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BOWIE FORM CHART. BOWIE, MD.. FRIDAY. APRIL 13. 1917.- Prim e Ooorgos Park. Kiev, nth day. Southern Marvland Agricultural Association. Spring Meeting of 12 days. Weather cloudy. Presiding Steward. K. C. Smith. Presiding Judge. Joseph A. Murphy. Starter. A. P.. Dade. Racing Secretary. Joseph McLennan. Racing starts at 2:31 p. m. Chicago time 1:30 p. m.. W indicates whip. S spurs. P. blinkers. Figures in parentheses following the distance of each race indicate date, track record, age of horse and weight carried. *lndieates apprentice allowance. 9ldl nun RACE -1-2 Mile. April b 1910— is ",. — 2—110.1 Purse 1917.sh00. 2-year-oldaW d8 *-" jl •-■ Maidens. Petting. Net value to winner 84SS; second. 8JSS; third. 0. h_ lMllx Hoi-se? -UVISt , ■,- "4 St r Fin Jockeys Owners E.juiv. Odds Mr7 32460 - BILL LIVINGSTON win:. :; P I* 1- H Wakoft K McP.ri.l.- v.-iun 824S3*OLD HOMESTEAD wu 101 1 V V 2! W Collins.; H Crown.- 9SO-100 ?;•?-«* P KuT,,v SULLIVAN wMSli ii :;-■ m j MiilnihjT M Tlnami i S10-10D :: .V.f" wM3 - •* -1 4" B M.U-ott.I J Karrell Jr 820-100 :t;i :-", "*K* .. wm ■ v r l :i • Hod-gut J Arthur ....iil-inu aggaaj dal Ai. lo.N w rjl •; t; | 6 j Hutweii a a UedwoU ISM-MI Time. 24-, 502.. Track slow. IS mutuel- paid, Bill Livingston, S3. 10 Straight, . -.. "»0 place, tandSt show: Old llomc-tead. SI.VI place, gg.88 -how: Dorothy Sullivan. S3.S0 show. Ei|uiv.ilent bookiaa odd- Bill Uviagsten, Si to 100 -traight. K to 1I0 place. U to 100 -how- Old Homestead, 125 to loo place. M to loo show: Dorothy Sullivan. Ml to loo show Wtaajer— Blk. e, by Dick Finnell— Viola Vail trained by V. Livingston; bred by Mr. J W Mc-Meeklll. Jr.. Went to peat at 2:30. At post 2 minutes. Start good and -low. Won easilv: second and third driving. BILL LIVINGSTON quickly raced into a long lead and easilv held sway throughout. OLD HOMESTEAD raced in closest pursuit of the leader. I ut tired in the tinal drive. DOROTHY SII.LIN tired and .iii-t lasted long enough to withstand DALK08ET8 rhaUeage. The latter tini-hed wtih i rush Overweights- Dorothy Sullivan, li pounds: Dal Acton. 3. 6 a/l-fn •s|:toNI SACS 6 1-2 Furlongs. Nov. is. 1 ID»--1 :i0--i- 110. i Purse scoo. 4-year-*J and "-" " old- and upward. Claiming. Net value to winner %:M; second. 00; third. Soil. Index Hor-es AWtBt M M ;i S:rFin Jockeys Owners Equiv. Odds Strt SSSSS ANXIETY WBoIM I V 1- 1- 1 R McITottF W Coleusnn Tand-M 32533 -"ADA ANNE w CMC I ::- :: -: VI V PRobaonW Walker SBS-hM StSSlDR. Charcot wntlli I p m ::- :;■ v Ward .1 D Mfanek 225-100 324SI2 PHARAOH w !» HL :: 4 4 4 4:1 BC WattsW T Ryan 1XS-M4 SSSZS LADY LONDON wn 7 110 | U ai] gi » pj Havnes W Smith Haa-Mg 30508 -cannonade a .". 117 I 7 S ] V V .1 McTagtJ P Sweeney ■:• -, -Kid 32*33 SMIRKING wit 4 HI 7 ii"- 7 7 7 .1 Butwetl H G Bedwell aW, phi Time. 24H. 49, 1:1G. XM%. Track slow. mutuel- paid. Anxiety, .M straight, S2.M place. %±2» show; Ada Anne. tAJI place. N3 oo show-Ir. Charcot, sl.:;ii show. Equivalent hooking odd-— Anxiety. 