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NOMINATIONS FOR KENTUCKY DERBY The Kentucky Derby entries for 1923 number one hundred and fortyfive surpassing all previous records in the history of this famous race E R Bradley H F Sinclair and Mrs Payne Whitney arc the largest nominators each with seven entries J E Madden has named six J S Cosden five Admiral Gary T Grayson Harry Payne Whitney and J B Smith four each while the Jones Brothers Montfort and B B Gallaher Brothers J F Johnson John Sanford II H Hewitt estate J 0 G H Keene W S Kilmer and Miss Marie L Mahler are each represented by three entries entriesThe The Bradley nominations include Bright Tomorrow Boys Believe Me Betty Beall Blossom Time Bradleys Toney Body Guard and Blue Nose while Bradley Lyne have Larchmont The Sinclair Rancocas Stable representatives arc Satellite Aladdin Cocur de Lion Whirlwind Zev Bud Lcrner and Rigel Mrs Payne Whitneys Greentree Stable has named Cherry Pie Dustabout SonoUnc Moonraker Pandowdy Barbary Bush and Rialto RialtoHarry Harry Payne Whitneys chief reliance it is said will be Enchantment although he has also named Picketer Flagstaff and Chickvale ChickvaleAugust August Belmont chairman of the Jockey Club has but one nomination the crack Fair Play Mission colt Messenger which good judges pronounced to be the best twoyearold colt cf last year before he went wrong Benjamin Block owner of Morvich last years Kentucky Derby winner hopes to repeat with Better Luck a son of North Star III Grail GrailJ J S Cosden has a formidable quintet Martingale Golden Rule Cyclone Dunlin and Doughoregan while G A Cochran believes he holds an excellent chance of capturing the coveted prize with Goshawk which was named together with the filly Cimbria CimbriaW W S IGlmer who won the Derby in 1918 with the gallant Exterminator entertains high hopes of not only repeating that success but in so doing duplicating Harry Payne Whitneys record of being the only owner to win the Derby with a filly Regret won for Mr Whitney in 1915 and Mr Kilmer is confident that Sallys Alley the largest moneywinning twoyear old of last year will carry his silks home first at Churchill Downs on Saturday May 19 19All All in all it is a wonderful array of entries for this years Derby and as thsre was no outstanding twoyearold star of 1922 as Morvich Tryster Man o War Eternal and Sun Briar in the preceding years the fortyninth running of the Kentucky Derby probably will be contested by the largest field in its history historyHere Here is the complete list of nominations together with the names of their owners and their pedigrees pedigreesOwner Owner Horse Color Sex Sire and Dam DamAllan Allan G R Calcutta ch c Colin Jamma JammaAlterman Alterman Herman llonisstretch ch c Bard of Hope Star of Runnymede RunnymedeAnderson Anderson R II Actuary br c Dick Finn ° I Alice Baird BairdBelmont Belmont August Messenger ch c Fair Play Mission MissionBlock Block Benjamin Better Luck br c North Star III Grail GrailBradley Bradley K R Idle Hour Stock StockFarm Farm Bright Tomorrow ch c North Star III Sweet Alice AliceBradley Bradley E R Idle Hour Stock StockFarm Farm Boys Beievc Me ch c North Star III Believe Me Boys BoysBradley Bradley E II Idle Hour Stock StockFarm Farm Bdtv ficull ch f North Star III Macaroon MacaroonBradley Bradley E R Idle Hour Stock StockFarm Farm Blossom Time br f North Star IH Vaila VailaBradley Bradley E R Idle Hour Stock StockFarm Farm Bradleys Toney br c Black Toncy Bandcllo BandclloBradley Bradley E R Idle Hour Stock StockFarm Farm Bony Guard b c Golden Maxim Melisande MelisandeBradley Bradley E R Idle Hour Stock StockFarm Farm Bue Nose br c Black Toney Benanef BenanefBradley Bradley Lyne Larchmont ch g Wormlcighton Pirate Polly Brown J L Right on Time b c Jack Atkin Susan Iencx Bryson E K Setting Sun ch g Olambcla Sunburst Burton