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EASTERN HANDICAPPER SPECIAL AND 50 CENT LETTER Yesterdays Special was: BIGHEART 4.80- WON J who else save this fellow a chancel Mondays Long Shot Special Should Pay 0- in the Mutuels , Here is one that I get from the same people that , gave me REPEATER 2.70- WON j , KING TUT 6.90- WON KITTY PAT 8.50- WON J and many others at ChuTchill Downs. They tell 11 me MONDAYS SPECIAL will win galloping. Also 0 I have a 50-1 PARLAY FOR YOU This is one of the sweetest PARLAYS a man n ever wagered on. MONDAYS SHEET FOR SALE SUNDAY FOR MONDAY Go right now to your newsdealer and get the e EASTER HANDICAPPER S SPECIAL and SO 0 CENT LETTER. ■** Chicago Players, Attention! - For sale Sunday at the POST OFFICE NEWSSTAND. .74 West Madison St. For sale Monday at all Loop newsstands or come up to our office and get the Specials from 10 a. m. ! to 2 p. m. *•* Detroit Players, Attention! For sale only at the BAGLEY NEWSSTAND... Cor Woodward ft Monroe Front of Bagley Monument. Other leading dealers: CLEVELAND — O. C. SCHROEDER, 212 East Superior Ave. ST. LOOTS— WM. LASER 711 Market Street ! and other leading -cities wherever Racing Form is sold. By mail, 50 cent sheet for two weeks, . Both Special and Daily Letter for one week, 0. Send 0 to EASTERN HANDICAPPER 10 North Clark St. Chicago, III. E. C. WALKER CLOCKER Elmont, Long Island, N. Y. Yon can have a clocker of your own. I am clocking horses every morning at Belmont Park track for a number of New York turf followers and have been so successful that I am going to give my services to a few more people located away from the track. ONE HORSE A DAY — The best work of the day. My message tells you how to play and track conditions. NO BUSINESS BY MALL. I AM ON THE TRACK ALL DAY FOR ftUICK SERVICES. USE TELEGRAPH CO. Saturday I wired: BELPHRIZOSIA .«-l WO ~ Friday I wired: JTEGOCIATEUR 7-1 WOX Thursday I wired: HIDALGO ..7-2 W05 TERMS .00 DAILY My long experience with horses and the low fee that I ask for my services should induce you to give subscription immediately, E. C. WALKER ELMONT LONG ISLAND, N. Y. Sand strom — II Opposite Belmont Race Track i DO YOU T.TTTP »EM» Well, you know that these free tips have been going over regularly. Last week it was ALICE BLUE GOWN. .90: week before, GLYN. 4.90, and SETHS LEMON, .05, and heres another at the bottom of this ad. WINNERS IN LAST ISSUE Dustabout Won Beau Nash Won Ohone Won Senalado Won Prince K Won Sherman , Won Princess Doreen .... Won Top Sergeant Won Sweep Park Won Arendal . Won Winding Through Won Fehrah Won Lord Granite Won Gray Gables Won 1 Prince of Umbria ...Won Galantman ..Wen Reminder Won June Fly Won Sure to Win Won Sarko Won Servitor Won Wrackhorn .Won Wraith Won Salacia Won Brotherly Love Won Heeltaps Won J Nedana Woo Alice Bine Gown Won L. Rubenstein Won Exodus Won Hephaistos Won Earla Baby Won Leonard G Won Skyscraper .... Won Wraith Won Anglum Maid ...... .Won 36 BIG LIVE ONES And there will be many good live ones in thi« weeks issue. IMPORTANT I Turn to page three 3, column two 3, under TOP LINE HORSES. Take the fourth 4th horse I down. Name begins with T. Goes for the money next out. On page two 2. column three 3, at the bottom. under caption LIVE ONES AT KENTUCKY. Take the first 1st horse. Name begins with C. Next out is the right day. I TURF LIGHT * All Stands, 15 Cents. All Cities. 00 * PER WEEK d NET PROFIT Easily made with small capital by operating the at * STAR SYSTEM. Averages about two plays daily — l every play is to WIN ONLY — on the nose. Small . payment down — balance from winnings. Write STAR SYSTEM | •V Union Square, Room 602 NEW YORK CITY 4 . i? J J , , j , J 11 0 n e 0 ! RIALTO Service ROOM 411. GAIETY BLDG. 1547 BROADWAY, CORNER 46TH ST. NEW YORK CITY 0.60 ONE WINNER 0.00 SIX WINNERS 18 Obtain our information through this office only. 1 BIG HORSE DAILY— SOME DAYS 2— NEVER MORE. THREE PRIVATE HORSES TO GO THIS COMING 1G WEEK 0 FAYS FOR SIX WINNERS This 0 also includes private horses and regular ■ daily service. Our other Specials last week were: Drummond 7.1 0- Won n Mary Rose .60- Won n Kent L . . .6.60-.25- 2nd rj Avispa . . .3.60-.40- 2nd j THIS WEEKS PROGRAM Our track connections have advised us that they * have many big surprises to go this coining week. Three big private horses will go to 0 subscribers. s. No. 1 will start Monday, June 9th. Wire your subscription now. 0 for 6 winners and the PRIVATE HORSES :s atjt EXTRA. They do not count with the six. One winner, 0. Remember, we must give you m a winner for your money. Losers dont count with :h us. 5 Special Offer Month of June g This is the special offer that we are making as IS a big advertising inducement. WE PROMISE YOU A WINNER FOR YOUR MONEY 0 FOR ONE WINNER— 0 FOR SIX WINNERS a WIRE SUBSCRIPTION RIALTO SERVICE Room 411, 1547 Broadway New York City m ! i CHAS. RAYMOND COMMISSIONER .00 DALLY— 0.00 WEEKLY GOSHAWK ....2.90- Won And again my commission Special won. THE only horse gives out Saturday. Remember, this I information comes to me DIRECT from some of the biggest men in the game. The name, CHARLES RAYMOND, is like a sign post guiding you on n TO WINNERS. 