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THEOTINGIEADER cflrnericas rcafeitJflortPaper 25 CENT5-F0R SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS fe"" "Well, "AX" did it V. 6 igandin. Yesterday his CjSjjMMft "BEST" romped home StS-jE 0 at 4-J It SEA-ySm WOLF, and mayfce the tZandXwJtf SANG didnt holler when ?t fiWKSv r romped in under the SrvJEHvf- wire. Now, I grot one fr yu today that has 0 nt done anything here PSy this -winter, but WATCH jg HER TODAY. This ono . . is my New Orleans SPECIAL CODE HORSE Utica, Might, Fancy, Human, Lease Yes, sir, and you will set coae on page 3 0f the New Edition For Sale Now Kusht right now and DONT MISS it a single moment, for RIGHT OFF THE REEL Scare Crow . 15-1 Won tnd theres plenty more left. SPORTING LEADER is only 25 cents. LOOK! LOOK! AGAIN "AL GERNS" WON YESTERDAYS "AL GERNS" BEST: Sea-Wolf .. 4-1 Won WEDNESDAYS "AL GERNS" BEST: James F. OHara . . 4-1 2nd TUESDAYS "AL GERNS" BEST: Cherry Tree 6-5 Won MONDAYS "AL GERNS" BEST: Miss Domino 5-2 Won AND LOOK Not a Loser Last Week ON "AL GERNS" 0 SPECIALS, which he gives free on the DAILY MASTER CLOCKER. TODAY ANOTHER Al Gems 0 Special GIVEN FREE ! ! on the DAILY MASTER CLOCKER. This one, mind, has not raced to form so far this winter. But, Today, Final 0. K. IS HERE AND THEY TOLD ME TO GO THE LIMIT Rush right now to your newsdealer and ask for the Daily Master Clocker at All Newsstands DETROIT FOR SALE ONLY AT: Triangle Newsstand, Griswold and Lafayette. Family Theater Newsstand, Cadillac Sq. OR Mailed 2 Weeks, ; 1 Week, Address 333 S. Dearborn St. Chicago, HI. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23 ONE MILE AND A HALF RACE Should pay better than the only two horses released by me this week. Monday: FEIGNED ZEAL .... 5-1 Won Wednesday: OUESADA 10-1 Won My proposition is for these who will deal fair and send me the winnings of a 5 play, i "Wire your name and address. I, at once, will wire you name of horse and jockey. Another j goes Monday, February 2oth. Thanking those who remitted on Quesada. J. DENNY 229 lVavcrly TMacc Xcit York City riione Watkins 8741 Cash. 9-2, won: Settin? Sun. 10-1, second, were I last Saturdays XX Specials. Dont miss next i Saturdays Two Live Ones. Todays Code Special: October-Bananx-G0-16-25-47. STANDARD TURF GUIDE 403, 22 W. Quincy Street Chicago, 111. ROSEATE n 6-2 WON wan yesterdays Host. This makes 3 straight winners. GET THE O. K. daily at all newsstands Mailed direct, .00 for Six Days. NATIONAL O. K. RACING LETTER 411 Saltitcoro Building Chicago, 111. JIM DRAKE 25 WEST 42ND ST. NEW YORK CITY ROOK 516 .00 DAILY 0.00 WEEKLY TODAYS HORSE Has teen burning up tlie track in tho wee small hours of the morn, and my chief clocker advises a plunge play today. My followers got the money yesterday and should pet it aain today. A small investment should net you about ,000 Today Now, boys, take a tip from your uncle JIM and go gather today. Yesterdays Horse: CALIGULA 10-1 Won Wednesdays Horse: QUESADA 10-1 WON Tuesdays Horsa: arAii JOXG 5-1 1VON Mondays Horse: CORAL REEF 10-1 "WON Saturdays Horse: THIMBLE S-l WOX Fridays Horse: SANDS OF PLEASURE 5-1 AVON Thursdays Horss: FLINT STONE ...7-5 AVON Wednesdays Horse: GONDOLIER 3-2 AVON Tuesdays Horse: MERCURY SECOND Mondays Horse: BROOKDALE 2-1 AVON Saturdays Horse: DUSTPROOF 5-2 AVON Fridays Horse: U LADY ROSE 5-2 AVON g Thursdays Horse: SUN 31 ART S-l AVON Do not wait for me to have a loser, but I start at once