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Two Horses Daily Terms: 0.00 Daily When Shrewd Horsemen Are Involved $ $ $ THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS $ $ $ YESTERDAYS TWO HORSES: Escolane 10-1, Won Jaunebar 4-1, Won Cashing on long shot winners is an every day occurrence with my clients. 1 am connected with the shrewdest horsemen in the country. That is the reason why, when I release horses to my clients, the result is never in doubt. I am on tho grounds personally to see that every angle is well protected before I release any horses to my clients. FRIDAYS TWO HOUSES: WARFARE 12-1, Won KNIGHTS BRIDGE 20-1, Won My record of winners should convince the most skeptical turf followers that I must know something about the racing game. NOTICE The reason my advertisement did not appear in this paper Saturday was that my manager arrived at this papers office one hour after press time. ,000 REWARD will be given to any person or persons who can prove that the horses advertised above and below were not filed with this paper and released to my clients, five hours before post time. NOTICE! . NOTICE! NOTICE! Connections have forbidden me to operate personally, as they need my assistance at the track. I have left for New Orleans, whero I will supervise all plays. I was compelled to give up my Chicago office because the commissions on the horses that I released could not be placed properly. TEMPORARY OFFICE 728 Vermont St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Use Western Union or Postal telegraph, only until further notice. 31 y permanent office will bo ready Tuesday, Decembar 9, 1924, and this will enable my manager to give my clients better and prompt service. MONDAY I will again demonstrate why it pays to be connected with the SHREWDEST HORSEMEN IX THE COUXTRY 30 YEARS TURE EXPERIENCE. 31 y position forbids me to say more about these two horses. But, if you arc interested in two long shot winners, do not hesitate one moment, but rush your subscriptin to my temporary office. THURSDAYS TWO HORSES: LITTLE ALFRED 8-5 Won CARNARVON Lost WEDNESDAYS TWO HORSES: GAYLY 15-1, AVon BRINKLEY ...13-3, Won TUESDAYS TWO HORSES: DATE G OLDIE 6-1, AVon LUCIFER 4-1, AAon MONDAYS TWO HORSES: BANTER 17-10, AVon RIGEL 3d SATURDAYS TWO HORSES: TILLAGER 0.70, AVon BALLOT BRUSH .50, AVon SATURDAYS TWO HORSES: SPARKLE STAR 4-1, AVon TIPPITY AVITCIIET .90, AVon FRIDAYS TWO HORSES: CLAVICHORD 9.40, AVon CARDIFF .50 AVon THURSDAYS TWO HORSES: JOELLA J. 1.70, AVon ELE3IENTAL .70, AVon WEDNESDAYS TWO HORSES: QUE CREEK 3d SNOW 3IAIDEN 3d TUESDAYS TWO HORSES: HOCK POCKET .70, AVon 3IARY AGNES .30, .10, 2d TUESDAYS TWO HORSES: NOTE O LOVE .90, AVon SENOR 3.20, AVon TUESDAYS TWO HORSES: EDINBURGH 5.80, AVon .TUDGE PRYOR .30, AVon SATURDAYS TWO HORSES: HANDEL 2.10, AVon ETHEREAL BLUE .40, AVon HAT I OPS NEXT OCCASIONAL GOES NEXT THURSDAY, DEC. 11 AYe liavc si competent docker vrlio lias been at New Orleans ever since they oneneil and we can assure you that lie is in a position to set HEAL INSIDE "INFO" on many a hot one." He advises that next Thursday Dec. 11th he will have one that they "EXPECT WILL WIN EASILY AND AT PLENTY OF PRICE" So we have decided to send this one out as an "Occasional." Our price for the information is only ij2. AVc will WIRE the name of the horse to subscribers in plenty of time Thursday and the horse we send you MUST WIN AND WIN ONLY AT 3-1 OR BETTER or we will send you FREE Gallops Weekly with Gallops Parlay Page and instructions for SIX WEEKS. Send either by mail or telegraph; if by mail, we recommend Special Delivery letter, for you will have to ACT QUICK. Remember, this one goes next THURSDAY. Just send WITH YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS and say, "FOR THURSDAYS OCCASIONAL BY "WIRE." GALLOPS 219 S. Dearborn St., CHICAGO, ILL Positively Nothing of Ours on Sale by Agents or Newsdealers Anywhere. CHARLES BUSTOR