Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1924-02-04

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Daily Racing Form Handicaps FAIR GROUNDS The horses -which seem best in Mondays races are: Pair Grounds Xew Orleans, La,, Feb. 3, 1324. 1 Shirley Louise, Frightful, Kumonin. 2 Brookdale, Care Free, Paul Micou. S JOU JOU, Queen Charming, Honor Man. 4 Revenge, Childs Play, Flying Devil. 5 Despard, Flying Fur, Madam Vcnnie. C Winner Take All, Pequot, Attilia. 7 Bendita, Lord Wrack, Honolulu Boy. J. L. Dempscy. New "Yorlv If.iinlie.ii. 1 Kumonin, Wild Wing, Hole Card, Shirley Louise. 2 Care Free, Coral Reef, Paul Micou, Slippery Elm. 3 Honor Man, Jou Jou, Prince Welles, Bu-cado. 4 RAMA, Childs Play, Lady Madcap, O. Henry. 5 Flying Fur, Fausto, Despard, Madam Vcnnie. C Pequot, Isosceles, Sands of Pleasure, Insulate. 7 Honolulu Boy, Lord Wrack, Bendita. Gem. Chicago IIninlirai. 1 Kumonin, Queen Agnes, Sun Marks, Hole Card. 2 Brookdale, Fifty-Fifty, Care Free, Anticipate. 3 Miss Domino, Jou Jou, Black Grackle, Queen Charming. 4 CHILDS PLAY. Revenge, Rama, Knights Bridge. a Flying Fur, Fausto, Despard, Madam Vcnnie. 6 Pequot, Sands of Pleasure, Wapiti, Ned-dam. 7 Lord Wrack. Gem. Old Faithful, Good Night. Observer Ilamllenp. 1 Shirley Louise, Wild Wing, Kumonin, Star . Girl. 2 BROOKDALE, Paul Micou, Coral Reef, Fifty-Fifty. 3 Prince Welles, Queen Charming, Jou Jou, Galantman. 4 Rama, Childs Play, Flying Devil, Lady Madcap. G Flying Fur, Fausto, Despard, Madam Vennie. C Attilia, Neddam, Pequot, Isosceles. 7 Honolulu Boy, Gem, Lord Wrack. Atta Boy IJ. Consensus of Ilnmllcnps. 1 Shirley Louise, Kumonin, Wild Wing, Hole Card. 2 BROOKDALE, Care Free, Paul Micou, Fifty-Fifty. 3 Jou Jou, Honor Man, Miss Domino, Prince Welles. 4 Rama, Revenge, Childs Play, Flying Devil. 5 Flying Fur, Despard, Fausto, Madam Vennie. Pequot, Winner Take All, Attilia, Sands of Pleasure. 7 Honolulu Boy, Bendita, Lord Wrack, Gem. HAVANA. The horses which seem best in Tuesdays races are: Oriental Park HaTana, Cnba, Fell. S, 1021. 1 Parmachenee Belle, Wrackanna, Cassie Ann. 2 -The Ally, Glory of the Seas II., Mallow- mot. 3 Seastake, Moorfield, Ancestress. 4 Blanche Mac, John Morrill, Lucy Kate. 5 Eye Bright, Phelan, Nig. 6 PERHAPS, Stacy Adams, Pepper Tea, T. K. Lynch. New TTorlc Ilnnrtlcni. 1 Wanderlust. Parmachenee Belle, The Cre ole, Bosita, 2 Gupton, Rog, The Ally, Glory of the Seas II. 3 Ancestress, Moorfield, Seastake, Super- anna. 4 Lucy Kate, Blanche Mac, John Morrill. Haman. 5 Walter Turnbow. "Eye Bright, Phelan, Nig. 6 PERHAPS, Adventuress, Pepper Tea, Jolly. Chicago llnntllcnp. 1 Parmachenee Belle, Cassie Ann, Wanderlust, Wrackanna. 2H. a Basch, The Ally, Mallowmot, Rog. 3 Moorfield, Seastake, Mrs. Gardner, Super- anna. 4 John Morrill, Lucy Kate, Blanche Mac, Haman. 5 Fincastle, Walter Turnbow, Eye Bright, Phelan. C PERHAPS, Stacy Adams, Pepper Tea, Joe Underwood. Observers II:tiilicni. 1 The Creole, Wanderlust, Rosita, Parma chenee Belle. 2 The Aly, Gupton, Jack Hill, H. C. Basch. 3 MOORFIELD, Ancestress, Superanna, Mrs. Gardner. 4 Haman, Randel, John Morrill, Lucy Kate. 5 Fincastle, Jack Frost, Walter Turnbow, Nig. 6 -Stacy Adams, Perhaps, Fepper Tea, Ad venturess. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 Parmachenee Belle, Wanderlust, The Cre ole, Cassie Ann. 2 The Ally, Gupton, II. C. Basch, Glory of the Seas II. 3 Moorfield, Seastake, Ancestress, Super anna. 1 Blanche Mac, Lucy Kate, John Morrill, Haman, 5 Fincastle, Eye Bright, Walter Turnbow, Phelan. G PERHAPS, Stacy Adams. Pepper Tea, Adventuress.

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