75 ta 100 itrasght, 45 to 100 place, lo to 100 show: Ada iuie "15 to 10g place. 50 to 100 show: Dr. Charcot. 15 to 100 show. Winne, fh. u, by Electioneer Little Bm trained by !•. Muaantej bred by Mr. A. B. Bancockl Weal to post at 2:38. At post 1 minute. Start goad and -low. Won handily; second and third driving. ANXIET1 pa— ed DR. CHARCOT after rounding the far turn and drew out clear but had to bill.-, rd ridden for ■ time to withstand ADA ANNES challenge. The latter made ■ wide turn lata the homestretch, but responded gamely when called on and was wearing the leader down at the tuii-h nil CHARCOT showed the most early speed and held the others safe for third place. PHARAOH lini hed close ii.. Scratched 1 31 777 1 Ma wry. Kill: StSM Altamaha. 115: S2SSS Wizard. 110. *-JOPm/l 7 raiRD RACK 5 1-2 Furlongs. April 2. 1117 1:07 :i loft. Parse SSM. 3-year- tS anl O t I oil-. Selling. Net value to winner 30; second. S10S; third. n.m». Index llor-es AWtSI % ft --, Strl-in Isthtya Owners Eqnh odd- Strt 32533 SLEEPY SAM wnMC I 2i V V Ill: KopmnC N Dnrke ,,:". im S244DSW. THAN SUGAR wnttd 5 V ViV f T Carton Minis. . I Stable 185-imi 32454 SWIFT POX wlM 2 V. |k ::-• MPBobaonW Durnna 110-100 3I»S7=WALL STREET v.c.liu I KJ v t* 4- .1 Butwell li c. Bedwell sasVnal 3251SIKALMIA PARK will I V V V V E Hnynea R D Karl. "mi.,, :-.4HI FLARE Willi 4 ii- S a p .j McTng*tE C Griffith :.:v,m 322 7S SARi lo.N II. WB IM I s g s 7i .1 Cruise A J Mark.. ."l.-KHi :.250;*l:LACK VOTE W*WI 7 7s 7 7- I H Wakoft p A Clark 1ii7,-lai Time. 24. 48. 1:02-,. 1:09. Track slow. S2 mutuel- paid. Sleepy Sam. 3.30 straight .s5.N0 place, .•si1. SI show; Sweeter han smrnr s: so place. .30 show; Swift Cox. .2$ show. Squivaleul booking odda Sleepy Sam. 075 to loo straight, 1!»o to loo place 4$ t loo -how- Bsmlu than Sugar, !»o to llMl place. 15 to loo show; Swift Fox, lo to loo -how. Winner B. g, by Tony Bonero- Ties Joli trained by C. N. Darke: bred by Mr ¥ .1 Pon-i Went to post ai 3:L7. At post l minute. Start I and slow. Won easilv: second ami third driving. SLEEPY SAM. after being a forward contender from the start, graduaUy unproved bis position in the homestretch and. wearing: the leaner down, wob going away. KWEKTKK II1AN SICAU went nroiiinl on the out-ale with a rush after roam! ing the far turn and passed SWIFT POX, but eonkl not withstand the winners challenge. SWIIT I- ox. ifnickest al the start, displayed the most speed and set i ii-t wk tot i half mile, but tired badly in the closing strides. WALL STREET iinislud resolutely. K U ! 1 PARK only ran fairly well. Scratched— 31458 Al Hudson. 11 t. tverwi Ights I.l.-o k Vote, 1 pound. 3i K /I 4J 11 Rill RACE— 3-4 Mile. Nov. 13. 1 15 -1:13-1 JvT rieel Handicap. Purse IU"iO .--710. 3-year olds and upward. Net value to winne!- 0P; nrrond. 23; third. .75. Index Hor-es AWtSt % ft % sir lin Jotheya Owner. E.piiv. Odds Strt 32321 HAUBERK WBS1M :; . |] |i .j Butwell J P Sweeney ~~„ 32454 DCNGA DIN I 3 MSI l ja p ji ■_■ w Oberl CN Darke " 3500-101 32521 TEA CADDY m ISM I 1 Ik :;- :: a Collins M Shea ;•.;, inn 32491 ADA! ID wn7SB G E ."