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IMPORTANT NOTICE TO S. O. SERVICE SUBSCRIBERS Our Next 0 One Horse Special Goes Wednesday Saturdays 0 One Horse Special Was DUTCH GIRL 1.10- WON Last Wednesdays 0 One Horse Sperial Was EXODUS 1.90- WON We had no 0 Specials Thursday. Friday, Monday or today. Our 0 Specials consist of one horse only. All our Specials "filed in advance with Racing Form. We do not have them every day, but wait for right spots. TOMORROWS WEDNESDAYS 0 ONE HORSE SPECIAL At L.atonia. Wednesday, ire have one that has been waiting for just the spot that he goes in tomorrow. This horse comes from the same people that sent us DlTCH HBL for Saturday, and we are told he should be better than 10 to 1. You cannot make money playing every day on guesswork. We do not have a horse every day. but only when conditions appear right and big price is expected. Subscribe at once and you will receive Wednesdays horse in ample time. Wire 0 at once by WESTERN UNION no Postal here. S. O. SERVICE JAMAICA, N. Y. NOTE : — Tell Western Union to send your address; it prevents delay. The Kentucky | Commissioner JOHN J. JOYCE 1340 Broadway NEW YORK CITT second floor 0 WEEKLY— .00 DAILY NO HACING IN KENTUCKY MONDAY LATONIA OPENS TODAY Be sure and back my big special today and every day. Saturdays Commission — Churchill Downs: Bro. John . .3.40- Won This make* five winners and one third last week. Week before: Five winners and one second. Bee ad in Sundays Racing Form. My commission horses are trained to the minute, properly placed and the right money goes with them. WIRE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TODAY 0 FOR ONE WEEK SIX DAYS My special offer of 6.00 for the entire Latonia meeting of thirty racing days still stands. This offer may be withdrawn without further notice, so wira subscription, 5, at once and get winners. — ~ -I LATONIA RACES COL.J.J.SCHREINER AMERICAS PREMIER CLOCKER Thirty years experience as docker YOU CAN EMPLOY ME TO WORK FOR YOU 5 FOR ANY TEN DAYS. RUSH YOUR SUBSCRIPTION— DONT FAIL TO SEND YOUR ADDRESS From Me Ycu Get Track Conditions and No Scratrhsd Horses, but Fit Horses. My many clients will Touch for my marvelous ■ucrpss at Kentucky truck*. ConKult ■ siK-cialist of Hip frame. I wire one or two sMM daily at 11 orlock. Ti lepra ph remittance or remit by exi resti order in letter. Propositions Not Considered. Strictly Cash Only. HAVXIN HOTEL CINCINNATI, OHIO TURF EDITORS WEEKLY 60 Cents at All Newsstands. New Issue Now on Sale TODAY S FREE CODE: Joe Nt The Latonia: - ws- -Publications FREE SPECIAL WITH TURF EDITORS DAILY ONLY AT PRINCIPAL NEWSSTANDS ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO. ILL. I 157-159 EAST 32ND STREET. NEW YORK, N. Y. I 8PH FART RRD STREET. CINCINNATI. OHIO I M JUCHMOND STREET, EAST, TORONTO, ONT. I i ; Mat Byers COMMISSIONER ROOM 611 1545 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY Special Notice ! DUE TO THE ADVICE OF MY CONNECTIONS FURTHER ADVERTISING WILL NOT BE PER-I MITTED. This has been done for the best inter -ests of all and will insure the safety of future in-vestments. Only occasional plays will be advised, exclusively those on which biff money appears. TERMS FOR THIS INFORMATION: I WINNINGS OF A 0 STRAIGHT BET My books are now open for new clients. The fittest horse in Kentucky will face the barrier on Wednesday at Latonia. Dont miss this big-priced winner. m ! , COL. TOM SLOCUM Latonia -:- Kentucky Tomorrow, Wednesday, a real rnn- i ner starts here. One that will remind yon of the good old days of Kentucky. Yon all better wire me at once. My terms are winnings of ten dollar play until we get better acquainted. Posl- , tively no mail. i If you cant afford to wire me, I i reckon jou cant afford to play. Ad- ! dress all wires to Latonia Park track. bb1b1bbHbbVbbMb9HsMsBHsb1bbVsbMbb1b9bVbU Ohio Turf Bureau ] 245 West 47th St., Room 403 New York City AT LATONIA— 10-1 TODAY I advertised Sunday about a