Grand Array of Entries: United States Hotel Stakes Attracts Best of Years Juveniles, Daily Racing Form, 1922-08-04

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GRAND ARRAY OF ENTRIES 1 J. j. J. J. " United States Hotel Stakes At- tracts Best of Years Juveniles. c D Two Hundred and Forty-Seven E H. Two -Year-olds Named for F This Popular Fixture. E H. D H. Every owner with a two-year-old of any apparent class or promise seldom fails to n n. enter that youngster in the rich juvenile 11 H. stake races offered by the Saratoga Racing Association. It is no wonder then that 247 H. nominations were made for this years United States Hotel Stakes, one of the ?10,000 L H. two-year-old stakes" run annually at the Spa. To give in detail the history of this long- D H. established fixture would be a recital of the deeds of Americas most illustrious two-year- F old3 from Luke Blackburn, its first winner In 18S0, down to Morvich, the victor last year. Hindoo, Drake Carter, Inspector B., E Hanover, Kinley Mack, Burgomaster, Resti-gouche, Old Rosebud, Billy Kelly, Man o H War and Nancy Lee are a few of the great horses that helped to make its interesting G history. With the best of this years crop of juveniles named for the United States Hotel Stakes there is every reason to believe that c C. the winner will be worthy of inclusion with the above-mentioned. C C. Following are the 247 entries to the event: ARie3 Stable Pat Casey, br. c, by Jim Gaffncy Racy, by Burgomaster. C Allies Stable Al Boyd, cli. c, by Great Britain Bonetto, by Masetto. C O. A. Applcgate Iioscate II., ch. c, by Sea Sick Rosotta, by Maintcnon. C G. A. Applegate Chief Flynn, br. c, by Pataud Stellas Shadow, by Ogden. C George F. Baker Big Sapp, ch. c, by Boots and Saddle Brightstone, by Dcutschland. George P. Baker Mahogany, ch. c, by Wormleigh- ton Daisy Ilatt, by Maria Santa. Archibald Barklie Majority, b. c, by Ballot Cln- trclla, by Bryn Mawr. August Belmont Ospicy, ch. c, by Fair Play Olympia, by Bock Sand. August Belmont Diagram, b. c, by Fair Flay Dragnet, by Bock Sand. August Belmont Messenger, ch. c, by Fair Flay Mission, by Bock Sand. August Belmont Metal, br. or blk. c, by Horn-less Monet. i III., by Spearmint. August Belmont Bock Bottom, b. c, by Bistouri Bock of Gold, by Bock Sand. August Belmont Mirabcllc, ch. f, by Fair Play Mahnbah, by P.ock Sand. C H. Borryman Saglionet, ch. c, by Ballot Enterprise, by Bathamnton. J O. H. Berryman Senator Ernst, ch. c, by Ballot Royal Dainty, by Boyal Flush III. O. II. Berrymau Spinball, ch. c, by Ballot Spindrift, by Requital. G. L. Blackford Chief. Curry, ch. c, by Bickcty Privateer, by Meddler. G. L. Blackford Goldencrest, ch. c, by Mcelick Golden Agues, by Golden Maxim. G. L. Blackford Glcnlivet, b. c, by Meelick Dona Hamilton, by Donald A. G. L. Blackford Kinsman, b. c, by Prince Hermis Little Jane, by Canopus. Benjamin Block Mormaw, b. f, by Fair Flay Keystone, by Marajnx. Howard S. Brown Lawn Mower, b. or br. c, by Short Grass Intrigue, by Kingston. Howard S. Brown Sir Sidney, b. or br. c, by Bock View Gold Mine, by Woolslhorpe. Howard S. Brown Bock Salt, ch. c, by Rock View Margaret L, by Ballot. J. I. Brown