Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-23

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, W A. Willig Lincoln FJeldsat HoWtfcOfHC Selections Made for Fast Track MCE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAB LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS I RjchPbcjC Rich Uncle Rich Uncle Rich Uncle Rich Uncle RICH UNCLE " 25 | Liberty Flight Mismark Plavante Mismark Foot to Foot Mismark 7 Mismark Liberty Flight Mismark Plavante Mismark Liberty Flight 3 Westler Westler Flying Entree Minta H. Flying Entree Westler 13 2 Double Duty Sonny Boy Sonny Boy Sonny Boy Sonny Bov Flying Entree 10 Minta H._ Alerins Westler Westler Westler Sonny Boy 8 3JOESPAGAT Dauntless Beau Glorious Star Joe Snagat Blue Pal Joe Snagat 17 Dauntless Bo Joe Snagat Joe Snagat Dauntless Bo Dauntless Bo Dauntless Bo 11 Old Lover Blue Pal Blue Pal Blue Pal Joe Snagat Blue Pal 8 Ghost Hunt Liberty Pan Actress Ladv Liberty Pan LIBERTY PAN Liberty Pan 19 4 Liberty Pan Ghost Hunt Chance Taker Leos Brandy Ghost Hunt Ghost Hunt 10 Leo s Brandy Leos Brandy Bonnie Plaid Ghost Hunt Leos Brandy Actress Ladv 5 0uizzle OUIZZLE BOLO TIE Esoino Gold Ouizzle Ouizzle 21 5 Bolo Tie Burgoo Maid Ouizzle Quizzle Bolo Tie Bolo Tie 12 Martian Bolo Tie Martian Burgoo Maid Burgoo Maid Esoino Gold 5 Take Wing Take Wing Corvdon TAKE WING Take Wing Take Wing 24 6 Cory don Cory don Take Wing Good Bid Bolos Choice Corvdon 10 Bolo s Choice Bolos Choice Good Bid Devalue Corvdon Bolos Choice 4 Monks Memo Monks Memo TomsLadd Monks Memo Dads Monks Memo 16 7 Random Breeze Havana Lad Random Breeze Havana Lad Havana Lad Havana Lad 7 Havana Lad Dads Monks Memo Random Breeze Random Breeze Dads 6 Doug Brashear Town Victory OakwoodsLad DougBrashear DougBrashear Doug Brashear 19 8 1 own Victory Doug Brashear Doug Brashear Cannons Banner Cannons Banner Town Victorv 9 Brown Mask Cannons Banner Town Victory Brown Mask Town Victory Oakwoods Lad 5 Trackman: C. H. Johnson Detroit Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Erin Torch Jay Stevens Half Grand Erin Torch Erin Torch Erin Torch ~~ 17 1 Bright Traice Erin Torch Back to Back Cherriko Half Grand Half Grand 7 Jay Stevens Cherriko Bright Trace Jay Stevens Cherriko Jay Stevens 7 2EdM. EdM. Charge Cloudy Weather ED M. Ed M F9 Cloudy Weather Cloudy Weather Dons Count EdM. Dons Count Cloudv Weather 11 Don s Count Dons Count Cloudy Weather Bright Count Cloudv Weather Charge 7 Sweeonack Sweepnack Bashful Duck Bashful Duck Sweeonack Sweeonack 18 3 Wl£P£rl OkooleMaluna Gold Bill Sweeonack Bashful Duck Bashful Duck Gold Bill Gold Bill Sweeonack Gold Bill Gold Bill Gold Bill 6 Marcelle B. MARCELLE B. Cashier Pene Miss Marianna Marcelle B. 13 4 Miss Marianna Miss Marianna Miss Marianna Miss Marianna Mel Cavano Miss Marianna 13 Cashier