Turf Prizes of England: Lists Of the Chief Sires, Owners and Horses of 1907, Daily Racing Form, 1907-11-05


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j ; I r , i 1 ! s j " i , s I II ti s r e , e it TURF PRIZES OF ENGLAND. LISTS OF THE CHIEF SIRES, OWNERS AND HORSES OF 1907. Gallinule, W. Hall Walker and Lally Leaders In the Respective Divisions Gossip of Persons and Events in Britain. London, October 23. With the end of flat racing of 1007 in England drawing near, the latest statistics are not likely to be greatly affected, and Galll-nules position as tlje leading sire of the year Is firmly established. At latest advices be was well In advance of his nearest competitor, Orme, but between the latter, Desmond and St. Frusquin there was a close fight for second place, and the results of the Newmarket Houghton meeting may have put Orme back to fourth place in the list. Gallinule owes his supremacy mainly to the three-year-old SHeve Galllon, and the two-year-old White Eagle, the former having won S,525 and the latter 8,355. Ormes best contributor was bound to be the Derby winner, Orby, with 3,575, while Desmonds Is The White Knight, with $:i2,175, and St. Frusquius Lesbia, with 0,332. Gallinules competitor of last year, Isinglass, is well down In the list, but Is a younger horse and bound to come to the front again. Up to the latest available date the English stallions represented by progeny having won 0,000 or more were these: Sire. Pedigree. Winrs.Itaces. Amt. Gallinule, by Isonomy Moorhen . . .17 25 03,825 Orme, by Ormonde Angelica 12 IS 92,0.10 Desmond, by St. Simon LAbbesse de .Touarre .-. 23 52 91,725 St. Frusquin, by St. Simon Isabel. 16 35 8S.C05 Amphion, by Speculum or Bosehery Suicide It 20 87,350 Martagon,. by Bend Or Tiger Lily.. S 25 72,935 Diamond Jubilee, by St. Simon Perdita II 7 11 05,200 - Persimmon, by St. Simon Perdita II. .. 14 23 58,405 Matchmaker, by Donovan Match Girl IS 34 51,410 Cyllene, by Bona Vista Arcadia. .14 20 50,860 .Marco, by Barcaldine Xovitlate. .10 24 47,420 Wolfs Crag, by Barcaldine Lucy Ashton 13 24 42,775 Isinglass, by Isonomy Dead Lock. 10 10 41,610 Eager, by Enthusiast Greeba 13 23 37,930 Pioueer, by Galopln .Moorhen....... 8 21 30,465 Florizel II., by St. Simon Perdita II 15 24 36,010 Collar, by St. Simon Ornament 11 22 29,970 Lovo Wisely, by Wisdom Lovelorn. 9 10 29,390 Laveno, by Bend Or Xapoli.. 14 24 28,970 Bill of Portland, by St. Simon Electric Light 13 24 28,500 Islington, by Isonomy Dead Lock.. 7 12 -27,445 Sainfoin, by Springfield Sanda 12 17 25,070 Grey Leg, by Pepper and Salt Quetta 0 15 24,100 Amerjeus, by Emperor of Xorfolk Clara D 7 14 23,350 St. Simon, by Galopln St. Angela. 5 7 21,440 St. Serf, by St. Simon Feronia 8 10 19,635 Soliman, by St. Simon Alibech. . 7 17 19,240 Ayrshire, by Hampton Atalanta.. 11 20 1S.990 Lesterlin, by Galliuule Millora. . .12 22 1S.C25 Kight-away, by Wisdom Vanish. .10 15 1S.370 Missel Thrush, by Orme Throstle. 7 15 1S.235 Speed, by Hampton Lucetta 4 7 1S.185 Bay Bonald, by Hampton Black Duchess 0 11 17,800 Trenton, by Musket Frailty 2 3 16,050 Pietermarltzburg, by St. Simon Sea Air .10 IS 15,900 Ladas, by Hampton Illuminata 13 15 15,675 Galloping Lad, by Galopin Braw Lass , ...14 20 15,570 Jaquemart, by Martagon Fair Lady. 10 14 15,495 Count Schomberg, by Aughrini Clonavarn 9 12 14,775 Carbine, by Musket The Mersey... 8 15 14,445 Baeburn, by St. Simon Mowerina. 9 17 13,240 Blairfinde, by Kendal Morganette. . 7 8 12.8S0 Donovan, by Galopin Mowcriua. .. . 