Thoroughbreds That Died in 1916, Daily Racing Form, 1917-01-09


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i THOROUGHBREDS THAT DIED IN 1916. Pf the horses which passed away in 1916 B.nnas-tar and Ornament were great race horses iu their day and both were gifted with violent tempers. Ornament won the Brooklyn Handicap of 186*8 and was the favorite for the Suburban Handicap of the same year, but exhausted himself by his antics while at the post and ran unplaced. Acting on the same lines Eanastar won the Brooklyn in 1S99 with Danny Maher up. but when it came to the running of the Suburban, acted so viciously that he was left at the pest, his owner acting as badly and. by his unjust charges, so depressing Maher that he left this country for a brilliant career in El gland. Ornament became a highly successful sire, but Banastar did not. Other noted horses dying were Bubbling AVater. one of the best racing mares bred in California: Iron Mask, a stake winner in England and a wonderfully fast sprinter in this country. Bearcatcher, a horse of tremendous speed; tlie Futurity winner Martbnas; Nasturtium, for which AYilliair. C. Whitney paid 0,000 when a two-year-old. and the highly promising two-year-rlds Frige: io and Aivid. The death list of horses is as follows A. C. Haley, b. g, 7. by Lackford — Rosanna. Americas, b. h. e-. by 1 im Payne -La Cerita. Aicon. b. g, 6. by Mazag.n Sister Juliet. Angaiona. b. m 9. by sir Dixon F.laska. Association, ch. h, 13. by Smile — Society. Balkp. ch. g. 4. by TraSSTaal Poundlu ..-. Ballygunge, ch. g, 2. by Glorifier — Frantic. Banastar. ch. h, 21, by Farandoh — Blessing, by Onondaga. Rat Masterson. ch. g. 12 by Frankfort — Aanessa. Bearcatcher, br. h, 15, by St. George— Sallie McAllister. Beulah S., b. m, C, by Filigrane— APid of the Order. _ Billy Frew, b. c. 3. by Oiseau — Mome dAmour. Black Chief, blk. g, 9, by Allan a Dale Dollie .Me. Bine Owl. ch. f. 3. by Marta Santa White Owl. Bonanza, b. g. 7, by Broomstick — Ophirdale. Boseroa First, br. f, 3, by Tony Bonero— Merges. Bootles Baby, ch. f, 2, by Doctor Boots — High-11. wn. Babbling Water, br. m, 10, by Colonel Wheeler — Shasta AVater. Buc kliorn. b. h, 7, bv Broomstick — Thirty-third. Bala Welsh, ch. m. 0. by Albula— AVelsh Girl. BarsehSBB, br. g, 3, by Hamburg- Eugenia Burch. Cabiria, b. f, 3, by Sempronius — Ameeras. Cannie Maid. ch. in, 11, by Cassia Boy— Hands Oft*. Chelsea, ch. f, 2, by Aon Tromp — Candlewick. Cincinnati, br. g, 3. by Marta Santa — Serpentaria. Cockle-shell, ch. f. 2. by Trap Rock — Crossways. Colonel AIcDougall, ch. g, 5. by Buck Massiej — Gay and Fesrive. Corsican, b. g, 4, by Golden Maxim — Personal. Cossack, b. g, 3, by Dorante — Half -a -Sovereign. Coy Lad. br. h, 7, by Ieep oDay — Coy Maid. Dad Davic-s. ch. g. 4. by Prospero — Lena J. Doc Allen, b. g, 13, by Lord Dalmeny — Add Ran. E rl Koenig, ch. h, 7, by Ravelston — Queen Anne II. Ecstacy, b. m. 30. by Gabriel — Mattie Rapture. Ed Ahoy. ch. c, 2. by Jack Atkin— Ciiablis. Ed Morrow, b. C, by Ben Brush — Lass of Wheatly. Eddie Parsons, ch. g. 2. by Hanbridge — Wasti.