Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-27

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j J I 1 , l i J 1 i j v i r [ ! 3 . t ;. - J J. 1 " J e s - 0 e e f n DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS, ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE; TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD, BEST CHANCE IN BOLD FACE LETTERS Trackman, W A. Willig Arlington at Washington Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST~ PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Meritorious Meritorious Hiehthorne Little Minx Little Minx Meritorious 11 1 Task Force Campion Hall Campion Hall Campion Hall Hiehthorne Little Minx 10 Epawav Hiehthorne Maihieh Hiehthorne Meritorious Hiehthorne 9 Guide Joe Spaeat Headline Valdina Aide Sandslineer 7 2Sandslineer K. Durable Veeas Jim Private Joe Guide Sandslineer Guide 7 Valdina Aide Headline Genies Mate Private Joe Headline Valdina Aide 6 Black Pepper Siblev Black Pepper TIGER REBEL Tieer Rebel Tieer Rebel 15 3 Aleahad Donna Brand Tieer Rebel Conference Black Pepper Black Pepper 13 Tieer Rebel Black Pepper Conference Donna Brand Conference Siblev 5 Tonic Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic 25 4 Ghost Hunt Lone Aeo Ghost Hunt Ghost Hunt Ghost Hunt Ghost Hunt 9 Campanula Ghost Hunt Huri Horn Hari Float Awav Lone Aeo Lone Aeo 3 c Armed OBSERVER Observer Armed Armed Armed 16 |J Havaheart Count Chant Havaheart Observer Havaheart Observer 16 Observer Miss Bobolink Armed Count Chant Observer Havaheart 6 , Occupy Occupy OCCUPY Occupy OCCUPY OCCUPY 29 ft Durazna Sienator Durazna Sienator Durazna Durazna 6 Sienator Bureoo Maid Harriet Sue Sirius Sirius Sienator 5 •j Snowfly Town Victory Town Victory Town Victorv Town Victorv Town Victory 21 I Hieh Roller Doue Brashear Doue Brashear Doue Brashear Doue Brashear Snowflv 8 Town Victory Mary M. V. Snowfly Snowfly Snowflv Doue Brashear 8 0 CHOPPY SEA Twixt Twixt Choppy Sea Choppy Sea Choppy Sea 20 ft Twixt Rex Choppy Sea Twixt Twixt Twixt 16 Rex Choppy Sea Rex Rex Rex Rex 6 Trackman: C. H. Johnson Detroit Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Stevens Jav Stevens One Link Jav Stevens Jav Stevens Jav Stevens 20 IJav Maenesium War Communiaue Foulard One Link Vain Caotain One Link 7 War Communiaue Foulard Taneower Lee War Communique War Communiaue War Communique 5 «% Provoker Provoker Politics Provoker Provoker Provoker 20 7 Politics Colonel John Bitter Briar Politics Colonel John Politics 10 Markabilitv Politics Space Bitter Briar Sunpalo Colonel John 4 «* Sweepnack SWEEPNACK Sweepnack Furenuf Furenuf Sweepnack 21 Lineer Alone Silver Donna Furenuf Sweepnack Sweepnack Furenuf 13 Top Beau Furenuf Silver Donna Bie Bozo Lineer Alone Lineer Alone 3 - PereMarkette Bill Ross PereMarkette ZacaBill ARIEL ACE Pere Markette 13 EL Bill Ross Pere Markette Hieh Hope Mimzv Greealach Ariel Ace 8 Ariel Ace Marcelle B. Little Keith Greealach