Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1948-05-28

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Alphabetical Index to Entries Acapulco H 8th GS y yAce Ace Admiral 5th Bel BelActnice Actnice 4th Det Alapay 1st GS GSAll All Business 8th LF LFAlphara Alphara 5th Bel BelAlport Alport 8th GS GSAlrusha Alrusha 8th Det DetAlsigal Alsigal 7th LF Althird 7th Bel BelAnalysis Analysis 4th LF LFAnnies Annies Choice 1st Bel BelAnsted Ansted 8th LF LFAppetizer Appetizer 8th LF LFApplause Applause 2d Bel BelArielita Arielita 3d GS GSArielOver ArielOver 1st L F FArkansas Arkansas IstLJF Asterbill 5th L J1 J1Awashonks Awashonks 8th GS B BBachelor Bachelor Boy 8th Det DetBallacolas Ballacolas 2d Det DetBangor Bangor Chance 2d GS GSBank Bank Balance 7th L F FBarab Barab 2dDet 2dDetBarnacle Barnacle 7th Sul SulBattle Battle Cruiser 3d Bel BelBay Bay Magic 8th Bel BelBe Be Proud 2d Suf SufBeautiful Beautiful Time 2d Suf SufBen Ben Gray 8th LF LFBengal Bengal Baby 4fch Suf SufBeth Beth Bs First 3d Suf Betroum 4th Det DetBig Big Hurricane 4th Det DetBig Big Wheel 8th Bel BelBig Big Wig 2d L F FBlack Black Eagle 2d Det Black Lulu 3d LJP LJPBlackmont Blackmont 5th Bel BelBluesweep Bluesweep 8th Bel BelBold Bold Jo 4th GS Bolos Choice 2d Bel BelBonnie Bonnie Charlie 8th LF Bonnie Lou 5th LF LFBoquhan Boquhan 1st Det Bowmansdale 3d GS Brief Sigh 6th L F Bright Willie 2d Bel Buckie 3d Suf Buffet Supperr2d Bel Bull Lead 5th Bel Bullgar 8th GS Burdite 4th LF Burts Reward 5th Suf Bushel Basket 1st Suf Busy Sis 1st L F By Me 1st Bel C CCapt Capt Patrick 6th L F Carasanara 3d Det Carazon 1st Det Cee Raf 1st Suf Ceramic 8th GS Challe Anne 6th Bel Charivari 8th Det Chatawa Miss 1st Det Cherry Cake 2d GS Chesty 6th LF Chief Command 7th LF Clarence 1st Bel Cleaned 2d Det Compatriot 7th LF Connie Sam 7th Bel Conniver 6th Bel Control 5th Bel Count Chant 8th LF Count Did 2d Bel Cordon 7th GS Corinth 7th GS Court Ace 3d GS Crater Lake 3d GS Cream 1st Suf Cresson Miss 7th Suf Crystal Boot 4th Bel Curandero 4th Bel Curtain Time 5th Bel BelD BelDaffydine D Daffydine 2d Suf Dancing Margot 8th Bel Darby dArmour 5th GS Darby Dimout 7th L F Darten 8th GS Daves Pal 1st GS David B Jr 3d Det Day 2d L F Dear Mom 7th Suf Dearlea 3d LF Debaby 5th LJF Deck Call 7th GS Dees Colleen 1st LF Delightful 4th L F Dieable de Gosse 3d Bel Dimit 6th L JP Distributor 5th L F Dive Bomber 8th LF Dobbin 2dLF Doctor Andy 2d GS Dollys Beauty 1st LF Doodle Bug 8th Suf Dora B 3d Det Dohito 1st Det Dudie 8th Suf Duke E 5th L JPV Dulka 3d LJP Dusty Legs 6th Bel BelE BelEastonian E Eastonian 8th Bel Easy Quero 2d Suf Easy Spell 6th Suf Ebon 3d Bel Edie Jane 8th Det Ellens Dandy 4th Suf Elmodore 7th GS Emilie Straus 2d GS Endorsement 1st LF Energetic 5th Bel Equate 2dLJ Escarp 3d Bel Escort 1st GS Ess Kay 5th LJF Eternal Danger 4th GS Eugene 8th Det Evas Toy 1st Bel Ever Lovely 4thL F Ever On 3d Det Fair Crystal 3d Bel Fall Guy 3d Bel Faralay 4th GS Farm Maid 5th