Telegraphic Form, Daily Racing Form, 1918-11-27

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TELEGRAPHIC FORM The horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are Latonia Ky November 20 1 Charley Nolle Holda Weesie Girl 2 First Ballot Capt Burns Felicidad 3 Paris Maid Marmon Emanale 4 Old Miss Beauty Shop Sophia Gatewood GatewoodV V BOX TROMP Sedan Skiles Knob KnobC C Dr Tuck Guide Post Grasmere 7 Brynlimah DIadi Fair Orient P Clark ClarkBuffalo Buffalo Latonia Handicap 1 Brit of War Lucky Day Capt Hodge Weesie WeesieGirl Girl 2 Captain Burns Boehester Sfarlike First Bal lot 3 Discussion Lancelot Paris Maid Cockroach 4 John W Klein Thistle Green Old Miss ShopT Beaty MissBeaty Shop T SEDAN Skiles Knob Ocean Sweep Bon Tromp C Dr Tuck Crystal Day Guide Post Harry HarryBreivogpl Breivogpl 7 Fair Orient Brynlimah Grumpy Diadi DiadiOlmervcr Olmervcr Latonia Handicap 1 Great Gull Capt Hodge Weesie Girl Lucky LuckyDay Day 2 Felicidad Huffaker Presumption Boehester 3 Discussion Legotal Paris Maid Emanale 4 Beauty Shop John W Klein Old Miss First FirstStar Star Stara a Sedan Bon Tromp Ocean Sweep Skiles Knob 0 DK TUCK Harry Breivogel Crystal Day DayWaterford Waterford 7 Fair Orient Brynlimah Solid Rock Grumpy GrumpyBowie Bowie Mil November 20 1 Baby Girl Yyette Rhajes 2 Poultncy Wyhdover Dr Une 3 FREDERICK THE GREAT Louise V I1 I1Bay Bay 4 Kashmir Deckmate Matinee Idol i Olkilns Thorn Bloom Queen of the Sea fi Tusqu au Bout Ballast KingJohn 7 Luther Fountain Fay Indian Chant E ChantE P Farrell FarrellBuffalos Buffalos Botvle Handicap 1 Miss Voski Wilfreita Bae Samuels Baby Girl 2 Dr Rae Poultney Wyndover Belario 3 Louise V Frederick the Great Pepper Onico 4 KASHMIR Anrum Matinee Idol Deckmate Deckmater r Bravado Babette Thorn Bloom Lazy Lou LouC C Jiisqu an Bout King John Peerless One Bal ¬ last last7Fountain 7Fountain Fay Indian Chant Luther Goldcrest Boy BoyObservers Observers Bowie Handicap 1 Baby Girl Tag Speedy Lady Miss Voski 2 Wyndover Poultney Vigilante Dr Rae 3 Louise V Frederick the Great Pepper Onico 4 KASHMIR Deckmate Matinee Idol Gex 5 Bravado Thorn Bloom Lazy Lou Queen of the Sea 0 Jnsu au Bout Everest King John Peerless PeerlessOne One 7 Indian Chant Sister Emblem Fountain Fay FayFairly Fairly Jefferson Park New Orleans La November 20 1 Barbara Shilling II C Bascli Gloaming 2 Agnes Reona Sir Haste Ettalie 3 Blaise Parrish Bars and Stars 4 NETTIE WALCPTT Lady Leona New Model i Acheron W H Buckrier Sea Urchin C Semper Stalwart Xapoleon Blue Rock RockJ J L Dempsey DempseyBuffalos Buffalos Jeffemon Park Handicap 1 Gloaming All Bright Barbara Shilling H C CBascli Bascli 2 Roederer Sir Haste Scourgeman Ollie Martin 3 BLAISE Philistine Parrish Miss Filley 4 Nettie Walcutt Lady Leona Rockaway New NewModel Model 5 W H Buckner Saints Bridge Acheron AcheronWadsworths Wadsworths Last 0 No Manager Semper Stalwart Blue Rock RockNapoleon Napoleon NapoleonObserver Observer Jeff eraon Park Handicap 1 Gloaming Barbara Shilling AU Bright Camba 2 Sir Haste Scourgeman Roederer Agnes Reona 3 BLAISE Earlymorn Parrish Miss Filley 4 Nettie Walcutt Plaritagenet New Model ModelRocVaway RocVaway 5 W H Buckner Acheron Sea Urchin Jessie JessieC C 6 Napoleon Semper Stalwart Blue Rock No NoManager Manager

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