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en BUGLE EVERY DAY 4lHfl At All Newsstands Everywhere. Special and 50-Cent letter. THE SENSATION OF THE TEAR. Again We Won Yesterdays .00 Special: Ten-Lec .60- Won This horse was out of the money her last out I told you the Viau representatives were planted. Our followers got theirs aplenty. A few recent .00 Specials: KENTUCKY CARDINAL .M- WON UNCLE HUGH 3.80- WON TEDS PLUM .l.60- WON LADY MARIAN .IO- WON LADY FINNELL .00- WON R0NDELLE ..40- WON BEAUTIFUL ADDIE .70- WON MENIFEE .60-WON The so .00 Specials wore all given since Latonia opened two weeks ago. "We are over 00.00 WINNER on a 0.00 flat play on each and every .00 Special since Latonia opened. ONLY ONE .00 SPECIAL DAILY Becorno a winning player. Follow the .00 Specials. TODAYS .00 SPECIAL This horse must win or you get Special Free till we give you a winner. Todays horse should pay 0.00 TO .00 The dough has been wired away and should pay a big price. CHICAGO PLAYERS, ATTENTION! The Bugle is for sale in your city at Arcade News Store ..74 West Madison St. Out of Town Newsstand 149 North Clark St., in Drug Store Also at our office, 20 "West Jackson Blvd., from 9 a, m. to 7 p, m. Co mo up and see us. DETROITERS, ATTENTION! For sale only at Triangle Newsstand Corner Griswold and Lafayette Blvds. Family Theatre Newsstaiid Front of Family Theatre, Cadillac Sq. Other leading agents: Cleveland, 0. O. C. Schroeder 212 East Superior Ave. St. Louis, Mo. Wm. Laser 711 Market St. Omaha, Neb. Meyer Coren 1411 Farnum fit. and other leading cities. Both .00 Specials and 50-cent letter mailed overnight by Special Delivery in plain, sealed envelope one week 0.00. Send 0.00 right now " BUGLE PUBLISHING CO. Suite 1711, Great Northern Bldg. CHICAGO, ILL. Master Clocker AT ALL NEWSSTANDS TODAY Watch me SLAM over the BIGGEST SURPRISE of the week at Latonia I said, WATCH ME, I certainly have got" something VERY SPECIAL up my sleeve, something that will even put TUESDAYS BIG SPECIAL: Scoop . 8.80- Won which Jim Smart told you tho LIMIT and MONDAYS ADV. LONG SHOT: Firetoma2.70- Won which Al Gem told you was the RIPEST THING OP THE WEEK. Again, dont fail to get this one. Goes in the First Race at Latonia Yes, sir, RUSH RIGHT NOW to your newsdealer and ASK for the Daily Master Clocker , MAILED, 2 WEEKS, ; 1 WEEK, Rush your subscription right away if your newsdealer doesnt handlo the MASTER CLOCKER, for you CERTAINLY CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS A SINGLE, SOLITARY DAY. Every Day You Miss getting the MASTER CLOCKER, yon are MISSING REAL INFORMATION that we PAY HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS FOR. Again, tend your subscription to 440 S. DEARBORN ST., CHICAGO, ILL. DETROIT FOR SALE Triangle Newsstand Griswold and Lafayette Blvd. Family Theatre Newsstands Cadillac Square. ST. LOUIS Wm. Laser, 711 Market St. OMAHA, NEB. Myer Coren. 1411 Farnum St. CLEVELAND. O. 0. Schroeder, 212 E. Superior St. KANSAS CITY Recks ecker, 9th and Walnut Sts. MILWAUKEE Kirby Hotel, 432 Water St. CHIC AGO AN S 1 FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS BILL CURTAIN 157 "WEST FOBTY-SECOND STREET, BOOM 1218 NEW YORK CITY Nothing But Genuine Information Direct From the Track This Is the kind of Information I send to my clients daily. I sever send ont any favorites. Yon can pick them yourself. TODAY I will show the racing pablic the value of real live information that cannot be duplicated by any man in the country. To each and every person that reads this advertisement I advise a strong: play to win only. Across the Board FIRST RACE HAVRE DE GRACE Today I know that the connections will have plenty down for themselves. I am not asking anyone for any money, but I am leaving this open to the entire Racing Public to send me what they think is right, as you know that the cost of advertising is tremendous. You dont know me and I dont know you, but if you want to know me, this is your opportunity. My terms are 00.00 in advance and the winnings of a 00.00 play, but am willing to add a few additional clients for this week only, at a rate of 0.00 for a weeks service. On account of being connected with well-known turfmen, I was unable to advertise and file my horses with any papers. Therefore, I am nnable to advertise any horses that I released and won. You can watch this paper hereafter daily for my results, as all horses will appear in code daily, and filed with this paper. Remit at once by wire as I have another