G M Red Mulligan ch c cDot Little Dutch Cloistercss Byer J Dot ch f Tagliamento Dorigen Cfay T J t G H HCochran Jack Gray b g Jack At kin Janet Gray Cochran G A Goshawk blk c Whisk Broom II Dovclet Cochran G A Cimbria b f His Majesty Livonia Combs Browne Sweetheart ch f Ultimus Humanity Cosden J S Martingale b c Martinet Lady Inna Cosden J S Golden Rule b c Wrack Golding Cosden J S Cyclone b c Sweep Ballet Girl Cosden J S Dunlin ch c Fair Ilav Donna Iloca Cosden J S Doughoregan ch g Celt Logistilla Daniel William Blanc Scing ch c North Star III Bed of Roses RosesEdward Daniel William Edward Gray blk c Von Tronip Bonsctta BonscttaDaniel Dann J S Daniel ch c Rock View Marie Frances FrancesPlayful Darden it Perkins Playful Miss br f George Smith Misplay MisplayMarie Dattner Mrs H Marie Blanche br f Watervale Topsy Belle Dodson Mutlack MutlackFisher Freeholder ch c Maintcnant La Bayonctte Fisher II C Bud Cartoonist ch c CJt Honey Bee Fisher II C Bud BudGallaher Hyperion br c Sunstar Melrique Gallaher Bros Cherokee b c Sweep Fontarabia Gallaher Bros Triumph ch c Theo Cook March Gallaher Bros Indian Trail br c Delhi Galaxy Gerry Robsrt L William Tell br c Rock View Arrowshaft Gerry Robrt L Errand Boy b c Wrack Lady Errant Grayson Gary T My Own b c King James Bcttie Landon Grayson Gary T Scoop b c Poor BoyDug Out Grayson Gary T Tuxedo br c Sunstar Togs Grayson Gary T Mintstick gr c Broomstick Caiainint CaiainintFaux Hay C W Taylor Hay ch c Faux Col Emma Star Headley Hal Price Hopeless b g Huon Kolinsky Ileadlev Hal Price PriceHewitt llusticator blk g George Smith Rustic Maid Hewitt Estate H II Aspiration b c George Smith Inspiration Hewitt Estate H H Metric br c Short Grass Stur Maid Hewitt Estate II II Banter ch c Huon llazzaza Johnson Frederick Nassau br c Nassovinn Phi Philistia Jones Montfort B B Dan E OSullivan blk gCelt Toots Jones Montfort B B The Clown b c Hessian Wif Jones Montforc B B The Sage br c George Smith Chapah Johnson James F Quincy Bluemont blk c Yulcain Notasulga Johnton James F Quincy Pettifogger b c Vulcain Princess Ormonde Johnson James F Quincy Stable Carcl ch c Ormondale Bonifi2 Carrie Keene J 0 it G II Alice Blue Gown gr fLuke McLuke Carcne Keene J 0 it G II Flowers of Love ch fLuke McLuke Woodlane Keene J 0 it G H HKelley Chittagong b c Luke McLuke Agnes AgnesKelley Kelley Frank J Skeezix b g Sweep Margaret T TKilmer Kilmer Willis Sharpe Sallys Alley b f Allumcur Salvolatile SalvolatileKilmer Kilmer Willis Sharpe Sun Fey blk f Sun Briar St Fey FeyKilmer Kilmer Willis Sharpe Sunfercnce ch c Sun Briar Conference ConferenceKirby Kirby A L Red Arrow br c Balot Miss Declare Nominations for Kentucky Derby Continued from first page Livingston Jefferson Donegal b c Royal II Orlo OrloLooney Looney J T Everhart br c Everest Top All AllLouchhsim Louchhsim DoliyLouchheim J H Lord Granite b c Granite Devonshire Doliy Louchheim J H Blue Stone br c Granite Jane Cowl CowlMadden CowlSquander MillineryMadden Madden J E Squander blk c Hessian Millinery Madden J E MacLir ch g Friar Reck Sea Air AirMadden Madden J E Flintstone ch c Friar Rock Problem ProblemMadden Madden J E Dozer ch c Friar Rock Dreaming Madden J E Pravus b g The Finn His Sister SisterSandy Madden J E Sandy Hatch ch c UKSmus Crazyquilt CrazyquiltPrince Mahler Miss Marie L Prince of Umbria b c Brown Prince II Umbria UmbriaLady Mahler Miss Marie L Lady Inez b f King James Areophane AreophaneLady Mahler Miss Marie L Lady Rose b f Von Tronip Jourdain Maloncy T F Crudenas br c Cruzados Ardenes Marshall L F Prince K b g Mont dOr II Ixmvois IxmvoisVanishing Marshall Rody P Vanishing Boy blk cSmoks House The Widow Moon Martin William Valador ch c Short Grass Cheer CheerAscot McDowell Thomas C Ascot b c Sweep Star Cat McGinn J B Wise Guy br c Sager Lady Keeveena KeeveenaMaude McGinn J B Maude Harvey ch f Alvescot Belle Scott McGinuis