Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-15

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, W A. Willig , Lincoln Fieldsat Hawthorne Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PIIAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS~ Madill Needles Eye Needles Eve Madill Madill 18 IMadill Cousin Mamie Needles Eye . Madill La Marie Needles Eve Needles Eye 15 Needles Eye Genies Mate Major Bull Madill Genies Mate Cousin Mamie 2 Maihigh Maihigh Whippet Maihigh Maihigh 15 2SimonysBoy Air Borne Air Borne Whippet Simonys Boy Simonys Boy Simonys Boy 10 Whippet Simonys Boy Air Bourne Black Orchid Black Orchid Air Bourne 5 Anxiety Marie Olympia Marie Olympia Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety 16 3 Marie Olympia ImperialJones DougBrashear ImperialJones Marie Olympia Marie Olympia 15 Imperial Jones Anxiety Playante Marie Olympia Imperial Jones Imperial Jones 6 Crimson Tide CRIMSON TIDE Putitthere Putitthere Putitthere 16 4Putitthere Crimson Tide Havaheart Havaheart Havaheart Crimson Tide Crimson Tide 15 Vinum Putitthere Vinum Crimson Tide Havaheart Havaheart 7 FOUR DEEP FOUR DEEP Four Deep Four Deep FOUR DEEP FOUR DEEP 31 5 Tawny Lady Diderod Tawny Lady Valdina Maiden Tawny Lady Tawny Lady 6 American Eagle Another Night Another Night American Eagle Diderod Diderod 3 Latent Rush Act Rush Act HAPPY PILOT Rush Act Rush Act 19 6 Rush Act Latent Latent Rush Act Happy Pilot Latent 10 Happy Pilot Happy Pilot Sand Storm King Epithet Latent Happy Pilot 9 Which Glint Which Glint AlanF. Alan F. Mighty Lucky Which Glint 16 7 AlanF. Actress Lady Which Glint Which Glint Which Glint AlanF. 13 Actress Lady Alan F. Actress Lady Mighty Lucky Actress Lady Mighty Lucky 6 Town Victory Town Victory Town Victory Town Victory Valnor Town Victory 22 8 Valnor Valnor Valnor Valnor Town Victory Valnor 13 Giant Star Replication Burnt Bridges Giant Star Giant Star Giant Star 3 Trackman, G. Peterson Churchill Downs Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Flight Surgeon Epaway Epawav Flight Surgeon Epaway Epaway 17 1 Minedda Flight Surgeon Minedda Epaway Minedda Flight Surgeon 14 Miss Spears Minedda Flight Surgeon Minedda Flight Surgeon Minedda 8 Bank Balance Waza Walla Waza Walla Waza Walla Waza Walla Waza Walla 22 2 Waza Walla Bank Balance Transong Bank Balance Inthedark Bank Balance 9 Jittery Jack Transong Polly Per Jittery Jack Transong Transong 4 Calexico Calexico Calexico Calexico CALEXICO 25 3Calexico Bird o Gold Johnnie Ehret Johnnie Ehret Sweep Call Johnnie Ehret Johnnie Ehret 7 Johnnie Ehret Sweep Call Sweep Call Anaesthesia Bird o Gold Sweep All 4 Teddysun Flysolate Flysolate Flysolate Flysolate 20 4Flvsolate King River First Pebble K. El Banco K. El Banco K. El Banco K. El Banco 8 K. El Banco K. El Banco LEnfant First Pebble LEnfant Teddysun 5 Fighting Step ROI ROUGE Fighting Step FIGHTING STEP Fighting Step Fighting Step 22 5 Bergolater Bergolater Tiger Rebel Roi Rouge Roi Rouge Roi Rouge 11 Tiger Rebel Artillerist Artillerist Bergolater Bergolater Bergolater 6 DURAZNA Zacapet ZACAPET Durazna DURAZNA Durazna 23 6 Zacapet Durazna Durazna • Zacapet Zacapet Zacapet 18 Busyridge Busyridge Sun Flower Sun Flower Busyridge Busyridge 4 Bessie Vance Count Chant Count Chant Count Chant Count Chant Count Chant 22 7 Count Chant Bessie Vance Victory Play Seminole Bessie Vance Bessie Vance 10 Victory Play Play Kitty Play Kitty Bessie Vance Victory Play Victory Play 4 Easv Jack Thos Study Period Air Warden Thos Thos 12 8 Thos Easy Jack Guerryton Easy Jack Study Period Easv Jack 9 Chief Adviser Study Period Chief Adviser Guerryton Guerryton Study Period 8 Trackman, C. J. Connors Belmont Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAft LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Kings Feast Kings Feast Picket Line Kings Feast Kings Feast Kings Feast 22 1 Picket Line Jetta T. Kings Feast Jetta T. JettaT. Picket Line 7 Royal Weista Royal Weista Jetta T. Royal Weista Royal Weista Jetta T. 7 Colony Bov Sun Ireland Pep Well SUN IRELAND Colony Boy Sun Ireland 18 2 Sun Ireland Pep Well Sun Ireland Colony Boy Sun Ireland Colony Bov 14 Darby Diagram Colony Boy Colony Boy Pep Well Pep Well Pepwell 9 Copper Beech Copper Beech Copper Beech Copper Beech Copper Beech COPPER BEECH 25 3 Lieut. Well Lieut. Well Sander Sander Galactic Lieut. Well 5 Galactic Sander Little Sammie Lieut. Well Mat Sander 5 Flying Pro Allier Flying Pro Flying Pro Star