Trompe La Mort an Accession: Donnaconas Half Brother, a French Horse of Racing Excellence, Likely to Prove An, Daily Racing Form, 1919-12-28


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11 11 1 . - - - - - TROMPE LA MORT AN ACCESSION DONNACONAS HALF BROTHER, A FRENCH HORSE OF RACING EXCELLENCE, LIKELY TO PROVE AN IDEAL SIRE IN AMERICA By EXILE Unexpectedly the other night, on his return from the cast, I ran into the breeder of Sir Barton, John E. Madden, who imparted the information that Sam Hildreth, owner and trainer ol Mad Hatter, considers Sir Barton the best horse he ever saw racs. He, too, is not far from the best horse I ever saw run, and this an opinion formed when I saw him carry the fast ones the Porter, Billy Kelly and Lucullite such a dizzy pace at Pimlico it made their head swim, and on being asked by jockey Kummer for an effort as the field swept past the three-eighths responded with a sudden two lengths lead and the production, of such that for which horse breeding is carried on. Be pleased to remember, too, that Sir Bartons dam, Lady Sterling, is by Hanover, whose influence for good I realize to the full and whese line I am doing my little l est to make safe. If it must be that the Hanover line is to pass, what is to be done? Breed to the best Herod horses available and also, make special effort to obtain from France one or more of the best of her Flying Dutchman or Atlantic line horses, according always liberal patronage to the best of the Herods which now find a home here in the United States. One of these is Trompc La Mort, whose residence in Pennsylvania I regret. During Saratoga time I was introduced by trainsr Welsh to Trompe La Mort, a splendid golden chestnut, well over sixteen hands, . all the earmarks of a sire; strong, robust and handsome; one which has the neck of a stud horse, carries a good flag; a most capable horse in every way, and one which with better fortune might have been a racing star. Anyway, Trompe La Mort was good enough when conceding weight to beat Lanius and Hollister for the Brook-dab Handicap at Aqueduct, and according to his trainer was upsides "with that good handicap-per, Naturalist, in their morning trials. At first I understood Trompe La Mort was billed for Kentucky, but the best laid plans, you know, "gang aft aglee," and Pennsylvania nowr domc-r;les one of the best bred, best looking horses I know, and one besides, whose" influence in coming years is certain to make itself felt, for he is a member cf the house of Herod, coming down through Grey Log and Wild Dayrell. k Verwood, bred in France, seems to have been unabb, though asked to win, but is a really well bred son of an Ascot Biennial winner in Grey Plume and from Donnaconas dam,. Kil-dunan, by Ladas. Verwoods granddam, Lochnell, is a daughter of the undefeated Barcaldine. Breeders are prcne to gibe at what they are pleased to term "my theory," which it is not, of blending the blood of "Herod, Matchem and Eclipse, and Verwood exhibits a pedigree balanced almost to perfection. Of Herod descent in the male line, his dam, the Eclipse mare Kildonan, and his granddam, by the Matchem sire Barcaldine, besides, Verwcod is a member of th Agnes family, from which come Ormonde, Sardanapab, Sceptre, Mcrtagcn, St. Gatien, Broomstick and others. Right, here a note: How comes it that the best of the year, Sir Barton; the best two-year-cld I ever saw race, Man o War; The Tetrarch, now going great guns as a sire in England, as is Fair Play in this country, are dl doughty expensnts of the bbnding of the blood plan of mating. Marsa, dam cf Tromps La Mort, is a daughter of that good horse Adam, which American breeders, asleep to their own best interests, permitted to be returned from whence he came, and Marsas dam, Favonia, was got by the Ascot winner Masque II., which is reckoned n leading brood mare sire-across the way. Fine Mouche, which fellows, is a daughter cf Tristan, once a winner of the Ascot Gold Cup, though in a second attempt the next season he could not come within hailing distance of the only St. Simon. Tristan blood, however, is good blood, for he is a son of Hermit Thrift, by Stockwell. Fanny, half-sister by Isonomy to Fine Mouche, bred Nephte, dam of ths Grand Prix winner Nuage and that really good winner Nimbus, a horse well wcrth buying, if that be possible, for this country. Now comes the only blot, if I may so term it, in an otherwise flawless pedigree. Reference is made to tli3 George Frederick of Frivola. George Frederick, of course, wen the Derby, but I have always been given to understand was nothing like so good as his brother, Albert Victor, and neither of them, despite the sterling campaigning qualities cf Victor Wild, has succeeded in establishing lines of his own. George Frederick is described as a heavy shouldered horse and got the dam of that colossal stud failure St. Simcnian and died "unhencred and unsung" in the neighboring Dominion of Canada. After this we again strike pay dirt and Madame Eglentine, the soil productive of Rosicrucian, Chaplet and Ihe Palmer. Perhaps the-best thing to do is to tolerate the George Frederick, which in no way makes itself manifest in the appearance of.Trompe La Mort, and afford the chestnut son of Verwood every opportunity for success, from the fact, if nothing else, that his daughters are certain to attaimsuccess-as brood mares, for one cannot afford to neglect the soil if the crop is to be of fine quality and abundant. Here is Trompe La Morts pedigree: Pepper and Salt. 23 J The Rake 1 H . f-Grey Log Gj Oxford Mixture 23 E ., , Grey riume.20 sray, 1891 J Qnctta Bend Or 1 K l. r;J A"U1 1 Galopin J Vedette 19 E 2 0 I Gantlet ...20J j Flying Duchess .. 3 II WS 1 " I Hrs e Combat., j Hampton 10 E sS f , 1 Repulse ....20 E o . it Hampton J Lord Clifden 2 E b b I f Cartas 1 1 Lady Langden 10 E S Iviidonan ..ilfS L ba? 1S01 I Hluminata Rosicrucian 5 E o r , l i,..,. b..3. im, 18JJ -J . f Paraffin 1 k Os Barcaldine 23 J Solon 23 M 2 ". . Lochnell 10 J I Ballyroe- ...23 K 3 ,. . J Bonnie Agnes J Blair Athol 10 E H I t Little Agnes . ....if; E W 5 " .., I Orme ....ll- Ormonde 11 E - m r. Fox .... 7 1 g ., . f Flying J Angelica 11 E o "5 Adam " J 1S90 Vampire .J Galopin 3 E chestnut: 1902 1 claniart 3 , y.y.7.7.7; ;;; I o. . Amie ........... 2 -J Princess Catherine ....3 E rt I Alice "Wellingtonia .....i... 3 E g ; Astra . 2 E SS " , o Tyrant 4 Beauclerc 10 E f Masque II. .-...2 1 1 Queen of the Meadows 4 E M Favonia 5 11 htxy- ;.18041- 1 Maskery i Mask... 2 II chestnut.. 1900 . Trjstan ....... .10 i Hermit " .V. 5 E . .j. J I Fine Mouche ...... . , , , j Thrift v K j Frivola ;.. Geo. Frederick ...,..13 K ja. Madame Eglentine. ... 5 II Imported.

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