Voltharpe. Yankee Dorchester. Missive, Naushon, Rhu-kfoot. Thr.-e winners each. Bin Brush —Judge Motick. Towtoa Field. Cold of Ophir. Disguise Ladasette. Iron Mask. Cowl. McCee lti.se M -Gco. Crash. Swish. Oddfellow Sylvan Dell. Lata, Star ORyan. ossary -flaiatr, Wll trade s.. Ocaadtat. Russi II— Edmund Adams, Kusticana, War Jig. Yorkshire Lad — Coletta, l»oncaster. Oultiebler. Two winners each. Altainax Altarce. Pearl Bass. Alveseot — Doris Ward. Evia. Apiuob.il ion -Commendation. Donghtv. Balgowan -Loalae B.. Balelln. ■ Banupckburn— Mrs. Carter. Ban Ann. Beat-catcher Frank Kithstaller. Portoll Queen. I Chilton- Chilton Belle. Chilton Squaw. Caateetor Helen Scott. Ben Daeaa. Delhi trade. Lahore. Farandole - Princess Industry. Henry Walhank. OeMeral Roberta — ■abort Hurst. Welakao. Go lib rest —Golden, Forehead. Golden Maxim -Golden Agaea, Wine. Gold He.-ls -La bold. Ami ricancer. Iutlexible — Pluvious. Textile. A Inspector B. — Inspector tieueral, Syzygy. Islington— Tin- Bailiffs Daughter. P. T. Clark. Jack Point— Jack Stryker, West Point. Kingston— Novelty, Belle Kingston. Lackfeed Barbae Round the World. Leonid — Sterlin. Cat. Luck and Charity -Flying Wolf. Ilzie. Major Daingerlield— Miss Brunette. Whatstheuse. Maria Santa — Cheiiault. Marsatnl. Masterman — Good News, Maromara. Max nil — Maxdice. M. axing. M izagan — Solito. Messenger Boy. Mi xican — La 1 Mexican, Winning Widow. Visturtium -Miss Nett. Fred Herbert. Octagon — Dont. Mint a. Oris ak — Jack Ryan. Bobby Buyer. ormicant — La Camargue. Lady Ormicant. Plaudit- Ouager. Agawatn. Salvation — Cluny. Jim Basey. Sanders — Beat J Posey. Dusty. Sir Dixon — 1ncle Fred. Fair Miss. St. Maxim — Sanctim. Iidy Maxim. Sorcerer — Lady Lewis. Plutocrat. The Irishman — Si.phiony Brown. 1ncle Ben. Watercress — Shack leton, Watervale. Wild Mint — Scrimmage. Pennyroyal. One winner each. Africander — African Girl. Alfortcn — Aldivia. Allowav — Daacea way. Belvidere — Little Oasis. Ben Stone — Bendaga. Blues -Peecavi. Boanerges Kathcrine Gardner. Bolsover — Sat in Bower. Bowling Greea — Ed Le Van. Buck Massie— Ixiuis Katz. Campus— Martin W. Littleton. Canopus — Grenida. Chappaipta — Pa whuska. Chare* t — Goodaere. Caaard -Dot-hie. Deal sch la nd — M 1 1 1 Jones. Dick Welles— Esma. Etbetbert — Red wine. Filigrane — Lescar. Galore — Clsmont . Cigantcum — Renovater. GoMea Badge— Abe Stapskey. Ci.lden Wishes Crow Ri.bb. Goldfinch— Goldfish. : riff on — Fort Carrol. Handsel — Governor Hughes. Handsome Delcassy. Haadaprlag Dune Campbell. Ha wkswiek -I la wklikc. llenu — Miss Jouah. Herbert — Isabel Casse. Holstein — Cisko. Hurst Park — Little Rajah. Ingoblsby — Oriental Pearl. Intrusive — Loween. Jean Bereaud — Morning Song. John V. — Dell. Juvenal — Ella Bryaaa. Kilkerran — Del a ney. Knight of the Thistle — Imprint. Lithoe — Maty Bad J Little Saint — Minnie Wendle. Macy— Eagle Bird. Madtlalo -Blanche Ring. .Magistrate — Ma trie Miss. Matchless — Altadena. Mel Ionian -Melton Street. My Boy II. -Tritoma. Ogden— Whin. Ornas — -Master John dead. Oraial — Abigail K. Otis — Winona Winter. Out of Reach— Valerie. Platonics — Planutess. Requital — Ben Prior. Bala — Iwalani. Salvado— Salali. Serpent — Frank Mullens. Sidney Lucas — Ortega. Singleton — Whist . Sir Hamilton — Clara White. Sir Hercules — Sir Kearney. Sir Wilfred — Musk melon. Stanhope II. — Prettyone. Star Ruby — Nineveii. Stranger — Granger Twist. The Friar— Del Friar. The Fog — Dacia. The Judge— Ot hale. The Shar|ier — Folk. Tim Payne — Maizie Girl. Todi ling ton — Tods Cottage. Waterboy— Golden Ruby. Withers— Rue. Baunockbiiru or Otis — Frank Ferris.

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