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DOC RILEY THE DOCTOR OF SECRET INFORMATION ONLY 0.00 DAILY -THE MAN WHO GIVES SERVICE AT ONCE-g SLAM! BANG!! ZOWIE!!! GOOD-BYE, BOOKS THE DOC PUTS OVER TWO MORE Receiving1 daily tcleerrams of congratulation asking ma where I have been all these days -with my Blessed information. That is -what people think of my inside stuff. Follow the crowd. Future delays will be avoided. No more confused wires. BY SPECIAL REQUEST SPECIAL RATES My clients are so wild about my bona fido information that they want to stick to ms for weeks and have asked me to quoto them a weekly Tate. I am. therefore, accepting weekly subscriptions at the low rate of 0.00 weekly. You save money by subscribing by the week. You may start your wesk at any time. You get six days full service. Read about my Free Special to all weekly clients. Saturday the Doctor Prescribed: Escolane, 10-1, Won Jaunebar, 4-1, Won FRIDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Warfare 12-1, Won Waukulla 11-5, Won THURSDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Previeux 12-1, Won Benedict Vow 6-1, Won WEDNESDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Gayly 15-1, Won Brinkley 3-1, Won TUESDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Dave Goldie 7-1, Won Lucifer 9-2, Won MONDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Pete the Scribe 4-1, Won Stormalong 3-1, Won SATURDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Piedmont 10-1, Won Elector 5-1, Won FRIDAY THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBED: Eagerness 0.80, Won Lieutenant II 8.90, Won UTFREE PROFESSIONAL FLASH-g GOES WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10TH WILL BE GIVEN TO ALL WEEKLY CLIENTS It will be released about 11 a. m., allowing you plenty of time for operations. It is always my custom to give to my fellow men everything that will help or benefit them morally or financially. I cant eat it; therefore, it is to your advantage to get in on it. COSTS YOU NOTHING. YOU ALSO GET SIX FULL DAYS OF SERVICE. "Wire your remittance for a week. This flash alcne is worth thousands of dollars. My record speaks for itself. Remember what I did last Wednesday: GAYLY, 15-1, "Won. Look over the above list and ask yourself if I have made good. HiAGAIN MONDAY SAYS THE DOCTOR- For everybodys sick bank roll, as usual, two very good long shot pills that should win, by a city block and pay automobile numbers. He also says to all sick bank roll owners to wire their weekly subscriptions and know -what it means to be healthy financially. If you are a winner, you dont need ms. Small as well as big players are invited. Get in this week. Rates are going up. SUBSCRIBE. Wire your money with correct address for prompt service. No personal chocks. DOC RILEY 6 CORTLAND STREET, OFFICE HA NEW YORK CITY ANSWER AT ONCE 1W If you ARE INTERESTED in any INFORMATION advertised in this paper, enil your name and address and you will set, by mail, booklet that will he of value to you FREE . NOTICE All who answered ad in last Sundays edition received the STAR MONTANA booklet. All who subscribed to the MONTANA offer had two wires and must have had a "very prosperous week. To the subscribers who met their obligations as aandrreed and paid promptly we extend our thanks and assure you all of similar good paying transactions in the future. To the few men who ignored their obligations and proved unworthy of trust we extend our sympathy. You defaulted in payment of the first winner and outlawed yourselves from the second winning wire. The few dollars you would not pay, without doubt, cost you hundreds. Address SECRETARY ROOM 423, 5 COLUMBUS CIRCLE NEW YORK CITY MUTUAL INFORMATION BUREAU 5 Columbus Circle NEW YORK CITY ESTABLISHED 1908 A Combination of the Smartest Operators in America. At Canadian tracks this past season -we released 92 hcrses; CI won, 19 second, 3 third and 9 out of the money. Since New Orleans Opened Saturday: Escolane 10-1, Won Friday: Warfare 12-1, Won Thursday: Tulalip 5-2, Won Wednesday: Moms Boy. 30-1, 8-1, 4-1, 3rd Tuesday: Dorius 4-1, Won Monday: Bear Grass 5-2, Won Saturday: Sparkle Star 4-1, Won Friday: Foxmore 6-1, Won Thursday: Dust Flower 16-5, Won The above results should certainly prove beyond all doubt that we know this business thoroughly. 