- El Bart. ch. g. S. by Fatherless— Network. Eila Bryson. ch. m. 8, by Juvenal — Graziosa. Eventually, b. c, 3, by Jack Atkins— Tower of Candles. Fancy, b. m. 11, by Worcester — Regatta II. Father Riley, eh. g, 5. by Stalwart— 1sury. Flights Fancy, ch. f, 2, by Star Shoot- -Mamie W.rth. Frank Ensign, ch. g. 3. by Ultimatum — Aliss Jnneaa. Frigerio. ch. c. 2. by Marathon — Grace Commoner. Grace Kimball, b. m. 12. by Qreesss — Lorius. Great Friar, ch. g, 7, by The Friar — The Queens Gambit. Handshake, b. m. 9. by Scintillant II. — Triana. Heinan. rli. g, 4. by Glorifier — Mermaid. Hippocrates, b. g, 4, by Hippodrome — Renown. Hopeful Age. br. f. 3. by Sanguine -Decade. Hot Toddy, ch. c, 2. by Toddington— Idle Day. Huguenot, b. c. 4. by Oddfellow— Rochelle II. Impulsive, br. m. 9. by Sam Corey — Impulse. Insurgent, ch. g, 3. by Dick Welles — Lady Martha. Iron Mask. br. g. 8, by Disguise — Royal Rose. Jargon, ch. f, 2. by Martinet —Hostility. .loyland. ch. c. 2. by Fariinan- -Wavey Belle. Just Reel. eh. g. 7, by Canard — Doris. Kilkenny Boy, ch. g, 4, by Hippodrome — Maid of Erin. King Cobalt, br. h, 10, by Cesarion — Estelle Whitney. Lady Augusta, b. m, 24, by Luke Blackburn — Augusta. Lai.ii tta Barke, br. m, 17, by Prince of Monaco-Sister. Light Knight, b. g, 10, by Free Knight— Elite III. Linda Iayne, ch. f, 4, by Marta Santa — Blue Danube. Louise Wood, b. m, 17, by King Eric — Rose of Laa. Man.iy Lee, ch. m, 15, by St. Domingo — Madonna II. Slartimas. ch." h, 20, by Candlemas — Biggonet. Martin Cases, b. g, 5. by Martinet — Caseabel. Master Jim, b. g, 7, by Orntis — Desdemoaa. Mi Alma. b. f, 4, by General Roberts -Dont. Morven. ch. c, 3. by Altnabuac-— Cliodna. Mrs. C.un.ibell, br. f, 4, by Bonnie Joe — Stella Campbell. My Girl. b. f. 2. by Rey Hindoo — Admit. Nancy Fair. b. f. 2. by Fair Play — Nineveh. Napier, n. g, 7. by Sempronius — Lillian Fonso. Nasturtium, ch. h, 17, by Watercress — Mar-gerique. New River, b. g. 7. by Yankee — Lucy Glitters. Nila. b. m, 9, by Fair Order — Golden Harvest. Originator, b. h, S, by Mortlake — Instigatrix. Ornament, ch. h. 22. by Order — Victorine. Perchance, ch. g. 2. by Abe Frank — Tex Anna. Planudes. b. h. 29, by St. Simon — Lonely. Punch Rowl, ch. h. 5. by Ornament — Algie M. Raincoat, blk. g. 4. by Pink Coat — Black Sleeves. Ratina. br. m. 5. by Dick Welles — Poseur. Ray Brush, b. c, 3, by Rey del Sierras — Serenity. Recoil, br. m, 5, by Ogden — Hammerless. Renard, b. f, 3, by Voter — Prinzessin. Running Shot. b. f, 2. by Salvation Sain Shot. Seabreeze, b. c. 2. by Sea King — Debater. Sepoy, b. g, 3, by Sir Huon or Sempronius — Victoria B. Shepherdess, br. m, 5, by Transvaal— Dividend. Silk Day. b. in, 6, by Peep oDay — Silk Maid. Sister Molly, b. m. 23. by Onondaga — Silken Bans. Sorrento, ch. g, 4, by Yankee — La Sorella II. Speedmast, ch. h. 20. by Candlemas — Swift. St. Maxim, ch. h. 25. by St. Blaise— Delilah. Starbottle, ch. h, 9, by Hastings — Sunfish. Susan B., ch. m. a. by Bearcatcher — Torsido. Taka. b. f. 3. by Broomstick — Rose of Dawn. Tessa Tommie, ch. g, a, by Peep oDay — Driftwood Vachel Worth, b. g, 3. by Dorante — Fairy Dell. Variety, ch. f. 3. by Aoter — Red Light. Aonture. b. f. 3, by Rock Sand— Aelocity. Aivid. ch. c. 2. by All Gold — Jersey Lightning. Wayfarer, eh. c, 3, by Ogden — Miss Angie. White Hackle, ch. c, 3, by Star Shoot— Mary Talbott. Wild Horse, b. g, 5, by Pink Coat — Ruby Light. AYinnetka. ch. m. 11, by Griffon — Tare Duncan. Yellowstone, b. g. 2, by Roekton — Onaga. Zoroaster, b. g, 9. by Mazagan — Mirabelle.

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