horse starting- the opening day at Latonia that should win at 10-1. | We.l, I have word that everything has gone through as arranged and I have only been waiting the right word from one other interested party to this affair ! to advise action. This I can now do and with I more confidence than I have felt before in regards to a matter of this kind. I REMEMBER, YOU GET A WINNER AT A PRICE FOR 0 Also remember there is no guesswork done in J this office. You get a real run for your money. I spent my time and plenty of money during the ■ Churchill meeting making arrangements to get cer- | tain information that I consider cannot fail to make nayone a BIG WINNER who follows it. I must have your subscription in by 2 oclock today. i I I I I FREE I How a telegraph operator discovered I ° the secret of making money on the races. 6 For details, mail this ad. with a two- 9 cent stamp to I " J. K. WILLIS. i - 225 30th St., Miami Beach. Florida 9 ■■■■■■■■■■■■J / J 3 J I [ ] | . 1 RALPH KEENE THE WUIllfl WONDER 80 Ea.t 11th street .:. .,. Hew Tork CIty ONE HORSE A DAY — . No raeins at Kentucky yesterday. Therefore no horse released from my office. SATURDAYS HORSE: nilTPU DUTCH riDI GIRL 1.10- WON BIG OPENING SPECIAL TODAY AT LATONIA ! Looks like the surest thing that eTer faced the barrier. One that looks dead, bit win come to life today and will show surprising odds. This fs no surprise to any of clients because my they hare been receiving this hind of Information since the opening of the Kentucky meeting. When every angle is well protected the result should never be in doubt. Stop losing your good money! Uet in with one who knows! FRIDAYS HORSE: SUNNY DUCROW 9.50- WON THURSDAYS HORSE: FLYATIT 6.40- WON WEDNESDAYS HORSE: WINDING THROUGH 2.60- WON TUESDAYS HORSE: PRINCESS DOREEN $ 9.40- WON MONDAYS HORSE: BUSTER 0.90- WON SATURDAYS HORSE: OFF SPRING 0.20- WON FRIDAYS HORSE: JAKIE HAY 1.70- WON The above winners should convince the most skeptical player that this is no guesswork, no handicapping or stabbing with a pin, but real, live information is what I release. The reason why I can produce winners: I operate with caution. I do all my business through private channels. All horses are sent ont from Kentucky personally by me through my New York office. I release horses that are properly placed. I do not deal with favorites as they are public property and they are -best when left alone. MY TERMS— 0.00 FOR ONE WEEKS SERVICE NO OTHER PROPOSITIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED i C "THriAN WHO CAN MAKE YOIT WIN] -■■■■■■■ ■ ■"■*_■ ■■ ■ SOLD ON NEWSSTANDS, and "SPECIAL" I have TODAY something DAY TODAY, going at "LATONIA" that t should pay fWBIG" 0 FOR BET This comes from a SOURCE that when they bet they us-ually CASH 9 out of 10 times , I and it sure looks like they r j will "CASH" TODAY. ■sF" PARLAY TODAY IsF" Will Pay 0 for s MR. FIELD advises EVERYBODY to "PARLAY" TODAY the and "SPECIALS" to WIN ONLY. M BOTH of these came from same SOURCE and this GROUP is also PARLAYING both today away from the track. So be SURE you get JACK FIELD both and 55 "SPECIAL8" TODAY, then "PARLAY" them BOTH. WIN ONLY, and yon will get 0 for every YOU bet. DO YOU KNOW that at last LATONIA meet a 0 Flat Flay on JACK FIELD "SPECIAL" every day """WON" OVER ,755.00 Ask any JACK FIELD follower IF this is not TRUE. Every JACK FIELD follower CLEANED UP a fortune last "LATONIA" meet, and Mr. FIELD expects to do still better this "LATONIA" meet. So be SURE you follow JACK FIELD every day at this "LATONIA" meet. NOTICE: — JACK FIELD sold everywhere. Also mailed to you in plain sealed envelope, 5 weekly for BOTH "SPECIALS." ■CHICAGO PLAYERS, NOTICE Dont fail to call at our office, 8 a. m. to 4 p. m.. and get our "11TH HOUR" SPECIAL FREE Day after day our "11th -Hour" Special has been getting the money for our followers. GET THIS ONE TODAY at cur office, room 32. 39 W. Adams St. Phone: Harrison 0248 CHICAGO, ILL. I , i , i i ! San Francisco Turf Reporter 442 Sansome St. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. "Over Goes a Darby." "Some Winner."— "T. R." Letter No. 7 WON. GLYN paying 4 90, .30. .90, and believe US hundreds of our clients grot in on this BIG SPECIAL. You bet the "T. R." letters are the talk of the country, and why not? And another item to be brought to your attention: A BIG SPECIAL IS BEING MADE IN READINESS TO BE PUT OYER AT LATONIA. See the issue of TURF REPORTER of June 7th for FULL DETAILS. As investment that no reader of this advertisement oan afford to overlook. SEND FOR A FREE SAMPLE TODAY. Once you g-et TURF REPORTER you will never miss an issue thereafter. The columns are just chock full of interesting- and paying- turf information, and columns of "Sports of All Sorts." The oldest and biggest racing and sporting paper in the west TODAY. San Francisco Turf Reporter 442 Sansome St. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. ] | ! I I J ■ | i ° " - BOBBY ALLEN ONLY ONE HORSE DAILY .00 DALLY— 0.00 WEEKLY Yesterdays .00 Occasional: C. J. Craigmile. .1.60- Won This is the horse I advised you to get down strong on. Those that did are wearing a smile I today. Saturdays .00 Occasional: Beau Nash . . . .7.95- Won I Fridays .00 Occasional: Sunny Ducrow .9.50- Won, Thursdays .00 Occasional: Llewellyn 6.90- Won Wednesdays .00 Occasional. Abstract 2.20- Won My record for the past few days speaks for itself. I DECLARE TO WIN TODAY My grand opening big .00 Occasional goes at Latonia today and it is in the hands of a clever horseman. Terms: .00. Call or wire. Remember, my information is wired direct from the scene of action. BOBBY ALLEN 23 Duane St., Room 606 New Ycrk City / ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM t , I r j s MACK ROSE Formerly known as the worlds greatest plunger. My service consists of ONE HORSE A DAY. Terms — .00 Daily or 0.00 Weekly. Mondays Late Special: DECISIVE 10-1 WON Another sure winner goes today Saturdays One Horse: rSARKO $ 4.30- WON Fridays hone ran third. Thursdays Winner: MISSIONARY 2-1 WON Wednesdays last -minute sure winner: Winding Through 2.30- Won Tuesdays One Horse : FOREST LORE.. . ..30- WON Saturdays One Horse: GREAT LUCK . . .9.10- WON Fridays One Horse: JAKIE HAY 1.70- WON Tuesdays One Horse: [ROCKING HORSE 4.70- Won Wednesdays One Horse: POLLYMARA . . . . 8.1 0- WON Tuesdays One Horse: LILT $ 6.40- WON Mondays One Horse: OPPERMAN 8.30- WON Saturdays One Horse: MALAPERT 9.55- WON Fridays One Horse: COBWEB 8.30- WON Today— A LONG SHOT—Today Wire your money and get in on this special today. Now, if you appreciate winning information, send 0 for one weeks service and I will convince you that it will make you a WINNER, as I am doing for all my loyal followers. MACK ROSE 126 MAIDEN LANE, SUITE 203, NEW YORK CITY I I EASTERN HANDICAPPER 60c SHEET AND SPECIAL W They Are Off at Latonia W Mr. Player Our Chief has just come back from a flying trip to the BLUE GRASS. He says to WATCH HIM AT LATONIA. TODAYS OPENING SPECIAL Here is a horse that I got direct from one of the best sources in Kentucky. Everything is set. Go right now to your dealer and get the EASTERN HANDICAPPERS SPECIAL AND CASH A WAGER. On the 50c SHEET, TWO REAL GOOD THINGS. ALSO A 50 TO 1 PARLAY. Go right now to your newsdealer and get the EASTERN HANDICAPPER 60o SHEET AND SPECIAL DETROIT— For sale Bagley Newsstand, corner Woodward and Monroe. CHICAGO PLAYERS, ATTENTION— For sale at all Loop Newsstands, or come up to our office and see our man. By mail, one week. 0 for both Special and 50o Letter. Send 0 to EASTERN HANDICAPPER 10 North Clark St. CHICAGO, ILL. Gars Weekly 35 Cents at All Newsstands NEW ISSUE FOR SALE TODAYS FREE CODES: Latonia Florida Box — - - Dark -Bro wn Connaught — Michigan-Ivory - Boy - Boy Our weekly Parlay Page is worth while. Bay copy from your dealer or send for 4 weeks GALLOPS, 219 S. Dearborn St., Chicago

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