Right on Time, b. c, by Jack Atkin Susan Lenox, by Handsel. James Butler Mutiny, b. c, by "Wrack Desirous, by Hamburg. J. N. Camden Bay colt, by Light Brigade Discipline, by Grccnan. J. N. Camden Brown or black gelding, by Light Brigade Casuarina, by Plaudit. J. N. Camden Golden Apple, ch. g, by Light Brigade Atalanta, by Uncle. J. N. Camden Brown gelding, by Light Brigade Honeydew, by Ben Brush. D. D. Canfield Flower Shop, ch. f, by Jim Gaffncy Ocanya, by Ornus. E. B. Cassatt Fairy Wings, br. f, by Cavalcadour Flying Fairy, by Aeronaut. C. Clancy Stony Point, ch. c, by Half Rock Bummerhlll, by Stalwart. P. A. Clark Simplex, b. f, by Wrack Smilax, by Star Shoot. P. A. Clark Marguerite, ch. f, by Celt Fairy Bay, by Radium. Gtfford A. Cochran--Foxtail, b. c, by Short Grass Triple Crown, by Star Shoot. GIfXord A. Cochran Warburton, b. or br. c, by His Majesty Quair, by Orme. G If ford A. Cochran Cimbra, b. or br. f, by His Majesty Livonia, by Star Shoot. Gilford A. Cochran Malmsey, ch. f, by His Majesty Madeira, by Star Shoot. W. B. Coe Flentycoos, ch. c, by Polymellan Fari- mond, by Fariman. W. R. Coe Pony Express, ch. c, by Polymelian . Moonrisc, by Sunstar. "rV. R. Coc Wild Cat, b. c, by Polymelian Catacomb II., by Saint Martin. W. B. Coe Wigwam, b. f, by rolymellan Garner, by Radium. R. Coe Chestnut filly, by Polymelian Laugh-away, by Cicero, ff. R. Coe Chestnut filly, by Harmonicon Mavis, , by Missel Thrush. W. R- Coe Bay filly, by Harmonicon Fair Maid, by Orvieto. J. S. Cosden Bay colt, by Sweep Ballet Girl, by r 117". Bt. Leonards. 3. 8. Cosden Martingale, b. c, by Martinet Lady f Irma, by Semproniufl. J. 8. Cosden Knighthood, br. c, by Theo. Cook Cowl, by Disguise. J. 8. Cosden Finlot, b. c, by Tho Finn Blue Ballot, by BaBot. 1 J. j. J. J. " c D E H. F E H. D H. n n. 11 H. H. L H. D H. F E H G c C. C C. C C C C J . , r f S. Cosden Chestnut colt, by Celt Logistilla, by Locohatchee. S. Cosden Crochet, br. f, by Celt Network, by A Eon. S. Cosden Confercracy, ch. f. by Theo. Cook T r. Dixie, by Ogdcn. Crown Stable Low Williams, br. c, by Hourless j r. Brown Bess, by Blitzen. Crown Stable Mary 1. Gardner, b. f, by North J r. Star III. Voterina, by Voter. J. Diamond Stable Mill Gate, ch. c, by Sir John Johnson Milldale, by Miller. j r. Rozier Dulany My Own, br. c, by King James Bettie Landon, by Mentonc. J r. Fernbrook Stable Park Hill, b. c, by Zeus Edna Collins, by The Commoner. r. C. Fisher Cartoonist, ch. c, by Celt Honey 1. Bee, by Hamburg. C. Fidicr Kecnan, blk. c, by Black Toney j f. Cain Chaser, by OUs. C. Fisher Hyperion, br. c, by Sunstar Mel- J I. rique, by Melton. C. Fisher Diamond Dick, blk. c, by Dick Fin- J T. nell Diamond Grain, by Fowling-piece. C. Fisher Brocade, br. f, by Broomstick Embroidery, by Celt. fj C. Fisher Dream Star, b. f, by Star Shoot-Dismiss, by Ogdcn. j C. Fisher Delcadia, ch. f, by Delhi Starcadia, by Star Shoot. I Foreign Stable Little Celt, ch. c, by Celt Little I. Flower, by Star Ruby. Robert L. Gerry Errand Boy, b. c, by Wrack . I. Lady Errant, by Knight Errant-Robert L. Gerry William TeU, blk. c, by Rock j View Arrowshaft, by Ogdcn. Robert L. Gerry Buddy, b. c, by McGce Rose J I. Leaves, by BaBot. Glen Biddle Farm Demijohn, b. c, by Sweep Flir- 1 tatious, by Golden Garter. . Glen Riddle Farm Ten Minutes, blk. or br. c, by Hourlcsj Famphyle, by Robert lc Diable. j T. Grayson Mintstick, gr. c, by Broomstick Calamint, by Spearmint. 