00 A WEEK WINNER That is what I have constantly tried to average e and on many and many occasions have been successful. It is not a case of stabbing and getting an „ occasional long shot, but real consistent winning. Terms: Daily— 0 Weekly J Immediately rush to your Western Union or r Postal office and send 0 for 6 days service of f real HONEST daily track information. WINNERS LAST WEEK: Fridays horse: BALLOT BRUSH .20- WON Thursdays horse: ANNLE JORDAN 0.40- WON • Wednesdays horse: ROCKLAND PRINCESS 4.80, .40- Second i Tuesdays horse. CLARENCE 2.20- WON - Mondays horse: MA RTF. MAXIM $ 9.25 WON f WR"ETT OF MAY 26" WINDING THROUGH .2.80- WON j MODNA Ran Third j SUNNY DUCROW 9.60- WON f PRINCESS DOREEN 2.60- WON | WEEK MAY 19: PRIVILEGE $ 9.90-92 WON I HUBB AND PUDD 4.60-92 WON r OPULENT $ 5.90- WON SWAY 1.80-92 WON ; I do not claim to be infallible; every one loses at times, but I give MOST WINNERS, and a review of the past is a guide for the future. MONDAY THE STAGE IS SET for one of the longest priced winners that ever went f -to the post that could be caUed a "GOOD THING" , will be released. Also will have very good news all 1 -week and many of my old friends should get in i touch with me at once. Dont delay: prepare now for a week of this EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE. Address communications to ROOM 338, 206 BROADWAY, NEW YORK CITY. : 1 J I I I * d at * l . DLSTLNCTTVE SERVICE Kentucky Turf Bureau 1350 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY 0 FOR SIX WIRES OR FOR ONE DAY MONDAY AT LATONIA Our Kentucky connections have arranged another big special for Monday. The money is planted in the East with instructions not to bet until 15 | mnutes before post time. This should assure us a big price. SATURDAYS WIRE: y San Vicente .00- Won FRIDAYS WERE: Make Up 0.10- Won THURSDAYS WIRE: j Dusty Mary . . .3.60- Won » WEDNESDAYS WIRE: Dusty Mary ...7.30- Won TUESDAYS WIRE: . Clarence 2.20- Won f FIVE DAYS, FIVE WINNERS 2 No racing at Latonia Monday, June 2nd. GPECIAL RATE MONDAY ONLY - The balance of the Latonia meeting 25 racing days FIFTY DOLLARS 950. Telegraph your subscription with correct address once and be in on Mondays big special at Latonia. | 4 ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM 441 PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO. ILL. 2 18 1G ■ n n rj j * s. :s m :h g as IS a m HARVEY AMES EARLE BUILDING BROADWAY AT 52D STREET. NEW YORK CITY This office had the strongest possible advice yesterday on the Cosden entry in the second and the third races, respectively, but as each "Harvey Transaction" consists strictly of one horse, and the second event was decided the safest of the two, it became the "Harvey Transaction" for the day. * The mishap which occurred to BULLSEYE one of the entry, a half mile from home, caused the defeat, while the stablemate fin-e: ished second. No excuses can be offered since all this office is able to do is to produce the best money will purchase. This week will more than atone for the disappointment of Satur- day and Mr. Ames is again in New York to personally supervise the "Harvey Transactions" of this week. A reputation such as "Harvey Transactions" enjoy, has been built upon merit or it would not be possible to record a net profit of over ,500 on a 50 flat bet after losses and cost of the information have been deducted, over a period of the last two weeks. Subscription, 00, for Monday must be in this office before one- thirty Monday afternoon and those expecting service have only them- selves to blame if they do not receive the "Harvey Transaction" unless this matter is attended to promptly, as positively no service to any one unless subscription is here. The attention of this office has been drawn to a handicap sheet bearing the name of Harvey Ames and being sold in Cincinnati and Detroit. This office is in no way connected with any one in this line of business