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USING THE WORKOUT INDEX The workout index which accompanies past performances of all major tracks in DAILY KACIXG FORM will be of use only to those readers who retain a complete file of past workouts. Each days workouts carry an index number and the latest trial of each horse entered will be found by reference to the workouts of the day designated by the number opposite the horses name in the workout index. An ordinary stenographers notebook makes a convenient scrap book for-preservation of workouts as they are published. HARVEY AMES EARLE BUILDING Broadway at 52d Street EW YORK, . Y. In Preparation Several "HARVEY TRANSACTIONS" now in preparation. It is advisable to subscribe early to avoid oversubscription, as all "HARVEY TRANSACTIONS" are limited to territory. One May Start Today The midnight conference will decide. Terms: 00 payable strictly in advance by telegraph or in person. No propositions entertained and it is useless to suggest any. SPECIAL. NOTICE "HARVEY TRANSACTION" consists strictly of one horse. By dealing directly with this office unnecessary regrets are avoided. I have no agents or representatives anywhere. TELEPHONE CIRCLE 5780 The Great Systems Test Six months at "winter and spring: tracks. Can any system really earn a steady weekly income on moderate capital?- Bead all about it. The System Player Monthly Contents for November: The Melting Pot; Price Analysis of 435 Races; The Basic Principles of the Actuarial Finance System; Capital, the Great Desideratum; The Five Senses, and a Sixth; The Winning: Complex; Four and Sixes System; The Merry -go-Round System; Fixed Track Differentials and tho Graduated Bowie Speed Chart. .00 BY HAIL .00. 3382 Fulton Street BROOKLYN, N. Y. $ 5 $ PREDETERMINED TURF PROFITS .$ $ The MIRACLE SYSTEM is nationally known $ $ as "easy for player hard for layer." Sold on $ $ installment payments paid from your profits. $ $ Absolutely FREE, 73-pagc manual and review. $ $ Investigate today and make your bookie obey. $ $ Public relations manager ? $ S. E. ARTHUR $ $ Box 40, B. T. Towson, Md. $ Pay From Your Profits The Master Key System of playing the races will be mailed you for one weeks trial. It should show an average profit of at least 0 a day on the scale of play. FOR PARTICULARS mail this ad, with your name and address, to J. K. WILLIS 948 Windsor St. Cincinnati, O. J. C. Milam Offers For Sale 15 Horses ready to race at the Louisville track in the Paddock WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14. at 11 a. m. There will be some real bargains in this sale CHARLES RAYMOND COMMISSIONER .00 DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY Yesterdays Special: BEN VALET ...0.00- Won Yes, siree, Mr. Player, these are the kind that count, not firsts or seconds. All my clients are sure getting their holiday money. Remember there are only a few more days of racing left in Kentucky. Thursdays Special: MEDINA 5.50- Won "Wednesdays Special: FERGUSON ....7.80- Won Here is a chance to get in right, Mr. Player, as I have another probable 10 to 1 SHOT going .today ; these horses come from people that very seldom make mistakes. So sure am I that this will win that I will give you a weeks service free if this horse fails to pay better than S to 3. This includes all my old subscribers as well. Remember today is the big day. "Wire money Western Union or Postal. Charles Raymond 2503 Pitkin ATcnue BROOKLYN", 2T. Y. Marshalls Turf Bureau 106 PARK ROW NEW YORK CITY BOY JUST LOOK THBEE STRAIGHT WINNING DAYS Again yesterday -we "wired: Charles Henry. .8.80- Won And Thursday we wired: LORD WRACK... .30- Won And "Wednesday we wired: Post Haste .60- Won Get connected at once with tho greatest and smartest turf information now operating in Kentucky. Wo operate on a .large scale. TODAY A SWEEP UP So come right along with a subscription for the balance of the Louisville meeting and we will put you on a winning basis. ONE DAYS SERVICE, ?5.00. BALANCE LOUISVILLE MEETING, 0.00. Wire money Western Union or Postal at once. BROTHERLY LOYE .70- VOX WAS YESTERDAYS DAILY LORD "WRACK .30- WON WAS THURSDAYS DALLY BLUE STONE S5.00- WON WAS WEDNESDAYS DAILY LADY MYRA .00- "WON WAS MONDAYS DAILY We absolutely give only one horse a day and all our DALLY subscribers receive the same horse. GET WISE. Mail or wire your subscription at once, as this meeting only lasts another week. TODAYS CODE SPECIAL: Octobcr-Peach-40-74-41-35 403, 22 W. O.UTNCY BT. CHICAGO, ILL. GARS CHIEF OBSERVER 35 Cents at All Newsstands. TODAYS FREE CODES: Pimlico: Vermont-Lilac-Ivory-Lilac. ! Churchill: Michigan-Rock-Snow-Snow. The Sporting Leader AND MASTER CLOCKER KEW ISSUE FOR SAIE EVERYWHERE. Look For Free Special Today! PIMLICO mCA-MG00N-inCHE-FANCY-LEVEL-FL0W-LAG00ir To everyone that Rets the SPORTIXG LEADER today. Get the 2VEW ISSUE and look thiH