10-1 MONDAY 10-1 We dont make any rash promises, but we do show winning results. FREE 00 Commission Horse Tuesday, free to all weekly subscribers only. TERMS: ?10 DAILY; 0 FOR SIX DAYS. SERVICE STARTS IMMEDIATELY TOON RECEIPT OF SUBSCRIPTION NO DELAYS Remit by Western Union or Postal money order. V - 0.00 DAILY 510.00 DAILY J.DALY U WEST 3Cth ST. NEW YORK CITY Deal Daily With Daly A WINNER FOR YOUR MONEY Were You With Me? If Not, Why Not ? SATURDAYS BIG DAILY HORSE: Jaunebar, 18-5, Won SATURDAYS PRIVATE TRANSACTION, FREE: Escolane, 10-1, Won SIX DAYS SERVICE SEVEN WINNERS Fridays Big Daily Horse: Warfare 12-1, Won Thursdays Big Dally Horse Old Paige 8-1, Won "Wednesdays Big Daily Horse Monastery 15-1, Won Mondays Daily Horse already verified over long distance phone. Another private transaction goes , Monday to all daily subscribers FREE. Wire ten dollars immediately. A trial convinces the most skeptical. Wire money Western Union or Postal. CONSERVATIVE SAFE- SUPREME SCHUYLER FLOYD INVITES 43 ADDITIONAL CLIENTS AN UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY! Friday, the First "SCHUYLER INVESTMENT," Exercised Upon By All Our Clients, Was: Waukulla, 2-1, Won DONT PUT IT OFF Many times in the past you have been cordially invited to "consult" the advice of "Schuyler Investments." Why not accept this invitation? The Next "Schuyler Investment" Takes Place This Coming Wednesday After successfully campaigning the Canadian and Maryland circuits for the past six months during which time no advertisements appeared, the fonnder of this organization has returned to this city for a brief stay, before leaving for New Orleans and, later, Miami. At a recent meeting, It was favorably voted upon by the Board of Directors, that, during this stay, the head of this formation would advertise to enlist the above number of copartners to participate in the "grade A" turf information that this office dispenses. A thorough investigation will be delved into each subscription, as applicant must be a person of responsibility and integrity to satisfy the officers of this management, that the information will only be used for the individuals own use and benefit. Terms, to those who qualify are as follows: One hundred dollars, payable in advance, plus the winnings of a hundred dollar straight play on each and every "Schuyler Investment." "Winnings to be telegraphed day following each. race. No other proposition but the above will be entertained. Address all communications to SCHUYLER FLOYD 2532 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY NAT HOLTER Information of the Better Kind ROOM 430, 156 FULTON STREET NEW YORK CITY: .00 DAILY TWO WINNING HORSES A DAY 5.00 WEEKLY Specials That Are Engineered by Men That Know How This is why my list grows larger daily. ESCOLANE 10-1, Won JAUNEBAB ... 4-1, Won Positively the only two horses released yesterday. SPECIAL NOTICE I am going to give, FREE, to all who send in a weeks subscription, the winner of Mondays handicap and it will not he the favorite. This will he in addition to my Tegular daily horses. ATTENTION, SUBSCRIBERS ! ; Any time one of my horses fails to win, you get another free, or if any horses are less than 2 to 1 it counts as a losing one as I am not dealing in favorites. They are your property and not information. FRIDAYS TWO WINNERS: Waukulla 11-5, Won Warfare 12-1, Won THURSDAYS TWO WINNERS: Benedict Vow 6-1, Won Previeux 12-1, Won WEDNESDAYS TWO WINNERS: Monastery 15-1, Won Brinkley 3-1, Won TUESDAYS TWO WINNERS: Dave Goldie 6-1, Won Dorius 4-1, Won MONDAYS TWO WINNERS: Pete the Scribe 7-2, Won Stormalong 3-1, Won Office open til day to callers. Out-of-town clients, wire money, via Western Union or Postal telegraph. "ItEAL LIVE WINNING- INFORMATION" Clocker Ted Malone SUITE 2 !"! WEST 33RR ST. NEW YORK CITY TERMS: 0 WEEKLY. TWO HORSES DAILY YESTERDAYS WIRE: Escolane 10-1, Won Gold Leaf ... .3-1, Won TED MALONE, AT NEW ORLEANS, has the O. K. on TWO HORSES for Monday that are placed in spots to romp home again so that his followers can pad their hank rolls again. The office will be open from 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. FRIDAYS WIRE: WARFARE 12-1, Won GALLEON 7-3, Won THURSDAYS WIRE: BENEDICT YOW 6-1, Won RICHARD MURRAY 10-1, Won WEDNESDAYS WIRE: GALLEON .8-1, Won GAYLY 15-1, Won TUESDAYS WIRE: DAYE GOLDIE 6-1, Won MISS MEISE 13-5, Won MONDAYS WIRE: . RANTER 17-10, Won STORMALONG ..........S-l, Won City clients, call; out-of-town clients, remit hy wire. 7 0 REACH RACING FANS ADVERTISE IN DAILY RACING FORM

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