Suf Fennelly 4th Bel Fifteenth 6th LF Firemantie 5th LJ1 Flare Skirt 8th Bel Fleet Imp 8th Det Flitabout 7th Bel Flourtown 1st Suf Flying Guy 3d Suf Flying J P 3d Suf Follow Me 1st Det Four Hundred 3d Suf Foxy Prince 3d GS Fuzzy Muzzle 3d Suf SufG SufGadola G Gadola 7th Det Gallant Reward 7th Suf Gay Tulip 2d Det Gem o Miami 5th Det Generals Aide 2d Suf Giant Servant 8th LF Git 8th Det Golden Bull 5th GS Golden Scotch 2d Suf Golden Thorn 6th Suf a Goober Lad 3d Det Gown Model 1st GS Gran Citella 3d L J1 Grand Tour 3d Bel Gratify 2d L J1 Gray Marvic 2d GS Graymar Royal 6th GS Gypsy Actress 8th LJP LJPH LJPH H H Hour 3d Bel Half Roll 4th Det Halomer 6th Suf Happy Prince 3d GS Hard Facts 2d Bel Hashcamp 3d Det Hat Trick 7th GS Heine 5th Det Helen Girl SthGS Heres Me 6th LJF Hi Gallant 3d GS Hibernian 6th GS Hidden Ace 6th Det High Kick 8th LJF High Trend 5th GS Hilltopper 4th L J1 Hippodrome 2d Bel His Grace 2d Bel Hoseah 2d GS Hot Slippers 5th Suf Hummer 8th Det Hydra lstLF Hyperhelio 8th Bel BelI BelI I I bream 2d rs Ida A lstGS Identic 1st iauf Illustrious 1st Bel In Fraganti 8th GS Influential 3dLF Inscroll 7th Bel Intriguing 2d Det Invictus 8th GS Irish Count 2d Suf Isigny 7th Bel Islams Islam lstGS Island Hop 2d Bel BelJal Bely y Jal 5th LF Jaylcee 2d Suf Jean Jean 5th Suf Jesting Fox 2d L J1 Jock Clark 4th GS Joe Spagat 2d Bel John Q Public 2d Suf Joy n Judy 5th LJ1 r OSullivan 1st Suf SufK SufK K K Cookie 3d Det Kamps Teddy 2d Det Kates Silver 1st Suf Keen Olo 6th Det Kentucky Day 7th Det Kepeng 1st Suf Kibosh 1st Bel Kilayr 5th LJF1 King Rhymer 5th Bel Kings Pride 8th GS Knute 8th Suf SufL SufLa L La Camelita 2d GS La Morenita 8th Suf Lantern 3d GS Larry D 6th GS Late Ship 2d GS Latimer 8th Bel Laurabeth 3d LF Lawyers Gold 5th Det Leavetaking 6th GS Lees Jacopo 1st Suf Like the Wind 3d Suf Limerick Babe 1st Det Little Willie 6th GS Logansport 8th Bel Loma Mar Jim 1st Suf Loose Horsey 4th GS LoPon 4th Suf Loutey 3d GS Luck B 2d Det Lucky Incident 5th Suf Lucky Point 1st L J1 J1M J1Maedina M Maedina 4th Det Maid o Mint 4th Suf Main Bet 1st T w Mali Johnny 6th LF Marine Sweep btn Bel Markability 7th Det Markobob 7th GS Marquest 7th Suf Mary Caryln 1st LF Matruh 2d L F Mels Chic 5th Det Mend 7th GS Merchantman 6th GS Miss Anderson 4th Det Miss Apropos 8th LJ Miss Banned 6th Suf Miss Brand 3d Det Miss Clara 2d Suf Miss Grille 6th Bel Miss OHogan 1st GS Miss Texas 2d Det Midget Store 6th Det Mimosan 7th Bel Mrs Jones 1st LF Mugs Game 8th GS Music Lesson 7th GS My Esther 8th L J1 My Star 6th LF Myfixih 7th Det DetN N Nassau Son 6th LJ1 Naval Base 6th Suf Ned Canron 7th GS Nedlon 7th GS Nehenta Bay 2d GS Night Bomber 2d Suf Nitromond 3d L F No Leddie 7th GS No Melody 5th Det No Strings 3d LF Nonchalanta 8th LF NuKo 1st GS O G Kelly 6th Suf O K Boss 6th Det Okeetee 8th Bel Oleander 4th Det Olney Miss 1st Suf Olo V Star 3d Det One Only 8th GS Option 4th Bel Oratorio 3d Bel OrTetra 2d Suf Our Candidate 2d Bel Our Merrick 