Liverpool Grand National: Story of the Most Famous Jumping Race, Its History, 1922 Entries, Their Owners, Pedigrees and Handicap Weights, Daily Racing Form, 1922-02-26


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L ; : I ; . LIVERPOOL GRAND NATIONAL STORY OF THE MOST FAMOUS JUMPING RACE, ITS HIS- ■, TORY, 1922 ENTRIES, THEIR OWNERS, PEDIGREES AND HANDICAP WEIGHTS In the domain of steeplechasing the Liverpool Grand National holds practically the same rank and fame as that attaching to the Epsom Derby in flat racing. It is annually contested over the longest and most difficult course in the world. To even traverse this course successfully, to say nothing of winning the race, calls for the display of endurance of an extraordinary character. In fact, so trying are its obstacles that it is of yearly occurrence that the majority of its contestants fall and lose any chance to reach its coveted finishing point in safety. Without exception the horses starting in this great race have gone through a long preliminary educa-tonal course in steeplechasing over shorter distances, but sufficiently long to develop whatever a natural aptitude they may possess to the highest point of efficiency. In this country our most t important steeplechases are of less than three miles, but in England and Ireland races over that o distance are frequent and common throughout the winter jumping meetings. Few days at any J, of these meetings pass without a steeplechase at three miles, and not infrequently at three and t a half miles. Since these meetings begin each year as soon as the flat racing season ends in Jj November and continue throughout the winter and early spring it results that the pick of the t hundreds of jumpers in action are of high class in their line and of a number of which we have had no experience in American racing. Moreover, their best seem to hold their form . better and longer than our best. The famous Manifesto started in eight Grand Nationals, of a v»hich he won two and was third in three. Other examples of well retained form were furnished I by Frigate, Game Cock, The Liberator and Why Not, each of which started in seven renewals of J the race. Peter Simple, Alcibiade and Regal each started in it six times. The first horse to win the race a second time was Abd-el-Kader 1850-51. Others to i complete the "double" have been Peter Simple 1849-53, The Colonel 1869-70, The Lamb 1868-71 and Manifesto 1897-99. The latter was also placed in 1900, 1902 and 1903; then , completed the full course behind Moifaa 1904 when sixteen years old. I All classes of turfmen have sought National honors, and its winner in 1900, Ambush, was the property of the then Prince of Wales, afterward King Edward VII. The fastest time in which the four miles and 856 yards of the race was covered was i recorded by Ascetics Silver in 1906, when he won in 9:34%. Below is a map of the Grand National course at Aintree, with an enumeration and description of the obstacles in the race to be run Friday, March 24. The drawing was made i this year and shows the present course with exactitude. The description of the jumps also is j accurate. ffi: — »JL" E5EO Jv-v DESCRIPTION OF ALL THE GRAND NATIONAL FENCES. Distance from the start to first fence is 546 yds. The straight run-in is 494 yds. 1 and 17. — Thorn fence Scotch pine, 4 ft. 7 in. high, 2 ft. 6 in. wide. 2 and 18.