Suspensions during 1921: Owners, Jockeys, Trainers and Others Punished for Infractions of Rules of Racing, Daily Racing Form, 1922-01-30


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SUSPENSIONS DURING 1921 i Owners, Jockeys, Trainers and Others Punished for Infractions of Rules of Racing. i Infractions of the ruins of racing meet with sure I ami Swift punishment in » measure commensurate with the of if list- omini! t-l. It is to the plory and • Integrity of tin- span thai the stcwaisls :iud other iiiiiu.ii- of the various racing organizations are . only infieipjeiiily called uu to inflict the maximum iM-nalty. "ruled off for life." Most of llie offenses . lire minor ones :t ti «1 tlie guilty asms are usually re instated at the expire tion of a ceriaiu stipulated . period of punishment. I he majority of infractions by .jockeys are for disnbedieiee and rough riding. Dining llie racing of 1921 there were the usual number of ■asmmadami for variott- reaasass, the fol- I lowing tabulation giving the details: Jockey Suspensions. W. Ridcnunr Suspended .laniiarv B, Havana, for ten iajri for rough tiding. II ■Tehlltana Suspended .l.inuary 1.",. Havana, for ten daya for rangh riding J. Ttabii: Sii-petuled February 3. New Orleans, for balance "f Meeting far reagfe riding. J IL-npel — Suspend-d February 4. Sew Orleans for balance of the meeting !" r rough riding. N. .1. Karnes- Sn-peiuled February 12. Havana. for fifteen days tot Striking jockey A. Mel.augh- I iit with whip ft. MiDeimoti Suspended February 13. Havana, for tea days for lough riding. 1 Fletcher Su-peiided February 14. Havana, indefinitely fei rangh riding. K. Batata Snrpended Kebruary 14. Havana, inde finitely for rough riding. .1. Douiiiiu k — Suspended Feb; Italy 22, Havana, for tea day- for lough tiding. .1 M Coy Siisiiended February "."•. BbteVCfSM t. for aalaace of meeting far rangh riding; reinstated March 3. I! McDcrniot t Suspended February 2li. Havana, for Hfteea days ",; rengh tiding. ■I U. I.ltrk" -Si:-p tlile.i March •!. Shrevcport. for astsatisfnetery riding. N. .1. l.arn, a -Suspended .March 4 Havana, indefinitely foi iitiigh rid iv: I. Banns "Snspended March 17. Havana, for fen days tor rough riding 1.. Ieiiinaii- Suspend ■•! March 17. Havana, for balance el ateeting foi rough riding. f Hunt Rnapended March 21 Havana, for balance of meeiiug for rangh riding «;. Mangan— Suspended March SB, Havana, for thirty days for rough riding. N. .1. Bnmes Bnapcndsd April n. Bawle, for bal ance of ine-tiii-: v,r disobedience at post. .1 Hettpei — Suspeniled April 1:.. Howie, indefinitely tor unsatisfactory ride on Nohani. K. Hileman — Suspended April 20. Havre de Grace; denied all privileges of Maryl-mil racing by Mary laud Baring Oensmisalen. ;. Vests Suspended April :. . Wheeling, w. Va.. Indefinitely • i rraspnc bridle o! aaether barae J ateMesaiager ftispended Iprll », Wheeling, W. Va.. for thirty days to. trikiag anetker ] ekej wilii viiiip. K Hayward April 2S. Tljnann, license revoked for un-atisiacioiy riding. I.. Kiimi: Snspended April 3S, Havre lie Grace, far balance af aMeting fat disorderly randnt-t. .1 William- Sn-p inled April -ti. II...,-- lie Grace, far aalaace af meeting for ronah ; i.i.: T. Smith Bnapended April lit;. vi: eling, W. Va.. for fifteen days tor rangh riding. G OJIabanej Anapeaded April 2d. TThrfllng. w. Va.. for fifteen days for rangh riding. I. Rnaor Suspended May 17. Jamaica, for balance id meeting for rough riding. 1! aiter Bnapended May 19. Brie, Ia.. for balance of in.