Final Deauville Sales: Lord Derby Pays Top Price for Yearling by Sans Le Sou, Daily Racing Form, 1921-09-02

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flNAL DEAUYILLE SALES 1 Lord Derby Pays Top Price For Yearling by Sans le Sou. ; , t ; t Sixty-live Youngsters Realize a j Total of 57,180 Aga Khan Again Prominent. The final days sales at Deauvillo were in all respects tlie most successful. Auctions were held morning and evening and better prices than those 2 obtained at the previous sales -were realized.- . There were 115 yearlings listed for sale, which i were disposed of as follows: Sixty-five were sold . for a total of 57,1S0 an average of ,930.61; : forty-three, for which .40,720 was offered, were . withdrawn, and seven were absent. The Inchest price realized was 0,200, paid by Lord Derby for Rapiat, a chestnut colt by Sans le Sou Heine de Staffa. The English sportsman also . bought Pcnaroya, a bay colt by Alcantara II. Quill Peri, for ijUO.GCO. Prince Asa Khan was again prominent as a pur- chaser. He secured five yearlings for n total of : 8,200. Among his purchases were Golden Flake. a bay colt by Negofol Saraeenne, whieh cost him : 3,200, and Esquilador, a bay colt by Jus dOrange . Atalante V., for which he paid .3,000. Particulars of the sales are as follows: Property of Comte Paul do Pourtales. Rapiat, ch. c, by Sans le Sou Heine de Staffa; Lord Derby 0,200 Feu Grcgois. by Rruleur Fairy Martin; J. Stern 13.100 Hubert Guiscard, b. e. by Alcantara Heine de Naples; M. Wattlne 12,400 Penaroya. b. c. by Alcantara II. Quill Pen; Lord Derby 10,000 Rappcl, b. c, by Alcautara Regeuse; Prince Asa Khan 10,000 Grippe Sou, eh. e, by Sans le Sou Gracious Girl: M. Anib.Uielos 7,000 Quid, b. f. by "hut Quarantine; 51. Saba- thicr 4"00 La Mantille, by Alcantara Ii Massiere; M. Leeerf -.00 Mendigote. ch. f, by Sans le Sou Mater; M. Dutton 2,400 Property of Comte Hubert de Pourtales. Esqnilador, b. c. by Jus dOrange Atalante V.; Prince Aga Khan 3,000 Solario. ch. c, by Sweeper II. La Trebbia; JL de Noisay 7,;XJ La Tliur, b. f, bv Alcantara 11. Kundry; JS. Levylier 000 La, Salondriitie, ch. f. by Sweeper II. Quil- loa III.; M. Duboseu 2,700 Doudouia, b. f, by Consols ISona Fide; M. Webb 1,400 Property of H. Remy. Milan, b. c, by Admirable Crichton Minerve V.; M. W. Flatman $ 4,!i00 Hapcaumc. b. c, by Lynx Eyed ISarege; Prince Aga Khan 1,200 Hector, b. c, by Chicauibault Ucrtenstein; M. Leigh 1.040 Franconie, b. or br. f, by Lynx Kyed Frau- coise; M. de Stolpe 810 Cavenne, b. f. by Admirable Cricliton Cliatte; M. de Stolpe !00 Frascati, ch. L by Lynx Kyed Faiuiuem- bergues: M. Zermati . S00 Hogue, b. f, by Ihicambaiilt Hongrie II.; M. de Stolpe .....: S00 Lais, br. f, by Lynx Kyed Laversiues; M. de Stolpe . . S00 Laghonat, cli. c, by Fresneaux La Rzoura; M. Davison 000 Property of Edouard Kann. Madame, b. f, by Saint Ange III. Riric- china; Mine. Edmond-lUane . 