Latonia Horses In Fast Work-Outs: Good Time Recorded During the Morning Gallops--St. Augustine Runs a Fast Mile., Daily Racing Form, 1919-06-22

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LATONIA HORSES IN FAST WORKOUTS Good Time Recorded During the Morning Gallops St Augustine Runs a Fast Hile HileLATONIA LATONIA Ky June 21 St Augustines mile in 140 was the fastest time at the distance during tho morning workouts at Latonia although Rufus Riley with l40yf and Precious with 140 were not far behind The following are the best gallops as reported by the official timers Weather clear track fast Ambuscade Mile in 144 144Adelia Adelia W Mile in 145 145Amstello Amstello Threequarters in 121 121Azalea Azalea Threequarters In 115 115Alula Alula Fiveeighths in 104 104Annette Annette Teller Half mile in 50 50Ablaze Ablaze Threeeighths In 37 37Bronco Bronco Billy Threeeighths in 39 39Brown Brown Bee Fiveeighths in 102 102Bobby Bobby Alien Fiveeighths in 104 104Bugle Bugle Call Threequarters in 117 Brimful Threequarters in 119 119Blazonry Blazonry Threequarters In 116 116Bee Bee Line Threequarters in 119 119Bandymo Bandymo Threequarters in 117 117Batchler Batchler Mile in 144 Bathildc Mile in 144 144Brownie Brownie McDawell Mile hi 146 146Basilius Basilius Mile in 144 144Baigneur Baigneur Mile in 141 141Capers Capers Threequarters in 115 115Charley Charley Summy Fiveeighths in 103 103Caraway Caraway Fiveeighths in 103 103Clara Clara Martin Mile In 144 144Chief Chief Brown Mile in 140 140Docod Docod Threequarters in 117 117Dioscoridc Dioscoridc Half mile in 50 50Dick Dick Horn Half mile in 49 49Donna Donna Tello Threeclghths In 39 39Ernest Ernest B Mile in 150 150Enmity Enmity Threequarters hi 127 127Ettuhe Ettuhe Threequarters in 117 117Ella Ella T Threeeighths in 34 34First First Ballot Fiveeighths in 105 105Fluzy Fluzy Threequarters in 114 114Flapper Flapper Mile in 148 148Guy Guy Fortune Threequarters In 120 120General General Haig Tlireequirters in 116 116Gleipncr Gleipncr Half mile in 48 48Huntermann Huntermann Mile in 144 144Highland Highland Mary Mile in 148 148Uuf Uuf faker Mile In 145 145Harvest Harvest King Threequarters In 118 118Hocilir Hocilir Fiveeighths In 102 102Hopover Hopover Half mile in 48 48HV HV C Anderson Thrcoeighths In 36 36Jazz Jazz Fiveeighths in 102 102Kenward Kenward Mile in 144 144Lutctin Lutctin Threeeighths in 36 36Moscowa Moscowa Mile in 148 148Mab Mab Mile in 144 144Mayor Mayor Galvin Mile in 142 142Marasmus Marasmus Threequarters in 115 115Missa Missa Fiveeighths in 102 102Marie Marie Maxim Fiveeighths in 101 101Mabel Mabel Trask Fiveeighths in 102 102Miss Miss Parnell Fiveeighths in 105 105Moga Moga Fiveeighths in 110 110Miss Miss Manage Fiveeighths in 102 102Move Move On Half mile in 52 52Marse Marse John Threeeighths in 37 37Ncpe Ncpe Threequarters in 117 117Nobleman Nobleman Threequarters in 115 115Narosla Narosla Threequarters in 114 114Ornellu Ornellu T Threeeighths In 39 39Pif Pif Jr Mile in 142 142Precious Precious Mile in 140 140Plumcot Plumcot Mile in 144 144Prospector Prospector Mile in 142 142Parlor Parlor Maid Threequarters In 116 116Poverina Poverina Threequarters in 113 113Paul Paul Connelly Threequarters in 119 1191ullux 1ullux Threequarters in 117 117Paganini Paganini Fiveeighths in 103 103Pine Pine Grove Fiveeighths in 102 102Packard Packard Fiveeighths in 105 105Peccant Peccant Half mile in 49 49Patches Patches Half mile in 49 Poppy Red Half mile in 48 Pleasurcvillc Mile in 144 144Prince Prince Igor Half mile in 47 47Rufus Rufus Riley Mile in 140 140Redmon Redmon Mile in 150 150Rainbow Rainbow Girl Throeeighths in 35 35Sungold Sungold Threeeighths in 37 37Sophia Sophia Gatewood Half mile in 49 49Salute Salute Fiveeighths in 102 102Sherry Sherry Fiveeighths in 103 103Snlma Snlma G Threequarters in 120 120Stevenson Stevenson Threequarters in 114 114St St Augustine Mile in 140 140Sol Sol Gilsey Mill in 149 149Thistle Thistle Green Mile in 145 145The The Gallant Mile in 144 144Tokalon Tokalon March Mile in 144 144Thinker Thinker Mile in 144 144Tanlac Tanlac Mile in 144 144Tiajan Tiajan Seveneighths in 130 130Tito Tito Threequarters in 115 115Third Third Witch Threequarters in 116 116The The Swimmer Fiveeighths in 101 101The The Leopard Half mile In 51 51The The Private Half mile in 51 51Verity Verity Mile in 145 145Verde Verde Mile in 144 144Virginia Virginia Dare Fiveeighths in 105 105Virago Virago Fiveeighths iu 105 105War War Machine Mile in 141 141Whirling Whirling Dun Threequarters 1 Wand Fiveeighths hi 104 Zim Fiveeighths in 104 Ziziz Fiveeighths in 102

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