and be a DRAKE router and M pull with us. UNCLE JIMS gang are sure E getting tho money. Wire your subscription by Western Union or Postal telegraph. I The Starr Turf News I 500 5th Ave. Room 402 New York City TERMS FOR OUR WIRE SERVICE 0 FOR SIX WIRES or ?5 A DAY Yesterdays Wire," Hundred "Dollar Special: AVAYAVASSAMO 5-1 AVON Yesterdays Code Horse: B CALIGULA 10-1 AVON H Tuesdays Code Horse: CALCUTTA 20-1 AVON Telegraph your subscription at once, 0 for C wires. Todays Code Horse: DOE-SON-RYE-WINNERS In deciphering code use last three letters of horses name, race last. FUTURO S-l AVON CORAL REEF S-l AVON GOLD FIELD 15-1 AVON CARPENTER 10-1 AVON VENIZELOS 10-1 AVON HIGH GEAR 5-1 AVON DUCADO S-l AVON and others that also wen at shorter prices wo advised you to plunge today. New codo in effect today; use last three letters of horses name, race last. Wire 55.00 for . codo, good for six days, then see codo harso in DAILY RACING FORM EVERY DAY. Wo have had only cne losing code horse in the past nine days. Ho ran second, 5-2 place. NEW CODE MAILED TODAY STARTS FEBRUARY 22 Special rate wire, 0 for G days wiro service, and we will include the new code FREE, and also wire you todays 00 special. NEW CODE IN EFFECT FEBRUARY 22 JACK WARREN ONE DAY SIX DAYS 0 I SILENT PARDNER .40- WON Tijuana. The third straight winner received from Wednesday I Received: ORMESBROOK ?3.20- WON Tuesday I Received: BLARNEY STONE 1.00- WON The wire covering yesterdays horses was sent to me direct from the TRACK and which carried a massage that TODAY one even better would be sent. I have done business with these people for many months and know their value. I havo just returned from Tijuana and feel so sure of a winner for tho HOLIDAY TODAY, that I will give C wires FREE should my special fail to win TODAY. This offer will not be a standing one, but just for TODAY. Players should learn to know that the Tijuana prices are liberal and tho place for you to make money. It has often been said that a winner in tho mu-tuels is worth 3 winners at an oral track. Communicate with me and use W. U. or Postal. J. WARREN, Suite 17, 207-209 Van Sicklen Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Business man of good standing wishes to get in touch with a person who is willing : to share one-half of play that is being made for a reliable stable that is campaigning over twenty horses at New Orleans. Address POST OFFICE BOX 495 CINCINNATI OHIO , 11G Nassau Street, Room 401 New York City UNITED TURr HEWS SEMI-WEEKLY. PRICE .00 PRICE .00 Published every Wednesday and Saturday. For : sale, all nowsstacds. Special rate, mailed monthly, , .00 9 issues. Todays Code 20-18-8-32-PARLAY. Subscribe for Daily Racing Form I DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO, ILL, Crescent City Service 0.00 A WINNER, 0.00 WEEKLY OK SEVEN WINNERS New York Office : Room 412, 1452 Broadway, New York City Strictly a One Horse Proposition Yesterdays Big Proposition Won Name Withheld; Advised by New Orleans Connections. Wednesdays Private Proposition: Old Faithful, 8-5, Won Mondays Big One Horse : Coral Reef, 8-1, Won HARD LUCK IS A POLITE NAME FOR SLEEPING SICKNESS. WAKE UP ! ! ! Today is tlie lny we have liccn vraitins: for. AVc arc confident of tlie result. We have licen waiting patiently for toilays liisr proposition. The expenno . connected with thin transaction rnns into four li scores. We think thin will j prove to he one of the best handled by us to