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Johnny Dundee . 8.50- Won Wednesdays horse, another evidence of how my method picks them. DUST FLOWER 15 to 1 WON Tuesdays Horse. FUSEIS 520.05-52 WON Mondays System Horso. System on filo with Daily Racing Form. No odds under 2 to 1 accepted. "3fou need my metliod whether you play them daily or occasionally. Torms: 5 first paymont. balance 25 from profits. Remit by money order, certified check or registered letter. A. C. KEII P. 0. BOX 583 LAECHMONT, N. X. P S. Honey refunded unless abovo winners solected through my method. I have no timo for oorrespondenco. Price of system advances August 10 to 00; first paymont 0. Sale limited to cch locality. JOHNirr DUNDEE... 1825-100 WOK Did wo know somothiny! Coa- j vince yourself, co to any news- j AajA stand, buy latest EEPORIEIt, only ! yiSrg cents, and read what we said. j Y Cot several more to te heard from. V Subscribers mailed plain envelope, S 3 weeks, . FEIDATS SPECIAL: No. 153. THE TURF REPORTER 22 W. Quincy St. Estab. 1004 CHICAGO, ILL. proposition which I know all about, which I have booa in touch with for the past month, is now roady to deliver tha goods. Saturday, August 5, j has been picked as the day, rain or shine. This j horso will go to the post and tho connections ; expect good odds. If you will promise to make a ten dollar straight play for me and remit after you cash, send correct namo and address. No : postals. No callers. H. SMALL 102 West 104th Street, :: NEW YORK CITX North Sea. .75-, won, and a third were last Saturdays ?2 XX specials. Dont miss noxt Saturdays getaway specials at Hamilton. All they cost i3 . Todays form special: No. 5, middle page. Book No. 7E4. STANDARD TURF GUIDE, 403, 22 W. auinoy St., Chicago, 111. , SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY RACING FORM j DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 74 EXCHANGE STREET :: BUFFALO. N. Y. 157-159 EAST 32ND STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y. 74 EXCHANGE STREET :: BUFFALO, N. Y. THE IBTEBMAT10MAL AUTHORITY AMERICAN BAG1H8 j Circulating in the United States, Cuba, Philippine Islands, j Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Austria, ; Hungary, Australia, India, Argentina, Chile, Peru, etc., etc. THIS BOOK CARRIES indexed form charts of all recognized racing in the United States, Canada, Cuba and Mexico, has supplanted all others for the use of racing officials and is universally used by jockey clubs throughout the world, j Compact, accurate, perfectly printed, with absolutely correct index, on linen paper, lettered, and bound in flexible leather. Contains, ! i besides charts of all recognized racing on American tracks, the Amer- j ican and Canadian time records, scales of weights of various governing bodies and records of jockey mounts in the United States, Canada and Mexico, for the year. has been oversold for the past few years and the attention of prospective purchasers of the 1921 edition is respectfully called to the desirability of placing orders early. VOLUME I., 1922, PUBLISHED EN TWO VOLU ViES Price, Per Volume, 0 Copies by mail must go as registered matter, with an extra charge of ten cents for registration. Not responsible for books sent as regular mail. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO., 441 Plymouth Court ------ Chicago, Illinois. 