— Thorn fence Scotch pine, 4 ft. 7 in. high, 2 ft. 6 in. wide. 3 and 19. — Thorn fence gorsed, 4 ft. 11 in. high, 2 ft. 9 in. wide, with ditch on take-off side 6 ft. wide, 2 ft. deep, banked up to guard rail 1 ft. 6 in. high in front of ditch. 4 and 20. — Thorn fence Scotch pine, 4 ft. 9 in. high, 2 ft. 9 in. wide. 5 and 21. — Thorn fence gorsed, 4 ft. 11 in. high, 2 ft. 9 in. wide. ■ and 22. — "Bechers Brook," a thorn fen« packed with Scotch pine, 4 ft. 9 in. high, 3 ft. wide, with a natural brook on far side i ft. wide. 7 and 23. — Thorn fence Scotch pine, 4 ft. 11 in. high, 2 ft. 9 in. wide. 3 and 24.— The "Canal turn," a thorn fence gorsed, 5 ft. 1 in. high, 2 ft. 9 in. wide, ditch on take-off side 0 ft. wide. 2 ft. deep, banked up to guard rail 1 ft. 6 in. high in front of ditch. 9 and 25. — "Valentines Brook," a thorn fence Scotch pine, 4 ft. 9 in. high, 2 ft. 6 in. wide a natural brook on far side 6 ft. 6 in. wide. 10 and 26. — Thorn fence gorsed, 5 ft. high, 3 ft. wide. 11 and 27.— Thorn fence Scotch pine, 4 ft. 10 in. high, 2 ft. 10 in. wide, ditch on take-off side 6 ft wide. | ft. deep, hanked to guard rail 1 ft. 6 in. high in front of ditch. 12 and 28.— Thorn fence gorsed, 4 ft. 10 in. high, 2 ft. 10 in. wide, ditch far side 7 ft. wide, 3 ft. deep. 11 and 9.— Thorn fence spruce fir, 4 ft. 7 in. high. 2 ft. 9 in. wide. 14 and 30. — Thorn fence Scotch pine, 4 ft. 7 in. high, 3 ft. wide. 15.— The "Open Ditch," a thorn fence packed with Scotch pine, 5 ft. 2 in. high. 3 ft. wide, ditch on take-off side 0 ft. wide, 2 ft. deep, and banked to guard rail 1 ft. 6 in. high in front of ditch. 16.— The "Water Jump," 15 ft. 6 in. wide, with thorn fence gorsed, 3 ft. high, 2 ft 3 in wide Between Jumps 12 and 13 the land has been plowed as to one portion of the distance. The description of the obstacles in the course at Aintree gives some idea of the reason why high value is placed on the horse that can carry big weight over them and race through plowed fields and various other kinds of footing at a slashing pace from end to end of the journey. GRAND NATIONAL CONDITIONS, ENTRIES, BREEDING AND WEIGHTS The condition of the big race and its present eligibles, with their owners, breeding and weights, are: Grand National Steeplechase handicap, 50 each, 50 forfeit or 5 only if declared, with 5,000 including a trophy, value ,000 added; second ,500, third ,500 and Continued on eighth pace. LIVERPOOL GRAND NATIONAL Continued from first page. fourth 50; for five-year-olds and upward; weights published January 27, at noon; Grand National Course, about 4 miles 850 yards. Owner. Horse. Col., Sex, Age. Pedigree. Wt. Sir .1. Buchanan Sir Huoii ch. p. 8 By Huon II. — Lady Daffodil, by The Reeve. .. .175 Sir M. McAlpine Shaun Spadah b. f, 11 By Easter Pride— Rusialka. by Rushey Park 171 J. E. Widener Duettiste br. g, 10 By Ethelbert— Dulcihelln, by Titlionus 16ti ;. de Montel Absidea b. m, 6 By Absolute — Idealine, by Ideal Ml W. H. Dixon Old Tay