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■ — ■ m The American Racing Manual FOR 1907 EVERYONE INTERESTED IIM RACING SHOULD jjjVE IT. THE PRICE : BOUND IN LEATHER From Newsdealers or this Office . . 50 Cents By Registered Mail 60 Cents BOUND IN PAPER From Newsdealers o*r this Office . . 30 Cents By Registered Mail 40 Cents PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY Daily Racing Form Pub. Co. 124 Fifth Ave., Chicago. WHAT THE RUNNING HORSES DID IN 1906. A complete record of the performances and winnings of all horses racing last year. Price . Daily Racing Form Publishing Co., 124 Fifth Aeiiue, Chi. ago, 111. NATIONAL RACING REVIEW Boon 87 71 Heurborn Street CHICAGO. ILL. WEDNESDAYS SPECIAL: Kansas. Major. Mime Sparrow. .00 PER MONTH. -:• 25 CENTS PER COPY. CENTRAL 3581, THE SARATOGA ASSOCIATION For the Improvement of the Breed of Horses. FRANCIS R HITCHCOCK. President HARRY PAYNE WHITNEY. Vice President ANDREW Mil IER, Secretary .1.1.1 Treasurer. Office: The Windsor Arcade, Forty-Sixth Street and Fifth Ave., New York City. RACE COURSE: : : : : SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK. Stakes to be Run at the Summer Meeting, 1907 TO CLOSE MONDAY, MARCH 4, 1907. FOR THREE-YEAR-OLDS AND UPWARD. THE SARATOGA HANDICAP OF 810,000. Put Becead 8400, -u ] to the third 8000. Watfjrta to aa three year old.- Mini upward. By nbecrlpUon of I annoaneed three daya before tate raee. Wiaaera after ?it»o each, half forfeit, or 028 ii declared by .lone the aaaoaacement of the weights to carry .". lbs -1 " the winner ,800, to Ihe aeeoBd 81,000, extra. One Mile and a Furlong, and to the third J500. Weights to be announced ten __ daya before the raee. Wlnaera of ■ race of the THE DELAWARE. — A Handicap. Par three-year- ralae of |4,OO0 after the aaaoaaeeaaeat of the ,11i ■"" upward. By subscript ion of 2." each, •«• weights to carry 5 lbs. extra. sl" i! declared by the hoar of closing entries on the One Mile and a Quarter. iImv preceding the race: with ,500 added, of which SL " " ,iu st.niil and ."iO to the third. THE SARATOGA GUP OF !7 inn r.„- ih. ■ ,,.„,. Weights ,.1.1-Hand ,,n*,7 Mv sr-rKnTT ,J , :i, ,-■ t0 ,M :"n "" ««« days before the raee. Win- lfderi£red Ij, IoVWo trie.Waa *hIaVcb rita.Vxtei*" :" """—" l "L "" %£?* 4th; and 00 each tor entries made July 1st. when ° 0ne MlIe- the event shall Close. Sl.nters to pay 00 .nidi- THE AMSTERDAM.— Selling. Tor three vearobls tional. To the winner 88,000 ami a cup of the and apward. By subscription of 8 each *lo for-V:11: --L,?-rli -u. ",e s, ,,,1111 I*t000, and to the felt; with ,500 added, of which 50 to the aeeaad third 1907.sh00. Weight lor age. and 60 to Hie third. The winner to be sold at One Mile and Six Furlongs. anctioa for ,000. If for ,000, allowed 7 lbs.; THE MERCHANTS AND CITIZENS OF ,000.— i1"" • "■ allowed for each 00 down to ,008. A Handicap. Tor three--, ear olds and upward. I5y Selling price to bo stated through the entry-liox bv BObscripttOB of 0 each, or 826 if declared by Jnae ," uour of closing entries on the day preceding the l-t. Starters to pay 0 addltionaL To the win- ra,-p- • One Mile. n« 400, to the second *»«*.. and to . the third 0». THE CATSKILL.-Selling. For three-year-olds eights to be a inounced three days belore the race. , tBd of ,,|U:nl. By subs.ription 5 each, 0 for- Minneis after the announcement ot the weights to | ,,.it: with ,500 a, bled, of which 50 to the so, 1 earrj a ma. «"■• — . . and 90 to the third. The winner to be sold at One Mile and Three-Sixteenths. suction for ,000. if for ,000, allowed 7 lbs.: THE CHAMPLAIN OF .000.— A Handicap. For then 1 lb. allowed for each 80 down to ,000. r ree year olds and apward. By subscription of sr.o Selling price to be state, l through the entry 1m by each, or 5 If declared by June 1st. starters to the hour af closing entries on the day preceding the pay |88 additional. To the winner , UK, to the I race. Seven Furlongs. FOR THREE-YEAR-OLDS. THE SARANAC OF .000.— A Handicap. For I THE SENECA.— Selling. For three year olds. By three-year-olds. By sobscriptioa of sioo each or anbecription of 5 each, sio forfeit; with ,500 3 if declared by June im. Starters ta pay 0 -,.1;1- .;!, ul,i,.h •8BP lo the aeeoad and 50 to the SU :,U•"1,"l " "W1B?85 aFurl:- , J £j£ U"" V3JandJ? THE MOHAWK.