Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1948-05-05

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS SELECTIONSFigures Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings Allowing 5 Points for IsVTodays Best 7 Points 2 for 2d 4 for 3d Todays Best in Black Type Trackman W CS Phillips Sportsmans Park Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Red Mist Red Mist Break Thru Break Thru Break Thru Break Thru 1 1Red Break Thni FergiesMaid Fiehtiner Mac Fighting Mac Fighting Mac Red Mist 1 1Fighting Liberty Jr Liberty Jr Red Mist Red Mist Gallant Hour Fighting Mac I Toonard Regained Border Man BoroTer Man BORDER MAN MANThordbelle Border Man Credentials Border Man Bud West Gold Call Thordbelle Credentials Gold Call Credentials Credentials Thordbelle Credentials Toonard Non Ferro Non Ferro Vinita Sickle Non Ferro Vinita Sickle Npn Ferro 1 1Vinita Vinita Sickle Easy Twist Count Quick Vinita Sickle Non Ferro Vinita Sickle 1 Easy Twist Ladies Day Non Ferro Laroc Count Quick Count Quick Captain Ruth Petrified PetrifiedKeener Some Bid Joyce W Petrified Petrified 15 15Some Keener Some Bid BidHasty Bessie Vance Petrified Some Bid Some Bid 1 1Captain Hasty Victory Captain Ruth Petrified Some Bid Grand Love Captain Ruth MADGESCRLETT Madgescarlett Madgescarlett Madgescarlett Madegscarlett MADGESCTITT 29 29Caillou RouseWashburn Caillou Rouge Caillou Rouse Caillou Rouge Town Guy Washburn Caillou Rouge 7 Washburn Washburn Gal Nettie Washburn Caillou Rouge Washburn 5 Bubbling Easy BUBBLING EJ EJGood Good Turn Good Turn TurnSir Sir White Pomps Gal Lucky Colonel Lucky Colonel ColonelFrank Frank Munns Frank Munns MunnsMae Mae Agnes Uncle Doc LyttaJane AlanF AlanFAlan Alan F Twixt TwixtTwixt Twixt Montree Trackman D S Fair Churchill Downs Selections Made for Slow Track I RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS CnarsomAlcan Cnarsom Alcan Charsom Cake Walk WalkAlcan Cake Walk WalkAlcan Charsom Alcan AlcanSkydue Charsom Alcan Alcan Alcan Alcan CharsomAlcan Skydue Taj Mahal Polly W AlcanCharsom Charsom AlcanCharsom Charsom AlcanCakeWalk CakeWalk Royal Slam Royal Slam Royal Slam Royal Slam Royal Slam ROYAL SLAM SLAMPappys Saint Nicholas Pappys Rebel Sun Jay Pappys Rebel Pappys Rebel Pappys Rebel Truett Saint Nicholas Pappys Rebel Saint Nicholas Saint Nicholas Saint Nicholas Sealane Our Best Black Dragon DragonSealane BLACK DRAGON DRAGONSweet NineR Train Black Dragon Sweet Comet Red Mars SealaneDelfeb Sealane Sweet Comet Sealane Sealane Delfeb Delfab Delfeb Our Best Our Best Our Best Dusty Skip Level Dusty DustyTotal Total Victory Swift Town Dusty Alrusha Alrusha Total Victory Skip Level Skip Level Skip Level Skip Level LevelSEELY Sun Vigil Swift Town Paprika Alrusha Total Victory SEELYDawn SEELY Alsab s Day DaySeely Seely Alsabs Day SEELY Seely Dawn o Peace SeelyDawn Seely SeelyAlsabsDay AlsabsDay Miss Sal K SEELYAlsabsDay AlsabsDay SeelyAlsabs Alsabs Day Chall Reward Dawn o Peace Chall Reward Seely Dawn o Peace Dawn o Peace Dicks Gal NAVY CROSS CROSSBullish Speedy Lee Bullish BullishSouthern Speedy Lee Speedy Lee Speedy Lee Bullish Dicks Gal Southern Pride Bullish Bullish Navy Cross SpeedyLee Bullish Dicks Gal Navy Cross Navy Cross Pat aRedbird Papa Redbird PAPA REDBIRD REDBIRDEagle Mel Hash Papa Redbird PapaRedbird Beaukiss Mel Hash Eagle Look Beaukiss Eagle Look Mel Hash Eagle Look Eagle Look Beaukiss Eagle Look Mel Hash Eagle Look Bav Acre Bay Acre Reason Reason Reason Reason Reason Reason Bay Acre Bay Acre Bay Acre Bay Acre Patricia B War Edict War Edict War Edict War Edict War Edict Trackman GJ Connors Jamaica Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN TRACKMANHiyaSailor HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS HiyaSailor Bills Pal Bills Pal BILLS PAL PALEternal Bills Pal t Bills Pal I Ethelsi ick Eternal Piety Eternal Piety Eternal Piety Eternal Piety HiyaSailor Jay Ray HiyaSailor HiyaSailor HiyaSailor HiyaSailor Eternal Piety i Sugar Drop Sugar Drop Sugar Droo Sugar Drop Sugar Drop Sugar Drop Mattie Girl GirlFlorbond Mattie Girl Biltrite Biltrite Little Gaucho Biltrite Florbond Biltrite Little Gaucho Sun Ember Mattie Girl Mattie Girl Chaldean Golden Light Chaldean Golden Light TOP Pilot Chaldean Lord Bull Chaldean Lord Bull Cave Canem Golden Light Golden Light Golden Light Cave Canem Natural Chaldean