2 T. Grayson Tuxedo, b. c, by Sunstar Togs, by St. Frusquin. John W. Greener Catherine K., eh. f, by Han-bridge Mjosen, by My Boy IL Greentree Stable Canaque, b. e, by Ultimus Ma- rian Casey, by Star Buby. Greentree Stable Links, b. c, by Short Grass I Christophine, by Plaudit. Greentree Stable Romping Home, ch. c, by Dls- guise Bold Girl, by Ogden. Greentree Stable Son o Unc. ch. c. by Uncle Idle Tale, by Superman. i Greentree Stable Dustabout, br. or blk. c, by Sweep Kopje, by Kronstad. Greentree Stable El Astro, br. or bBc c, by Star . Shoot Elmaha, by Ogdcn. Greentree Stable Cherry Fic, b. g, by Chicle Cherry Malotte, by Orlando. Greentree Stable Barbary Bush, ch. c, by Whisk Broom II. Cardaminc, by Sir Archibald. Greentree Stable Moonrakcr, ch. c, by Broomstick Alster Cress, by Watercress. Greentree Stable Untidy, b. f, by Sweep Cafe-au- Lait, by Meddler. Greentree Stable Solisa, ch. f, by Spanish Prince II. Frcsnay, by Meddler. H II. Hewitt Bay colt, by George Smith Inspiration, by Ayrshire. H. H. Hewitt Banter, ch. c, by Huon Hazzaza, by Cunard. H. H. Hewitt Easter Bells, br. c, by Black Toney Mission Bells, by Peep oDay. H. U. Hewitt Metric, br. c, by Short Grass Star Maid, by Star Shoot. Max Hirsch Bo McMillan, ch. c, by Ballot Nettie Hastings, by Hastings. Max Hirsch Bay colt, by Granite Annagh, by Broomstick. Idle Hour Stock Farm Blossom Time, br. f, by North Star IIL Vaila, by Fariman. Idle Hour Stock Farm Brunei!, b. c, by Black Toney Santa Anna II., by Mar tag on. Idle Hour Stock Farm Betty Beall, ch. f, by North Star III. Macaroon, by Marco. Idle Hour Stock Farm Beach Beauty, ch. f, by Cunard Killanna, by Kileagh. Idle Hour Stock Farm Body Guard, b. c, by Golden Maxim Mclisande, by Disguise. Idle Hoar Stock Farm Bright Tomorrow, ch. c, by North Star IIL Sweet Alice, by Flying Dutchman. Idle Hour Stock Farm Bluo Nose, br. c, by Black Toney Bcnanet, by St. Avouicus. Idle Hour Stock Farm Boys Bcliove Me, ch. c, by North Star III. Believe Me Boys, by Cunard. Idle Hour Stock Farm Bradleys Toney, br. c, by Black Toney Baudclio, by Kingston. Walter M. Jeffords Prince Begent, ch. c, by Spanish Prince II. Understudy, by Star Ruby. Mrs. Walter M. Jeffords White Rock, b. c, by Mc- Gce Lilhia, by Ingoldsby. Frederick Johnson Cape Clear, ch. c, by Celt Sand Dune, by Bock Sand. Montfort Jones Black filly, by Black Toney Breathing Spell, by Dark Ronald. Montfort Jones Chestnut colt, by Ogdcn PrisciUa, by Star Shoot. Montfort Jones Brown colt, by Celt Toots, by Top Gallant. Montfort Jones Bay colt, by Hessian Witfull, by Mirthful. Montfort Jones Bay colt, by Hessian Recline, by Ogden. Montfort Jones Brown colt, by Rock View Tuscan Bed, by William Rufus. Montfort Jones Chestnut colt, by Dick Finnell An-i nie Williams, by Lazzarone. Montfort Jones Black colt, by George Smith Rus-i tic Maid, by Ogdcn. J. O. Keene Fair Alice, b. f, by Lnke McLukc Forest Lady, by His