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LAHJP CHAT Saturday, June 24 AT UTOIU Possiiilitiis 15-1 i ! Get in tou:h -with me AT ONCE. Makes no differ- er.ee v.hether you are ■arinner or looer. you carnot :! afford ti miss tM exceptional opportunity. Cer- ; t?.-n people bet thousands on this very same information. Tho "smartest and livest" inside inform., t on that r/ioney can buy. LAST STEEX ALL HY FOLLOWERS RECEIVED SPORTSMAN, .30-, WON j But than is rr.rc ta the story than Bhta. A GREAT D£AX MORE: so. if year Mood still runs red, and voarre anxious to "HIT rhen something "BIG" fo.::. aloar, then MAKE YOTFRSELF HEARD. ttpiniaBy if yon h-.vo fifty or a hundred dollars beyond yoi-r immediate needs that you can izand in an oprrtunity of this kind. This is certainly a most unusual offer, and I am sure you may hear something to your ultimate larre profit and satisfaction by addressing an old horseman. W. AL WOLF 159 e. McMillan st. :: Cincinnati, o. W1LS0VS BIG SPECIALS usually have 2 or 3 good oics crcJi week. I havo a connection with what I consider tome of the shrewdo?t people in the buriness. TERMS — Wir.n:n?s of a 0 straight play. Bush your name. Dont use postals. L. WILSON SCO GREENWOOD ELDG. CINCINNATI, OHIO Distinction .30- Won was yesterdays BEST BET. This makes 7 Winners Out of the Last 14 r.taxters on our BEST BETS. Dont fail to get Mondays Sheet for TWO REAL SLEEPERS 50c— DAILY AT ALL NEWSSTANDS— 50?. NATIONAL O. K. PUBLISHING CO. Room 411 Baltimore Bid?. Chioago, 111. BEAL SLEEPERS is what you get in the "BLUE BOOK." 35c AT ALL ITEWSSTANDS. MONDAYS FOBM SPECIAL: April -0range-,°2-11 -26-95. STANDARD TTJRF GUIDE 403, 22 W. auincy Street :: CHICAGO U= .-? fwtsioRs Rtcoip Ali-Cwpplg Losses [mirely rTlSAVE YOURSELF SETBACKS fTT 1 SSI I THAT EVAPORATE MONEY 8 spebcutaanon * u V * RFUI a H 1MB ijjw tap E ■■ , u I, .m.,- .. . T* FULLY COPYRIGHTED AND PROTECTED B -1 AM THE SinVKIlCEn N I NE-TKNTIIS. FACT TALK MMBEIt 19 ,r r.:i:-«o IhCK nre |.0|!i v.hi tirif; Ihraaah 1 i f never kncrr.ini; what is going on aruund tli«-m. :;nd the r,. hi ■ Turf Bpeealattea will al aja have its "SlRMERGKL MNK TENTHS." Wa kaaw that thaaji ■*■ hava i I yi •! without aatiafaetory re iilt-; — that very probably will be skeptical, if ■•, we :ir» KlaO J.nd iiroul. It i.i:ie-s us .:; t.i. lias- with immortals. IllZ WRIGHT BROTHERS wt.-e told: "IF MAN WAS INTENDED TO FLY HE WCJID HAVE BEEN riVEN WINGS. GALIIEO, the astronomer, spent ta •!" r« f«an in prii«on fer t?:ieiii:g th:t the earth i- aalj one ef several pi acta eaassatakao our sdr pjsteaa. MAFCONI, inventor of tha wlrtiaaa, was eaaaUetc*] laeaaa, . ::■! omnitteO or observation. ALEXAKEER EELL, inventor of tea t le;:lione, w;.s thaasht etasB/. FFLTOII, invent. r af the Bt -innhoat. va laasheO at :md called ■ fuel. Congress told K0.:7". . reatM i ! the telegTapk, "rneney misbt as well be ap: ri.jiriated to build a riroil to the moon. Ever] W u a bo I •■•8 ever s.rayed f.-.im the beaOea path baa in eu ;-i!!oried by a •■ Md b-u:ul "SUKMERC-JD MIE-TFNTHS." Every man w!io has ever thought bis way thrviifh to a BETTER METHOD kas. kaea legaiOiO ■aspieioa. That is why the eaajBdeare man of tixljy use* the samo bag of tricks us his ft 6k aaeaa. If be Bttrnpted ta aae ■ sea Idea it waaM be iiis ruin. A WORD CONCERNING "SO-CALLED SYSTEMS. DO PECPLE KEEP OFF aifiaftsta BE-CAUBg WRECK? SOKETII-ES OCCUR? • ri-CSF YCU HAVE HAD UNFORTUNATE EXPERIENCES WITH SOKE OR $ WILL 0 THE WI87, EUiiBLE-LIKE AFFAIRS. WHO IS TO BIAME ! WE NEVER EEARD OF A ROLLS ROYCE BEXB6 S.LD AT THE PRICE OF A FLIVVER.