6th GiS GiSP P Paddygoeasy 8th L J1 Paloma Linda 2d Det Paper Knife 3d GS Parico 3dDet Pennant Day 5th Bel Pennypacker 1st Suf Perlina 8th GS Petrose Girl 2d L F Pharaquest 3dGS Piney 1st Bel Plaid Socks 8th Suf Pleasemqnow 5th LF Plutocrat 2d Det Ponty Boy 4th GS Poppa George 2d LF Potsey 2d LJP Pretty Girl 1st Det Pretty Valley 6th Bel Prince Cly 1st LJP Princequest 4th Bel Private Andy 8th GS Proud Miss 8th Suf Putitthere 6th Det Pyramid 3d Suf SufQ SufQueen Q Queen Jody 3d Det Quemazon 8th LF LFR LFRae R Rae Ellen lstLF Realtor 5th Bel Red Board 2d Bel Red Herring 5th GS Red Jerry 4th GS Red Mars 7th Det Reproduction 2d Bel Restless Ruth 3d LF Reynolds Jr 1st Bel Risky Lad lst GS River Breeze 4th Suf River Play 1st GS Roberto 2d Bel Robin Hill 7th Det Rockwood Argo 7th LF Roscoe Goose 6th LF Rose of Erin 4th Det Royal Roman 5th Det Royal Tulip 4th Det Rube 7th Suf Rush Creek 2dDet S Sagaman 3d GS Sally OHerron 4th GS Sally Slam 1st L J1 Sanchilla 1st GS Sanscrito 1st Suf Scotch Trap 8th Suf Scuttleman 3d Bel Sea Detail 4th Suf Seamanlike 8th Suf SeamansPal 2dLF Seaward 5th Suf Segundo Sombra 7th Suf Sellep 3d Suf Shadow Dance 2d GS Shooters Hill 7th Bel Silver Sweep 6th Det Sir Date 7th LF Sis Boom Baa 1st GS Skipper Hay 5th Det Sky Chilla 3d Suf Sky Manager 2d L F Slamaranth 6th LF Slower 6th Det Small Stuff 8th Det Snake River 6th GS Sole Parate 5th GS Some Bid 2d L F Some Relief 5th L F Sons Twinkle 8th L F Soulful 1st Suf Spains Armada 3d Bel Sparkle Ever 4th Det Speedy Fellow 2d Suf Spheric 8th GS Spotty SdJjJ1 Spring Sand 5th L J1 Squffie 8th GS St Louisan 5th L P Stampede n 3d Bel Stars at Night 3d GS Stepinfox 5th IiF Stepping Miss 6th Suf Subscriber 5th L F Sugar Lump 7th L J1 Sun Carrier 6th LP Sun Theen 1st GS Sunshade 2d Suf Sweep Hand 7th Bel Sweeping Manna 7th Det Swift Town 3d Det Sylmady 3d Suf Syntet 2dBel 2dBelTav T 2dBelT Tav d L J1 Teaneck Dandy 2d Bel Ted Char 7th Det Tee Boy 4th LJ1 Tee Midge 1st GS Telbeda 4th Suf Thats Him 8th Bel The Duke 2d GS The Eye 3d Suf Threeply 6th GS Tiger Tom 7th L F Tight Grip 2d Suf Tigrell 2dBel Timber View 3d GS Time Stitch 5th G S Tintia 7th GS Tlemcen 2d Bel Toleca 3d Det Tom Ferris 8th Bel Tomos 2d LF Too Sunny 3d LF Top Trash 4th Suf Track Ace 2d LJP Trala Boy 3d Det Tree Tot 1st Det Tribuno 1st Suf Trippin 3d LF Turf 7th LJ1 Turfbar 2d GS Turntable 8th Suf Tweets Girl 5th L F Twilight Trail 4th Bel Twixt 8th LJ1 LJ1U LJ1Uncle U Uncle Remus 2d Bel Up Beat 5th Bel Upstate 6th L F FV V Valdina Seer 8th LF Veiled Threat 3d Suf Vim 3dGS Vinita Sickle 4th LF Vinum 8th Suf Viva Teddy 1st GS War Amber 5th LF War Glance 5th GS War Limited 2d GS Watercolor 1st GS Waxahachie 7th Suf Waymark 2d Bel Welaunie 2d GS Westgate Blvd 1st Bel Whitef ord Tet 6th LP Will Markham 1st Suf Winged Fleet 2d GS Wise Sun 3d GS Wisktiger 7th LP Woodland Sun 1st LP Yawl 7th Det Yesnow 6th LP Zacadow 2d LP Zekara Boy 6th GS

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