J S Cast In ch g Mont dOr II Belle Mere McKay J C Mchchrino b c Atheling II Roelawn RoelawnPrince McKeon John Prince Tii Tii b g Spanish Prince II Queen Tii McLean E B Noel b c Broomstick Christmas Star StarLittle McNaughton Sandy Little Celt ch c Celt Little Flower FlowerDust Milam J C Dust Flower ch f Peter Quinca Slick Pin Milam J C Anna M Humphrey ch chf f Peter Quince Eden Hall Monahan T Marionstte br f Olambala Mauviette MauvietteCukamo Mo hicr G G Co Cukamo ch g Great Britain Benoni BenoniWida Mueller Theodore E Wida br c Dick Finnell Last Leaf Niche h S K Baker A AOBrien Victoire ch f Uncle America AmericaShamrock OBrien Thomas W Shamrock blk c Rock View Tuscan Red RedAll OBrien Thomas W All American ch c Pluvious Margaret Lowry Pendergast T J 63 McMilan ch c Ballot Nettie Hastings Ross J K L Canmore b c rMarathon Canvin Ross Samuel Witticism br c Black Jester Starflight StarflightRunviso Ryan C J Oakridge Stabb Runviso ch c Runnymede Micco MiccoVigil Salmon Walter J Vigil VignolaLuminist ch c Jim Gaffney Vignola Salmon Walter J JFanford Luminist b c Hcurless Lumineuse LumineuseAragon Fanford John Aragon ch c Spanish Prince II Mabel Strauss StraussGlentilt Sanford John Glentilt b c Ecouen Glorita GloritaDaby Sanford John Daby b c George Smith Eleusinia Scott D W Great Luck b f Maintenant Water K KFullcn Shaughnessv John JohnSinclair Fullcn ch c Friar Rock Miss Borgia Sinclair H F Satellite BorgiaSatellite ch g O dcn Star of Danube DanubeAladdin Sinclair H F Aladdin br g Dick Finnell Viola Vail VailCouer Sinclair II F Couer de Lion ch g Fair Flay Couronne de Laurier LaurierWhirlwind Sinclair II F Whirlwind ch g Ultimus Sarnia Sinclair H F Zev br c The Finn Miss Kearney Sinclair H F Bud KearneyBud Lerner b c The Finn Dreamsome DreamsomeRigel Sinclair H F Rigel ch c Balot Pictons Pride PrideFitzrue Stanley J E Fitzrue ch c Fitzwilliam Mary Street Smith James B BSmith King Solomons Seal b bc c King James Himation Smith James B Caladium br c Vulcain Cadeau Smith James B Autmn Bells br c Vulcain Autumn II IIScarlet Smith James B Scarlet Bugler b c Superman Turkey Red II IIPark Vickennan R E Park Hill b c Zeus Edna Collins CollinsPalruba Vickerman R E EVivaudou Palruba br f Von Tromp Dally DallyGreat Vivaudou V Great Man b c Great Britain Metzie Vivaudou V High Chief br c Von Tromp Sain Shot Ward J S Donges ch c Celt Bessie Melton MeltonWaterman Waterman II Out and Gone ch c Whisk Broom II Miniato MiniatoWhitney Whitney Mrs Payne Greentrce GreentrceStable Stable Chsrry Pie b g Chicle Cherry Malottc MalottcWhitney Whitney Mrs Payne Greentree GreentreeStable Stable Dustabout br c Sweep Kopje Whitney KopjeWhitney Mrs Payne Greentree GreentreeStable Stable Son o Unc ch c Uncle Idle Tale TaleWhitney Whitney Mrs Payne Greentrce GreentrceStable Stable Moonraker ch c Broomstick Alster Cress Whitney CressWhitney Mrs Payne Greentrcc GreentrccStable Stable Pandowdy b f Peter Pan Winifred A AWhitney Whitney Mrs Payne Greentree GreentreeStable Stable Barbary Bush ch c Whisk Broom II Cardamine Whitney CardamineWhitney Mrs Payne Greentree GreentreeStable Stable Rialto b c Chicle Matinee MatineeWhitney Whitney H P Picketer b c Chicle Pankhurst PankhurstWhitney Whitney H P Flagstaff Flagstaff ch c Broomstick Inaugural Whitney InauguralWhitney H P Chickvsle b c Chicle Grenvale GrenvaleWhitney Whitney EnchantingWiedeniann H P Enchantment b g Chicle Enchanting Wiedeniann Carl In Memoriam b c McGee Enchantress II Wieilwnann Carl Mon Pere b c Friar Rock Ashtoreth Wiedemann Carl Great Jaz b c Great Britain Miss Jazbo Weil I Tip Toe Inn blk f Hessian Lizzie DLxon Wilson R T Jr Tall Timber b c Campfire Pixy Wilson R T Jr Wilderness h c Campfire Gcnesta WingEeld George General Thatcher br c Sweep Polistena Yzquicrdo 0 Blue Hawk br g Atheling II Chocolate Lady

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