- ting far rangh riding. W. Tay lot— Suspended May 21. Mount Royal Park, lor balance of Canadian racing and amrned awaj lor best mteresls of the tarf; reinstated .July 13. R. wid. i Suspended Slay 2S, Churchill Howes. ln- defiaiteiy far accepting money and rtatntien of rale 24 1: reiaatated .lime 23. J. .McDowell — Suspended May 27. Mount Royal Fark. for reporting in an unfit lining condition; rein -;...•.] July 15. I... lit. so; Suspended .Iiiiil 1. .■ iniont Para, for teii daya ii disobedience a tuc poet. c. Wiigiii Bnapended In* S, Dnff ria Park, far balanc f meeting far diaanedieace ;.t be post. . Kami Bnapended Jane IS, Oannennl Lnke Park, • Pa.: ruled off the turf for dishonesty. V Pranktia Bnapended .r.;u- 13. Vmnennl Lake Pnrk, Pa.; ruled off the turf for dishonesty. W. Haghew Bnapended inne 13. Iwaneani Latke !:i.. indefinitely. P. Banfard Hn»iw ndrd Inne IS, Conneanl Idtke Pack, Pa., il.llel. ll.l.-I.V V. Winl.icr Suspended June 13, Poane al Lake Park, l:i.. indefinitely. n.ii 1 1 in . v i" ■ -i -line IS, Conneanl Lake I. irk. Pa., indefinitely. i . •• ■ Bnapended inne 1.".. Dnfferia Park, indefinitely for rangh rding. A Morgan — Sespended June 1.",. Pino. Nov.; ruled off the turf for grasping saddle cloth of another s. Smiili — StUtpended June is. Reno. Xer., indefinitely for imlliug up Mike Bnly. W. Uclntyre suspended June _u. Bena, Nev.. foi ilxtj daya for inngh riding. II. I.. I.obinson- Bnsptndnd June 20. Reno. Nev.: ruled off the mrf for practice- detrimental to ibe - 111,11 s|S Of ill.- 1 111 t . R. Ryan — Bnapended June 20. Uono. Nev.: ruled off ;. rarf foi practice* detrimental :•• the I .—t in • 1 es... ,„ the 1 .ii-f. ].. Ensor — Suspended June 2o. Aiiueduct. for balance af mictlm for api e.iring in unfit riding condition. 1. Pa ! Haapended June 28, Lntonin, lor ten daya 1. -;• rangh riding. Rideaonr Bnanonded Inne 2!». Aiiueduct. for bal ance of meeting for rough riding. .1 ] Mocnej Snspended June 27. Hamilton, for balance i meeting far ilillhai jockey I. Bawna with whiii. H Jones Bnspended June 20. Reno. Nev.. pending an invi s, -gation. J. Majestic — Suspended June 27. Reno. Ney., for M*ly days for rough riding. J. P.utwi II —Suspended July .". Hatonla. Ky.. for balance of meeting for rangh riding. A. flavor Suspended July 13. Windsor, for balance of meeting for rough riding. K. Atkinson— Suspended July 1*;. King Edward Park. indefinitely, pending an investigation: reinstated August 17. H. Lnffertjr — Suspended July IS. King Edward Park, for practices detrimental to the tirf. .1. Panaiahir -Su-ponded July 18. King Edward Park. for ant being in riding condition: reinstated July R Pauley — Suspended July 22. Maisonneuve Park. for balance of meeting for rough riding. J. Metcalf -Suspended July 23. Empire Pity, for balance of meeting for rough riding. E. Hayvvatd- Suspended July 1V Rrighotise Park, Vancouver. B. C. indefinitely for tough riding; reinstated August 2.~. R. I.:; II- Suspended July 2«. Maisonneuve IHrk. for ten days for rough riding. H. Denner Suspended July SB, Keuipton Park: li- etnaa • ■ nee ted for miabnhavier. J. Dominick — Suspended July 2S. Keuipton Park; license canceled for misbehavior; reinstated Oc- knaac 21 T. gninl n Bnapended July 2*. Empire City, for balance of meeting for misbehavior. H. King- Su-j.i tided August 2. Devon-hire Park, for balance of meeting for rough riding. I.. Coney Su-pended August 2. Devonshire Pnrk. for bajsnee of meeting for rough ridinu. |, Y. Wilson--Suspended Augu.-t 3. Saratoga, for ten ii::y- foi rough riding. 