Chaldean TOP Pilot mSTEADER MISLEADER Misleader Misleader Misleader MISLEADER MISLEADERJacopoly Sea Wolf Jacopoly Picardy Belle Jacopoly Jacopoly Jacopoly MISLEADERJacopoly Picardy Belle Picardy Belle Jacopoly Picardy Belle Picardy Belle Picardy Belle Danger Ahead Gay Mood Gay Mood Be Sure Gay Mood Gay Mood Gav Mood Be Sure Danger Ahead Gay Mood Danger Ahead Danger Ahead Our Fleet Our Fleet Piping By Our Fleet Our Fleet Be Sure Our John Wm Mesmer OUR JOHN WM WMRoyal Cougar OUR JOHN WM WMCougar Our John Wm WmCougar Props Cougar Royal Factor Our John Wm Cougar Cougar Mesmer Our John Wm Mesmer Mesmer Mesmer CougarMesmer Mesmer Energetic Energetic Jersey Isle Energetic Energetic Energetic Jersey Isle Jersey Isle The Dervish Wing Messenger Jersey Isle Jersey Isle Marine Light Wing Messenger Energetic Joeys Pal Joeys Pal Wing Messenger Trackman A E Brown Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Fast Track I RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Decision DecisionCarysfort Carysfort Zestful CarysfortZestful Busyridge Count Lovely Dolcmite Count Discover DiscoverDespite Despite DespiteCount Ring and Run Despite Ring and Run Despite Despite DespiteSon Count Discover Despite Ring and Run Count Discover Ring and Run Son Charlie Son Charlie Count Discover Count Discover Despite Count Discover Joshua JoshuaMr Joshua Joshua JOSHUA Joshua Joshua Mr Dumjohn DumjohnBee Bee W Bee Red Tag Red JOSHUARed Tag Bee W Bee Red Tag Bee W Bee Red Tag Bee W Bee MrDumJohn Red Tag Bee W Bee Respire Respire Respire Respire RESPIRE RESPIRE Kewey Dee Oracle Son GracieSon Kewey Dee RESPIREGrade Grade Son RESPIREGracieSon GracieSon GracieSon Kewey Dee Kewey Dee Musical Lady Kewey Dee Kewey Dee ANDYS GLORY GLORYDirectoire ANDYS GLORY GLORYDirectoire DIRECTOIRE DIRECTOIREAndys Andys Glory Andys Glory Andys Glory Directoire Directoire Andys Glory Directoire Directoire Directoire Mr Tolson Mr Tolson Lady Carrie Mr Tolson Mr Tolson Mr Tolson Another Bel Another Bel BelTillerette Tillerette Tillerette Tillerette Tillerette Tillerette Tillerette TilleretteSirBob Another Bel Sir Bob Another Bel Another Bel Sir Bob SirBob SirBob So Black SirBob Sir Bob Ouonset Hough News Hill Sun Hill Sun Hill Sun Hill Sun Jav Larking Hill Sun Jay Larking Turntable Rough News Rough News Hill Sun Turntable v Rough News Rough News Turntable Ouonset Trackman E P Heagerty Pimlico Selections Made for Slow Track TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Lovi Lovi CopyBoy Our Birthday Irish Rogue Copy Boy CopyBoy Copy Boy Our Birthday Irish Rogue Our Birthday Our Birthday Our Birthday Miss Lovable Downey B Beau Briar Downey B Downey B Irish Rogue Covert Side SideRloVIr Black Majesty Black Majesty COVERT SIDE SIDEBlack Covert Side Covert Side RloVIr TVToio Mess Boy Mess Boy Black Majesty Black Majesty Black Majesty Mess Boy Covert Side TOP Score TOP Score Mess Boy Mess Boy Genancoke Genaricoke Genancoke Canford Genancoke Genancoke American Way American Way Floating Isle American Way American Way Canford Canford Floating Isle Canford Genancoke Canford American Way Barolo Barolo Idio Idio Barolo Barolo IdioBarolo Idib Idio Barolo BaroloImperium Barolor King Naaman BaroloIdio Idio Last Show Naaman Imperium King Naaman Imperium IdioKing King Naaman Parliament Maids Son Near ThuiK Eauirun Tanneke Maids Son Maids Son Near Thing Eauirun Maids Son Maids Son Utauirun Double Brandy Tanneke EauirunTanneke Tanneke Double Brandy Parliament Near Thine Itsabet ITSABEf ITSABET Itsabet Itsabet ITSABET ITSABEfIn ITSABETRed ITSABETIn In the Pink In the Pink Red Stamo In ttie Pink In the Pink In the Pink Red Stamo Red Stamp In the Pink Red Stamp Red Stamp RedStamp SEND OEF Tacaro Briar Tacaro Briar BriarTransair Tacaro Briar TRANSAIR Tacaro Briar Tacaro Briar Transair Transair TransairSlamaranth Transair Tacaro TRANSAIRTacaro Briar Transair Transair Send Off Slamaranth Send Off Send Off Send Off Fresh Breeze BreezeHiPi Fresh Breeze Fresh Breeze Little Bobby FreshBreeze Fresh Breeze HiPiWolf HiPi Silver Money Mary Ann FreshBreeze HiTi FreshBreezeHiTi Little Bobby HiTiMary Wolf Little Bobby Little Bobby HiPi Mary Ann Hi Pi

Persistent Link: https://drf.uky.edu/catalog/1940s/drf1948050501/drf1948050501_7_1
Local Identifier: drf1948050501_7_1
Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800