Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1923-03-08

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Daily Racing Form Handicaps JEFFERSON PARK The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are Jefferson Tart cw Orleans La March 7 1923 1 MAJOR CHILTON Fleeting Gen Pefcvin 2 Diana Fusee Spring Vale 3 Sagamore Hadrian Rapid Day 4 Blue Nose Sir Thomas Kean Neddam 5 Fluff Exhorter Bradleys Choice ChoiceG G The Wit Kirklevington Ashland AshlandJ J L Dempsey DempseyNew New YorU Handicap 1 Major Chilton The Colonel Fleeting Temptress 2 FUSEE Diana Plantoon Spring Vale 3 Rapid Day Hadrian Sagamore Guvnor 4 Setting Sun Blue Nose Sir Thomas Kean Blarney Stone 5 Jack Fairman Fluff Little Ammie Ting ¬ ling Deep Sinker The Wit Ashland White HavenChicago Haven Chicago ami Buffalo Handicap 1 Amelia S Fleeting Billy Bern Miss Leighton 2 Diana Plantoon Fusee Nan McKinney 3 Rapid Day Hadrian Golden Floss Saga ¬ more 4 NEDDAM Sir Thomas Kean Mavourneen Eulalia 5 Fluff Exhorter Natural Tingling 6 Dark Hill Deep Sinker Ashland Lucy Kate KateObservers Observers Handicap 1 Fleeting Miss Leighton Amelia S Major Chilton 2 Diana Amanda Plantoon Nan McKin ¬ ney 3 Hadrian Sagamore Rapid Day Guvnor 4 NEDDAM Blarney Stone Sir Thomas Kean Blue Nose 5 Exhorter Chateaugay Fluff Jacobean JacobeanG G The Wit Dark Hill Kirklevington Bur goyne goyneConsensus Consensus of Handicaps 1 Major Chilton Amelia S Fleeting Miss MissLeighton Leighton 2 DIANA Fusee Plantoon Nan McKinney 3 Rapid Day Sagamore Hadrian Guvnor 4 Neddam Blue Nose Setting Sun Sir SirThomas Thomas Kean 5 Fluff Jack Fairman Exhorter Tingling 6 The Wit Deep Sinker Dark Hill Ashland HAVANA The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are Oriental Part Havana Cuba March 7 1923 1 Solomons Kilts Pilades Hetty W 2 Pandine Irish Dawn Frankenia 3 Mannchen Kentmere Dairyman 4 CUBA ENCANTO Ed Garrison Humpy Homam Afternight Yakimene G Cromwell Herron Orris OrrisT T K Lynch LynchNew New York Handicap 1 Pilades Solomons Kilts Hetty V Patsie S 2 Gupton Frankenia Tenderfoot Pandine 2 Big Son Red Walter Whitaker Mann ¬ chen 4 Cuba Encanto Humpy Col Murphy Ti tania 5 Yankee Boy Homan After Night Yaki ¬ mene meneC C CROMWELL Herron Assumption Chin coteagueChicago coteague Chicago and Buffalo Handicap 1 Solomons Kilts Hetty W Pilades Patsie S 2 Tenderfoot Pandine Frankenia Charles Whitney 3 Mannchen Walter Whitaker Red Mess Kit 4 HUMPY Cuba Encanto Whispering Can ¬ ny Lady 5 Alter Night Homam Buck Nail Yaki ¬ mene 6 Cromwell Orris Felix M Herron Observers Handicap HandicapSolomons Solomons Kilts Pilades Hetty W Pat ¬ sie S SPandine Pandine Gupton Tenderfoot Frankenia FrankeniaMess Mess Kit Red Mannchen Big Son SonHumpy Humpy Cuba Encanto Toe the Mark Whispering WhisperingHomam Homam After Night Buck Nail Wake field fieldCROMWELL CROMWELL Herron Felix M Drapery Consensus of Handicaps HandicapsSolomons Solomons Kills Pilades Hetty W Patsie S SPandine Pandine Guptfi Tender Foot Frankenia FrankeniaMannchen Mannchen Big Son Mess Kit Red RedCuba Cuba Encanto Humpy Whispering Ed Garrison GarrisonHomam Homam Yankee Boy After Night Yaki ¬ mene meneCROMWELL CROMWELL llerron Orris Chincoteaguc TIJUANA The horses which seem best in Thursdays races are Tijuana Mex March 7 1023 1 j0e Campbell Dode Adams Annettes AnnettesSister Sister 2 Lorena Moss GallouBerry W C Dooly 3 Sister Susie Harry Rudder Little Pointer 4 Private Peat Due de Guise Delancey 5 Tawasentha Fireworth N K Beal C FEYLANCE Abadane Krewer 7 Power McGees Pink Charley Boy S Motor Cop Dr Johnson Kinglike KinglikeG G W Schilling New York Handicap 1 joe Campbell Pink Tenny Dode Adams AdamsDots Dots 2 GallouBerry Dora Canvasback Lorena LorenaMoss Moss 3 Sister Susie Fond Hope Harry Rudder RudderEye Eye Bright 4 Private Peat Delancey Thirty Seven Due Duede de Guise 5 Tawasentha Judge David Poacher Bal Balfour four fourC C FEYLANCE Abadane Krewer Paisley 7 Nebraska Lad Charley Boy She Devil DevilPower Power S MOTOR COP Dr Johnson Kinglike KinglikeAngela AngelaChicago Angela Chicago and Buffalo Handicap 1 Joe Campbell Pink Tenny Dode Adams Peerless One 2 Canvasback GallouBerry W C Dooly Lorena Moss MossC C Harry Rudder Sister Susie Conichon Vanessa Welles 4 Private Peat Due de Guise Delancey Can nonball 5 Fireworth Balfour Judge David Tawa sentha senthaG G FEYLANCE Abadane Krewer Ten But ¬ tons 7 Roisterer Charley Boy Mannikin II Ne ¬ braska Lad 8 Kinglike Motor Cop Angela Aryanna Observers Handicap 1 Joe Campbell Dode Adams Thrills Pink Tenny 2 Lorena Moss Canvasback Dora Gallou Berry 3 Vanessa Welles Sister Susie Harry Rud ¬ der Coniciion 4 Due de Guise Private Peat Angelo Virge 5 Fireworth Poacher Tawasentha Balfour 6 FEYLANCE Abadane Krewer Prince Tii Tii 7 Nebraska Lad Charley Boy McGees Pink Roisterer RoistererS S Kinglike Motor Cop Dr Johnson Hazel Dale DaleConscnsns Conscnsns of Handicaps 1 Joe Campbell Dode Adams Pink Tenny TennyThrills Thrills 2 Lorena Moss GallouBerrv Canvasback CanvasbackW W C Dooly 3 Sicter Susie Harry Rudder Vanessa VanessaWelles Welles Conichon 4 Private Peat Due de Guise Delancey DelanceyThirty Thirty Seven 5 Tawasentha Fireworth Judge David DavidBalfour Balfour G FEYLANCE Abadane Krewer Prince Tii TiiTii Tii 7 Nebraska Lad Power Roisterer Charley CharleyBoy Boy S Motor Cop Kinglike Dr Johnson Angela

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