— Selling. For three-Tear "bis. THE HURON. — A Handicap. For three-year-olds. | By subscription o; 6 each. 0 forfeit: with ,500 By subscription of 5 each, or 0 if declared by added, of which 60 to the second and 50 to the the hour of closing entries on the day preceding the ■ third. The winner to lie sold at anctioa for ,000 race; with ,000 added, of which 00 to the aeeoad If for leas, 1 lb. allowed for each 00 down to and $:Mo to the third. Weights to be announced ,000; then 1 lb. allowed for each 00 down ta three days before the raee. Winners after the ,000. SeUing price to be stated through the entry -aaaoaaeeaaeat of the weights to carry r lbs. extra, boa by the hour of closing entries on the day pre-One Mile and Three-Sixteenths. eediag the race. One Mile and a Furlong. FOR TWO-YEAR-OLDS. THE SARATOGA SPECIAL.— For two year olds, the annouueement of the weights to carry r, Baa, By subscription of ,000 each, half forfeit. A extra. Six Furlongs. Piece i.i Gold Plate of vaiue the of ,508 to be THE KENTUCKY— For Fillies. Selling. Par 1 irn I r , ™ "" J°-**"!* two-year-oMe. Bj snbacription of 6 each. 0 1 three horses bj laay 1st and «H0y one starter to 1„1.1.it; uill :m ;l1,t.,1; 1- wWcJ f„ lhl. be named for ea i saht rlption. Six Furlongs. M.,.,,n,, .,,„, ,s,- 1 th. tllini ., h. KiUHVl. to ,„. THE ADIRONDACK OF .000.— A Handicap. For sold at am lion for S4.000. If for less. 1 lb. allowed two-year-olds. By subscription of 0 each, or 5 for each 00 down to 4100. Selling price to ha If declared by June is;. Starters to pay 00 add I- stated through the ealtry-box by the hour of charing tional. To the winner ,000, to the second 00, entries on the day preceding the race. ami to the third 00. Weights to 1h aaaoanced Five and a Half Furlongs. ;hree day- betoie the ,ace. Winners after the an- THE TR0Y.— Selling. For two voar olds. Bf nounceinent ot the weights to carry 5 lbs extra. rabscrlptlon of 3 each, 0 forfeit: with ,500 bix turlongs. added, of which 60 to the second and 50 to the THE ALBANY. — A Handicap. For two-year-olds, third. The wiaaar to be sold a, anctioa for *4.ooo. ]y sobscriptioa of -VJ". each, or 0 if declared by if for ,000, allowed 7 lb-.: then l lb. allowed for the hour o closing entries on the day preceding the each 00 down to ,000. SelQag price to he stated race: with ,000 added, of which $:. w to the i through the entry-ban by the hour of dosing carries second and 00 to the third. Weights i- i* an- on the day preceding the raee. pounced three days before the raee. Winners after Five and a Half Furlongs. The Rules of Racing, and subsequent amendments thereto, adopted by The Jockey Club, govern all races run under the auspices of the Saratoga Association. ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO THE Secretary of the Saratoga Association, The Windsor Arcade, 46th St., and Fifth Ave., Mew York City. You can look for a wire today from me on one that I think will win at a fair price. Everything appears to be with us. :: Another tomorrow. | g LAPS METHOD OF"g-*, J, *fe for 6 Occasionals JL Jl saaj-pf 119 La Salle Street Chicago CITY OF TRAVERSE SPECIAL FRISCO TRAIN 2120 P. M. DAILY. Trains on Illinois Central leave Randolph St. al 12:30 and 1:15 p. m., 3 stopping at Van Buren, 43rd and 63rd Sts. only. Illinois Central 2:20 express train makes regular stops, only running express from Van Buren to 53rd St., and making all other stations south lo 91st St. Returning trains at 5:05, 6:00 and 7:00 p. m. 5:05 p. m. returning train does not stop at 43rd St., running express between 53rd and Van Buren Sts. ROUND TRtP iggg 50 CENTS HiREMSE, 5 2, 2nd I j, was our Daily one Horse Wire TucsJay. *J£ | I THREE ! I | WINNERS i| t 1 .00 | % HORSE A DAY. f IONE T. C. WOOD and CO., • 312, 59 DEARBORN ST., CHICAGO. ] ESTABLISHED 1904. S Turf Exchange YPSILANTI, MICH. TRAINS LEAVE MICHIGAN CENTRAL DEPOT. Detroit, AT 1:00 AND 1:40 P. M. SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY RACING FOBat. | Starts Next Saturday! jt C TM- kstaa aaa kaaa preparing for this race. Will ► C reimburse you on tlie 00 sent me and a 00 bet ► # oa this horse if he does not win. with our informa- J £ tion. You ean plunge on this fellow. t CAN INSURE ODDS J I 15 to 1 I lm Kerait by I*. O . Kxne s or Telegraph Money Onlei to iP E. LHOMMIDEAU 6 CO., i Room 5. 45 La Salle St. Tel. Main 1769 | : SPECIALS : | — .00 PER WEEK — 2 JUNIA, 3-1, WON 3 A. C. .IONKS and CO., Q SIO, 1«0 Waohlncton eitreet, Ohlcag-o. 0 TtRf REPORTERS SPECIAL K. 312, M Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. Wednesdays Special: 70 46-52-36-48-66-38-92-14.

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