NEAV ORLEANS AVIZARD 20G-208 BROADWAY, ROOM 536, NEW YORK CITY TERMS: 0.00 DAILY TAVO HORSES DAILY YESTERDAYS RELEASES: Escolane 10-1, Won Jaunebar 4-1, Won And once again, we handed the laying gentry their usual trouncing, when our two releases came romping home yesterday. All information that CHARLES BUSTOR sends out to his clients is WINNING INFORMATION. Information that cannot he beaten, for the small sum of TEN DOLLARS daily. FRIDAYS RELEASES: AVARFARE 12-1, AVon AVRANGLER 9-5, AVon THURSDAYS RELEASES: OLD PAIGE 6-1, AVon ARABIAN 16-5 AVon WEDNESDAYS RELEASES: BANKRUPT 10-1, AVon SMART GUY 4-1, AVon TUESDAYS RELEASES: LUCIEER 4-1, AVon DAArE G OLDIE 6-1. AVon MONDAYS RELEASES: PETE THE SCRIRE 1-1, AVon STORMALONG 7-2, AVon MONDAY, DECEMBER 8 MONDAY, DECEMBER 8 MONDAY, DECEMBER 8 FREE ! FREE ! FREE ! CHARLES BUSTOR has information on two horses for MONDAY, DECEMBER the eighth, that should not miss. He is so sure of these two winning Monday, that he will give three days service, FREE to his old and new clients in ths event that connections miss with these two horses. EO, MR. PLAYER, dont overlook this opportunity. RUSH YOUR SUBSCRIPTION, AT ONCE to CHARLES BUSTOR, AND GET STARTED WITH THE WIZARD OF NEW ORLEANS. Wire remittancs, via Western Union or Postal. City clients, call. THE INCOMPARABLE SYSTEM The great Multinpar picker is a copyrighted feature of this system. It stands out as a picker. THE INCOMPARABLE AVINNKRS Monday to Friday: Body Guard Brinkley Galleon Coffield Yoshimi Bardalid Banter Whippet Girl Scout Little Hope Christie Holters Dorius Kinsman Stormalong a Multinpar Benedict Vow horse Pkoki Bear Grass Attcrney Mcintosh The Incomparable by Mail Tho Incomparable Two weeks clocked horses service now on. .00 FOR TWO WEEKS .00 THE SYSTEM FLAYER 4S0 Ridgcwood Ave, BROOKLYN, N. Y. TIPTON SLASHER" 1014 14TH ST. SAN DIEGO, CALIF. MARGARET ELNORA .80, Won WAR WINNER .40, .80, 2nd ODD SETH .40, .20, 2nd NANTUCKET Also Saturdays Horse I will send my one wire service direct from the track for .00 or 0.00 for C wires, prepaid. Ono or more horses may bo sent in a wire, but one wire will constitute a days service. When tho information is not considered favorable it will be withheld, so do not worry if a wire does not come every day. HARVEY AMES EARLE BLDG. BROAD AY AY AT BSD STREET 1NEAV YORK CITT Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" WON Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction," and the only horse advised, WON easily. Following Thursdays and Fridays "Harvey Transactions," which WON at 5 to 1 and 6 to 1, respectively. "Harvey Transaction" Tomorrow Subscription, 00 in advance, by telegraph or in person. Early subscription is strongly advised. Past performances should be again ignored. Our advertisements state "facts, not illusions." "Harvey Transaction" means one horse, not a collection. TELEPHONES CIRCLE 2591, 2592. 2593 and 5749 AL KENNEDY FIRST HAND INFORMATION That comes from the scene of action. ONLY ONE HORSE DAILY SIX RACING DAYS 20.00 AVEEKLY AND AGAIN WE WON YESTERDAYS ONLY HORSE Escolane 10-1, Won YESTERDAYS 0 OCCASIONAL: Jaunebar 18-5, Won FRIDAYS ONLY HORSE: Warfare 12-1, Won THURSDAYS ONLY HORSE: Witch Flower ...... 12-1, Won WEDNESDAYS ONLY HORSE: Gayly 15-1, Won TUESDAYS ONLY HORSE Colonel Lit 6.00, Won MONDAYS ONLY HORSE Toddy Toast ...30-1, 8-1, 2d Last week was a winning week and so was the week before. WINNERS COUNT AND KENNEDY SURE HAS A BIG TOLL Boys, I am out to break my wonderful turf record of last winter. Just watch my smoke. Nuf sed. Better subscribo NOW; 0,00 pays for one weeks subscription to my strictly One-Horsa Daily Special. Call at office; wire or mail your fee. For Monday Only Big 0.00 Occasional goes Monday. Terms: 0.00 and no propositions accepted. Al Kennedy 106 Park Row Suite C10 New York City GARS Weekly, 35 cents, at all newsstands. Daily, 50 cents, at all newsstands. New Issue Out TODAYS FREE