Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1944-06-22

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS7 SELECTIONS SELECTIONSFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND SECONDONE ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN BOLD FACE LETTERS Trackman J J Murphy Arlington at Washington Park Selections Made for Fast Track JtACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Cloverland Letmenow Orange Bowl Letmenow Golden Cross Letmenow Letmenow I Soldiers Cap LetmenowOrange Orange Bowl Head Flight Orange Bowl Orange Bowl Head Flight Orange Bowl 11 Kope Kona Actress Lady Inver Fox Golden Cross Inver Fox InverFox Golden Cross 6 Puckety Roman Red Door Yock Door Yock YockRattledeBanff Roman Red Roman Red Roman Red Intellect Reklaw RattledeBans RattledeBanff Bagnell Infinity Sheik Door Yock RattledeBang Door Yock Infinity Sheik Bagnell RattledeBanffBagnell Door Yock Bagnell Puckety So Sure So Sure SureGolden Golden Harvest So Sure So Sure SureGolden Bolo Gray So Sure 25 25Gldn i Golden Harvest Golden Harvest So Sure Miss Gazer Golden Harvest Golden Harvest Gldn Harvest 14 Bolo Gray Miss Gazer Bolo Gray Golden Harvest Miss Gazer So Sure Bolo Gray 7 Bolo Miss Bolo Miss Bolo Miss Iron City Iron City Bolo Miss Bolo Miss Fox Rime Bosage Iron City Ben jack Fox Rime Iron City Iron City Limestone Iron Citv Fox Rime Last Salute Limestone Fox Rime Fox Rime fi I Captain Eddie Miss U S O MissUSO Mina J Mina J Missy Miss Mina J Observer Mina J Missy Miss Missy Miss Missy Miss Mina J Missy Miss lo Missy Miss Missy Miss Don Miller Miss U S O Captain Eddie Captain Eddne Miss U S O 11 Putin Take Wing Putin Martian Martian Putin Put In Take Winer Martian Son of War Put In Putin MartianPutin Martian Martian Son of War Son of War Martian Take Winer Take Wing Son of War Take Wing Sunny Portress Eugene EugeneJamerica Jamerica Jamerica Eugene Jamerica Jamerica Jamerica JamericaDeseronto Jamerica JamericaSunny Sunny Portress JamericaDeseronto Deseronto Brown Mate Deseronto Eugene Deseronto Deseronto Eugene DeserontoEugene Eugene Jamerica Sunny Portress Sunny Portress 8 Tusco Rose Canyon Tusco Tusco Rose Canyon Tusco Tusco i Jayakay Jayakay Jayakay TuscoValdina Valdina Marge Air Raider TuscoValdina Valdina Maree Rose Canyon 11 Cincinnatus Air Raider Rose Canyon Jayakay Jayakay Jayakay Jayakay 9 Trackman C H Johnson Detroit Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK 1 WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS I Millchic Magnetism Lochlea LochleaI Lochlea LochleaMagnetism Lochlea LochleaMagnetism Lochlea Lochlea I Lochlea Lochlea Magneti MagnetiFaraway Magnetism Magnetism Lady Stardust StardustLady Millchic Magnetism MagnetismLady Faraway Island Lady Stardust Millchic Lady Stardust Magnetism Lady Stardust Millchic Lorraine Cross Lorraine Cross Lorraine Cross Lorraine Cross CrossTTr4 Lorraine Cross Lorraine Cross 29 Lorraine Cross TTr4 Witchwork v l T DeniSun Gn Ttnni DeniSun Sun Tlani DeniSun Qjin Deni Sun Deni Sun 13 13Drawaway Drawawav Drawawav Witchwork Witchwork Witchwork Drawaway Witchwork 5 Big Albert Big Albert Lucifer Big Albert Big Albert AlbertGold Biff Albert Biff Albert 29 29Gold Gold Tread Vegas Nourrice Big Albert Hasty Chance Lucifer LuciferHasty Gold Tread Lucifer P PHasty Hasty Chance Lucifer Hasty Chance Lucifer Vegas Nourrice Hasty Chance Hasty Chance i Shinemup Flying Julia Silver Donna Woodford Annie Silver Dorina Woodford Annie Woodfd Annie 15 Woodford Annie Helen Ann Van Shinemup Silver Donna Shinemup Shinemup Silver Donna 15 15Silver Silver Donna Silver Donna Woodford Annie Shinemup Helen Ann Van Silver Donna Shinemup Above All KentyBoy KentyBoy Above All Jo Agnes AgnesKentyBoy Kenty Boy Kenty Boy KentyBoy Commando Tom Above All KentyBoy Old Silk SilkJo Commando Tom Above All Jo Agnes Jo Agnes Commando Tom Commando Tom Vanslam Above All Jo Agnes Credit Man Credit Man Credit Man Nelson Dunstan Credit Man Ray G Credit Man 28 28Credit RayG Handy Lad RayG Credit Man Handy Lad Credit Man Ray G 1 1Nelson Handy Lad RayG Handy Lad Handy Lad RayG Nelson Dunstan Handy Lad Towakee Towakee Towakee Towakee Boom On OnBoom Dina FJag Towakee Boom TowakeeGood On Boom On DinaFlag Cooling Spring Towakee Boom On Boom On Good Daughter Cooling Spriner Boom On Boom On Cooling Spring Towakee Dina Flag Bopenko Valdina Joe Plucky Teddy Plucky Teddy Plucky Teddy TeddyPlucky Plucky Teddy Plucky Teddy 24 Plucky Teddy Extend Buckle Down Extend Buckle Down DownBuckle Bopenko Bopenko Buckle Down Buckle Down Bopenko Valdina