Bridge eh. s, 8 By BrMgC of Earn— Broken Reed, by Tredennis.ltM F. I.ibby Wavetree br. s, 11 By WaveleCs Fride — Kendal Lilly, hy Kendal. .104 Sir J. Buchanan Southampton br. g. it By Southannan — Pink Lady, hy Red Prince II... 104 Hnph Kershaw Music Hall b. g, 9 By Clifton Hall— Molly, by Cabin Boy 1C2 V. T. Thompson Norton b. g. 7 By Leviathan — Buinier. by lasse-Par-Tou! Iti2 ". B. Ismay Garryvoe br. g, I By Fugleman — I steilake. l.y Lcsterlin Kil of Westminster. Ardonagli ch. g, 9 By Ardoon — Turkish Delight II., by Marco 111 Mrs. A. Blain Clonree b. g, 8 By Atlas — Miss Eger, hy Egerton 1C0 Mile. L. Guilmot I liini.itum ch. h, 13 By Maximum — Ignita, hy Camhiiys; lftO N. ilrovvnlee .St. Bernard ch. g, S y St. Monans — I ady May 11., by .laequemart . .159 Col. W. S. Anthony. . dashing Anns b. g. 7 By St. Martin — ilen Inch, by ilenwnod 157 H. M. Curtis Sipiare Dance h. g, 10 By Simon Square — Flora Dance, by L:das 157 Comte de Cainlimeres. Albanais ch. h, I iiy Kawakab — Albanie. by Farid 157 T. B. Bennett Hawker br. g, H Jy Ardoon — dam by Morganatic 1M L.rd Wavetree ,.ll White br. g, N P.v White Eagle — Colonia, bv Persimmon 154 W. Shaw Noble Ouard b. g, 11 By Noble Chieffn— Atalanta III., by WiHghby.154 J. J. Moore Pacifist b. g, 8 By Arizona — Pacieneia, by Bill of Portland 154 S. Sanfor.l Sergeant Murphy ... .ch. g. 12 By Ceneral Syrnons — Rosegraft, by Ascetic 154 J. C. Bulteel Taffytus b. h, 9 By Eaves Dropper — Faithful Lassie, by Ascetic. 154 F. W. Wilinot suae Fell b. %, 8 By Zria— Manx Crag, by Wolfs rag 154 Brie Plait Ardgcur br. g, 8 By Ardoon — Goura, by St. Brendan 152 Baron /.. de Bulach. . .T,,urdau b. or br. h. 7 By Friant II. — Juranile, by Perth 152 T. A. Sutton The Turk 11 br. g. U By Turks Cap— Ethels Darling 151 .1. Hutton Neurotic ch. g, 11 By Marcovil — Ilari Kari, by Marcion 150 O. C. OReilly Zenon h. g, 7 By Zria — Princess Pnm, by Pam 150 C. R. Baron Arravale br. g, 7 By Ardoon — Lady Inn, by Sir Edgar 150 W. A. P.ankier Super Man b. g, 7 By Manwolf— -Ijidy Superior, by Bay Ronald 149 Mr-. Putnam Ceneral Saxham b. h, 9 By Saxham— Veldt Oirl, by Christian de Wet. .149 Ad. Sir H. Menx White Surrey gr. g. 10 By Na hot— Dejeuner, by St. Fru ;unin 148 G. F. Godson ;ay Iochinvar b. g, C By Loekyrnn— Gaiety, by Santoi 148 Adam Scott Command ch. m, 9 By Gull— I,evee, by His Majesty 147 Mrs. A. Blain Dnuaury ch. g, I By Cnptivation— Glenavy, by Jeddah 147 L. I ake Prince Clifton b. g, 9 By Clifton Hall— dam by Red Prince II 147 Ixird I/mdesboroiigh. . .Ash wood br. g, 8 By Flying Hackle— Maze of Mirrows, hy Tasso.,147 W. F. .Siinkey i :lv OsOj ,1,. rn, tand By Walmsgate— Teddie III., by Warspile 147 V. T. Thompson Hul.i.m br. m, I By Sandow— Bulmer, by Passe-Par-Tont 14« H. Mc.Minden Ocean Star b. m. !l By WaveleCs Pride apella. by Glencally 145 G. W. Hand Any Time br. g, 11 1nknown pedigree 145 Miss S. OBrien Gieen Wavelet c b. in. 0 By Wavelets Pride— On Garters, hy Sir Gfrey.M". W. A. Read Square Ip ch. g, 9 By Simon Square — Campana, by Selby 144 W. A. Bankier Forewarned h. h. 7 By Foresight— Cneekah, by Favonian 144 H. A. lams a Double Escape. . .ch. g. 8 By Swynford— Duma, bv Merman 143 R. E. Horsfall Shallogans ch. g. 11 By Barcadaile— Cnsh. hy Maltravers 142 J. P. Westlake .