one up In the CODE on PAGE LOOK! BIG WnniEK IN THIS WEEKS ISSUE. Whalebone, 05.10-, Won Plenty more liUe him. no ly all MEANS RUSH rifjht now and get the AEW ISSUE, only 25 cents. MASTER CLOCKER THURSDAYS SPECIAL LONG SHOT ON MASTER CLOCKER: FLINTSTONE 2.10- Won SATURDAYS SPECIAL GIVEN FREE : KING GORIN II $ 5.60-S2 Won ASTROLOGERS BIG SPECIAL: IN MEM0RIAM 3.60- Won If yon want winners yon must get the HI ASTER CLOCKERS DAILY SHEET. TODAY! TODAY! ANOTHER ADVERTISED HORSE SPECIAL FREE. With the DAILY MASTER CLOCKER, here is one of the BIGGEST THINGS of the MEETING. Get this one, auk yonr newsdealer for the DALLY "MASTER CLOCKER" SI AT AliLt NEWSSTANDS MAILED 2 WEEKS, . S.i.l SO. DEARBORN ST., CHICAGO ILL. LOUISVILLE FOR SALE Eilcr and Goodman. 227 4th Street. DETROIT Triangle News. Griswold and Mich.; Family Theatre News. Cadillac Sq. AND ALL OTHER CITIES WHERE RACING FORM IS SOLD. ESTABLISHED 1917 George Allen UNITY BUILDING No. 101 West 42nd St. New York City Yesterdays One Horse: Princess Doreen...40- Won Thursdays Louisville One Horse: Kindred .00-2 Won Opening Day Louisville One Horse: Post Haste .60- Won 0 PAYS FOR SIX BIG WINNERS 0 PAYS FOR ONE BIG WINNER You must get a -winner for your money, as a loser is not counted against your subscription. Today the same people that wired mc the above winners and those below expect to have another. They seldom make a mistake when the money is down and I have the word that today is the day to take advantage of it. Some recent winners: Kindred .00-2 Won Post Haste .60- Won Crayon 4.40- Won Muldraugh .60- Won Anonymous 9.80- Won Jimmie Daw.. . .3.90- Won Wise Counsellor.. .1 0- Won Sun Spot .4.70- Won Enrico 1.50- Won Wire your subscription early and get todays horse and five more big: winners. 116 NASSAU ST. NEW YORK CITY 110031 401 UNITED TURF NEWS SEMI-WEEKLY PRICE .00 PRICE .00 Published every Wednesday and Saturday FOR SALE FOLLOWING NEWSSTANDS: ST. LOUIS Laser, 711 Market Street. CLEVELAND Schroeder, 214 E. Superior Street. DETROIT Dunns, Shelby and Michigan; Family Theater, Cadillac Square. NEW ISSUE OUT TODAY SATURDAY. TODAYS BIG CODE SPECIAL: Erie-Head-Springs-Off-Won Last minute special free today. Go to our agent mentioned above in your city, present a copy of UNITED TURF NEWS dated present issue, and re-eeivo a bij last minute special free. YESTERDAYS OCCASIONAL: GIUSEPPE .....2nd THURSDAYS BIG CODE SPECIAL: WHALEBONE.. 05.10- Won DALLY OCCASIONAL IN KENTUCKY. .00 DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY THURSDAYS OCCASIONAL: LUGS .40- Won TUESDAYS OCCASIONAL: Last Reveille. . .2.10- Won Another Big Kentucky Special Goes Today Out-of-town clients wire ?5.00 for todays occasional, or 0.00 for one week, six occasionals. Occasional every day. Wire money Western Union. Ton-Lea, .50-; Brotherly Love, ?6.70-. won wore two nico winners given on yesterdays Sheet. Thursdays Sheet gave four nico winners. Get the bost, mailed the night before, special delivery, in plain sealed envelope, for the small sum of for 6 days; at all newsstands, 51 daily; NATIONAL O. K. RACING LETTER 411 Baltimore Bldg. Chicago, HI. Advance News Service 25 West 42nd St, NEW YORK CITY 0.08 DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY Todays Horse comes from the same source and we expect about 10 TO 1 TODAY A twenty-five dollar flat play past twelve days netted our followers about Ij ,162.75 which should convince you that we can produce results. YESTERDAYS HORSE: Fair Light. .4.60--Won Thursdays Horse: Flintstone ..2.10- Won Wednesdays Special won. Tuesdays Special scratched. 3Iondays Horse: Chuckle .30- Won Saturdays Horse: King John. .0.00- Won Fridays Horse: Noel .60- Won Thursdays Horse: For. Flower 0.70- Won Wednesdays Horse: Belle Amie....10- Won Tuesdays Horse: Dan IV....1.10- Won Mondays Horse: Elusive ....9.00- 2nd Only one losing Ouc-Horse Wire last week. Expert dockers, etc., are employed by the Advance News Service. That is why we get so many winners. Wire your subscription by Western Union or Postal telegraph. J. BURNS 212 WEST 72ND ST. NEW YORK CITY My horses on file in advance with DAILY RACING FORM. MY HORSE FRIDAY, NOV. 9: Heremon 9.30- 2.00- 2nd MY HORSE THURSDAY, NOV. 8. Make Up.. . ..80- Won MY HORSE WEDNESDAY, NOV. 7: Ferguson ..8.70- Won No information sent out Monday or Tuesday. MY HORSE SATURDAY, NOV. 3: Great Jaz. . ..90- Won No information sent out Friday, Nov. 2. MY HORSE THURSDAY, NOV. 1: Colored Boy 6.40- Won These were the only horses sent out by mo since I started operations at the Kentucky tracks, as I send One Horse a Day Only. Never more. My operations in the past have been at tho eastern tracks, whire I B have had a very successful season. I TODAYS HORSE SHOULD PAY 10 TO 1. 1 TERMS 0 DAILY. I Out-of-town clients wire subscriptions by I Western Union. City clients call.

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