Majesty. Willis Sharpe Kilmer Sunfcrence, ch. c, by Sun Briar Conference, by Bock Sand. Willis Sharpe Kilmer Sunsina, b. c, by Sun Briar Contessina, by Count Sehomberg. Willis Sharpe Kilmer Sun dOr, ch. c, by Sun Briar Sabretache II., by Martagon. Willis Sharpe Kilmer Sun Tey, blk. f, by Sun Briar St. Fey, by St. Fruspiin. WUlis Sharpe Kilmer Sun Mist, ch. f, by Sun Briar Misty Law, by Ayrshire. Willis Sharpe Kilmer Sun Quest, ch. f, by Sun Briar Boyal Quest, by Boi Hcrode. Willis Sharpe Kilmer Sun Doll, b. f, by Sun Briar War Doll, by Sir Geoffrey. Willis Sharpe Kilmer Sun Thistle, b. f, by Sunstar Sweet Briar II., by St. Frusquin. Willis Sharpe Kilmer Sallys Alley, b. f, by Allu- ineur Salvolatile, by Disguise. Willis Sharpe Kilmer Sweep Hawk, rn. f, by Sweep Hawksora, by Havkswick. George W. Loft Kippy, ch. f, by Broomstick Seamstress, by Star Shoot. George W. Loft Crugie, b. or br. f, by Broomstick Julialeon, by Helmet. L. A. Lyme Newmarket, ch. c, by Wormleighton Polly ConncBy, by Disguise. L. a. Lyne Larchmont, ch. c, by Wormleighton A T r. r. r. J. j r. J r. r. 1. j f. J I. J T. fj j I I. . I. j J I. 1 . j 2 I i . Pirate Polly, by Pirate of Penzance. . K. Maeomber Spread Eagle, b. c, by Hesperus Li Sierra, by Bey del Sierras. .. K. Maeomber Bayonet, ch. c, by War Star SIdonia, by Brutus, E. Madden Bay colt, by Star Shoot Gertrude Marie, by McGee. E. Madden Bay colt, by Zeus Sans Gene, bj Bock Sand. E. Madden Brown or black colt, by Hessian Millinery, by Star Shoot. E. Madden Bay colt, by Onnondalc Shadow, by Charles Edward, E. Madden Bay colt, by Sir John Johnson Catherine Carson, by Ben Stromc. E. Madden Bay colt, by The Finn His Sister, by Uncle. E. Madden Bay colt, by Ultimus Ballymcna, by Adam. E. Madden Chcstnnt colt, by Ultimus Crazy-quilt, by Hamburg, H. Madden Chestnut colt, by Ultimus Ollie Belle, by Charaxus. E. Madden Chestnut colt, by Friar Rock Problem, by Superman. E. Madden Chestnut colt, by Friar Rock Dreaming, by Ben Brush, riiomas C. McDowell Chestnut colt, by Manager Waite Latonia, by Ogdcn. rhomas C. McDowell Bay colt, by Sweep-Star Cat, by Star Shoot. Xhomas C. McDowell Bay colt, by The Manager Affable, by Hastings. B. B. McLean Noel, b. c, by Broomstick Christmas Star, by Star Shoot. C. Milsm King ONeill, b. c, by Sweep Sour-noise, by Vcrwood. C. Milam Dunlin, ch. c, by Fair Play Dona Boca, by Rock Sand. J. C. Milam Chestnut fiUy, by Peter Quince Sticlr Pin, by McGee. C. Milam Chestnut filly, by Peter Quince Eden Hall, by Armeath II. Charles A. Moore Lady Tybar, ch. f, by Disguise Dona Winifreda, by Dr. Leggo. Charles A. Moore Who Knows Me, br. c, by Sir John Johnson Fantail, by Ogdcn. Nevada Stock Farm General Thatcher, br. c, by Sweep Pollistena, by Polymeus. Nevada Stock Farm Humbolt, b. c, by Atheling II. Celesta, by Scmpronius. Nevada Stock Farm King Charming, ch. c, by Atheling II. Island Queen, by Dick Welles. Oak Bidge Stable Drogheda, ch. e, by Celt Sea Wave, by Sea King. Oak Ridge Stable Sponsor, ch. f, by Sea King Fairy Godmother, by Hippodrome. Oak Ridge Stable Contact, by Sea King Bambi, by McGee. Thomas W. OBrien All American, ch. c, by PluviousMargaret Lowry, by Cesarion. Oneck Stable