• E I K Haynes P Porstinc ...- i.m S2521 -INDIAN CHANT wis 4 SM 1 i I ! S F Rob son J W Bean 115 Wl Tine. 24, 49. 1:15. Track slow. gp mutuele paid. Hauberk. .30 straight, .S3. so place, .00 show; Dunga Din. 9.70 pla. ■•• s-C -how: Tea Caddy. 1.30 show. Bquivaleat booking odd- Hauberk. 105 to mo straight, 6102 to KM place. 50 to loo show- Dungs Liu 885 to loo place. 340 . , ion how; Tea Caddy, lo.". to 101 BOW. Winmr it. j, b. .Marline; braid trained by !■. Musante; bred by Messrs. Holland A W.llianis Bros.. Went lo post at 3:3C At !» -! 1" minutes. Start goad and slow. Won ea-ily: nrriul and third driving. HACBERK followed in near pursuit of the leader- and. ram ing on tl ut-ide whea entering the homestretch, drew away under mild -ariaL and won easing no. DCNCA DIN. away forwardly. wa- much used ii. racing TEA CADDY into defeat and tir-d. but bung oa raajely when the final drive came TEA CADDY, under pre— are from the start, set a good pace, but tired after going Ive-eighths m Die lead and the enter! should put him on edge. ADAL1D lini-iied resolutely. INDIAN CHANT wan aevet dangerous. Scratched— 3242 3Top a* th Morning, 128. Overweights Dunga Din, 1 pound. 3o»pr/|Q rifTH RAIL 1 Mile and SI Tarda. Xov. 13, 1SI3 1:4S%- T l«7. Cm .m;»hi7 dM tj *dk. KJ 3-year "Id- and upward. Claiming. vet ralue ta wiamr 30; second, 00; third. S50. Index lloi-e- AWrsi , Str 1in Jockeys Owners Ko.niv. Odds Strt 3SSSS*LIFE R li- 2 I :.- .- V 1- I Rob son V Apreda 1-5 !"•• 32323 CRAVE w14 1 V 1 1 I1 l1 W Obert I. Utterback 150-101 32522 TOM HANCOCK WB SUE I PI V V 3 W Collins Penwick IS -MO 324SS*KYLE w 1*143 .: I- #» 6J I 41 B KopmnW Walker to. Hi 32485*GALAR WBSMG 7 I E - •.- ."• : il VYakoff P Sheridan Z3HS-KW SS2S7 KM. IN w T 1 1 : C ." V 4j •»• 6» C Jackson H I. Haughton 74C9-PM 32480 MISS ROSEHURG wbCHE E 7 7 7 7 7 A Collins .1 K Behrens IS I Kg Tim.. 255. 51--Jt l:»%, 1:43. 1:50. Track slow. sl niiitu.-l- paid. Life, -30 straight, .30 place. .40 -how: Brave, .00 puce, .-10 show; Tom Hancock. .s:i.oo how. !■; juivnieiit booking oddh— life. li5 to 1*0 straight, 23 to ico place, Io ta loo -how: Brave B0 ta loo place, no to loo -how: Tom Haaceek. so u. kki show. Winner -Br. f. by stale-man Ootowia trained by R. II. Voyee; bred bj Mr. W. 6. DiSeadcrffer. Went to post at !:l5. At past 1 minute, start good and slow. Won easily: second and third driving. LIFE steadily Improved her position and. passing the leader after a mild drive, won going away. BRAYE drew int.. a clear lead so the bnekstretrh. but tired and swerved bndlj whea challenged and put under punishment. TOM HANCOCK wa- always close u ■■ and finished gamely. KYLE ran well. Overweights Life. 5 pnauds QOpr F S1NTH SACS -1 Mile and 20 Yards. Nov. 30. 1P15- 1 : 13-.-, 1-107. l*urse son.. OiitlU 3-year-old- anl upward. Claiming. Set value to winner 3S; aeeond, 90; third. . Index Horses AWtSt U ft - Sir Fin Jockeys Owners Euuiv. Odds Strt 32S2S»EPITH BAUMAMM U 4 MS - ft n 21 ji p, ColUnaJ Arthur IQO-10* S24S3 PETELUS w SIM I :; :;- V 1*. 