8, Stuck Suspended July 22. Kenilwotth Park. E. Smith - Sn-pemled August 9. Delorimier Park, for balance e mtiatlai for dtaebtdh»nee at post. I .ordon- Suspended Aiirii-i 11. Pact Erie, for balance of meeting for liif.obeitieui e at po-l. j Kn-ci -Suspeniled August 11. Saratoga: license arHhdftnwn by Mm Jockey Chah, eendltlaa unfit for riding. I. Barrett— Suspended August 12. Saratoga; license withdrawn for unsatisfactory tide on Ilumeote. II. Gmgarj -Bnspended August 1S. Windsor: license witndrawn for rough riding. N. J. Barnes — Suspended August 18. Windsor, license withdrawn for disobedience at post. W. llinphy— Suspended August 20. King Edward Park, for leu days for unufoniiug conduct. i i I • . . . I |, W. Obert — Suspended August 23. Windsor, for bal- auce of nieeling for disobedience at post. E. Atkinson- -Su-pended Angus: 20. Dorval Park, for balance of meeting for rough riding. J. Yeargiu — Suspended August 27. Saratoga, for unsatisfactory ride on 1-atherface. E. Scoble — Susjiended August SO. Saratoga, for balance of meeting for rough riding. S. McGraw — Suspended Septemb;-r 1. Devonshire Iark. for balance of meeting for rough tiding. J. H. Burke— Suspended September 3, Deyonshire Parh, for an unsatisfactorv ride on Vanessa Welles. F. Merimee— Suspended September 8, Montreal, pending an investigation; reinstated October 12. D. Connelly Suspended September S. I/itor.ia. pending an investigation; reinstated October 8. S. Veitch, Jr. — Suspended September 8. Montreal, pending an investigation. E. Pollard -Suspended September 10. Dufferin Park, for balance of meeting for rough riding. C. Duggnn -Suspended September 10. Dufferin Park, for balance of meeting for rough tiding. H. Erickson — Suspended September lo, Connaught Park, for balance of meeting for rough riding. M. Schwartz — Suspended September 20, Thorneliffe Park, for balance of meeting for rough riding. I. Gordon — Suspended September 20. Thorneliffe Park, for balance of meeting for misbehavior at the post. T. McCullough — Suspended September 17, Willow Park. V.incouve:. B. C . inilelinilely for Unsatisfactory riding. H. Lunsfotd— Suspended September 23, I.atonia, for balance of meeting for unfit riding condition. A. Collins — Snspended September 28, Saratoga, for unsatisfactory riding; license withdrawn by Jockey club. 1.. Mills — Suspended September 23. Willows Park, Victoria. B. «.: rilled off the mrf for having an electric battery on his person. C. Robinson- -Suspended September 30. Aqueduct. for vioi.-iiion of rule-: reiaatated October 14. T. Rowan — Suspended Octoher 10. Eaurel, for bal ance of meeting for rough riding. M Gamer Suspended October 12. Churchill Downs. for balance of meeting foi rough riding. L. Lyke- Suspended October 12, Churchill Downs, for balance of meeting for rough riding. R. Bn II- Suspended October 14. Erie. Pa., indefinitely for unsatisfactory riding: reinstated October 31. V Collins -Su-penihd October 13. Maisonneuve Park, for sixty days far rangh riding, .1. Bchleaainger Bnapended Octoher 17. Erie. Pa.; ruled off the turf. W. Dnnkinaan- -Suspended October 17. Erie. Pa., in- dei inilely. H. tiregory —Suspended October 18. Churchill Down*. for balance o£ meeting for disobedience at the post. W. Una! Bnapended October l». Lnnrel, for bal ance of meeting for rough riding. M. Henderson Suspended October 22. I»iurel. for balance of meeting for us:ug impudent language to racing officials. !.. Lyke Suspended October 27, Lexington, indefinitely for rough riding; reinstated December