Daily Racing Form Handicaps, Daily Racing Form, 1924-11-21

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Daily Racing Form Handicaps LEXINGTON The horses which seem best in Fridays races are : Lexington, Ky., November 20, 1924. 1 Mary Johnston, Wuhu, Modesta. 2 Judge Pryor, Huon Pine, Rapid Day. 3 Fair Vision, Spandor, Planter. 4 Annie Lyle, Gem, Repeater. 5 Dangerillo, Pure Dee, Cherrycole. C My Destiny, Lucky Drift, Star Girl. 7 PHILi McCANN, Seths Ak-Sar-Ben, Slicker. J. Li. Dempsey. Xcw Yorlc Handicap. 1 Wuhu, Mary Johnston, Modesta, My Biddy 2 Brother John, Rapid Day, Judge Pryor, Statler. 3 Spandor, Twilight Hour, Fasnet, The Smasher. 4 Shindy, Repeater, Gem, Annie Lyle. 5 PURE DEE, Cherrycote, Singlehand, Down Town. C Lucky Drift, Will Wells, Homing Bird, My Destiny. 7 Mali Jong, Delectable, Phil McCann, May Loyd. Chicago Handicap. 1 Mary Johnston, Wuhu, Mit, Modesta. 2 BROTHER JIM, Judge Pryor, Rapid Day, Newmarket. 3 Twilight Hour, Fair Vision, Spandor, The Smasher. 4 Shindy, Gem, Asa Jewell, Repeater. 5 Pure Dee, Auntie Millin, John Hager, Cherrycote. C Will Wells, My Destiny, Lucky Drift. Homing Bird. 7 Humorette, Phil McCann, Seths Ak-Sar-Ben, Mali Jong. Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Mary Johnston, AVuhu, Modesta, My Biddy. 2 Judge Pryor, Rapid Day, Doctor Glenn, Huon Pine. 3 Spandor, Planter, Fair Vision, The Smasher. 4 Gem, Repeater, Fair Orient, Asa Jewell. 5 Pure Dee, Auntie Millin, Dangerillo, President 6 My Destiny, Miss Laura, Lucky Drift, Star Girl. 7 PHIL McCAXX, Moorfield, Delectable, Seths Ak-Sar-Ben. Observers Handicap. 1 Mary Johnston, Modesta, Captain Donan, Wuhu. 2 Brother John, Rapid Day, Statler, Judge Pryor. 3 Spandor, Fasnet, Twilight Hour, Duanne. 4 Shindy, Gem, Repeater, Asa Jewell. 5 SINGLEHAND, Auntie Millin, Pure Dee, Down Town. G Lucky Drift, My Destiny, Homing Bird. Miss Laura. 7 Delectable, May Loyd, Seths Ak-Sar-Ben, Moorfield. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 MARY JOHNSTON, Wuhu, Modesta, My Biddy. 2 Brother John, Judge Pryor, Rapid Day, Huon Pine. 3 Spandor, Fair Vision, Twilight Hour, The Smasher. 1 Shindy, Annie Lyle, Gem, Repeater. 5 Pure Dee, Dangerillo, Singlehand, Cherrycote. C My Destiny. Lucky Drift, Will Wells, Homing Bird. 7 Phil McCann, Mali Jong; Humorette, Delectable. BOWIE The horses which seem best in Fridays races are : Bowie, Md., Xovcmbcr 20, 1924. 1 Zeebrugge, Cardiff, Mark Over. 2 Tippity Witchet, Vulnad, Biff Bang. 3 Elemental, Without, Joseph Brant. 4 Bill Winfrey, Kirkfield, Bother. 5 MARGIN, Primrose. Comixa. 6 Leisch, Hyperion, Faenza. 7 Prince K., Blossom House, Demijohn. C. J. Connors. Neiv York Handicap. 1 Red Wine, Zeebrugge, Gladys V., Cardiff. 2 LEclair, Tippity Witchet, Lady Gaffney, Jackson. 3 Marie Maxim, Without, Gex, Dr. Charles Wells. 4 Revoke, Taudlane, Night Shade, Trans former. 5 Comixa, Freezy Sneezy, Primrose, Miss Cerina. 6 MODO, Leisch, Sweep By, Faenza. 7 Blossom House, Demijohn, Servitor, Lou- verne. Chicago Handicap. 1 Red Wine, Zeebrugge. Cardiff, Diomar. 2 Tippity Witchet, Biff Bang-, Jackson, Don Juan. 3 -Muskallonge, Dr. Charles Wells, Marie Maxim, Without. 4 Taudlane, Sandrae, Night Shade, Zero Hour. 5 Comixa, Forest Flower, Miss Cerina, Margin. G SWEEP BY, Leisch, Hyperion, Faenza. 7 Prince K., Corame Ci, Servitor, Smarty Cincinnati Handicap. 1 Zeebrugge, Transformer, Cardiff, Red Wine. 2 Biff Bang, Lady Gaffney, LEclair, Frank Monroe. 3 Muskallonge, Marie, Maxim, Elemental Picnic 4 SANDRAE, Zero Hour, Bill Winfrey, Transformer. 5 Miss Cerina, Comixa, Primrose, Forest Flower. G Ten Sixty, Sweep By, Leisch, Masquerado. 7 Servitor, Blossom House, Cote dOr, The Reaper. Observers Handicap. 1 Suburban, Cardiff, Zeebrugge, Red Wine. 2 LEclair, Tippity Witchet, Jackson, Chief James. 3 Without, Marie Maxim, Muskallonge, Joseph Brant 4 Taudlane, Transformer, Night Shade, Bother. 5 Primrose, Comixa, Freezy Sneezy, Miss Cerina. G LEISCH, Faenza, Sweep By, Modo. 7 Blossom House, Bethlehem Steel, Prince K., Demijohn. Consensus of Handicaps. 1 Zeebrugge, Red Wine, Suburban, Cardiff. 2 Tippity Witchet, LEclair, Biff Bang-, Jackson. 3 Muskallonge, Elemental, Marie Maxim, Without. 4 Taudlane, Bill Winfrey, Revoke, Sandrae. 5 Comixa, Margin, Miss Cerina, Primrose. 6 LEISCH, Modo, Sweep By, Ten Sixty. 7 Prinoa K., Blossom House, Servitor, Demi john.

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