Hobgoblin, br. c, by Luke McLukc Sprite, by Waterboy. T. J. Pendergast John Q. KeBy, br. c, by Ultimus Event, by Adam. T. J. Pendergast First Ward, b. c, by Zeus Nellie Irene, by Ogden. W. F. Folson Fogo, ch. c, by Glencairn Caraquet, by Bryn Mawr. L. A. Friec Primus, ch. c, by Celt Lady Godiva, by Hanover. Quincy Stable Chestnut colt, by Ormondale Bonnie Carrie, by Ogden. Quincy Stable Eager, b. c, by Fair Play Ardent, by Broomstick. Quincy Stable Frank G., ch. e, by Ultimus Sweet Day, by Peep oDay. Quincy Stable Blucmont, b. c, by Vulcain Nota- sulga, by The Commoner. Quincy Stable The Senior, b. c, by Vulcain Ar- lette, by Robert le Diable. Quincy Stable Caveat Emptor, bBt. e, by Celt-Bobolink II. , by Willonyx. Quincy Stable The Gregorian, bBt. c, by Star Shoot Fair Louise, by Ogden. Rancocas Stable Stockmar, b. or br. c, by Wrack Star Gift, by Star Shoot. Rancocas Stable Zev, br. c, by The Finn Miss Kearney, by Planudes. Rancocas Stable Whirlwind, ch. c, by Ultimus Sarnia, by Quebec. Rancocas Stable Satellite, ch. c, by Ogden Star of Danube, by Star Shoot. Rancocas Stable Curtis, b. c, by Dick Finnell Glena, by Free Knight. Rancocas Stable Coeur dc Lion, ch. c, by Fair Play Couronne de Laurier, by Verdun. Rancocas Stable Aladdin, br. c, by Dick Finnell Viola Vail, by Jean Bereaud. Rancocas Stable Bigel, ch. c, by BaBot Pictons Pride, by Picton. Riviera Stable Great Day, ch, c, by Ultimus Matin, by Broomstick. Riviera Stable Le Tigre, ch, e, by Magic IL Hussy, by Star Shoot. Riviera Stable Great Man, b. c, by Great Britain Metzic, by ABoway. Riviera Stable Lord Celt, bBc c, by Celt Orowoc. by Hamburg. Riviera Stable Flying Devil, b. c, by Wrack Sanci, by Bolus. Roscmont Stable Crystal Isles, b. f, by Great Britain Crystal Maid, by Pirate of Feasance. J. K. L. Boss Ulterior, ch. c, by Ultimus De Luxe Annie, by Ogden. J. K. L. Boss--Flag of Truce, br. c, by Jim Gaffncy Maltha, by Ogden. J. K. L. Ross Canmorc, b. c, by Marathon Canlce, by Bridge of Canny. Samuel Ross Scotch Broom, ch. e, by Ultimus Broom Flower, by Broomstick. Walter J. Salmon Bay colt, by Hourless Lumin- cusc, by Macdonald n. Walter J. Salmon Bay or brown colt, by Sweeps Unseen, by Yankee. Walter J. Salmon Chestnut colt, by Jim Gaffney Vignola, by Solitaire II. Walter J. Salmon Bay or brown colt, by George Smith Droll, by Dick Welles. Walter J. Salmon Brown colt, by Sweep Lcmco, by Dacat. Walter J. Salmon Bay colt, by Star Shoot Coat, by Ogdcn. Walter J. Salmon Chestnut filly, by Ultimus Helen Barbce, by Peep oDay. Walter J. Salmon Chestnut colt, by Short Grass Ukrania, by Peep oDay. John Sanford Athcrstone, ch. c, by Marathon Silica, by Rockton. John Sanford Dalby, b. c, by George Smith EIcu- sinia, by Isidor. John Sanford Gleutilt, b. c, by Ecouen Glorita, by Ajax. John Sanford Charlton, br. c, by Chuctanunda Vantage II., by Rock Sand. John Sanfoid Aragon, ch. c, by Spanish Prince II. Mabel Strauss, by Uncle. John Sanford Kirkcaldy, b. c, by Sundridge La Cagoule, by Cheri. Morton L. Schwartz Golden Rule, b. c, by Wrack Golding, by Flint Rock. Morton L. Schwartz Fenon, ch. c, by Tennant Juliette II., by Marco. Morton L. Schwartz Contour, ch. f, by