157-159 East Thirty-second Street ... - New York, H. Y. 74 Exchange Street Buffalo. N. Y. FOR 1922 NOW ON SALE 9 1 PRICES BY MAIL: Leatherette Bound .60 FULL PURCHASE PEICE MUST ACCOMPANY EACH ORDER THE 1922 LEATHERETTE COVERED BOOK IS A DEPARTURE FROM THE OLD STYLE. IT IS MOST SERVICEABLY BOUND, GOLD LETTERED AND FLEXIBLE . t i j DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 Plymouth Court Chicago, Illinois. I THE j I $ I issued on the first day of each month, with complete I charts of the previous months racing in North America, now J 1 carries an index showing each and every start of all horses in training, with firsts, seconds, thirds and track conditions desig- f nated. By means of this arrangement it is possible for the user 1 of the Monthly Form Book to instantly determine a horses abil- 1 ity to run on any sort of track concerning which information is desired, as shown in the following examples: I LAST SPARK, ch. e, 5. by Martimas Flicker H. A. Cotton X I I J30971 i310SSh 331232m J314r3;Ii C314978 ?,1523s "31015 J31C32 131720 13182-1 n31843sy P31933h 319G5h "319803 i 32000 "32030 J32H7 P 32231 P32303 "32377 032339 "32419 32S15 r3283! 1 "32883 "32911 J 33228 J33270 "33352 "33435 g 33520h nJUJOnnh 133827 "33902 "34032 "341394 j 34357 34504 "31574 "34019 "34748 "34S44 a and I HAPEinnr, ch. S. 6, by Rock Sand Half Sovereign.. . II. Lang x a C3130G 631375 "31432 s31470 1-3153S "31550 J j 3158.501 e31740!i E31811 631833 131934 S31978 I J 31993 -3207211 G32091 J32123li "32105 B32175 j "32213 132243 132S11 J32879 33020 33135sy 6 k, F332G7 133309 e334il 335C8s k33C7i C33778 k 33822 63392S "33908 "31103!m k.3424l 3129fl I fc34399h ""34122 "31811ti J31G31 J34717 334751 I ZODIAC, ch. 2, G, by Star Shoot Lady Vincent II. J. Daly x I "31079 "31179 "31228 "31309 "31350 P31410" "31457 P31540 "31G0U 131GS8 131713h 131913 jl I 131982 33202G "320G2h "32123h 132209 "32250 5 "322S1 "32453 32483 h P32511sy "32543 P32557 4 "33058h 33208 "33309 "333S8 P331G0 P33G07 S $ P33012 P33677 P33745 "33972 rjjososy "31139s ffi "31303 i3142Sy 34M1 "34571 "34G83 "34749 H I P34817a H The letter "h" Indicates heavy; "m," muddy; "sy," sloppy; "s," slow. Races B I not otherwise designated were over fast or good tracks. H I The alphabetical sign before each race number shovs the I distance at which the race has been run according to the key I below: j 6 1-4 and -8 Mile A 1 Mile n a 3 1-2 Furlonprs W From 1 Mile 20 Yards to 1-2 Mile D 1 Mile 100 Yards O B I 4 1-2 Furlongs V 1 1-16 Milon p M 5-8 Mile O 1 1-S Miles q M I 5 1-2 Fnrionss H 1 S-1C, 1 1-4 and 1 5-1G Miles, tl I 3-4 Mile J 1 1-2 and 1 3-S Miles S 9 1 O 1-2 Furlongs K 1 5-8 and 1 3-4 Miles T S t 7-8 Mile Ii 2 to 3 Miles u w I 7 1-2 Furlongs M 3 to 4 Miles v 1 i m I rCTm ra I In addition to the complete charts of all races run on I North American tracks during the month, comprehensively and I I correctly indexed, the June book contains the following S j NEW FEATURES: j Complete Index to Stakes Bun Since January 1, 1922 1 I Thirty Leading Owners Since January 1, 1922 1 1 Thirty Leading Horses Since January 1, 1922 1 j Stake Dates for Month of August, Alphaoeiicaily Arranged i I Track Records for All Distances i Calendar Table of August Racing Dates 1 Monthly Form Book j FOR JULY I The Price Remains lincfianged, .00 j I Single copies by mail must be sent as registered mail, with I I an extra charge of TEN CENTS for registration. Not respon- I 1 sible for books sent by mail without registration. I 1 DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. I I 441 Plymouth Court - - Chicago, HI. 1 I 157-159 East Thirty-second Street - New York, N. Y. 1 74 Exchange Street - - Buffalo, N. Y. 1

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