date. Dont worry about the price, : as It will be plenty. WINNINGS OF LAST EIGHT RACING DAYS, 00 FLAT PLAY, ,490 NET Saturdays Big One Horse: Fridays Big One Horse: THIMBLE 8-1 WON S. OF PLEASURE. .. .5-1 WON Thursdays Big One Horse: Wednesdays Big One Horse: TELESCOPE 8-1 WON j LADY CH0C0 15-1 WON Tuesdays Big One Horse: Mondays Big One Horse: VENIZELOS 10-1 WON FLYING FUR 13-5 WON Saturdays Big One Horse: Fridays Big One Horse: MID. .FOLLIES .20-1,8-1 2nd TELESCOPE .......8-1 WON FREE Weekly subscribers will receive two private propositions FHEE Xo. 1, Satnrday; No. , Monday. Send correct street address and phone number, if any. IN REMITTING USE WESTERN UNION OR POSTAL TELEGRAPH Crescent City Service Room 412, 1452 Broadway Near Forty-Second Street, New York, N. Y. HARVEY AMES EARLE BLDG., BROADWAY AT 52ND STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. Two investments will occur within the next few days. Same can only interest those who can take full advantage of unusual opportunities. As both of the above will start at Tijuana, and there is -a difference of three hours in time between New York and there, the above can only be of consequence to those who can be reached over the long distance when necessary on both occasions, one hour and a half before the race and who agree not to make their play until forty minutes before each event scheduled. Attention is also drawn to the fact that it may be 6:00 to 6:30 oclock, New York time, when those who are interested will be called, therefore arrangements must be. made in advance that the play will be accepted at such an hour, as no excuse can be taken or will be considered. I Terms: 00 I FIVE EUNDRED DOLLARS payable strictly in advance by telegraph, j! which will include both transactions. No single subscription to anyone i 1 and it is a waste of time suggesting propositions of any kind as they can- jg not be enera"iiH:BsJ This should prove the value of direct advance information. It is abso-j lutely necessary that subscribers to the above be listed in the telephone directory and can be reached when required without any unnecessary delay. TELEPHONES Circle 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 : , : , I CLOCKER WILLIAMS REVIEW FOR SALE EVERYWHERE PRICE 35 CENTS ISSUED "WEEKLY A few of the many winners in our lato book: GAIL FORD 1.00-52 WON TRANSLATE 4-1 WON LIZETTE 1.60- "WON BLARNEY STONE 1.70-52 WON PENWELL .90- "WON And Other Long-Priced Winners This -wonderful book is on sals in Cleveland: SCHRODER SUPERIOR AVENUE ; DETROIT TRIANGLE NEWS CO. ; And Wherever the Racing Form Is Sold Ten weeks subscription for .0. Remit to G. WILLIAMS 42C Roscdalo Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio . , advertise IN RACING FORM1: Actual Results Are What Count THE GUARANTEE SYSTEM WOlf, ON A 0 PLAY, for week ending February 16. as follows: NEW ORLEANS. WON 21.00 TIJUANA. WON 8.00 For full details, address THE GUARANTEE SYSTEM 601 CATHEDRAL BALTIMORE, MD. ; ; . , 1493951493914939149391493914939 if $ $ PREDETERMINED TURF PROFITS $ $ The MIKACM: SYSTEM is naiiuially known $ $ as "easy for player hard for layer." .Sold on S S installment; payments paid from your profits. 5 $ Absolutely FKKE 73-page iiianii.il ami review. 5 $ Investigate today and make yutir bookie obey. " $ $ Public relations manager $ S. K. ARTHUR $ $ Box 40, R. P. Towson, Md. $ ?? ? 149391493914939 1493914939

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