Celt Pyramid, by Hastings. James B. Smith Shower of Gold, blk. c, by Vulcain Disillusion, by Chilton. James B. Smith Scarlet Bugler, b. c, by Superman Turloy Bed II., by William Bnfus. James B. Smith Autumn Bells, br. c, by Ballot Autumn II., by St. Frusquin. A. B. Spreckels Bunviso, ch. c, by Bunnymedc Micco, by Star Shoot. A. B. Spreckels Rungrand, eh. c, by Runnymeda Zafra, by Solitaire II. A. B. Spreckels Runleigh, b. c, by Runnymcde Solara, by Solitaire II. A. B. Spreckels Runlise, ch. f, by Runnymede Hymir, by Dr. Leggo. A. B. Spreckels Buncarol, ch. f, by Runnymede Salvatrix, by Salvation. A. B. Spreckels Bunmath, ch. f, by Bunnymede Olathe, by Solitaire II. A. B. Spreckels Runnalvada, ch. c, by Bunnymede Abbas, by Big Chief. A. B. Spreckels Sakah, b. c, by Dr. Leggo Princess Alma, by Solitaire II. C. A. Stoneham Bay colt, by Hourless Mary Davis, by Watercress. C. A. Stoneham Brown colt, by Ogden Scenery, by Sain. C. A. Stoneham Forest Fire, ch. c, by Campfire Fautasjue, by Disguise. Triple Springs Farm Wilkcs-Barre, ch. c, by Ballot Triad, by Star Shoot. Triple Springs Farm Pittston, br. c, by Sweep Sea Mit, by Fowling-piece. Triple Springs Farm West Fitton, b. f, by Sweep Santa Maria, by Golden Maxim. H. Watterson Air Bubble, b. f, by El Dincro II. Blue Fox, by Waterboy. H. Watterson Jane Green, b. f, by Dick FinncU Tunessassa, by Sain. H. P. Whitney Bice Peter, b. c, by Pennant R- membrauce, by Hamburg. H. P. Whitney Bay colt, by Broomstick Payment, by All Gold. H. P. Whitney Flagstaff, ch. c, by Broomstick Inaugural, by Voter. H. P. Whitney Rialto, b. c, by Chicle Matinee, by Broomstick. H. P. Whitney Picketer, b. c, by Chicle Pank-hurst, by Voter. H. P. Whitney Chiekvule. b. c, by Chicle Green-vale, by Hamburg. H. P. Whitney Bevenge, b. c, by Chicle Regret, by Broomstick. H. P. Whitney Out and Gone, ch. c, by Whisk Broom II. Mlniato, by Querido. H. P. Whitney Goshawk, blk. e, by Whisk Broom II. Dovclet, by Peter Fan. H. P. Whitney Enchantment, b. g, by Chicle Enchanting, by St. Victrix. H. P. Whitney Turbulent, ch. f. by Broomstick Courage, by Hamburg. H. P. Whitney Quarrel, b. f, by Broomstick Mrs. Trubbel, by Hamburg. H. P. Whitney Chestnut filly, by Broomstick Fly by Night II., by Peter Pan. H. P. Whitney Chestnut filly, by Broomstick-Spun Glass, by Rock Sand. H. P. Whitney Dream Days, b. f, by Whisk Broom II Bainy Daisy, by Hamburg. H. P. Whitney Prince Tii Tii, b. g, by Spanish Prince II. Queen Tii, by Meddler. George D. Widener Careless, ch. f, by Celt Work-maid, by Fatherless. J. E. Widener Purity, ch. c, by Fair Play San Tache, by The White Knight. J. E. Widener Battersca, ch. c, by Mont d Or IL Sunflower, by Bock Sand. J. E. Widener Hell Gate, b. c, by Friar Rock-Swan Song, by Ben Brush. J. E. Widener Shuffle Along, blk. c, by Luke Mc-Lufce Black Brocade, by Neil Gow. J. E. Widener Knights Bridge, b. c, by Bridge of Earn Tilsit, by Mauvezin. J. E. Widener Baffles, ch. c, by Luke McLuke Fhcbe G., by Mazagan. R. T. Wilson Wilderness, ch. c, by Campfire Gcne6ta, by Broomstick. B, T. Wilson Forest Lore. ch. c, by Campfire Ma Wee Dear, by Love Wisely.

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