Pilot Flying Pro 17 4 Star Pilot Mist o Gold Allier Allier Flying Pro Allier 10 Mist o Gold King Thunder Bet Me His Grace Allier Star Pilot 7 MAHMOUDESS Sheer Luck Sheer Luck Mahmoudess Mahmoudess 20 5Mahmoudess OhMandv Brevithorn Brevithorn Mahmoudess Sheer Luck Sheer Luck 13 Sharp Watch Sheer Luck Mahmoudess Sharp Watch Sharp Watch Brevithorn 4 Mountaineer First Stage FIRST STAGE Mountaineer MOUNTAINEER Mountaineer 21 6 Algahad Mountaineer Mountaineer Algahad Algahad First Stage 13 Epicure Son of Tarra Algahad Son of Tarra First Stage Algahad 7 Tarpan Tarpan Skin Deep Tarpan Tarpan 22 7TARPAN Darby Delilah Justa Note • Skin Deep Menex Darby Delilah Skin Deep 7 Leaving Menex Still Blue Darby Delilah Menex Menex 4 Landslide Lucky B. Napoo Napoo Landslide Landslide 15 8 Free Dutch Landslide Free Dutch Landslide Free Dutch Napoo 12 Lucky B. Napoo Landslide Lucky B. Napoo Lucky B. 7 Trackman: E. P. Heagerty. Delaware Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Again High Priority High Priority Anne Again High Priority Anne Again 16 IAnne Johns Galla Anne Again Anne Again First Looie Anne Again High Priority 16 First Looie Night Duty Johns Galla High Priority Johns Galla Johns Galla 4 Nora Belle Joblots Hot Night Swin£ Shift Nora Belle 11 2JackMadigan Nora Belle Hot Night Hot Night Nora Belle Joblots Hot Night 9 Befavored Joblots Nora Belle Joblots Nora Belle Joblots 9 Varden Dollv Varden Dolly Varden Dolly Varden DOLLY VARDEN DOLLY VARDEN 27 3Dollv Chance Bullet Black Knight Volturno Black Knight Black Knight Black Knight 6 Fire Ladder Chance Bullet Roll Shot Volturno Volturno Volturno 4 Gorget Pompion Pompion Pompion Pompion 21 4Pompion Mae Case Mae Case Sundial Gorget Gorget Gorget 10 Gorget Pompion Smiling Lass Mae Case Mae Case Mae Case 6 OPENING BID Opening Bid HIGH COMMAND High Command Opening Bid High Command 17 5 Mugs Game High Command Mugs Game Opening Bid High Command Opening Bid 16 High Command Mugs Game Dancing Archie Mugs Game Mugs Game Mugs Game 7 Sun Herod Valdina Brave Sandy Trail Sun Herod Sun Herod Sun Herod 17 6 VaMina Brave Sun Herod Tamil Supermont Supermont Valdina Brave 7 Reu Cin Red Cin Red Cin RedCin Tamil Sandy Trail 5 SQUADRON Black Object Sauadron Sauadron Scmadron 22 7Sauadron Black Ob.iect Wise Timmie Rough News Black Ob.iect Black Object Black Ob.iect 12 Wise Timmie Black Ob.iect Wise Timmie Wise Timmie Wise Timmie Wise Timmie 6 Busy Man Busy Man Flying Ned BUSY MAN Busy Man Busy Man 24 8 Hy Rickey Hy Rickey Busy Man Nida Barker Bobtown Flying Ned 7 Flying Ned Bobtown Bobtown Flying Ned Star Back Hy Rickey 4 Trackman, D. S. Fair Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Total Eclipse Pomiva Supreme Ideal TOTAL ECLIPSE Total Eclipse Total Eclipse 21 1 Wheat Total Eclipse Total Eclipse Supreme Ideal Pomiva Pomiva 8 Valdina Joe Supreme Ideal Wheat Pomiva Valdina Joe Supreme Ideal 8 Dibber Dibber Elmos Cloud Dibber Dibber Dibber 22 2 Elmos Cloud , Elmos Cloud Dibber Elmos Cloud Elmos Cloud Elmos Cloud 13 Karen Q. Karen Q. Dark Sissy Karen Q. Karen Q. Karen Q. 4 Turkey Feather Turkey Feather Pilates Own Turkey Feather Turkey Feather Turkey Feather 22 3 Pilates Own Charming Saint Turkey Feather Pilates Own Pilates Own Pilates Own 12 Unquitable Pilates Own Unquitable Charming Saint Charming Saint Charming Saint 4 Eric Knight Change Here Lone Sentry Change Here Eric Knight Eric Knight 14 4 Change Here Leo McLaughlin Eric Knight Leo McLaughlin Leo McLaughlin Change Here 13 Leo McLaughlin Eric Knight Change Here Eric Knight Lone Sentry Leo McLaughlin 7 ~ Listing LISTING Listing Listing Listing LISTING 27 5 Promenader Josies Pal Josies Pal Promenader Discouraged Josies Pal 7 Josies Pal Discouraged Promenader Josies Pal Josies Pal Promenader 5 Rocket Gal Misflying MomoFlag Rocket Gal Rocket Gal 12 6MomoFlag Rocket Gal Towakee Darby Ducat Darby Ducat Clansman MomoFlag 10 Misflying Misflying Towakee Red Dock Red Dock Misflying 7 Lively Man Penny Pincher GREAT DIVIDE Lively Man Lively Man Lively Man 15 7 Great Divide Great Divide Chow Halcyon Night Halcyon Night Great Divide 11 Chow Halcyon Night Penny Pincher Penny Pincher Penny Pincher Penny Pincher 8 CAPT. CAUTION Bowling Green First Girl Capt. Caution CAPT. CAUTION Capt. Caution 22 8 Bowling Green Capt. Caution Bowling Green Chic Shirley Baruna Bowling Green 9 First Girl Dansation Capt. Caution Dansation Blue Warrior First Girl 6

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