2«J J McTneft 1. A Seregnl CS5-100 32520 BOB REDFIELD w 4 ill 1 21 2| 4 :!.. ;;- T Par* ton J M Zunnter 445-1** 32533 HIKER w EM* 4 4| 4 .."•.". 4. F Rob son VY C Cnppa SM-1W 32455 LITTLE COTTAGE WaSMV 7 V ."."■ 8*1 4" V* L Mink D Shaw NhV-M* S221SSALGARDI wn4 1I1 I 7 . V $•• * • A Collins M J Dalv I OU MS SSS11 EL ORO w 11 110 L C, 7 7 7 7 W tbert N K Benl ylW-KH* Time. 26, 5125, 1:10=5. 1:47. l:483-5. Track slow. inutuel- paid. Edith Baumaaa, .06 straight, .10 place. .30 show: Petehas, Si. 00 place, ;-.;. lo show : Rob Redlield. S3. 00 show. ■fuivulent booking odds — Bdith Rauinann. 100 ta loo ■trahrht, 55 to 100 pence, 15 la ion -how: Pete Ins, khi to Km place, ~o to loo -how: Rob SrdScld. 50 to MS -how. Winner — h. f. by Prince of Melbi.urm — Rose Prim trained by .1. Arthur; bred bv Mr. H. T. -nard 1. Went to peat at 4:54. At ]M st 1 minute. Start gaad and slow. Won driving; second and third the same. EDITH BAUMANN set the pace to the half, saved pound on all turns and. hanging on gaasety in the final drive, outstayed PETELUS at the end. PETELUS meed into the lead on the far turn under slight restraint, but hi- rider «rew carele— near the end and threw the race awav at the rini-h. ROR REDFIELD came agate when put under punishment in the homestretch. HIKER and LITTLE COTTAGB ran fairly well. QOPTPT"! SLVKNTH RACK-1 1-8 Miles. Nov. 13. 1015 -1:57— s— 11 4. Pur-e 8SSS. 4-year-O dB *J EeJP A. olds and upward. Selling. Net value to winner 8S; second. SKXC third, 8SS, Index Hor-es AWtSt1, i % Str Fin .loekeys Owners BkpjHr. Odd- Strt 32534 JI0S.SIK LOLISE WBCUJ 1 1 1 1- 1- 1- l-.l Williamsj X Booker *M-Md 32524-KILDAV w « 111 J 5 5 4- 4r- 2l» D Stirling J A Gibson lga-Mt 3- 4!8 MENLO PARK w SSM I *» 81 :::» V V J McTng*rtH G Bedwell 226-100 323243DISTLRBER w 4 107 2 2l 21.. 2- 2- 4:" F Robson C K Fountain 5*6-1*8 32534 HARRV LALDER VllS 4 9 4- E E S R McDottJ F Sweeney SSS-SN Time. 2615. 53, 1:19%. 1:47, 2:00«i- Track slow. niutuels paid. Jessie Louise. S10.10 straiKht. .88 place. J|i:.30 show; Kilday. S3. SI place, tXM show; Menlo Park. .20 show. Bouivateat booking odds — leaate Louise. 405 to 100 straight. 140 to 100 place. 15 to loo show; Kilday, 00 to 100 place. 5 to 100 show: Menlo Park. 10 to loo show. Winner — Ch. 111. by Malta Santa — Dollie Me trained by C. Henne— y: bred by Mr. Sanford . Lyne. Went to poet at 5:29. At post 1 minute. Start good and slow. Won easily: second and third driving. JESSIE LOl ISE set a good pace while under stout restraint in the early running and drew awav in the final eighth to win easing up. KILDAY dropped out of forward contention for the tlr-t half mile, then finished rapidly when called on. MKNLO PARK held on gamelv at the end. DISTLRRKR tired in, the stretch drive. The winner, entered for JSOOO. was bid up to ,005 and bought in. Sal

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