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Reputation, 9.60, Won Was Regrens Big Winner Saturday Friday at Pimlico Both Regren and Class Handicap Picked 6 Winners Both handicaps missed making a. clean sweep of the card by one race, the first, and the "lass Handicap had the winner of that race picked second. In addition to Pimlico, lU-gTen and the Class Handicap picked many winners at the other tracks. Regrens Standouts average about seventy-five per cent winners day in and day out. The daily Parlay advised in the "Pink Sheet" is the best parlay in turf history, seldom missing for place. Five straight days this parlay was a winner for place. Countless times it goes over for show. Regrens Specials, Bassetts Specials, and the many other invaluable features of Daily Racing Guide, are a necessity to the player. Free Phone Specials invariably give out one winner a day for a percentage of .50. Tou cannot afford to be without Daily Racing Guide if you play the races. More and more, Western players have come to realize this, and the growing popularity of Daily Racing Guide is the weathervane which points this out. Do what the gang does : Buy DaUy Racing Guide, and get real information. Daily Racing Guide 441 PLYMOUTH COPRT CHICAGO, ILLINOIS mat rY0BK PRESS "GREATEST RACING AND FINANCIAL WEEKLY IN AMERICA" 145 W. Forty-Fifth St., New York City— Bryant 2761— Price 15 Cents A BIG EIGHT-PAGE RACING PAPER NOW IN ITS THIRD TEAR On sale everywhere in America — Greatest success ever scored by a racing weekly YESTERDAYS I E LUXE SPECIAL: PANI ROMA , .00, 2nd YESTERDAYS TELEPHONE SPECIAL: HARRY CARROLL .80, Won Saturdays De Luxe Service: REPITATION 9.20, Won SINGING CRICKET 1.20, Won Frtdavs I e Luxe Serviie: BASH A 2J»0, Won MADDENSTOWN 5.80, 2nd Thursdays De Luxe Service: KLSIIEE 4.20, Won LITTLE SAM f 3.40, Worn Wednesdays De Liixi- Service: BACKUOPE 4.M. Won SWEEP-NET 10.40 tad Tuesdays De Luxe Service: CHITTACJONG $ 0.40, Won SILVER SONG 7.00, Won Mondays De Luxe Service: GAY BOY II 3.40, Won MARS $ 5.00, W oh M LI XE SERVICE— 0 FOR SIX BAYS The racinc department of THE NEW YOKE 1HESS has established a service de luxe, consisting of a DAILY TRACK WIRE. 0 for I, winning days. DIGEST this carefully: Heres what you Bust pet for your money SIX WINNING DAYS FOR 0. In case had racing luck gives a losing day, this does not -ount against you. YOU MIST BR SIX WINNING DAYS FOB TOlR 0— TWO HORSES DAILY. Come on. now. dont delay a minute. Kail in line. This Service De I-uxe had a hig week. The racing department of THE NEW YORK PRESS, with its multifold channels of information — its ramifications which reach to the top-most branches and the delist roots is especially equipped to GIVE YOC A CONSERVATIVE BUSINESS MANS SERVICE Wires an come to you at the race track, if desired. Remember, this service is for SANE MEN ONLY: not for horse fans who expect to shoot at the moon and drop out a pot of gold. If you do not expect the impossible, th.s service will Ite of great benefit and financial aid. NEW YORK PRESS GOING BIG EVERYWHERE Are you reading tlie "Greatest Racing and Financial Weekly in America? This newspaper, starting at four pages two and a half years ago- now eight pages— has its columns bristling with up-to-the-minute doings of every track in America, and is the big outstanding success of raring journalism It is sought and bought everywhere. The biggest men in the racing world are on its annual subscription rolls. Its clockers and correspondents are everywhere. It breathes virility, action, vivacity. IT TELLS THE FACTS. IT POINTS THE WAY TO THE LONG SHOTS. All stands, everywhere in America and Canada. Kldlll NOW, ]." rents per copy. Rush out to jour newsdealer. Tell him you want the current issue. Also next weeks copy put aside. CONTAINS THE FAMOIS LAWTON RATINGS BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT WITH .KoKI.E W. LAWTON, THE NEW YORK PRESS is carrying the famous LAWTON RATINGS weekly. These ratings have stood the test for twenty-one years. The most successful men in America follow Ijiwton. Mr. Law-ton is writing a serial story each week on "HOW To BEAT THE RACES." The second installment of this wonderful story is in the Issue you can buy today, other installments will come along from week to week. Do not miss a single ropy of this wonderful weekly. BIG DERBY WINNER OCT THURSDAY Get the DERBY NUMBER of THE NEW YORK PRESS- Out next Thursday, everywhere. IT WILL GIVE YOU THE NAME OF A HORSE AT LOlISVILLE DERBY DAY tprinted in a box on page 81. that should win and pay a hat full. This ia FREE to you and is given for the purpose of advertising this wonderful weekly. Monthly FORM BOOK Now On Sale Containing charts of all races nm on recognized tracks of North America during February, together with the complete index for 1927 to date, and many other valuable features DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO. ILL. BILLY KELLYS Code Book No. 296 KELLYS CODES FOR TUESDAY: 3 PIMLICO— Key 13-25-22-13-19-18 1S-23 6 AKRON— Lud-12 25 23-5-25-13 2 7 LOUISVILLE— Ted-11-23-8-17 JAMAICA— Joe 7-17 4-26-14-8 4 AURORA— Joe -5-€-4-S-U-13-2 A new book with new code published every Thursday. Price, one dollar. Sold by your dealer or direvt from WM. BURKE KELLY 21 EAST 3RD