IS, l . Connelly Bnapended October 27. Lexington, indefinitely for rough riding; reiaatated December IS. K. Cintiietii suspended October 27. Lnnrel, far balance of meeting for rough riding. ;. Mangan Suspended November S, Cleveland, o.. for balance of meeting for disobedience a; i ost. s. Rroiarenhalm- Bnapended November 9. Cleveland. o.. balance of meeting, badge taken up and denied privilege- of the track. It. Jfarinelll Bnspended November IS. Bowie, bsdef- ii tely for rangh riding. I. :. Peta Bn*pcndad November 29. lefferaaa Park. Indefinitely for rough riding. M. Garner- Suspended November 30. J-fferson Paik. for balance of meeting for rough tiding. II. .1. Bnrke Bnapended December •".. Jefferson Park. far balance of meeting for rough riding. I.. MeDerntoti Suspended December 7. Jefferson Pnrk, for ten days for rangh riding I. Majestic Bunpendtd December 11. Tijuana, for ten days for rough riding. I. Gray — Bnapended December 12. Jefferson Park; liceii-e revoked and denied privilege of Hack fat rouuii riding J. Bchleaainger — Suspended December 14. Havana: denied privileges of grnssnda. H. Tliitrber Bnapended December 15, leffei on Park: license revoked. M. Bnxtea Bnapended December IS, letters en Park. Im- balanc- 01 meeting for rangh riding. !. Dreyet Suspended December IS. Havana, for ten days for 11. ugh riding. It. MeDertiolt -Suspended December 20. Jefferson Park, for balanc- of saeetlng for rough riding. F. Hunt — Suspended December 20. Havana, indefinitely for rough riding. P. Isaiah suspended December 20. Havana, indefinitely for rough riding. 1;. Fields Bnapended December 22, Havana, fat thtrtj days for much riding. R. Klli* — Suspended December 22. navana. indefi- niei.v. for striking Jockey ■• Fields with his whip. J. Heupi -I Bnapended December 2*;. Havana, for tbirtj days for rangh riding. V. Weiner — Suspended December 2fi. Jefferson Park. for balance of meeting for rough riding. N. J. Barnes Suspended December 27. Jefferson Park, for balance of meeting for rough riding. !. Iriiil. Bnapended December 3S, Hav.n.a. far ten days for rough riding. P. W.ill- Bn«pended December 31. II.1v.1na. for ten days for rough riding. .1 Allen Bnapended December 31. Havana, fat thlrtj daya !•:• rangh tiding Owner Suspensions. II. 1. Bench Bnapended lunnary is. New Orleans; rnled off 1 le tnrf for faiinre to deliver bane Chester after being claim -il. II. B. ton:, Bnmended April 12. Bowie, for balance of meeting for entering horses in names al other than rightful an nets names. F. Byer -Suspended April 12. Bowie, for balance of BMetlng for entering horses in name- of other than light lu! owner* names. O. E. Phillips suspended April 20. Havre de Grace; denied all privileges of Maryland racing by racing coinmis-ion. T. P. Phinn Unspanned April 23. Baltimore. Md.. indefinitely for irregular praei ices. C. N. Freesaan-— Bnapended April 23. Baltimore. Md., until December 31. 1921. for irregular practice-. G. W. Wilson Suspended June 7, Toronto. Ont.: riled of; Me turf for practices prejudicial to the i hit. Ed Tin-y Bnapended June 7. Cennennt, Pa.: ruled off the lurf for failing to deliver hor-e Twelve Bells after being claimed. Ftedeiteh Johnson -Suspended July i. New York. N. V.. for term of Bmpire City meeting for irregular practices. If. Keame] Suspended July 18. Empire City: denied privileges of grounds far violating claiming rule-: case referred to Jockey Club. T. E. Cnasminga -Snepemted December 14. Bavamn; denied privileges of ground-. P. Banfard -Snapended December 