7 S 12,770 Moeanna, by Bend Or Yashmak... 1 12 12.6S5 Winkfield, by Barcaldine Chaplet. . 15 12,685 Perigord, by St. Simon Etlie Deans 6 12 12,675 St. Angelo, by Clalrvaux or Galopin Agneta 9 14 12,525 Galeazzo, by Galopin Eira 5 S 12,365 Best Man, by Ormonde or Melton Wedlock C 15 12,045 Worcester, by Saraband Elegance. 7 10 11,830 Oberon, by Galopin Wheel of For- tune 5 15 11,755 Janissary, by Isonomy Jannette . . 4 C 11,740 William the Third, by St. Simon-Gravity 3 4 11,045 Pride, by Merry Hampton Superba 9 12 11,315 Tarporley, by St. Simon Ruth S 15 11.195 Knight of Malta, by Galopln Pilgrimage 7. 14 11,130 Son oMine, by Isonomy Alibech... 2 2 11,125 Bushey Park.by Hampton Sunshine 14 18 10,990 Succoth, by Enthusiast Millwheel. . 2 5 10,020 Avington. by Melton Annette 9 15 10.5S0 Uncle Mac, by Hagioscope Matilda 4 tf 10,435 Mauvezin, by Beull Modest Martha 7 13 10,430 Velasquez, by Donovan Vista S 11 ,10,070 Orvleto, by Bend Or Xapoli 3 4 10,025 The half figures In "races" column above refer to dead heats. Of the above Amphion, Love Wisely, Lesterlin, Bay ROnald, Trenton, Donovan, Oberon, Janissary and Velasquez are now dead. Diamond Jubilee and Pietermarltzburg are In South America, Islington Is In this country, Amerlcus was bred In California, Carbine is. In Australia, Raeburn in Hungary, Wor-X cester in Roumania, St. Angelo, Tarporley and Son oMine In France and Mauvezin was bred In France. : Continued on sixth page. . k TURF PRIZES OF ENGLAND. i j Continued from first page. f The English owners to win .fl5,00 or over this , season up to yesterday, are as follows: Owner. Horse. Races. Amt. W. Hall Walker 7 12 SS,r,02 J. b. Joel 12 is r.o,s::o Lord Derby 10 20 r.J,4!l!l W. B. Iurefoy 2 4 CH.llO w. Bass r. m,:im Colonel E. W. Baird 2 ! 02.780 , Sol Joel o i.". 43,::or Captain Greer 2 r 41,S".r Sir Daniel Cooper 1 r. 4,"::2 Duke of Devonshire 7 14 ::!,712 R. Croker 1 2 XiJandi Duke of Westminster S JKJ.fKJO W. M. G. Singer i S :tl,OS7 Colonel Kirkwood 1 " 2S,4!t5 J. A. de Rothschild 4 7 27,!70 L. de Rothschild S 10 27,m William Chirk i 201lir A. Bailey 0 23,04r. Lord Harewood 4 ft 2.",020 D. R. Browning 4 12 24,085 J. Buchanan 10 IS 24,02.-. Mr. Fairie :: 0 22,0.", W. R. Wyndliam 7 " 11 21,105 Lord Rosebery 11 1". 20.SS2 E. Dresden 0 7 IK.liOO D. Fraser 0 11, mi Lord Falmouth 2 4 1S.S100 L. Robinson 10 15 18,435 A. F. Basset 2 4 17,487 Lord Howard de Wahleii ! 10 17,200 A. Bendon t S 17,025 Sir IE. W. B. .Inrdine 1 7 10.835 Captain J. G. R. Homfray. . 0 19 10,718 Mrs. II. V. Jackson 1 :. 10,000 R. J. Fnrqiiaharson 7 . 15,401 King Edwards stable is just outside the .5,000 mark witli four horses, live races and a total of 4,720. The iiorses racing in England to win 5,000 or more up to October 22, are: Horse and Pedigree. Races. Amt. Lally, ch. c, 4, by Amphion Miss Hoyden " ?57,775 Wool Winder, b. c, by Martagon St. Windeline S 52.0S5 Saucy, b. or br. c, 4, by Diamond JubileeDame Agneta 0 40,020 I.esbia, b. f. 2, by St. Frusquln Glare 5 40?:i:!2 ttlievc Gallion, blk. c, :!, by Gallinule -Reclusion " rS,525 White Eagle, ch. c, 2, by Gallinule Merry Gal 4 "7.S57 Orby, ch. c. by Orme Rhoda B 2 .".;,5S5 The White Knight, b. c. 4, by Desmond Fella 4 P.2.475 Reppo, br. c. 4, by Marco Iitti 2 25,:i!M Glass Doll, b. f. :?, liy Isinglass Eota .. 1 24,750 Iolyinelus, b. li. 5, by Cyllene Maid Marian 1 24,200 Witch Elm, b. f, :!, by Orme Cannie Lassie 1 21,750 Bridge of Canny, 1. c, 4, by Love Wisely Santa Brigida 0 2L220 Vamose, b. c, 2, by Orme Vampire.... 