STREET CINCINNATI. OHIO JACK FIELD All Newsstands 35c. Also and "Specials." A "Riot" for this Weekly Book "only" 35c. "Winners" galore and "Long Shots" also. Todays "Free" Codes. LOUISVILLE— Rink Hat Blonde Pumps -Daddy. AURORA— Dinner Anklo- Pumps Hot -Kiss. Occasional "Today" 10-1 Winner. Comes from same source gave those occasieaals: Realisation Won 3, Snowman Won 128. and others! ■■■■■■■■■i-BBBBBaBMMMBBBBMi Daily Racing Forms Monthly Chart Book contains charts of all races of the month — .50. CfllC DUvJJUoW g 123 WEST MADISON STREET 4h*™££andl-il? tfJkJln Phone: Dearborn 1451 -cn* bugle JgmTi Ll WJ| VERY BAY iMnT« ;*v«|JK OPEN DAILY— 9 A. M. TO 5 P. M. M m Ail Come up and get acquainted with us Specials Wind Direct From Our Office. Daily at 10 a. m. Not Tor Sale At Any Newsstands. Superrised by Editor Land. Terms: 0 For 6 Winning Days Two Specials Daily THE CRY WENT OUT ACROSS THE COUNTRY Yesterdays Special Won at Good Odds Our connections will not permit oar advertising this horse *• nam*. Each and every HliM.K subscriber waa told to "go bet the limit." SATURDAYS BIG SPECIAL RoUed Stocking, 1.00, WON The BUGLE was the only one to advise this colt. We told tou he was the best colt in the West. Every day a winning day for BUGLES army of listeners. Consistent, reliable and sensational- thats as. EDITOR LAND SAYS "Watch for the BUGLE WEEKLY, 35 cents, out soon. Edited by real horsemen." TODAY AT CHURCHILL DOWNS ANOTHER FAST COLT will be sent for the sharpshooters money. Should pay 8-1. Under no consideration fail to get today a real good thing. Cukagoans: No Wiring, Worry or Delay Gome up to oar offices and get year Special right away. Office open daily, 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. ATTENTION: WE HAVE NO REPRESENTATIVES IN Louisville, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Toledo, Detroit, St. Louis, Cleve- land, Cincinnati, Omaha, or other cities as yet. If yon do not live m Chicago the only way yon can get the BUGLES SPECIALS is to have them wired to yon direct from our Chicago office at 10 a. m. daily. You get six consecutive winning days specials for 0 Wire 0 right now, by Western Union or Postal Telegraph, and you will positively receive from us todays two specials, and also every day until you have received six winning days. Send remittance to The Bugle Publishing Company 123 West Madison St., Soke 720 Dearborn 1451 Chicago, III. Western Clients, Note — Direct Aurora Information C C. COLLINS Race Track, Aurora, III. |0 DAILY— STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY— 0 DAILY I am at the race track every morning. I am aware of all the secret workouts. My acquaintance with the various horsemen enables me to learn of the various good things. I spare no cxi»-n.sc in securing the proper information. I DO NOT SIT IX AN OFFICE HANDICAPPING OR MBSSINO HOUSES, I get the information direct from the proper parties. AURORA INFORMATION ONLY. THOSE WHO DEMAND THE BEST TURF INFORMATION OBTAINABLE ARE ADVISED TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY SERVICE. I DO NOT PROMISE OV THE IMPOSSIBLE. YESTERDAY I WIRED ALL SUBSCRIBERS: Mintwiki, .20, Won SATURDAY I WIRED ALL SUBSCRIBERS: SINGING CRICKET 1.20, Won FRIDAY I WIRED ALL SUBSCRIBERS: SURE SHOT 0.40, Won I release strictly one horse a day to everybody. This horse wired to all snbscribers direct from the rsce track at Aurora early in the morning. You dont have to wait for my service. You receive the advertised horse the very same day your money is received. TODAY— 10-1 AT AURORA— TUESDAY A big winner today wired to all subscribers direct from the race track. |" Do Not Be Misled by Impossible Promises J-fl ~~~~ Use your intelligence before subscribing for turf information. Notice! Read Carefully! Notice! Yon cannot beat the game playing dope, handicap figures, tips or hunches In order to l -at the races YOU MUST HAVE THE RIGHT INFORMATION H DONT MEAN WORTHLESS TIPS. I DEFY ANYBODY TO SAY THAT THEY CAN EQUAL MY INFORMATION AT AURORA. STRICTLY ONE HORSE A DAY IS ALL ADVISED. Please, for your own sake, do not play another dope. 0 Daily — Strictly One Horse a Day — 0 Daily WIRE TEH DOLLARS S10 BY WESTERN UNION TO G. C. COLLINS, Race Track, Aurora, III. HARVEY AMES, he. EARLE BUILDING, BROADWAY AT MND St, NEW YORK, N. Y. The last "Harvey Transaction" and, of course, the only horse advised, won easily and paid odds of Better Than 4 1-2 to 1 Needless to say it takes money, and plenty of it, to produce the record which this office has maintained year after year. RVEY TRANSTcnON" TODAY Subscription, 00, in advance, by telegraph or in person. A matter of great importance takes place today, and we are advised by our representative on the grounds that all is in readiness. The result should never be in doubt after the rise of the barrier. The price should be in accordance with the horses previous races and should satisfy the most critical. Early subscription is strongly advised. . Telephones: CIRCLE 2591, 2592, 2593, 5749, 1434, 1435 SUPREME FLASH TODAYS FREE CODE8: PIMLICO— sswflMM CHURCHILL DCWNS— March 24 9-7-11 Subscribe for Daily Racing Form DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT ■ CHICAGO. ILL.

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