CODE: Jefferson Wyoming. Ivory-Sea-Sun ARABIAN, 7-2, WON And, Tight off the bat, the new weekly slammed over the biggest thing of the week. Again, be sure and get the new weekly, today, and go to the dynamiters. Special, see page 4. MONDAYS OCCASIONAL MUST WIN or the next one will be given free. Under no consideration miss this one today. I tell you, get this one, RIGHT NOW. For sale at all newsstands. H. RHAWN Colonial Hotel NEW ORLEANS Pay after you win for reliable information. I will wire you a horsa December 10th, that you can go tho limit on. You can get your Christmas money on this one. My proposition: Winnings of a 5 straight bet. Will have one or two good plays a week. Wire correct name and address. No mail answered. Subscribe -for Daily Racing Form Daily Special, At All Newsstands Weekly Book, 35 Cents Mailed 10 Weeks, TODAYS FREE CODE: Jefferson Buffalo-Hasty-Lament-Lament-Pinch And believe me, this is the BEST THING so far at Jefferson. Dont miss it. Rush right now and get the new weekly. HOT DOG! Some Pippin Monday 12-1 Not a single solitary thing has been overlooked, I tell you here is the spot for the Xraas roll. I have watched this ono for four weeks and know everything is O. K. This one is the Special given free with the Daily Master Clocker. For this one ask your newsdealer for the Daily Master Clocker At All Newsstands Notice! Notice!. Notice! HORSE PLAYERS! Thursday, December 11th, the best thing of the mooting is to be turned loose, rain or shine, and, barring bad racing luck, this horse should not lose. I have clocked this speed marvel in his recent early morning trials, and his works have been real good and he is ready to go for tho money. I have confidence that there will be no mistakes made THURSDAY; also know that the right money is away to be bet on this horse, which should be a good priced winner. My terms for this special are the winnings of a ten dollar win wager, to be remitted to me the next day by Western Union or Postal Telegraph Company. Only reliable clients wanted. Be sure to write your name and address plainly. Address all mail or wires to CLOCKER T. J. MARSHALL Tulane Hotel, 938 Common St., New Orleans, La. Wonderful Winning System A cool, conservative method, wherein success is assured. Can be played at or away from the track, with large or small capital. It gives a few select plays each week. Won big money on a straight flat play. Stood the acid test with WONDERFUL SUCCESS for seven years. My system gives many good-priced winners. Sumpter 5.90 Lugs 5-1 Good Will ..4-1 Senator Norris ..1.00 Private Peat 4-1 Poppina 5.80 Small payment down; balance as you win. Facts regarding systems that will open your eyes, FREE. Write: WATSON CORNELL 341 West 45th St. Room 201 New York City YOU CAN BEAT THE RACES The Wizard System and Handicap Tables copyrighted, a revised and enlarged edition of the old Superior System, gives you all the information necessary to make you a winner. Gives exact worth of each horse; tells when and how to wager; gives comparative speeds of all tracks and all distances; gives speed, weight and beaten allowances. Makes handicapping an exact science and is so simple that anyone can use it. Absolutely eliminates guesswork. Gives highest percentage of winners of any system ever devised. Can be used at or away from track. Tells when long shots will win and when favorites will be beaten. Order now, dont wait. Price by mail, .00. Use it ten days and if not satisfied return it and your money will be cheerfully refunded. Valuable information on request. SUPERIOR PUBLISHING CO. P. O. Box 3101 "Washington, D. C. Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing the races will be mailed you for one weeks trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on tho scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach, Fla. The Monthly Form Book NOW ON SALE

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