2 20,422 Acclaim, 1. c, I!, by Amphion Claque.. : 17,570 Galvaui, ch. c, ",, by Laveno Gallinaria 4 10,413 Velocity, b. h. 5, by Speed Ballast 3 10,000 Torpoint, b. or br. Ji, a, by Trenton Doncaster Beauty 2 10,050 Frugality, br. f, .!, by St. Frusquin Wise Virgin 1 15.250 I understand that it is by no means certain that Velocity could not be trained next year if it were so desired. At all events, he is not likely to change hands at less than 125,000, and I hardly think a buyer at that price will come forward. Worse Iiorses have been sold for more money, but fashion is despotic in these matters, and the fact of Velocity being by Speed, dam by Baliol, stops the idea of business on the first Mush. It is useless to explain that Speed is one of the very best-lookiug Iiorses ever sired by Hampton, and that Baliol was three parts brother to Doncaster. The man who thinks of giving sensational prices wants more reclame than that for his money, and so I expect Velocity will remain in his present ownership unless far different ideas as to his value are adopted. Individually lie may lie, and probably is, a good deal better horse than Diamond Jubilee, but he could not go to South America with anything like the same "boom" as a triple crown winner, own brother "io Persimmon, and bought from the king. Therein lies the secret of these big prices, for Diamond Jubilees stock in the Argentine will undoubtedly recoup the outlay on their sire before ever they have seen a race course, and we know from experience here that - they are likely to run well. Apropos, Senor Ignacio Correas, tlx? owner of Diamond Jubilee, lias had another extraordinary sale of his young twcf-year-ohls, thirty-three averaging ,000 each. Details appear below, and it will be seen that the best of the youngsters are by old Neapolis, who died within a day or so of the sale. He was one of the most successful sires ever imported to that country, as he well might be, being a son of Springfield and Napoli dam of Orvieto and Laveno, by Macaroni out of Sunshine. Senor Correas will be a fortunate man if Diamond Jubilee does better for him than Neapolis did. I saw both these iiorses in the spring of this year and Neapolis" -was then looking very fresh and well, not at all like dying for eeveral years to come, but I suppose he must have joiceumbed to an attack of inflammation or fever It certainly cannot have been senile decay. AVith reference to the exportation of the brilliantly speedy Xeny to Australia, it has been pointed out that his Flying Dutchman blood would "nick" well witli that of Galopin and St. Simon, and, further, it is obvious that his abundance of Partisan Mood would render him a suitable mate for mares of the Queen Mary family. It Is to be noted, in addition, that Marksman, maternal grand-sire of Paslisson, is a son of Dundee, sire of- Fickle, I be granddam of the great Australian sire, Locliiel, which, of course, is by Prince Charlie, by Blair Atliol. It is apparent there is another line here as to the future mating of Xeny. On further studying the pedigree of Marksman it will be observed that it hears much resemblance to that of Thistle dam of Common and Throstle, and it is clear that inures of Sterling or Lord Clifden blood would certainly also "nick" well with Xeny. As a proof ! that we are on the right track, we have Hanoi II. the best French winning sou of Pastisson, who i captuid the Grand Prix de la Ville de Nice of 3,000, over three miles and one furlong tills season, out of Alice Hampton, by