that goes tomorrow and should pay 50-1 or better. KLEANUP SERVICE THURSDAYS CODE HORSE: D S, RACE L, LATONIA Our Next 0 Special Will Go Saturday "We expect this horse to be as good as last Saturdays 0 Special, which was STAR LORE 20-1 WON Our codes give one horse a day and are published in code with this paper, thus proving that we file in advance and all our clients receive the same horse. Our daily code horses, since the opening of Latonia, were: VICTOIRE, 1.4C-S2, TVOS; FLYATIT, .S0-, WON; RONDELLE, S16.40-S2, WON; HARRY B., 4.40-, WON; LASS O MINE, C20-2, WON; UNCLE HUGH, S38.80-S2, WON; MARK MASTER, 4.00-, WON; QUINCE GAB-DEN, .90-, WON; IAD O MINE, 8.10-52, WON; SILVER SLIPPERS 0S.70-, WON; BARN DOLLAR, .60-, WON, and four losers, two of which ran second. THREE DAYS CODES, 0; SIX DAYS CODES, 0. Codes sent by prepaid telegraph letter on receipt of subscription. Codes are eh an red flail 3- to protect our connections. GRAND SPECIAL OFFER THIS WEEK ONLY Wire us 5 at once and we will wire you at once, by prepaid telegram our codes for six days and also wire you the name of code horse given above. ALSO FREE to all who send 5 we will give our 0 Special on Saturday and another Special that is scheduled to go early next week. Rush your subscription as many good code horses are going and we expect 20-1 ob Saturdays 50 Special, which you will get free. KLEANUP SERVICE 147 WEST FORTY-FIRST STREET NEW YORK CITY TWO HORSES DAILY George Barry TWO HORSES DAILY Win with $ The man who can make yon win $ 17 West 27th St., New York City. Terms, 0.00 weekly. Your weekly subscription lets you in on all my 1924.sh.00 Specials FREE, which go Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week. Everybody read this Look. LOOK! LOOK! Everybody read this. 0.00 for six days includes 2 free 0.00 Specials FREE. Wednesday Barry grave: Vrana .40, .20 2nd Slow and Easy .60, .40 2nd Today Big 0 Special Today All my weekly clients today will receive same FREE. New clients Tush 0.00 at once and get in on my 0.00 Special FREE. TODAYS DOUBLE SHOULD WIK AND PAY PLENTY. GET ABOARD Tuesday Barry grave: CADUCEUS .80- WON ALMADEL .30- WON Monday Barry gave: THE FOREIGNER .00- WON MAH JONG .90- 2nd Saturday Barry Gave: ALTAWOOD .10- WON CEYLON PRINCE .50- WON Friday Barry gave: THE FOREIGNER .00- WON KENTUCKY CARDINAL .00- WON Tuesdays 0.00 Special FREE: FEYSUN 15-1 WON Tuesday Barry gave MISS MAZIE .S0. WON ADA BLACKJACK .00- 2nd Monday Barry gave SOPHY 18-5 WON SAYNO 3.80- 2ND Saturday Barry gave ENERGY 3.60-52 WON TEASE $ 9.S0-S2 WON Friday Barry gave CAMPANULA 3.S8- WON BUTTBESS $ 6.90-2 WON Thursdays free 0.00 Special AL FRESCO 7-2 WON Thursday Barry gave SUPREMUS 0.3O. WON NORMAL 9-5 WON Wednesday Barry gave CALEDON 5.55-32 WON LADY FINNELL .$ 0.00-S2 WON Tuesdays 0.00 Special free BEAR GRASS 20-1 WON Tuesday Barry Gave CALEDON 7.70- WON THE BADGEB .$ 7.90- WON Rush 0.00 by Western Union or Postal Telegraph for two horses a day. Send your correct name and address to avoid delay. I Advertise in Daily Racing Form! BOB WARD 131 West 39th Street, Room 201, New York City. 0 a Winner I jjj? "Next Special goes Friday, I Pg; Oct. 3 I Due to extra precautions taken in all our turf operations, information is not released daily. Information is released only when conditions warrant safe investment. Yesterdays Special: Sporty McGee . .6.80- Won Again my big Special won. This makes five straight. Dont forget yon must get a winner for your money. This is a broad statement to fulfill in the racing game. Monday, September 29th: Yankee Princess 8.70- Won Saturday, September 27th: Hobson 0.70- Won Wednesday, September 24th: Fretwell 6.00- Won Monday, September 22nd: Privilege 4.40- Won Saturday, September 20th: Elsbeth 4.45- 2nd 6 WINNERS, 1 SECOND OUT OF LAST 7 MOUNTS RELEASED Wire 0.00 at once for next probable winner, which goes Friday, Oct. 3. Give name and address. BOB WARD FJay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing the races will be mailed you for one weeks trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on the scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach. Fla. My Connections Advise a winner Friday. Agree to wiro me winnings of a five dollar straight play and the information is yours. Sand name, address and telephone. Clients outside Chicago must guarantee telegraph charges. Dont delay. W. L. BTLLTE R0DGER8 309 S. CLARK ST. CHICAGO, ILL. SUBSCRIBE tor DAILY RACING FOR3I

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