Pere Markette Bill Ross 7 p Mv Tet Rambler Cooline Sprine Henry Knieht Final Glory Victim My Tet Rambler 9 * Henry Knieht My Tet Rambler Diamond Dick Old Silk Final Glorv Henry Knieht 7 Chickie P. P. Old Silk My Tet Rambler Cooline Sprine My Tet Rambler Final Glorv 7 Ben Gray Ben Gray Ben Grav Wilma Van Ben Grav BEN GRAY 22 6 RavG. Bert Hydrant Ben Grav Wilma Van Wilma Van 9 Valdina Senora Wilma Van Wilma Van Valdina Senora Good Goine Ray G. 2 SWEEP SWINGER Bonnie Andrew BY CONSCRIPT BRING ME HOME By Conscript Bv Conscript 17 7 Brine Me Home Bv Conscript Brine Me Home Bv Conscript Gallahue Brine Me Home 12 By Conscript Brine Me Home Good Pauehter Bonnie Andrew Sweep Swineer Sweep Swineer 8 Bobby Moonlite Bobby Cloudy Weather Hieh One Hieh One Hieh One 13 8Moonlite Stanlene Ambranded Hieh One Cloudy Weather Ambranded Moonlite Bobbv 11 Never Alone Hieh One Ambranded Ambranded Moonlite Bobbv Cloudy Weather 7 A J Trackman, C. J. Connors Aqueduct Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Little Alison Ice Ladv Little Alison Little Alison Little Alison ~~18 IIceLadv Darby Dune Bedeviled Little Alison Ice Ladv Bedeviled Ice Ladv 14 Little Alison Ice Ladv Bedeviled Dedeviled Ice Ladv Bedeviled 6 #* Skin Deep Darby Delilah K. Dorko K. Dorko DARBY DELILAH Darbv Delilah 16 / Darbv Delilah Skin Deep Skin Deep Skin Deep Skin Deep Skin Deep 13 K. Dorko K. Dorko Darbv Delilah Darby Delilah K. Dorko K. Dorko 13 Naval Base Sun Ireland Sun Ireland Sun Ireland Sun Ireland Sun Ireland 21 3 Pebbles Habit The Problem Ben Hur Ben Hur Hieh Air Naval Base 6 Sun Ireland Random Jest Naval Base Darbv Diaeram Darby Diaeram Ben Hur 4 POST GRADUATE Post Graduate ESTEEM ESTEEM Esteem ESTEEM 23 4 Esteem Esteem Tieer Call Tieer Call Buzfuz Post Graduate 14 Buzfuz Buzfuz Post Graduate Ellis Post Graduate Tieer Call 4 SAGUARO Larky Day Saeuaro LarkvDav Saeuaro 18 5Saeuaro Transformer Larky Day Transformer Larky Day Transformer Larkv Dav 14 Coronal Transformer Comanche Peak Transformer Saeuaro Transformer I Gun Deck Gun Deck Gun Deck Gun Deck Madlvn K. Gun Deck 20 6 Goody Gumdrop Madlvn K. Goodv Gumdrop Blenco Blenco Madlvn K. 7 Blenco Blenco Blenco Goody Gumdrop Insolate Blenco 7 Bob Mann Bob Mann Son of Tarra Son of Tarra Hal Son of Tarra 14 7 Hal Son of Tarra Flareback Hal Bob Mann Bob Mann 13 Son of Tarra Hal Ace Skipper Bob Mann Son of Tarra Hal 10 Trackman: E. P. Heagerty. Delaware Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Outlet Maeic Step HairanBest Outlet Outlet ii ILoachapoka Curler Curler Skean Loachapoka Curler LOachapoka 8 Skean Her Hiehness Loachapoka Outlet Her Hiehness curler 6 Ask Aunt Ada Ask Aunt Ada Petes Bet Ask Aunt Ada ASK AUNT ADA Ask Aunt Ada 24 2 Piccadilly Lord Vatout Ask Aunt Ada Lord Win Petes Bet Petes Bet 9 Tedious Miss Petes Bet Lord Win Lord Vatout Lord Vatout Lord Vatout 4 War Battle RoueeDraeon Elkridee Floatinelsle RoueeDraeon RoueeDraeon 13 3 RoueeDraeon Elkridee