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i I Dreams, Desires or Facts? dream of every small player, the goal of sporting THE men and the wish of every handicapper is the desire for absolutely accurate information. You cannot achieve successful operations by risking your money on head-or-tail guessing, gossip, hunches or tips. You cannot expect to win by following the crowd of news carriers or on the hopes based on your losses. You can win only when you have reliable information from responsible sources. For 35 I years I have watched the so-called smart ones, hunch players and tip followers wonder what its all about. And for 35 years I have KNOWN and associated with connections, who, through training, experience, knowledge and judgment, KNOW what its all about. And when they KNOW, they play and win. I sell my information when I KNOW it is right, to people I am certain are right- For instance: My Clients Won as Follows MONDAY: DONAGHEE . 2.90- Won SATURDAY: JUDGE FULLER 10-1 Won PERRY BASCOM Suite 120, 1400 Broadway. Telephone Fitzroy 1045 London Office: 24 Sussex St., London, S. TV., 1. NOTE II In tOAvn, call at the office. I lite to talk horse, If yon want to talk business. Out of town, wire your subscription. 5.00, ONE HOUSE AT A PRICE. HENRY WELSH 20C BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY .00 DAILY 820.00 "WEEKLY OH, BOY! WHAT A SMASH! YESTERDAYS DOUBLE WINNER: SISTER EL0 1.40- Won DRY MOON 2.40- Won Yes, sir, over the limit. More than 50-1 for a parlay. Thats -what you call hitting them. SISTER ELO, 1.40, "WOK, was MY BIG SUBSCRIBERS FREE SPECIAL. ANOTHER SUBSCRIBERS SPECIAL GOES TODAY AT LEXINGTON I am sure of another DOUBLE today. One at Lexington and another lone shot at Bowie. Rush 0 without a moments delay. A small 0 play today may bring you ,000. Five straight winning days. Look them over. Saturdays Only Horse: Thursdays Only Horse: PENSIVE ?16.10- Won PETER. PAUL 4.30- Won Fridays Only Horse: "Wednesdays Only Horse: DUSKY" BELLE SS.lO-SjSS Won BLUE AND BED ?20.3U- Won Wire via "Western Union or Postal money order for SERVICE. You get a return wire at once, no waiting. A Big Clean-up this week. 1 i Pay From Your Profits 41TO7 I W iK THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing I " B KA I I the races will he mailed you for one weeks I I mm I I 1 II M. mm mmM trial. No charge unless it shows an average Mt JL tlmmMMk wr proit of at ieast ?10 a day on ?3 scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to New York Office: 225 Thirtieth LK 3 Beach. u. Room 504, 1547 Broadway New York City GET READY! Xr- Again to prove that we are right, if you will flhinflfin UTTIC6! ji send yur name and address with one dollar to Ulliuayu pay the cost of a telegram to YOU, we will wire " yu name ofa. horse that is all SET TO "WIN Raom n roc 62G, in 105 v N. naTV Clark St St. Chicago, omcago, HI. xii. AT B0WIE THURSDAY, NOV. 20. "We are doing this to convince you that our source of information Mr Frank Green - wishes to announce that he is IS REALLY MAKING MONEY for our clients. Name of horse will he wired from still doinjr business at his offices in New York and this office at 11:00 a. m., Nov. 20. "Write, King " Publishing Co., 3137 Pine Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. Chicago. As he had previously stated, it has always been bBVBVHIHIHHHIHHHIIBBJBJBBBBBBI his policy to give his clients the best information obtainable. Toward that end he has made arrangements with MM - V TT new connections, who, he thinks, can satisfy every jVl.tH jM. JL JL detail demanded by his clients. 9 In order to prove to all players that he is now H in a position to benefit all subscribers he will, mwm. TBBa beginning TODAY, FILE TWO DAYS information J 111 B B B with this publication, the results of which will be published the succeeding issue. PLAYERS CAN JUDGE FROM THESE RESULTS BJ . - - . THE VALUE OF THIS SERVICE. "" fm M SPECIAL NOTICE ! of November PLAYERS "WHO DOUBT THE AUTHENTICITY OF THESE STATEMENTS AND "WHO WISH TO T C f TVTA-KT; DOUBLY SURE THAT THESE HORSES ARE FILED IN ADVANCE "WITH THIS PUBLI- y CATION ARE INVITED TO SEND THEIR NAMES M IM I AND ADDRESSES TO MY OFFICE AND THE NAMES OF THESE HORSES "WILL BE MAILED TO THEM A FEW HOURS BEFORE POST TIME. - 9BVBBBBflBBBBBBBBBBBBBflVJBBBJBJBJBB5 You will naturally receive this information too late for play, but the postmark will show you the -time of mailing. HBflBBBHBBflflCBBBflBBBBBBaBBBBBBBKI As we are anticipating a strong response to these mu advertisements, our entire clerical force will in all probability be busy, and we therefore request NO c"lJBS"" Daily Racing Guide ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM fog fa jmm$ 441 PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO, ILL. 157-159 EAST 32ND STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y. MMM1 50 RICHMOND STREET, EAST, TORONTO, ONT. ColWinley SHEET SOLD AT NEWSSTANDS 55 SPECIAL WIRED FROM OFFICE WINLEY WINS AGAIN YESTERDAY Every day is winning day for Winley. Start today and follow Winley every day. Sheet on sale at newsstands. Special wired from office. mpTodays Dollar Sheet will make you a big winner. We only give two horses and todays two come to us very strong. Parlay todays two and you should collect 5 for every one you p.ut up. IPPCHICAGO, FOR SALE Arcade Newsstore, 74 West Madison Street and our office, Suite 416 Crilly Bldg., 35 South Dearborn Street. Phone, Dearborn 4908. jjUPDETROIT, FOR SALE Only two stands: Dunns Newsstand, Michigan and Shelby Streets. Bagiey Newsstand, Woodward and Monroe. IPgPAnd other cities where the Daily Racing Form is sold. I BOB WARD 131 "WEST 39th ST. ROOM 201 NEW YORK CITY SERVICE CONSISTS OF TWO HORSES DAILY, 5.00 "WEEKLY SIX DAYS YOU CAN MAKE EVERY WEEK A WINNING WEEK! Thirty-Three Winners FOUR SECONDS, ONE THIRD, ONE LOSER OF THIRTY-NINE MOUNTS RELEASED Responding to the numerous requests from my loyal followers for daily rervice, I have completed all arrangements to release two horses daily for the nominal snm of ?25. One weeks trial will prove the caliber of my information. "WARDS RELEASE YESTERDAY: LITTLE VISITOR .80- Won HOPELESS ... Third f-TODAY BIG DOUBLE TODAY-gBfg Both should win easily, win and play plenty. Works of both have been kept secret. Under no circumstances miss this winning double. "WARDS RECENT RELEASES: PENSIVE 0.10-52 "Won CHERRY PIE 5 S.20-52 Won HOMING BIRD 4.00-52 "Won EDINBURGH 515.S0-52 Won FIRE ON 514.40-52 "Won ALICE BLUE GOWN ..510.50-52 Won SINGLE FOOT S 9.10-52 "Won ABU BEN A1IDEM 5.50-52 Won" COUNTRY PRINCESS ..529.10-52 Won BARLEYCORN 5 6.S0-52 "Won MARGIE K. $ G.70- 2nd COMIXA 519.40-52 Won HATS UP 513.00-52 Won RANDEL 522.10-52 Won If you appreciate real winning information, DONT HESITATE, BUT RUSH YOUR REMITTANCE AT ONCE BY WESTERN UNION OR POSTAL, giving your correct address. v I M. E. KUHNER SUITE 418 1454 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY "PARLAYS PAY PLENTY" Terms: One Parlay, 0. Fire Parlays, 525. Well, hoys, yesterday we got a bad break. We gave: LEISCH . ..90- 2nd WRACKHORN .20- 2nd Place parlay paid well and all clients sitting pretty after Saturdays big winning parlay: PENSIVE 6.10- Won ANGON 7.10- Won All my parlays arc filed In advance with this paper. Todays parlay should snrely win at the limit price. I tell you honestly I cannot give you a winning parlay every day. I do promise you that I will send my horses the minute I get your subscription today, and that if yon send me 525 for Six Days Service I will do my best to make you a big winner before the end of the week. ary parlays have appeared In this paper daily. Last week a 510 flat play on my parlays would have won over ,200. Previous week a 0 flat play would hare won 00. M. E. KUHNER SUITE 416 1454 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY PLAYRITE SERVICE SEVENTH FLOOR 1454 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY Our telegrams givo two horses daily, nevor more, with instructions for each investment. TERMS: Six Days Service, 5. Twenty-four Days Service, 0. One Years Service, 50. Yesterday we advised a straight play on: LITTLE VISITOR .80- Won Saturday we advised a straight play on: COLUMBIA .90- Won , JUPITER .80- Won These horses were sent every subscriber and filed in advance with this paper; also with Western Union and Postal Telegraph. We advise ono or two go:d plays every day. SPECIAL RATES: 5 FOR DALLY SERVICE UNTIL NOVEMBER 30TH To secure more subscribers, who will stiy with us during the winter meetings, we are making this special offer: Wire us ?25 at once and we will send you our Daily Wire until November 30th. In fairness to the several hundred old subscribers who have already sent their 5 for this weeks service, we take pleasure in announcing that they need send no more money until Docember 1st. To now clients we wish to announce that yestordays horse, Little Visitor, was an exceptionally short-priced horse for us to send out. Some of cur recent releases, all of which were filed in advance with this paper, were QUINCE KING, 4.70 -, wen; JUPITER, 3.G0-, GRAY GABLES, 2.80-, won; Sam Mengel, 8.10-, won; Wild Goose, 3.30-, won; Waterflag, S28.50-, won, and many others at good prices. !won; We do not hold our clients up until the fireworks are all over, but send horses the minute we receive your subscription. So rush 5 at once to pay for service the balance of the month. Our service is based on good will and a square deal. Wo do not advertise often. So wire us at once, as this ad. may not appear again.

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