- It is wartkgr «4 n-.te that tl.ce arba say. "Itaeing eannot In MADE TO DECLARE A CONSISTENT. rr.FDETERMiNiD DIVIDEND. bare i.e.. r aaarstei mmt praaaet, lat that kaaahcaa of aaaaacraas. sat i 8 rli -its lota tea roai eaaat la roast have testified to the aavaryin* eoaahrtaacy ,f :|iis MARVELOUS I MASTER METHOD, which we NOT ONLY MARKET, BUT OPERATE DALLY. They aaaa I it. tha i. ess f Ksaataaaa Maxim that "Bttiarfajiea built ea tne unerring toaaOaOaa of averages aad • B4ahttaha4 !.: rau-t aeceaaaiily stand until tbe sVaaataClaa of nature it-lf." We ever Btaad prepared tu submit a eolitetion af Ihsaa fiallerins I ndersements In ORIGINAL FORM, x.iii. i.-- envelope attaches! ihssrhBi Bes4saark aaal eaaeated stamp. Our CRYSTALLISED RACING MANUAL, eoataiafaaj 28 pages of the most enlight -nii;g and v. 1. aide tarf data ever puldis.ed. vitally impe-rTa.-.t raciag B4 inters. BWOra reaaltl and siati:.:i re al i.-irlsi, UatlBBBillBlB, tbe U FAMOUS "WALTER SUCCESS MAXIKS," an i a revue of the beat kaswa "Bja-tcsas" piiliisii d, v.iii be a at yea abaaaat ly Brkthsat i liar?. or eeticatissi. For aace y a receive asaae- a irarUi «iii:-. Pa tals are inorid. V» e :;r" waiting for you t.i ebecft us up. If yea aapritl ite ttie trae meaning of trie word H-O-W. viu will si.in s|Il it the other w...v an.uuj. W-O-N. BUT. aat mtj a..ii INVE5XIGA1ES. wi.i-ii aeeuunts for the "-lit .merged nine-ti nth-. LIBERAL TERMS, r oat tags at upen resultant IHialsajB vur CieeUt System is a ti ry Bbaaie BBM and . n be eovered ill tliri-. words — "Confide!-•■ aaal 6oo4 tailli." It is open to those BSTBaSM al ::eixi ia- teatfaaa. If the Byatesa d-,e- not mic reaailntv.aH/ and talon every rJaisa, yu »wc us aatbiai. AA- M. P. WALTER and CO., •SEES? TUB TirUAW OF BTSTBSJ COlKCEttNfl ,»-»,»» BJtADA s at AltTHi it. Ii ili.K HAHA6BB AUSTRALIA PiilVAlE LOCK BC toil - - - - - - TOWS03E, MU. iTTSTSSl 00 SPECIAL ir INFORJiATION 0 Ip* ][and If* if* f f f, DO»»Al g JS2S3SSSti".S,*mrBSS3 J_, Jx JLj .9-4 m 9 BBBBEJ4P«5542Iz2. JSKTS OPPORTUNITY af the 1?£2 rca«cn— to BUY gccr.iie "informitior!." Our S?C0 BaaciaJ TOES THE at Daraal next Weabjaaeaar, June 21. Bacaasa of the fact that era h.-.re ANOTHER Basatal £cii.» — at Latonia — en the same day. BM r.ake you our mo Bt BBBeaaafaxtaas offer, which ia These Two Mare Specials for 5 ARE sre!n£ to sell yea cur DCRVAL L-PFCIAI. for S25 rlJ i.-.cTuae our 5IC0 LATONIA rtCIAL WE — saaaa day — FREE. Eoy. here a rrre cpportiiuity. -r.e bcl:evo, to MAKE A FARLAY sjid and clean up. We arc czpcit- . not "gi.es-rs." SPECIAL — In ordar to circumvent tha rilftrera." this infcrniation v. ill not be released un: . I] a. m. Inclcdo your ihonc number. We prepay a_il tatefsaaa or telegraph cliarg-es or; Specials. Bash ySBB tjL— r.oription — NOW. NATIONAL NEWS SERVICE Turf Dept. S1TITB 16MM - lO! NO It 111 DiiAIIIKIHV SlKIiliT - CHICAGO, ILL. i ! :! ; i W~ 4 I 1 1 1 bTh ft ~W i i uy iu i i tcok years to find a mcho-i that speiei1. Ban BBaa I l racirg- and i:.y plan a ?su"ei you an tBcacie with cloklike precision. I pir.i to do sc mu-h. go it aai quit. If you are t oriservr.tivc s=.nu r.re aatstfie6 with withers Mich as tie fo ?.inr; are tiken at ra dem from, which tha method rr.ajcc. airr, sst daily. Or.c a 8ay is aafTieieat to aeosmplish my y;.r cse. Write me and stn worryiris. The futui-e can ouly be jud?cd Ly the past and the farther back ycu lash ti.j happier rea ariD be. So Bias] le that a cliild can lacate tv.o pla-" i eaveh i j i in ifive minutss. Good things r re always simple. | Tho fcllowins are samples cf the prist few r1;--.