Mel Cavano Marcelle B. Lauramar Cashier Cashier 7 CRACK REWARD Crack Reward Dimit Shout About Crack Reward Crack Reward 11 5 Uttermost Shout About Redbush TueyToy Potsev Shout About 7 potsev Nine R. Train Tuey Toy Uttermost Dimit Dimit I 6TAXTs*lil 1r Air Sailor Fettacarin AIR SAILOR Air Sailor Air Sailor 23 Hi Neighbor Believe Believe Bring Me Home Believe Believe 6 Beheve Bring Me Home Air Sailor Sir Sprite Sir Sprite Fettacairn 5 Pari King Idle Sun Boris N. Idle Sun Idle Sun Idle Sun 15 7 Precision Pari King Precision Pari King Pari King Pari King 12 Fold Under One Link Pari King Precision Boris N. Boris H. 6 Foulard Foulard Foulard Foulard FOULARD 25 8EouIs£d™ Fourth Estate A Door-Yock Bell Call Bell Call Kantar Run Bell Call 4 Door-Yock Telescope Kantar Run Fourth Estate Telescope Fourth Estate 3 Trackman, C. J. Connors Belmont Park Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Willing Spirit Willing Spirit Blenel Pindus Pindus Wiiii«„ c- • IT" 1 Menotnow Abrego Pindus Willing Spirit Stage Fire RnT Dlnt 14 Blenel Stage Fire Willing Spirit Stage Fire Willing Spirit Blenel 12 Colony Boy Allier Medal Colony Bov Colony Boy " rv, w757 6 2 Assault Challenge Play Allier Mist o Gold Allier a?wvBov 15 Air Hero Flying Pro Flying Pro Allier Mist o Gold Medal 10 Floating Isle Elkridge Elkridge Elkridge War Battle ttuZ ■ — 3 Elkridge Floating Isle Floating Isle Floating Isle Elkridge SnKeT1 19 Iron Shot Mercator War Battle Iron Shot Floating Isle War Battle 12 Star Pilot Harveys Pal Enfilade Harveys Pal Star Pilot 7£7i~f~ 6 4 Enfilade Star Pilot Star Pilot Star Pilot Enfilade w„«iPilot 16 Happy C. Enfilade Harveys Pal Enfilade Air Hero " Harms Pal ! I c MENEX MENEX Skin Deep Flaught MENEX SFil?— ~ S Sorisky Ayahs Boy Golden Cross Menex Skin Deep 2l;£X 23 Z Flaught Sorisky Minee-Mo Skin Deep Flaught Flau-hf0 The Doge Jeep PAVOT JEEP Jeep EZT 6 Jeep Pavot Jeep The Doge Pavot pow J! Pavot The Doge Sea Swallow Pavot Wildlife The Do Rodney Stone Fox Brownie Eternity Swimmin Hole Eternity p,-.. p; ; 7 Fox Brownie Swimmin Hole Fox Brownie Fox Brownie Fox Brownie Kw4rf£w Swimmin Hole Comanche Peak Eurasian Rodney Stone Swimmin Hole Swimmin Hole *§ Intact Pictorador Johnsport Turnnlate T„f„ . 8Bavern Colleto Pictorador His Jewel gis Jewel Intact Ptetofador i HHour Bayern Intact Pictorador Colleto Bavern 6 Trackman: E. P. Delaware Park Heagerty. Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP ~" CONSENSUS MvMalcha Miss Monarch MvMalcha MvMairh " 77-.., ; -t IMvMalcha Air Power Miss Monarch Bright Remark Air Power Miss Mnnaroh MvMalcha 20 Miss Monarch Air Power Son of Heels Bright Remark Air Power Miss Monarch 10 Miss War Joblots Miss War Miss War Miss War " — ~~T7-— ;vTWCI- 6 2 Handwave Miss War Handwave Joblots HandwavP Miss War 22 Lictor Handwave Joblots