0,000 F.ellegarde, b. c. by Saint Ange III. Del-tuna; M. Leigh 5.400 Mithra, b. e, by Kabelais Miramajj M. Goudehaux 5,300 Saint Fiorentin. b. c, by Saint Ange III. Fiorina; Itaron Leouino 4.000 Itmllcia. b. f. by Saint Ange III. Fleurianiie: M. Filipesco 1.320 Ripopee, eh. f, by Saint Ange III. Ribalda; M. Uoittin-llcrtiu 1.200 Krivol Hog, b. f, by Kossendalo Kept Abroad; G. Newton 910 Property of Kmc, P. Chedeville ar.d M. A. Chedcvill. Tennyson, b. or br. e. by Mazzara Tullia; M. Mantacheff $ 5,000 Helsingfors II., blk. f. by Hamrod La Hisse; M. Lapierre 2,400 Tulipe, b. f. by Mazzara Toia: M. Gosset... 2,200 Sabinus. ch. c, by Shannon Sabine: M. Ago- pian 1.000 Property of Comte Maurice des Monstiers. Mrs. Clara, b. f, by Jaeobi Ma C.itiche: Duke de la Memtho $ 7,400 Santa Itaibara, by Alcantara Salvia: M. Sehwob 4,000 Hratuble, ch. f, by Saint Just Heritaehe; M. Galtier 2.300 Quaker Ridge,Tch. c. by As dAtoul Quaker- esse; M. Ternyiick 1,420 Property of 1. Andre. Zaira. b. f, by Alcantara Zaire; M. Ma- thien Goudehaux $ 3,400 Property of J. Plante. . Claudius, blk. c, by Priin.-e William Clarkie; M. Davison $ 000 Property of Octave Subcrbielle. Sainfoin, b. or br. c. by Phryxus Lady Peggy; M. Goudehaux $ 1.400 Point Hleiir. b. or br. c. by Phryxus Penlrix Houge; M. Gosset 1,-JOO PIci-ola, b. f, by Phryxus Ferdix Blanche; M. de Stolpe 500 Property of Comte de Goyon. Noyal. b. f, by Jus dOrange Miss Ilelycttc: M. Davison $ l.HIO Jackie, gr. f. by Ukase II. Andree: M. de Stolpe 1,080 Property of Delorme and J. Delapalme. Golden Flake, b. c, by Negofol Gulden Hour; Prince Aga Khan 3,200 Amour de Moi, b. c, by Negofol Ame Socur: M. de Auehorena 5,200 Helodea, b. or br. f, by Prestige Helen Kendal; M. Goudehaux 5,000 Gribtle. b. or br. f, by Prestige Golden Pippin; M. Vagliano 4,200 Property of Henri Cottovielle. Gistophore, b. e, by Pilliwlnkle Crederes Vietos; M. Andrault $ 3.400 Saltarella, b. f, by Blarney Sautoiia; Mine. Galtier 2,520 Hapcque. b. f. by Iilliwiiikie La Sabretaelie: M. Fronient-Meurice 1,100 Carolus, b. c. by Iilliwiiikie Centre Mine; A. A. Gould , 1,000 Nuit de Mai. eh. f, by Siimlridge Pasipheen; M. de Stolpe S0O Roche dOr, ch. f. by Ukase II. Hoche Ser- viere; Abel Christophe 020 Property of M. et H. de Gaste. Objet dArt. b. or br. c, by Gorgos Ondee de Mai; Prince Aga Khan 0,800 Margot La Belle, b. f, by Gorgos Mary Adeane; M. A. Kknayan 5.400 Marco Polo, ch. c, by Negofol Marcosia; M. Gustave 5,000 Laiittirlu, b. c, by Ramrod: Lyre; M. Ed. Mayer 3,700 Property of M. le due de Noailles. Vmeray. ch. c, by Blarney Telesia; M. Lovyllk-r $ 1.S0O Yucca", ch. e, by Port Hoyal Old Hag; M. Terayuck 100 Yoyo, b. f, by Port Hoyal Faunesse; M. H. Gallo 080 Vennennnyile, ch. f, by Port It oral Sart Uaiuyeli: M. de Stolpe 400 Property of M. Honry-Lepnute. Fit nnd Well, cli. c, by Oversight Fleur Persane; M. Thibault 3,700

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