Joe Valdina Joe Valdina Joe Valdina Joe Trackman C J Connors Aqueduct Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Record Crop Record Crop Record Crop Happy Herman Record Crop Record Crop Record Crop 26 Happy Herman Happy Herman Happy Herman Sixteen Cents Happy Herman Happy Herman Happy Hermn 15 Dear Bridget Scotch Irish Sixteen Cents Record Crop Respire Respire Sixteen Cents 3 Offenbach Lady Olffa Oaking Lady Olga Lady Olga Lady Olga Lady Olga Gallant Agent Offenbach Lady Olga Offenbach Offenbach Offenbach Offenbach Lady Olga King of Castle Blenette King of Castle Dime a Dance King of Castle Oaking Tioga Simoon SimoonSimoon SimoonTioga Simoon Simoon Tioga Simoon Simoon Simoon Tioga TiogaGreenwich Tioga TiogaCupid Tioga Simoon Tioga SimoonTioga Tioga Greenwich Time Cupid Cupid Greenwich Time Cupid TiogaCupid Cupid Cupid Bettys Bobby Histrionic Lumiere LumiereHistrionic Bettys Bobby Histrionic Bettys Bobby BobbyHistrionic Bettys Bobby 20 Powerhouse Bettys Bobby Histrionic Histrionic Bettys Bobby BobbySearchlight Histrionic Histrionic 16 Searchlight Lumiere Bettys Bobby Searchlight Lumiere HistrionicPowerhouse Powerhouse Lumiere 9 Meadow Maid Meadow Maid Meadow Maid Meadow Maid Meadow Maid Meadow Maid MeadowMaid 30 Boomtown Gal Merry Fairy Savant dOr Merry Fairy Merry Fairy Merry Fairy Merry Fairy 8 Admirals Lady Savant dOr Admirals Lady Brevithorn Savant dOr Admirals Ladv Savant dOr 4 Bankrupt Bankrupt Ramillies Bankrupt Boysy Ramillies Bankrupt 1 Omission Boysy Porters Cap Boysy Bankrupt Singing Torch Ramillies Ramillies Porters Cap Boysy Porters Cap Porters Cap Boysy Boysy Late City Late City Spheric Late City Late City Okapi Lancer Late City Okapi Lancer Bud Grey Late City Okapi Lancer Bud Grey Late City Okapi Lancer Bud Grey Spheric More Wine Bud Grey Spheric Bud Grey Bud Grey 7 Zanzibar Zanzibar Zanzibar Zanzibar Zanzibar Zanzibar Zanzibar 36 36Tragic Tragic Ending Tragic Ending Tragic Ending Profile ZanzibarProfile Tragic ZanzibarTragic Ending Tragic ZanzibarTragic Ending Tragic Ending 11 Profile Profile Profile Tragic Ending Profile Profile Profile 7 Trackman D S Fair Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Muddy Track I RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS I Famous Lady Weapons Pride PrideBarnacle Cavallena Weapons Pride Famous Lady Weapons Pride Weapns Pride 15 i d Barnacle Barnacle BarnacleCavallena Two Block Barnacle Cavallena Two Block Famous Lady 11 I Cavallena Cavallena Famous Lady Cavallena Two Block Cavallena Cavallena 11 Grand Party Grand Party PartyDepi Grand Party Grand Party Grand Party Grand Party Grand Party 30 Roman Descent DepiFlying Depi Roman Descent Depi Depi Depi Depi 8 8Flying Flying Ned Flying Ned Greenock Flame Flying Ned Greenock Flame Flying Ned Flying Ned 4 High Plaid Jockarando Jockarando Sunspark Sunspark Jockarando Jockarando Gold Bill Sunspark High Plaid High Plaid High Plaid JockarandoSunspark Sunspark Sunspark Sunspark High Plaid Sunspark Jockarando Jockarando Bostee SunsparkBostee High Plaid 12 I Pry PryAntelope Pry PryValdina Pry Pry Pry Pry Pry 40 40Valdina Antelope Valdina Fleet Valdina Fleet Son Admiral PrySon Son Admiral PryValdina Valdina Fleet Valdina Fleet r I Son Admiral Army Glider Army Glider Army Glider Army Glider Army Glider Son Admiral i Hardship Hardship Lost Gold La Scala ScalaHardship Lost Gold Hardship Hardship i Lost Gold Lost Gold Hardship Easy Blen BlenTaking Hardship La Scala Lost HardshipLost Gold La Scala La Scala Taking Ways Hardship La Scala Easy Blend La Scala 10 10Arthur War Reward Darby Ducat Chain Miss War Glea GleaWar Gleam Arthur Murray Arthur Murray Arthur Murry 15 Skipper Z Arthur Murray War Reward Arthur M Murray War Gleam War Reward War Reward 9 Arthur Murray War Gleam Darby Ducat Darby Du Ducat Darby RewardDarby Ducat War Gleam War Gleam r Blue Warrior Impregnable Impregnable Impregna Impregnable Jan One Impregnable Impregnable 21 i Jan One Blue Warrior Procla Jan One OneJan Procla ImpregnableProcla Blue Warrior Jan One If IfBlue I Grey Sauire Jan One Jan One Procla Impregnable WarriorImpregnable Jan One Blue Warrior Yes or No White Time White Time TimeAncipital Yes or No Yes or No Icystream Yes or No Icystream Icystream Ancipital Icystream White IcystreamWhite Time White Time White Time 16 I Ancipital Yes or No Yes or No Santa Elisa Icystream Yes or No Icystream 12

Persistent Link: https://drf.uky.edu/catalog/1940s/drf1944062201/drf1944062201_3_1
Local Identifier: drf1944062201_3_1
Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800