Handwave Joblots Joblots 9 Challenging Challenging Challenging Challenging ChallFnw Trr 8 3 Perfect Sea Bees Laurenita Pholos Laurentifl Challenging 25 Pholos Billy F. Billy F. Gallies Billy f Laurentia 4 ADROIT Adroit Edemgee ADROIT Admit Z 3 4 Hornbeam Hornbeam Adroit Hornbeam Hornbeam Adroit 26 Edemgee Tenebrose Hornbeam Edemgee Edemirpp Hornbeam 9 Ask Aunt Ada Ask Aunt Ida Pompion Goodrob Pomok " 5 Pompion Lavaway Lavawav Pomoion Goodrnh „ Pomoion 15 Goodrob Pomoion Ask Aunt Ada Ask Aunt Ada Carmus Ask Aunt Ada 12 dr°- 8 Rounders ROUNDERS ROUNDERS Rounders Rounds — 6 He Rolls He Rolls Great Rush Great Rush He Roll* ROUNDERS 29 Bon Jour GavBit Bon Jour Bon Jour Ben innr He Rolls 6 -7 Black Object Black Object gevjBrt Black Object ilaTiTohiT reatKusn 4 / Tack Rom Tack Room Tack Rom Tack Rom Tack RrSim Black Object 20 Roman Matron Devils Bit Refresh Devils Bit Refresh SSteBtt" 7 Assailant WiseTimmie WiseTimmie Assailant ASSAILANT Aiw ii Pompa Negri Assailant . Aassailant WiseTimmie Pompa Negri wKe Timmie Beggar Pompa Negri Dancing Archie Pompa Negri Wise TiSfiSe PoSSI 6 Trackman, P. S. Fair Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST " PHAR LAP __SWjEEP_ CONSENSUS 1 |ver9? 1. Ever On Lees Jacopo Home Front Ever On Ever On iq PennyPacker Agronomist Ever On iJiLnn 5 Ever On Penny Packer __! Agronomist PennyPacker Agronomist Duchess Myrna Agronomist jSagFrojg 5 Local Finance Prevaricator Anuhe Prevaricator Prevaricator is 2Anuhe Local Finance Prevaricator Local Finance Prevaricator • Local Finance LnraTwrXnr* 15 Prevaricator Undertow Wild Advice Local Finance Wild Ad vice Anuhi 10 Seven Hills SEVEN HILLS Precious Years Seven Hills SEVEN HIT I S sfvfiv hii i « 9* 3 Queen Echo Patron Saint Seven Hills Queen Echo Queen Echo OuTen Echo 2| Oajanont Queen Echo Queen Echo Patron Saint Patron Saint PreclSus Years 5 4 Windmill OGHAM wSSffn Salvo Windmill c*,ham Salvo SFh2m-„ Windmill OGHAM Windmill Ogham WindSill Ogham- WindSill 23 11 Salvo salvo Salvo 7 Challamore Johnny Jr. Johnny Jr. Challamore Challamore Challamnrp T« 5 SSKS Challamore Castleman Castleman JoSinnyJr.6 hnnTir WestFleet Slde B°v Challamore Side Boy Castleman Castleman 7 Jims Boy Son Admiral JIMS BOY Kewev Dee Michaelo Jims Bov 14 6 S2SSL Kewev Dee Beldine Nowadays Jims Bov KeevDee 9 Kewev Dee Nowadays Nowadays Winsome Lad Kewev Dee Nowadays 6 7 KnP°SpJn¥rv SEandfiSS Eric Knight Eric Knight Doctor Jeep Doctor Jeep 17 * feStaSSr* SandKH? Lone sentry Cvclorama Lone Sentry Eric Knight 13 icystream Dairy Lady Doctor Jeep Doctor Jeep Eric Knight Lone Sentry 6 Blue Warrior Borders Boy Borders Boy Single Single Single 14 8 AieilfH0Wlee SSK25 ?inRle Borders Boy Aldridge Borders Bov 12 Aldndge Aldndge A. One Blue Warrior A. One Blue Warrior 6

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