-. aehievemcr-ts. You lecuire to o :e after purchase of rpy meiiod. Think this over and prove r..y statements to yourself . Suave Prince . . .5.00- Won Ghampiain S8.20-S2 Wor Elizabeth Jewel. ..8G- Won Tomahoi 4,5042 2nd Prince Regent 6 to 1 Wen Pindar Peel ... .3.70 Wen Sold on reasonable terms to those hor.estly inclined and can appreciate a revel:. tion. Ae-rtss for full particulars T. A. CLYDE 500 FIFTH AVENUE SUIXF 718 722 NEW YORK CITY. N. Y. SgUY SPIERS, Suite 514 P 1416 Broadway, NEW YORK I 9 PLEASE SEND INFORMATlOh I 9 REGARDING 70% RESULTS ■ gFREE WITHOUT OBLIGATION M E| Address . .._. - LONG SHOT stable information, two horses every wefh. Wo want 10.COO clients who will remit us tho v.innings of a ?1 straight pl?.v for each win .cr. aWmrt ui as a praa-rantce of good faith and youro oul. Two go June 24. Names of horses now on f.le with : Racing Form. KENTUCKY TUBF GUIDE 16 Brittany Building Cincinnati. Ohio. ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM WONDERFUL WPifi SYSTEM A cool. ccnFirvative method wherein success is ; assi;:ed. Can be jlay:d at cr atvay fieaa I a i-£ck. i :h j. ffl cr r: .:;! : ai.itn.l. It g-ives r. few • I piavs e : week; tlP.t rcarly all w n. Wui big j BBBaey oi r. ■.:rag!:t tlat bet. Uaa iBinalsaa | i:cthod is Bjiaiaa; m2:iy cosd priced winneri: Martha FaHea ..*U.40-*8 lean Cro-. SO-l I War Tank 888.76*8 Kinto II. . CT;.30-S2 | Approval 8*8.80-88 Baaaa Fxiaea 116.00-88 Bertitss 810.60-83 XhuBglary MU BlAM-fS iiiree John . .to.l.S0-S2 W Id flaerer. OO.00-88 Daha Ruff S*M.S0-9°J Eia-s Court J i;. 10- Dor.ric S!4 20-J2 AaaaSia I14.60-S8 Prtsce K. . J12.40-S2 Areeala] icb.CS-t2 L-dy BLanddciii. .S.i.3a-;2 Piidar Peel 818.70-8I Eaasbssa cf tc • ::onils from satisfied i i .io..inj proof af what my system is do:;- •-;.: oj rce. STOP LO-IKG AND START WIBT1 SI6HT AWAY. These v.,th heaaal iat aaa eaa st Bay Byatem tr, aaay terass. Be i ft • • • ■ ;-v.-n, balance as yon win. V/r.te tad-y for free larticulars. WATSON CORNELL Ml Wct 4D:h Ftrct :: lea York C ". v. Y. LATONIAJIACEZ J . j a O J KM. II £l 1 i M JCi J I A?IEP.:~A3 premier clocker 39 Yea:- E::; r c:i e as Trr-.-C! d YOU CAN B3EPX0Y KE TO WOAA FOE TOOT. tU I OR 1EN EAYG. Rush your subscription. Dont fail to -cr.d yocr ad.i.i. r. From lie Tea Git laach Caaaltiaaa and No *nratnbaa1 Korrcs, feat F.t Banes. My asaay elieal «i!i tsacb f.r my i i ■• ■ I si . sa at I. :;i k by tracha. Csaaalt a ■ list af the g-.Ta-1. I * r* i i two berets dttily at 11 oi.lo!c. Telejtr pa i I taace or ie:nit !;..■ express a Oer m 1 Propositlo.is Not Cont-idored. Stri-.tly Cash Cr.iy. 1237 E. THIRD STREET, COVINGTON, KY. FRIDAY YWON AGAIN! I am not at liVi-ty to CO into dct-.- raaatWl r.T i the many angles used to get winner:, ti:* my r.i. .y I yco.rs aarperieeKe a-d intimate a::o .:cr. v.tn ! tho birr?e.-t 07c. at .v. 3 of the tarf i.: tha past B-saM I bo sufficicit laaraafss for rjettii? re alti sa tha i future. KEZZBSaTCX — Anybody f?.nv.liar wi-h j HORSE RACING. Next Special Starts Tuesday WEB NAME AT ONCE JOE [yicCARlY SARATOGA SPRINGS NEV/ YORK TRY THE NEW LUCKY SYSHM I Two horses wired daily for the Lalance of tho LATONIA SPRING MEETING. 520. N. F. GRAFE 1340 WALNUT STREET CINCINNATI, OHIO Subscribe for Daily Racing Form

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