General News Notes of the Day, Daily Racing Form, 1919-11-13


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GENERAL NEWS NOTES OF THE DAY CHICAGO, III., November 12. Weather forecast: Illinois Fair tonight and Thursday; much colder tonight, with cold wave. Missouri Fair tonight and Thursday; colder in east and south portions tonight; cold wave in southeast portion. General forecast Fair weather is indicated for this forecast district, reaching from Lake Michigan and llliuqiwestwardo the Rocky Mountains for the nest two or three days. The crest of" the cold wave will pass over the central valleys tonight, at the same time moderating in the far northwest tonight and generally over the upper Mississippi region Thursday.- . - . - , WASHINGTON, November. 12. A movement to jimit. senate debate on the peace treaty by invoking the cloture was begun today by democratic lead.--, crs. A petition for cloture, requiring only sixteen jfgn.athres.ior submission, was circulated by the administration leaders aud soon had more than double the necessary number. ;. Briefly, the situatioii in the coal fields is as follows: SPRINGFIELD, jll.. President Farrington of state union declares Illinois miners will disregard recall order. PITTSBURGH, Pa, Many miners back; others to resume work "when order arrives. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Men still out. TERUE HAUTE, Ind. Union heads meet to decide on action today. . EVANSVILLE, Ind. Men apparently ready to re-, turn tomorrow. PUEBLO, Colo. Unions Will obey order. BISMARCK, N. D. Martial law proclaimed; state to take over mines. CLEVELAND, O. Miners generally obey order. AKRON, O.-r-Men refuse to return. . CHEYENNE, Wyo Miners await order. SAGINAW, Mich. Men await return of chief f ronj Indianapolis conference. MINNEAPOLIS, -Minn,,, November 12. Declarations placing the American Legion on record against anti-American propaganda and activities were adopted at the Legion convention here, this morning. Resolutions adopted included one demanding adoption of a federal constitutional amendment barring from citizenship the American-born children of orientals and others not eligible for citizenship. Other resolutions: Demand deportation of alien slackers and enemy aliens interned during the war, with selective admission of foreigners. Authorize appointment of a Legion committee to spread the teaching or the Legions doctriue of "100 per cent Americanism" among veterans of the war and aliens in this country. WASUNGTON, November 12. Thomas T. Brewster, chairman of the local operators scale committee, announced tcday that the mine owners had accepted Secretary Wilsons invitation to meet repre-sei.tatives of the miners here Friday, to negotiate a new wage agreement. "We will be there," said he. John L. Lewis, acting president cf the United Mine Workers of America, already hld notiful Secretary Wilson of his acceptance, meanwhile declining an offer from Brewster to meet the latters committee here Monday to negotiate "a contract to be in force upon the termination of the contract now in effect." CHICAGO, 111., November 12. Chief Justice McSurcJy of the Appellate court ruled today that Charles E. Chadsry, Chicagos ?18,000-a-year superintendent of schools, is entitled .to take immediate possession of his office. The ruling, concurred ii. by Judges Devcr and Holdom, deuied the pica of William A. Hither, attorney for the board of education for a stay of execution of Judge Scanlaas order, ousting stiperintend.ntPetcr Mortenson pending" an appeal to the Suprelie court. PR0VID2NCE.-.R. I.-.tNovgmber 12. Judge Arthur L. Brown in the Federal District Court today issued a temporary injunction against Harvey A. Baker, Uniteil States attorney, and Georges V. Shauuessy; collector oCiiit;:rnal revenue, restraining them from enforcingfthe provisions of the wartime prohibition act. The injunction was issued upon the petition of the Narragausett Brewing Company. The sale of .four, per cent ler was immediately resumed by Providence liquor dealers. NEW" YORK, November i- Iu. one ot tlie wildest days of trading witnessed on the stock exchange since the World War started prices literaljy went to pieces today under selling pressure from all sources duo to the high rate of call money. Selling orders poured in on the market and swamped brokers who franctically tried to execute them on prices from five to sixty points below last nights close. Sales were in excess of 2,000,000 shares. CENTRALLY, Wash., November 12. Forty-four alleged Industrial Workers of the World were, in "jail here at 8 oclock today, the result of a roundup of all persons suspected of having been implicated in the shooting and killing of four members of the American Legion, recently returned from long sevice in the American army abroad, during the Armistice day parade here yesterday. LOUISVILLE, Ky., November 12. Federal Judge Walter Evans jn open court declared here today he is "firmly of the opinion" war-time prohibition is unconstitutional, and indicated a disposition to enjoin Elwpod Hamilton, collector of internal revenue for Kentucky, from interfering with the sale of about 1,000,000 gallons of tax paid whisky known as "floor s-tock." BUFFALO, N. Y., November 12. The American people are growing impatient with foreign agitators and unless their attitude changes the door that always has been open to Europe may be shut, Herbert Hoover declared here today in an address at the convention of Americans of Polish ancestry. JUNEAU; Alaska, November 12. Citizens of Juneau and vicinity have formed an organization called "The Americans," and have announced they intend to try to oust radicals from Alaska, to defend Americanism and to combat bolshevism and Industrial Workers of the World doctrines. PARIS, France, November 12. The American delegation to the peace conference has informed the supreme council of its intention to leave France during the first days of December, according to: semi-official information from the French foreign office. BISMARCK, N. D., November 12. Gov. Lynn J. Frazier early today declared martial law in the coal-mining districts-of North Dakota, and announced lie would take over the lignite coal mines, of the state today. NEW YORK, N. Y., November 12. Cuba intends, to expend 5,000,000 for purchase of airplanes and dirigibles with which to establish aerial mail and transportation lines between Cuba and the United: States and other countries. WINNIPEG. Man., November 12. C. P. Ellis started raising foxes two years ago with two pairs. He has sold 6,500 worth of skins and now has fifty-six pairs of foxes. A silver fox 2 years old is worth 00 to ,50O. ROME, Italy, November 12. The Vatican has recognized the kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. A Serbian minister will be accredited to the Vatican and a papal, representative will: be sent to Belgrade. WASHINGTON, November 12. John F. Kramer, an attorney of Mansfield, Ohio, has been appointed federal prohibition commissioner in direct charge of the enforcement of wartime and constitutional prohibition. MADRID, Spain, November 12. It is reported here that Portugal in the near future will acquire; some small warships in the United States. RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, November 12. The Brazilian senate lias ratified the peace treaty.

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