Royal Hampton, out of Aida, by Buccaneer. From the foregoing it ; i j f , , is plain that Xeny will not be difficult to mate properly, and there can be no doubt as to his success as a stallion. Tlie Brighton race course is owned by the town council of the borough, and the "Sussex Daily News" today publishes the full text of a letter from the chairman of the race stand lessees showing that 0,455 has been paid the council as protits of the two race meetings held this year. Reference is made to the improvement in the number and quality of the iiorses entered, and a computation made that from 50,000 to 00,000 people now attend the Brighton races. The meeting is an open one, and the letter states that the trustees are determined to secure perfect freedom of access for all time. Father Blind was sold at Newbury the other day for .,050. He is in build the anthithesis of what, up to a few years ago, used to be regarded as the type of a stayer. "They must bo long and low," our grandfathers used to say, "Give me a liglit-tleshed, little horse witli plenty of heart room, and I do not care bow short his back is or how long his legs are," says the present day trainer. Father Blind reminds one of a elotheshorso a tall, lean, narrow-gutted, weak-looking creature, but there is that heart room, and he showed at Epsom that the new theory lias much in it. Lord Douglas Compton has purchased Marcris-tine from Mr. R. Wool ton. and this smart staying mare will shortly be shipped for South Afriea. Lochicl, the Australian sire, has headed the winning sires list in 18!7-1S!8, 1S.!-1!I00, 1001 -1002. RI04-1005, 1005-11KJ0, and was second in 18!S-18!I!I. His stock in Australia have won 1,100 races of a total value of AllliO.OOO. When it was known that jockey G. McCalls service with Mr. Leopold de Rothschild had come to an end, the jockey was offered a retainer for next year by one of the leading Newmarket stables, hut as the negotiations are still taking place, it is better to say no more at present. Lynham goes to France where, by the way, he was born, to take the place of J. ReilT, who migrates to Germany, as does OConnor, and Connack returns to the States. A two-year-old half-brother to the English St. Leger winner. Wool Winder, was landed in Melbourne on September 10 from England by the Afric. He is by the Derby winner Ayrshire son of Hampton, out of St. Windeline, by St. Simon, out ot Queen of the Spring, by Springfield, which is very attractive breeding. He was purchased in England by Mr. .7. E. Stanley and three other iiorses of his were taken out by the Afric: Colt, 2, by Sidus son of St. Simon, out of Silica, by Sterling, out of Siluria, by Lord Clifden; liliy, .!, by Aiirum, out of Dainty Lady, by Surefoot, out of Amondeli, by Scottish Chief, out of Paraffin, by Blair Athol, and filly. .!, by Desmond sou of St. Simon, out of Tonia, by Hampton, out of Photinia, by Uncas. The quartette will probably in due course be put into training at Fleiniugton. The annual report of the Victorian Australian Amateur Turf Club shows that the club has paid away in stakes for the past season 10,375. Since the foundation of the club in 1S75 the money added to stakes and paid away by the club amounts to 2,2SS,325. Notwithstanding the amount given in stakes, improvements, and taxes, the assets now exceed the liabilities by 1907.sh.",215, an increase of 1907.sh,SS5. A profit was made on every racing fixture brought off during the year.

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