14. Havana; denied privileges of ground-. P. Baaghesaaa -Shmpemted December 14. Havana: de aled privllegea of grounds. B. J. Sheldon Sus|»eniled December 14. Havana: denied privileges of giottniis for sixty days for rneaag his barae Inra in an unfit condition. Trainers and Others Suspended. J. T. Strite — Suspended January 28, Tijuana: license withdrawn and entries refused for unsatisfactory running of his horses. Edward Shctery— Ruled off May 2fi. Churchill Downs, for violation of rule 244. B. Waischei — Suspended June 7. Toronto, Ont.: d"nied all privileges for unbecoming conduct. C. tCuilyi Mntrie. valet Ruled off June 13, Con-neaut Lake Park. Ia.. for dishonesty. Carl Drake- Suspended June 13. Cc-nneaut I-ake Pa., indefinitely; reinstated temporarily October 24. W. Blown -Suspended July 16, King Edward Park. indefinitely pending an investigation. George W. Morgan — Suspended July 18. Empire City. indefinitely for violating claiming rules: case referred to Jockey Club. J. MeGovern— Ruled off October 14. Erie, Pa., for assaulting jockey R. Ball. E. Wayland — Suspended October 17. Eaurel. for di-- orderly conduct and badge taken up and ejected fiom track; reinstated November 13. W. Anderson — Rnled off November 7, Cleveland. 0., for attempt to entwr in a race Ogdeu Girl for Clarenieter. W. Johnson — Ruled off November 7. Cleveland, 0.. 1 for attempt to enter in a race Ogdeu Girl for Claremeter. W. A. McKinuey — License revoked. December 15, Jefferson Park, for entering and racing his horses 1 in auother owners name without permission. T. F. Rornman — License revoked. December 26. Jefferson Pnrk, for inconsistent running of horse Pimlioo. Reinstatements. Jockey .1. Groh— Reinstated at New Orleans February 12. Jockey W. Lilley--Reinstated at New Orleans Kebruary 12. Jockey R. E-ter — Rein-iaied at New Orleans Feb- tuaiy 12. Jockey W. A. Carroll— Keinstated at New Orleans , Kebruary 12 Benny Crouch — Reinstated at New Orleans February 12. Sam Smith — Reinstated at New Orleans February 12. Trainer Iewis Williams- Keinstated at N"W Orleaus Kebrua ty 1 2. Jockey W. Ward— Granted license to ride at New York March 31. Owner George Phillips Reinstated Spptember 27: suspended September 30. 1920. J. Henry, former jockey and owner -Reinstated I-cemher 21; ruled off at Oaklawn Park in 1918. Horse Suspensions. Carefree — Entry refused for balance of meeting. Empire City, October 24; for inconsistent running. Enrii-o Caruso — Entry refused for balance of meeting. Cleveland. O.. October 24: for fractiousness. Brush Boy— Entry refused for balance of meeting, lefferaaa Park: f:tl-e ownership registration. I.amptts — Entry refused for balance of meeting. Jefferson Park: false owner-hip registration. CrmmmnO — Entry refused. Havana: for inconsistent running. Sailor— Entry refused. Havana; for fractiousness. Black Thong Entry refused. Havana. March 10; for inconsistent running. Sam McMeekin — Entry refused. Churchill Downs. May 17; for fractiousness. M« onlighter- Baled oft srith owner. Toronto, Ont., •Inne 7. Ogdea Jirl Ruled off with owner. Tarontn, Ont.. Inne 7 Golden Glen Ruled off with owner. Toronto. Ont.. June 7. Twelve Bells — Ruled off with their owner. Conneaut. Ia.. June 7. tiold 0 a t W Entry refused. Devonshire Park, August 4: for fractiousness. Sand River II. -Entry refused, September 27; for fractiousness. Draftnmaa Entry refused. September 27; for fractiousness. Kama — Entry refu-ed. September 27. by Canadian Racing Associations.

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