-Arabian Knight b. h. It By Poor Boy— Shaft, by Cupid 142 A. Willis Bohernore b. g. 9 By Cncle Ma — Thds Pride, bv ML oT the Horse. 142 F. Ivall My Rath b. g. 10 By Snccoth— Pi; of Thoughi, bv St. Gris 142 H. ML Curtis Alcazar h. h. 1 By Yerres— Good Gracious, bv Camp Fire II 142 T. A. OGorman Mask-on ch. g. I By Avidity— dam by Bnrgomask 142 Joseph Whelan Cnrragh Breeze b. g. i By His Majesty or Grebe— dam by Laveno 140 H. Garahan Doon Rossa h. g. » By Ardoon — Bed Rambler, by Bed Prince II 140 Sir Reginald Rankin . Sudan II. b. g. 10 By Sir Edgar— Lady Cull, by The Rejected 140 M. S. Thompson Awbeg ch. g. 11 P.y Galgreina — Little Margery, by Islington 140 G. H. Edward Grey Dawn V gr. g. 9 By Dandola — dam unknown 140 it. Hardingc Such a Sport ch. g. 11 By Just Cause — Playmate IV l-io J. W. Wood White Cockade gr. h. 9 By Uncle Ceorge — Prosperpine, by Chittabob. . . .140 F. Kirby Tinker II br. g. 8 By Parapet — dam unknown 140 Walkin Williams Childlike b. g. 13 By Childless — Miss Avis, by Old Buck 140 II. ML Holllns Hazel Dawn ch. m. 7 By Front ino— dam by Theopilus 140 K. S. Patterson Vaulx br. g. 8 By Benvenuto — Bairgen P.reac. by The Baker.. 140 Col. G. Paynter Master Ripple b. g. 8 By Wavelets Pride — Prs Thera, by R. Prce 11.140 nptain Brady Stock Exchange b. h. 9 By Charlie Synions — dam unknown 140 Capt. C. W. BrennandsThe Inca II ch. g. 8 By Indian Runner — darn unknown 140 C. F. Kenyon Drumbiick b. g. 9 By Spring Weather— Maritima, by Marmiton 140 C. F. Kenyon Wave Forard ch. g. 10 By Wavelets Pride— Kendal Lily, by Kendal. . .140 J. W. Burnett Dunstanburg ch. g. 10 By Sir Harry— Honey 140 T. Galletly Confessor u. g. 8 By Magic— Reverend Mother, by Hagioscope 140 Sir G. Bullougli Procurator b. g. « By Kings Proctor— Nanita. by Ninus 140 Capt. A. IiOewenstein. Chevalier Bayard ...b. g. 9 By Ba.vardo — Ormeda. by Orme 140 David rafcwr St. Swift b. g. 11 By St. Martin — Itenia. by Wolfs Crag 140 Miss R. Narracott. ... Royal Bladud ch. g. 7 By Forfarshire— Claire de Beaupre, by St. Serf.. 140 J. Settle Woolcraft b. g. 7 By Jaegar— Breezy, by Admiral Breeze 140 Mrs. Putnam Ballysax b. g. 8 By Saxham— Silver Vixen, by Reynard 140 W TriCSS Merito ch. g. 11 By Cannock Chase — Rose Aher, by Amber Gate. 140 Mrs C. Stevens Archbishop br. g. 9 By Sir Archibald— Vitula. hy St. Serf 140 C-ipt Mabu »• g- 9 By Positano— Fides, by Mostyn 140 Mai I Davies Everyman b. g. 10 By Reynard— The Balm US, by Isosceles 140 p fit* Gerald Ballyiuigarde br. g. 7 By The White Knight — Lydie III., by T. Quack. 140 p V McDoroii-ii. . . Old Nelson b. g. 10 By Sir Edgar--Very Hot, by Orvieto 140 j E Trirell .Clonsheever h. g. 7 By Avidity— Wise Gull, by The Gull 140 W Deleiding" ....Hailstorm b. f . 7 By Snowflake— Plebeian, by Sir Edgar 140 Foxlal P ...Masterful h. p. 9 By Hayings- Madcap, by Koek Sand 140 c" . Badminton II h. m. 9 By Badajos-I,, Nocte. by Tibere. HO S J1- ";irjn I ran „ Hi r .1 . Mni .. •, ,, - 7 ]:,- Coiiverl -V.arned Off. by P..poff 1 Il DeMhian Jxud, by HcsMkkUtet 1« fc- •* Duller Joseph nlKer

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