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CHICAGO HANDICAPPER 50 CENTS AT AT.T. LEADING NEWSSTANDS. SATURDAYS WINNERS: GUVNOR 5-2 WON BLARNEY STONE ..9-10 WON FRIDAY WE ADVISED: AL STEBLER 3-1 WON MARVIN MAY 7-5 WON WYNNEWQOD 7-20 WON TOMORROW MONDAY 12-1 Long Shot Here is one that our men have been keeping tabs on for months. They announce him fit and READY. For Sale Today SUNDAY For this one go right now to your newsdealer and get tho CHICAGO HANDICAPPER 50 CENTS. MAILED OR WIRED TWO WEEKS, .60. Remit to CHICAGO PUBLISHING 333 South Dearborn Street, : CHICAGO, ILL. JEFFERSON PARK SPECIALS Ex-Jockey Wilson. I am on the ground and will give first-hand advice. My wires will bo cn horses that are veil meant and, barring accidents, should win. I expect to have two at a good price within the next week. I have a line on a number of northern horses here that I think I can tarn to your profit. Usually have two or three good ones each week. You will find I have a conscience. I have always been very successful here and feel sure I will send out many good-prieed winners this winter. I want to hear from honest people only who will pay. TEJLMS: WIRINGS OF A 0.G0 STRAIGHT PLAT After Tow Collect. Answer Quick. L. WILSON Hollander BIdg., 58S Camp St., Jfcw Orleans GOOD ADVICE READ IT If you would enjoy that success in racing that should bo yours, use a chart. Navigating without a chart wrecks ships betting so wrecks purses. Big turf operators use charts, and so should you. For success you must follow successful men. If you are losing there is a DEFINITE REASON. To ; handicap without a chart is to flop around intellec-i tually. That is, it is guessing; and yon cant af-i ford to guess. Yon must KNOW, and the best way to know is to let a Co-Ordinatad Speed Chart point tho way then follow. It is like turning- on a light in a dark room. Comprises 16 charts of tracks in U. S., Havana and Tijuana, all scientifically coordinated by an expert who handicapped for operators in the East, but who now must livo in Colorado. Useless here. Pocket size. Price 10, or writa and wo will tell you all about it. You NEED it. For your own sake "Turn on the light." CO-ORDINATED CHART 10G5 CLARKSON ST. DENVER COL. KING TR0JANT.2 1-2 -1 WON "Was yesterdays Saturday Special. This makes five winners out of last eight starters. On our OCCASIONALS we have had four winners out of last five start err;. .How can you afford to I miss them when it only costs .00 for THREE OCCASIONALS AND ONE SATURDAY SPECIAL. Get sheet today for TWO LIVE ONES Monday at New Orleans. 50o DAILY AT AT.T. NEWSSTANDS 53c NATIONAL O. K. PUBLISHING CO., 411 Baltimore Building, :: CHICAGO, ILL. I SATURDAYS TREMENDOUS PROPOSITION I ORCHID KING 2.50- WON FRIDAYS BUDDIE KEAN ?15.K5-?2 WON I THURSDAYS HADRIAN 3-1 WON i Filed with Racing Form and sent to every subscriber in good standing. These threo were tho only plays I have had in 15 daya. Now, if you want r to do business with mo you must pay promptly. i On Tuesday I will havo another, tremendous proposition that is as ready as human hands can make him. This kind of proposition comes seldom. My connections are confident. It is up to you to take advantage of this and other propositions coming , up in the near futaro. Responsible parties with t references. RUSH YOUR NAME. TERMS Tho winnings of a 0 straight play. L. ALLEN, 151 East 85th Street New York City Two Specially Prepared Horses handled by smart men go for the money December 14th and December 15th. Wire address and five J dollars for each horse and make money at once, FRED ROSS 119 N. HENNESSEY ST. NEW ORLEANS, LA. NEW ORLEANS RACES J. J. SCHREINER r AMERICAS PREMIER CLOCKER 30 Years Experience as Trainer-Clocker t YOU CAN EMPLOY ME TO WORK FOR YOU 5 FOR TEN DAYS i MY CLOCKER IS AN EXPERT j I wire one or two horses daily at 11 a. m. Tele-j graph remittance or remit by express order in letter, r 325 GREENUP STREET : COVINGTON, KY. WONDERFUL A cool, conservative method wherein success is assured. Can be played at or away from the track, with large or small capitaL It gives a few SELECT PLAYS each week that nearly all win. Won big money on a straight flat play. This marvelous method Stood the Acid Test for Six Years of Wonderful Success Hundreds of testimonials from satisfiod clients showing proof of what my system is doing, sent you FREE. STOP LOSING AND START WINNING RIGHT AWAY. I guarantee my System. Thoso with Ionest intentions can get my system on easy terms. Small payment down, balance as you win. Send your name and address. I will send you absolutely FREE OF CHARGE a rovicw of the best known Racing Systems published and facts regarding Racing Systems that will open your eyes. Write at once. WATSON CORNELL 341 WEST 45TH STREET. NEW YORK CITY. RACING INTELLIGENCE CLUB P. O. BOX 361 NEW ORLEANS, LA. WE "WELL SEND YOU THREE HORSES FOR TEX DOLLARS 10.00. We play each horse sent out. Ail messages sent in code and charges prepaid. Code sent upon receipt of your subscription. RACING INTELLIGENCE CLUB WRITE FOR CIPHER AND INSTRUCTIONS For yonr convenience and to facilitate prompt payment to Avinter patron.1, have opened accounts -with First National Bank of San Diego Royal Bank of Canada, of Havana Whitney Central National Bank of New Orleans Address: Care Postal Telejrrapli Com-naiiy, Chicago. WILLIAM RYAN J. F. "LUCKY" BALDWIN SATURDAYS big adv. Special. UNTRIED, 6-1, WON, Two mora big Specials One goes Wednesday and another Friday, If winners are what yon want, and you aro absolutely reliable, dont hesitaterush yonr correct namo and address at once, Torms, winnings of S10. I cannot win if you loso. 1303 LEXINGTON AVE. NEW YOEH CITY. Phono Lenox 6110. PROFITS EVERY DAY Moderates but positive. Our FREE DESCRIPTIVE BOOK sent upon request. Yon can buy this system upon small payment down, pay balance after you win. We play . and. TTin daily. Address: THE GUARANTEE SYSTEM 117 AY. Franklin Street, BALTIMORE, HD. WEDNESDAY GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY I feel confident and justified in notifying aU frionds to bo ready. joe Mccarty SARATOGA SPRINGS NEW YORK 100 Per Cent Handicap Copyrighted. FIGURE YOUR OWN HORSES. 100 PER CENT HANDICAP will give you a percentage of winners that will startle you. Enable yon to make two or three plays a day, or the entire card. SUCCESSFUL ON SOUTHERN TRACKS. FIGURE YOUR OWN WINNERS. L. R. PATTEN, Lock Box La Salic, N. Y. two long" shots3 THIS WEEK AT JEFFERSON PARK ODDS 3 TO 10 TO 1 Tonns -Winnings of a ?3.00 straight "play for EACH WINNER. Remit .00 as guarantee of good faith, KENTUCKY TURF GUIDE 613 JULIA STREET NEW ORLEANS, LA. If you want a RE AT. LINE on Sleepers at all LEADING TRACKS get a copy of the STANDARD. 35o at all newsstands. Todays Form Special: No. 711 in Boob No. 813. STANDARD TURF GUIDE. 403, 22 W. Quinoy Street, :: CHICAGO, tt.t Daily Racing Form Ads Pay WelL

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