and recognizes no competition. TELEPHONES— CIRCLE 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 I n e „ J r f • i - f j j f | I r ; f , 1 i : MAKE UP 0.10- WON That was the real good thing that I advertised J for Friday, June 6. and just tow-roped home an easy winner. My instructions were to all my followers to set it in and they won heavily on the I result. The above horse had not won a race since last fall. Are you convinced that I know some- thing? Large Doings Entire Meeting at Latonia i There is a horse scheduled to start Tuesday, ! ;| June 10, and has had a special preparation for this I race by one of the shrewdest trainers on the turf and I can truthfully say that it would be impos- , ; | sible to get this horse in better condition. I have , l been on the turf for a number of years, but I have ! never seen what I considered a better proposition ; I offered to the racing public in all my experience, • j j I only wish I could tell you in this ad all I know about this horse. What I want to do is to get . j j the confidence of a few select players who will take i advantage of this sort of information. Tuesday, June 10 Here is a chance that only presents itself now and then and you should not allow it to get away. From all indications I expect a very good price. Wire me your name and address and I will telegraph desired information. Who will telegraph me the winnings of a TEN DOLLAR PLAY? JACK ROWE RAND HOTEL CINCINNATI, OHIO | y j » . f 2 SHIELDS KNOWN TO TURFMEN FOE A GENERATION Strictly One Horse Daily. 0.00 WEEKLY— . 00 DALLY MONDAY— MONDAY I DECLARE TO WIN Fridays 0.00 Occasional: Rockland Princess. ..20- Won Thursdays .00 Track Wire: Annie Jordan 0.40- Won The kind that make the layers weep. j 0- MONDAY ; ■ And that is just what my sure shot .00 | Latonia Track Wire should pay today. Terms, .00 , , and a winner for your money. j Another Winning Bie 0.00 OCCASIONAL MONDAY. and it comes from the same source as Repeater 2.70- Won ] Terms: 0.00 for this horse, Wire or call. 287 Broadway, Room 500 NEW YORK CITY - 2 FREE TRIAL— ONE WEEK NEW METHOD TRACK INFORMATION « Offers unusual opportunity. Write or wire. IT COSTS YOU NOTHING PERMANENT SERVICE CO. | 245 West 47th St. NEW YORK CITY i J I i ;| ! I , ; | , l ! ; I • j j . j j i BOBBY ALLEN ONLY ONE HORSE DAILY .00 DALLY— 0.00 WEEKLY Big Special Monday At Latonia, Ky. This one is a medium of a well-planned organization and connections are down strong. No mistiies will be made when the "wise dough" rides. Get my big .03 Occasional and plunge. Nuf sed. Terms, .00. MY RECORD FAST 8 DAYS: Rockland Princess .20- Won Rkld Prs 8.40-.40- 2nd Just necked out Wrangler 0.70- Won This is the horse I advised you to get down on. Those that did are wearing a smile today. Remember, I am personally at the scene of action. Chas. J. Crgme 1.60- Won Beau Nash 7.95- Won Sunny Ducrovv. .9.50- Won Llewellyn . . . -. 6.90- Won Abstract 2.20- Won A 0.00 flat play on the above winners won ,367.00. STAR MONEY HORSE GOES MONDAY Remember, this kind does not go every day and I advise all Bobby Allen followers that have won on my one horse daily Occasionals to get my big Star Money Horse Monday. Terms, .00. Call at office or wire. BOBBY ALLEN 23 Duane St., Boom 606 New York City squaredeajT Racing Investments are the cream of Latonia information. Flyatit 1.9Q- Won Rockland Princess .20- Won Only horses sent out past week. If track conditions favorable: ONE GOES TUESDAY. JUNE 10 ONE GOES THURSDAY, JUNE 12 ONE GOES SATURDAY, JUNE 14 TERMS: Frofits of a 0 straight play to be wired me my expense day after race. Send me to prepay talegrams and your correct name and address. RICH WILLIS Apt. 2, Brittany Bldg. Cincinnati, Ohio j ; ■ | , , j ] A Square Deal I will be in receipt of word on three horses going this week, which should WIN at good odds These will come from one of the smartest operators in the country. WiU have word on a horse going Wednesday that has been very carefully prepared and will be entered in a soft spot. This horse has only recently fcund his true form. If you want to WIN a good wager Wednesday, June 11. and other wagers to follow, wire or write at once. TERMS— WINNINGS OF STRAIGHT PLAY Jack Sheehan 12 Lewis Block Buffalo, N. Y. « Our weekly Parlay Page is worth while. Buy copy from your dealer or send for 4 weeks GALLOPS. 219 S. Dearborn St.. Chicago | i ADVERTISE IN RACING TORM DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO, 441 PLYMOUTH COURT . CHICAGO, ILL.

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