Floatinelsle Elkridee War Battle Elkridee 13 Elkridee Floatine Isle Rouee Draeon Rouee Draeon Floatine Isle Floatine Isle 9 NOONDAY SUN Noonday Sun CARMUS Noonday Sun Noondav Sun Noonday Sun 24 4 Mae Case Carmus Noonday Sun Mae Case Mae Case Carmus . Milkwhite Mae Case Mae Case Carmus Carmus Mae Case 8 HASTEVILLE Hasteville HASTEVILLE Hasteville HASTEVILLE - 9 5Hasteville Hornbeam Hornbeam Blue Wines Blue Wines Quarter Moon Quarter Moon 6 Quarter Moon Quarter Moon Quarter Moon Quarter Moon Hornbeam Hornbeam 5 Sarawak Sarawak Mackerel Skv Sarawak Sarawak Sarawak 20 6 Maidofthemoon Delmarva Shove Off Mackerel Skv Delmarva Mackerel Skv 8 Delmarva Shove Off , Sereeant J. V. Delmarva Mackerel Skv Delmarva 6 Three Plv Pompa Neeri Dancine Archie Winnine Smile Pompa Neeri Pompa Neeri 14 7 Dancine Archie Elbasan Pompa Neeri Pompa Neeri Dancine Archie Dancine Archie 9 Proud Pappy Winnine Smile Elbasan Tamil Elbasan Winnine Smile 6 Hy Rickey Hv Rickey Suneino Suneino Misrule Hv Rickey 13 8 The General Suneino The General Straw Stack Hv Rickey Suneino 12 Saxonian Saxonian Shell Rock Hy Rickey Saxonian Misrule 5 Trackman, D. S. Fair Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Sloppy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 TonvG. Valdina Joe Valdina Joe Valdina Joe Valdina Joe Valdina Joe 22 j Valdina Joe Little Davev Renraw Little Davev Renraw Little Davev 7 Little Davev Tonv G. Little Davev John Arrc Little Davev Tony G. 6 «« Par Avion Maroc Par Avion Maroc Macks Dream Maroc 14 £ Maroc Macks Dream Flv the Coop Misrepresent Maroc Par Avion Fly the Coop Par Avion Macks Dream Ladv Boswell Flv the Coop Macks Dream 8 «% FireKabo Maeline Alimony Kid Fire Kabo FIRE KABO Fire Kabo 21 Roval Silver FireKabo FireKabo Maeline Roval Silver Maeline 10 Maeline Foxy Prince Maeline Roval Silver Maeline Alimony Kid 5 Soreho Identic Snarlevow PioPico Snarlevow 13 4Snarlevow PioPico PsvchicRate Fair Call Soreho Snarlevow Soreho 10 Soreho Snarlevow Soreho Fair Call Soreho Pio Pico 7 r Kenear Lost Gold Lost Gold Valdina Alpha Valdina Alpha Lost Gold 14 ■ Dauntless Gal Grand Gav Valdina Aloha Lost Gold Grand Gav Valdina Aloha 12 Lost Gold Home Front Dieeo Red Dieeo Red Lost Gold Grand Gav 4 , HAMMER-LOCK Hammer-Lock HAMMER-LOCK HAMMER-LOCK Hammer-Lock HAMER-LOCK 31 f Halcyon Nieht HalcvonNieht Ted Gardner HalcvonNieht Ted Gardner Halcvon Nieht 8 Ted Gardner Great Divide Halcyon Nieht Our All Halcyon Nieht Ted Gardner 5 T KsarofAudlev DANSATION Cant. Caution Cant. Caution KsarofAudlev Cant. Caution 16 / Cant. Caution Capt. Caution KsarofAudlev KsarofAudlev Caot. Caution KsarofAudlev 14 Innate Innate Decision Dansation Dansation Dansation 9 q First Girl Briar Play Arbor Vita Arbor Vita Briar Plav Briar Plav 13 O Nediana Cab Sir Ground Play Briar Plav Ground Plav Arbor Vita 10 Briar Plav First Girl First Girl Ground Plav Cab Sir First Girl 7

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